ICD 10 CM Index

Sac lacrimal see condition
Saccharomyces infection   B37.9
Saccharopinuria   E72.3
Saccular see condition
bladder   N32.3
intralaryngeal (congenital) (ventricular)   Q31.3
larynx (congenital) (ventricular)   Q31.3
ureter   N28.89
urethra   N36.1
vesical   N32.3
Sachs'' amaurotic familial idiocy or disease   E75.02
Sachs-Tay disease   E75.02
Sacks-Libman disease   M32.11
Sacralgia   M53.3
Sacralization   Q76.49
Sacrodynia   M53.3
Sacroiliac joint see condition
Sacroiliitis NEC   M46.1
Sacrum see condition
abdominal aorta   I74.01
pulmonary artery   I26.92
with acute cor pulmonale   I26.02
nose    M95.0
due to syphilis   A50.57
Sadism (sexual)   F65.52
Sadness, postpartal   O90.6
Sadomasochism   F65.50
Saemisch''s ulcer (cornea) see Ulcer, cornea, central
Sahib disease   B55.0
Sailors'' skin   L57.8
tic   R25.8
abuse   F55.8
Salivary duct or gland see condition
Salivation, excessive   K11.7
Salmonella see Infection, Salmonella
Salmonellosis   A02.0
Salpingitis (catarrhal) (fallopian tube) (nodular) (pseudofollicular) (purulent) (septic)   N70.91
with oophoritis   N70.93
acute    N70.01
with oophoritis   N70.03
chlamydial   A56.11
chronic    N70.11
with oophoritis   N70.13
eustachian (tube)    H68.00-
acute   H68.01-
chronic   H68.02-
follicularis    N70.11
with oophoritis   N70.13
gonococcal (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
interstitial, chronic    N70.11
with oophoritis   N70.13
isthmica nodosa    N70.11
with oophoritis   N70.13
specific (gonococcal) (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
tuberculous (acute) (chronic)   A18.17
venereal (gonococcal) (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
Salpingocele   N83.4
Salpingo-oophoritis (catarrhal) (purulent) (ruptured) (septic) (suppurative)   N70.93
acute    N70.03
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
gonococcal   A54.24
chronic   N70.13
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
gonococcal (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
puerperal   O86.19
specific (gonococcal) (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
subacute   N70.03
tuberculous (acute) (chronic)   A18.17
venereal (gonococcal) (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
Salpingo-ovaritis see Salpingo-oophoritis
Salpingoperitonitis see Salpingo-oophoritis
Salzmann''s nodular dystrophy see Degeneration, cornea, nodular
Sampson''s cyst or tumor   N80.1
San Joaquin (Valley)fever   B38.0
Sandblaster''s asthma, lung or pneumoconiosis   J62.8
Sander''s disease (paranoia) F22
Sandfly fever   A93.1
Sandhoff''s disease   E75.01
Sanfilippo (Type B) (Type C) (Type D)syndrome   E76.22
Sanger-Brown ataxia   G11.2
Sao Paulo fever or typhus   A77.0
Saponification, mesenteric   K65.8
Sarcocele (benign)
syphilitic    A52.76
congenital   A50.59
Sarcocystosis   A07.8
Sarcoepiplocele see Hernia
Sarcoepiplomphalocele   Q79.2
Sarcoid see also Sarcoidosis
arthropathy   D86.86
Boeck''s   D86.9
Darier-Roussy   D86.3
iridocyclitis   D86.83
meningitis   D86.81
myocarditis   D86.85
myositis   D86.87
pyelonephritis   D86.84
Spiegler-Fendt   L08.89
Sarcoidosis   D86.9
cranial nerve palsies   D86.82
hepatic granuloma   D86.89
polyarthritis   D86.86
tubulo-interstitial nephropathy   D86.84
combined sites NEC   D86.89
lung    D86.0
and lymph nodes   D86.2
lymph nodes    D86.1
and lung   D86.2
meninges   D86.81
skin   D86.3
specified type NEC   D86.89
Sarcoma (of) see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
ameloblastic    C41.1
upper jaw (bone)   C41.0
cerebellar    C71.6
circumscribed (arachnoidal)   C71.6
circumscribed (arachnoidal)cerebellar   C71.6
kidney   C64.-
dendritic cells (accessory cells)   C96.4
endometrial (stromal)    C54.1
isthmus   C54.0
follicular dendritic cell   C96.4
granulocytic   C92.3-
histiocytic   C96.A
interdigitating dendritic cell   C96.4
colon   C46.4
connective tissue   C46.1
gastrointestinal organ   C46.4
lung   C46.5-
lymph node (s)   C46.3
palate (hard) (soft)   C46.2
rectum   C46.4
skin   C46.0
specified site NEC   C46.7
stomach   C46.4
unspecified site   C46.9
Kupffer cell   C22.3
Langerhans cell   C96.4
liver NEC   C22.4
mast cell   C96.2
unspecified site   C71.9
myeloid   C92.3-
odontogenic    C41.1
upper jaw (bone)   C41.0
stromal (endometrial)    C54.1
isthmus   C54.0
unspecified site   C80.1
Sarcosinemia   E72.59
Sarcosporidiosis (intestinal)   A07.8
Satiety, early   R68.81
Saturnine see condition
Satyriasis   F52.8
Sauriasis see Ichthyosis
SBE (subacute bacterial endocarditis)   I33.0
Scabs   R23.4
Scabies (any site) B86
Scaglietti-Dagnini syndrome   E22.0
Scald see Burn
Scalenus anticus (anterior)syndrome   G54.0
Scales   R23.4
Scaling, skin   R23.4
Scalp see condition
Scapegoating affecting child   Z62.3
Scaphocephaly   Q75.0
Scapulalgia   M89.8X1
Scapulohumeral myopathy   G71.0
Scar, scarring (see also Cicatrix)   L90.5
adherent   L90.5
atrophic   L90.5
cheloid   L91.0
chorioretinal    H31.00-
posterior pole macula   H31.01-
postsurgical   H59.81-
solar retinopathy   H31.02-
specified type NEC   H31.09-
conjunctiva   H11.24-
cornea    H17.9
vitamin A deficiency   E50.6
duodenum, obstructive   K31.5
hypertrophic   L91.0
keloid   L91.0
labia   N90.89
lung (base)   J98.4
muscle   M62.89
myocardium, myocardial   I25.2
painful   L90.5
trachea   J39.8
uterus    N85.8
in pregnancy   O34.29
vagina    N89.8
postoperative   N99.2
vulva   N90.89
Scarabiasis   B88.2
Scarlatina (anginosa) (maligna) (ulcerosa)   A38.9
myocarditis (acute)    A38.1
otitis media   A38.0
Scarlet fever (albuminuria) (angina)   A38.9
Schamberg''s disease (progressive pigmentary dermatosis)   L81.7
Schatzki''s ring (acquired) (esophagus) (lower)   K22.2
congenital   Q39.3
Schaufenster krankheit   I20.8
benign lymphogranulomatosis   D86.1
Scheie''s syndrome   E76.03
Schenck''s disease   B42.1
Scheuermann''s disease or osteochondrosis see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, spine
Schilder (-Flatau)disease   G37.0
Schilling-type monocytic leukemia   C93.0-
Schimmelbusch''s disease, cystic mastitis, or hyperplasia see Mastopathy, cystic
Schistosoma infestation see Infestation, Schistosoma
Schistosomiasis   B65.9
Asiatic   B65.2
bladder   B65.0
chestermani   B65.8
colon   B65.1
cutaneous   B65.3
S haematobium   B65.0
S japonicum   B65.2
S mansoni   B65.1
S mattheii   B65.8
Eastern   B65.2
genitourinary tract   B65.0
intestinal   B65.1
Manson''s (intestinal)   B65.1
oriental   B65.2
haematobium   B65.0
japonicum   B65.2
mansoni   B65.1
specified type NEC   B65.8
urinary   B65.0
vesical   B65.0
with muscle disorder B659    M63.80
ankle B659   M63.87-
foot B659   M63.87-
forearm B659   M63.83-
hand B659   M63.84-
lower leg B659   M63.86-
multiple sites B659   M63.89
pelvic region B659   M63.85-
shoulder region B659   M63.81-
specified site NEC B659   M63.88
thigh B659   M63.85-
upper arm B659   M63.82-
pneumonia   B65.9
Schizencephaly   Q04.6
Schizoaffective psychosis   F25.9
Schizodontia   K00.2
Schizoid personality   F60.1
Schizophrenia, schizophrenic   F20.9
atypical (form)   F20.3
catalepsy   F20.2
catatonic (type) (excited) (withdrawn)   F20.2
cenesthopathic, cenesthesiopathic   F20.89
childhood type   F84.5
chronic undifferentiated   F20.5
cyclic   F25.0
disorganized (type)   F20.1
flexibilitas cerea   F20.2
hebephrenic (type)   F20.1
negative type   F20.5
paranoid (type)   F20.0
paraphrenic   F20.0
post-psychotic depression   F32.8
residual (state) (type)   F20.5
restzustand   F20.5
simple (type)   F20.89
simplex   F20.89
specified type NEC   F20.89
stupor   F20.2
syndrome of childhood   F84.5
undifferentiated (type)    F20.3
chronic   F20.5
Schizothymia (persistent)   F60.1
Schlatter-Osgood disease or osteochondrosis see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
Schlatter''s tibia see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
Schmidt''s syndrome (polyglandular, autoimmune)   E31.0
Schmincke''s carcinoma or tumor see Neoplasm, nasopharynx, malignant
Schmitz (-Stutzer)dysentery   A03.0
Schmorl''s disease or nodes
lumbar region   M51.46
lumbosacral region   M51.47
sacrococcygeal region   M53.3
thoracic region   M51.44
thoracolumbar region   M51.45
unspecified site   D14.0
unspecified site   C30.0
Scholte''s syndrome (malignant carcinoid)   E34.0
Scholz (-Bielchowsky-Henneberg)disease or syndrome   E75.25
Schnlein (-Henoch) disease or purpura (primary) (rheumatic)   D69.0
Schottmuller''s disease   A01.4
Schroeder''s syndrome (endocrine hypertensive)   E27.0
Schller-Christian disease or syndrome   C96.5
Schultze''s type acroparesthesia, simple   I73.89
Schultz''s disease or syndrome see Agranulocytosis
Schwalbe-Ziehen-Oppenheim disease   G24.1
Schwannoma see also Neoplasm, nerve, benign
Schwannomatosis   Q85.03
Schwartz (-Jampel)syndrome   G71.13
Schwartz-Bartter syndrome   E22.2
Schweniger-Buzzi anetoderma   L90.1
Sciatic see condition
Sciatica (infective)
with lumbago    M54.4-
wallet   M54.3-
Scimitar syndrome   Q26.8
Sclera see condition
Sclerectasia   H15.84-
newborn   P83.0
Sclerema (adiposum) (edematosum) (neonatorum) (newborn)   P83.0
Scleriasis see Scleroderma
Scleritis   H15.00-
with corneal involvement   H15.04-
anterior   H15.01-
brawny   H15.02-
in (due to)zoster   B02.34
posterior   H15.03-
specified type NEC   H15.09-
syphilitic   A52.71
tuberculous (nodular)   A18.51
Sclerochoroiditis   H31.8
Scleroconjunctivitis see Scleritis
Sclerocystic ovary syndrome   E28.2
Sclerodactyly, sclerodactylia   L94.3
Scleroderma, sclerodermia (acrosclerotic) (diffuse) (generalized) (progressive) (pulmonary) (see also Sclerosis, systemic)
circumscribed   L94.0
linear   L94.1
localized   L94.0
newborn   P83.8
systemic   M34.9
Sclerokeratitis   H16.8
tuberculous   A18.52
Scleroma nasi   A48.8
Scleromalacia (perforans)   H15.05-
Scleromyxedema   L98.5
Sclrose en plaques G35
Sclerosis, sclerotic
adrenal (gland)   E27.8
amyotrophic (lateral)   G12.21
aorta, aortic    I70.0
brain (generalized) (lobular)    G37.9
artery, arterial   I67.2
diffuse   G37.0
Krabbe''s   E75.23
senile (arteriosclerotic)   I67.2
tuberous   Q85.1
bundle of His   I44.39
cerebrovascular   I67.2
concentric (Balo)   G37.5
coronary (artery)    I25.10
female   N90.89
male   N48.6
diffuse (brain) (spinal cord)   G37.0
endometrium   N85.5
extrapyramidal   G25.9
focal and segmental (glomerular) (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 1)   N05.1
Friedreich''s (spinal cord)   G11.1
funicular (spermatic cord)   N50.8
gland (lymphatic)   I89.8
hepatic    K74.1
alcoholic   K70.2
cerebellar   G11.9
spinal (Friedreich''s ataxia)   G11.1
hippocampal   G93.81
larynx   J38.7
lateral (amyotrophic) (descending) (primary) (spinal)   G12.21
liver    K74.1
with fibrosis   K74.2
alcoholic   K70.2
alcoholic   K70.2
cardiac   K76.1
mesial temporal   G93.81
mitral   I05.8
ovary   N83.8
pancreas   K86.8
penis   N48.6
pluriglandular   E31.8
polyglandular   E31.8
primary, lateral   G12.29
progressive, systemic   M34.0
artery   I27.0
renal    N26.9
cystine storage disease   E72.09
retina (senile) (vascular)   H35.00
spinal (cord) (progressive)    G95.89
ascending   G61.0
syphilitic   A52.11
hereditary (Friedreich''s) (mixed form)   G11.1
lateral (amyotrophic)   G12.21
posterior (syphilitic)   A52.11
stomach   K31.89
subendocardial, congenital   I42.4
systemic    M34.9
lung involvement   M34.81
myopathy   M34.82
polyneuropathy   M34.83
drug-induced   M34.2
due to chemicals NEC   M34.2
progressive   M34.0
specified NEC   M34.89
temporal (mesial)   G93.81
tricuspid (heart) (valve)   I07.8
tuberous (brain)   Q85.1
vein   I87.8
Scoliosis (acquired) (postural)   M41.9
congenital    Q67.5
due to bony malformation   Q76.3
failure of segmentation (hemivertebra)   Q76.3
hemivertebra fusion   Q76.3
postural   Q67.5
idiopathic    M41.20
adolescent   M41.129
cervical region   M41.122
cervicothoracic region   M41.123
lumbar region   M41.126
lumbosacral region   M41.127
thoracic region   M41.124
thoracolumbar region   M41.125
cervical region   M41.22
cervicothoracic region   M41.23
infantile   M41.00
cervical region   M41.02
cervicothoracic region   M41.03
lumbar region   M41.06
lumbosacral region   M41.07
sacrococcygeal region   M41.08
thoracic region   M41.04
thoracolumbar region   M41.05
juvenile   M41.119
cervical region   M41.112
cervicothoracic region   M41.113
lumbar region   M41.116
lumbosacral region   M41.117
thoracic region   M41.114
thoracolumbar region   M41.115
lumbar region   M41.26
lumbosacral region   M41.27
thoracic region   M41.24
thoracolumbar region   M41.25
neuromuscular    M41.40
cervical region   M41.42
cervicothoracic region   M41.43
lumbar region   M41.46
lumbosacral region   M41.47
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M41.41
thoracic region   M41.44
thoracolumbar region   M41.45
postradiation therapy   M96.5
sciatic   M54.4-
secondary (to)NEC    M41.50
cervical region   M41.52
cervicothoracic region   M41.53
lumbar region   M41.56
lumbosacral region   M41.57
thoracic region   M41.54
thoracolumbar region   M41.55
specified form NEC    M41.80
cervical region   M41.82
cervicothoracic region   M41.83
lumbar region   M41.86
lumbosacral region   M41.87
thoracic region   M41.84
thoracolumbar region   M41.85
thoracogenic    M41.30
thoracic region   M41.34
thoracolumbar region   M41.35
tuberculous   A18.01
rachitic (late effect or sequelae) E643    M49.80
cervical region E643   M49.82
cervicothoracic region E643   M49.83
lumbar region E643   M49.86
lumbosacral region E643   M49.87
multiple sites E643   M49.89
occipito-atlanto-axial region E643   M49.81
sacrococcygeal region E643   M49.88
thoracic region E643   M49.84
thoracolumbar region E643   M49.85
Scoliotic pelvis
with disproportion (fetopelvic)    O33.0
causing obstructed labor   O65.0
Scorbutus, scorbutic see also Scurvy
anemia   D53.2
Scotoma (arcuate) (Bjerrum) (central) (ring) see also Defect, visual field, localized, scotoma
scintillating   H53.19
Scratch see Abrasion
Scratchy throat   R09.89
Screening (for)   Z13.9
dislocation of hip   Z13.89
eye disorder   Z13.5
malformation or deformation   Z13.89
alcoholism   Z13.89
anemia   Z13.0
anomaly, congenital   Z13.89
arterial hypertension   Z13.6
arthropod-borne viral disease NEC   Z11.59
bacteriuria, asymptomatic   Z13.89
behavioral disorder   Z13.89
brain injury, traumatic   Z13.850
bronchitis, chronic   Z13.83
brucellosis   Z11.2
cardiovascular disorder   Z13.6
cataract   Z13.5
chlamydial diseases   Z11.8
cholera   Z11.0
chromosomal abnormalities (nonprocreative)NEC   Z13.79
colonoscopy   Z12.11
contamination NEC   Z13.88
cystic fibrosis   Z13.228
dengue fever   Z11.59
dental disorder   Z13.84
depression   Z13.89
developmental handicap    Z13.4
in early childhood   Z13.4
diabetes mellitus   Z13.1
diphtheria   Z11.2
disability, intellectual   Z13.4
disease or disorder    Z13.9
bacterial NEC   Z11.2
intestinal infectious   Z11.0
respiratory tuberculosis   Z11.1
blood or blood-forming organ   Z13.0
cardiovascular   Z13.6
Chagas''   Z11.6
chlamydial   Z11.8
dental   Z13.89
developmental   Z13.4
digestive tract NEC   Z13.818
lower GI   Z13.811
upper GI   Z13.810
ear   Z13.5
endocrine   Z13.29
eye   Z13.5
genitourinary   Z13.89
heart   Z13.6
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)infection   Z11.4
immunity   Z13.0
intestinal    Z11.0
specified NEC   Z11.6
infectious   Z11.9
mental   Z13.89
metabolic   Z13.228
neurological   Z13.89
nutritional   Z13.21
metabolic    Z13.228
lipoid disorders   Z13.220
protozoal   Z11.6
intestinal   Z11.0
respiratory   Z13.83
rheumatic   Z13.828
rickettsial   Z11.8
sexually-transmitted NEC   Z11.3
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)   Z11.4
sickle-cell (trait)   Z13.0
skin   Z13.89
specified NEC   Z13.89
spirochetal   Z11.8
thyroid   Z13.29
vascular   Z13.6
venereal   Z11.3
viral NEC   Z11.59
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)   Z11.4
intestinal   Z11.0
elevated titer   Z13.89
emphysema   Z13.83
encephalitis, viral (mosquito- or tick-borne)   Z11.59
exposure to contaminants (toxic)   Z13.88
dengue   Z11.59
hemorrhagic   Z11.59
yellow   Z11.59
filariasis   Z11.6
galactosemia   Z13.228
gastrointestinal condition   Z13.818
disease carrier status (nonprocreative)   Z13.71
specified NEC (nonprocreative)   Z13.79
genitourinary condition   Z13.89
glaucoma   Z13.5
gonorrhea   Z11.3
gout   Z13.89
helminthiasis (intestinal)   Z11.6
hematopoietic malignancy   Z12.89
hemoglobinopathies NEC   Z13.0
hemorrhagic fever   Z11.59
Hodgkin disease   Z12.89
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)   Z11.4
human papillomavirus   Z11.51
hypertension   Z13.6
immunity disorders   Z13.0
mycotic   Z11.8
parasitic   Z11.8
ingestion of radioactive substance   Z13.88
intellectual disability   Z13.4
helminthiasis   Z11.6
infectious disease   Z11.0
leishmaniasis   Z11.6
leprosy   Z11.2
leptospirosis   Z11.8
leukemia   Z12.89
lymphoma   Z12.89
malaria   Z11.6
malnutrition    Z13.29
metabolic   Z13.228
nutritional   Z13.21
measles   Z11.59
mental disorder   Z13.89
metabolic errors, inborn   Z13.228
multiphasic   Z13.89
musculoskeletal disorder    Z13.828
osteoporosis   Z13.820
mycoses   Z11.8
myocardial infarction (acute)   Z13.6
neoplasm (malignant) (of)    Z12.9
bladder   Z12.6
blood   Z12.89
breast   Z12.39
routine mammogram   Z12.31
cervix   Z12.4
colon   Z12.11
genitourinary organs NEC   Z12.79
bladder   Z12.6
cervix   Z12.4
ovary   Z12.73
prostate   Z12.5
testis   Z12.71
vagina   Z12.72
hematopoietic system   Z12.89
intestinal tract   Z12.10
colon   Z12.11
rectum   Z12.12
small intestine   Z12.13
lung   Z12.2
lymph (glands)   Z12.89
nervous system   Z12.82
oral cavity   Z12.81
prostate   Z12.5
rectum   Z12.12
respiratory organs   Z12.2
skin   Z12.83
small intestine   Z12.13
specified site NEC   Z12.89
stomach   Z12.0
nephropathy   Z13.89
nervous system disorders NEC   Z13.858
neurological condition   Z13.89
osteoporosis   Z13.820
parasitic infestation    Z11.9
specified NEC   Z11.8
phenylketonuria   Z13.228
plague   Z11.2
poisoning (chemical) (heavy metal)   Z13.88
poliomyelitis   Z11.59
postnatal, chromosomal abnormalities   Z13.89
protozoal disease    Z11.6
intestinal   Z11.0
pulmonary tuberculosis   Z11.1
radiation exposure   Z13.88
respiratory condition   Z13.83
respiratory tuberculosis   Z11.1
rheumatoid arthritis   Z13.828
rubella   Z11.59
schistosomiasis   Z11.6
sexually-transmitted disease NEC    Z11.3
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)   Z11.4
sickle-cell disease or trait   Z13.0
skin condition   Z13.89
sleeping sickness   Z11.6
special    Z13.9
specified NEC   Z13.89
syphilis   Z11.3
tetanus   Z11.2
trachoma   Z11.8
traumatic brain injury   Z13.850
trypanosomiasis   Z11.6
tuberculosis, respiratory   Z11.1
venereal disease   Z11.3
viral encephalitis (mosquito- or tick-borne)   Z11.59
whooping cough   Z11.2
worms, intestinal   Z11.6
yaws   Z11.8
yellow fever   Z11.59
Scrofula, scrofulosis (tuberculosis of cervical lymph glands)   A18.2
Scrofulide (primary) (tuberculous)   A18.4
Scrofuloderma, scrofulodermia (any site) (primary)   A18.4
Scrofulosus lichen (primary) (tuberculous)   A18.4
Scrofulous see condition
Scrotal tongue   K14.5
Scrotum see condition
Scurvy, scorbutic E54
anemia   D53.2
rickets E550   M90.80
Sealpox   B08.62
Seasickness   T75.3
Seatworm (infection) (infestation) B80
Sebaceous see also condition
Seborrhea, seborrheic   L21.9
capillitii   R23.8
capitis   L21.0
dermatitis    L21.9
infantile   L21.1
eczema    L21.9
infantile   L21.1
sicca   L21.0
Seckel''s syndrome   Q87.1
Seclusion, pupil see Membrane, pupillary
Second hand tobacco smoke exposure (acute) (chronic)   Z77.22
in the perinatal period   P96.81
dentin (in pulp)   K04.3
antidiuretic hormone, inappropriate   E22.2
catecholamine, by pheochromocytoma   E27.5
antidiuretic, inappropriate (syndrome)   E22.2
carcinoid tumor   E34.0
pheochromocytoma   E27.5
ectopic NEC   E34.2
excessive   R35.8
Segmentation, incomplete (congenital) see also Fusion
bone NEC   Q78.8
lumbosacral (joint) (vertebra)   Q76.49
Seitelberger''s syndrome (infantile neuraxonal dystrophy)   G31.89
Seizure (s) (see also Convulsions)   R56.9
autonomic (hysterical)   F44.5
disorder (see also Epilepsy)   G40.909
febrile (simple)    R56.00
with status epilepticus   G40.901
complex (atypical) (complicated)   R56.01
with status epilepticus   G40.901
grand mal    G40.409
intractable   G40.419
with status epilepticus   G40.411
without status epilepticus   G40.419
not intractable   G40.409
with status epilepticus   G40.401
without status epilepticus   G40.409
hysterical   F44.5
intractable    G40.919
with status epilepticus   G40.911
petit mal    G40.409
intractable   G40.419
with status epilepticus   G40.411
without status epilepticus   G40.419
not intractable   G40.409
with status epilepticus   G40.401
without status epilepticus   G40.409
post traumatic   R56.1
recurrent   G40.909
specified NEC   G40.89
Selenium deficiency, dietary E59
Self-damaging behavior (life-style)   Z72.89
Self-harm (attempted)
history (personal)    Z91.5
in family   Z81.8
Self-mutilation (attempted)
history (personal)    Z91.5
in family   Z81.8
history (personal)    Z91.5
in family   Z81.8
observation following (alleged)attempt   Z03.6
Semicoma   R40.1
Seminal vesiculitis   N49.0
Seminoma   C62.9-
Senear-Usher disease or syndrome   L10.4
Senectus R54
Senescence (without mention of psychosis) R54
Senile, senility (see also condition)   R41.81
cervix (atrophic)   N88.8
endometrium (atrophic)   N85.8
premature   E34.8
vagina, vaginitis (atrophic)   N95.2
wart   L82.1
burning (skin)    R20.8
tongue   K14.6
loss of   R20.8
prickling (skin)   R20.2
tingling (skin)   R20.2
Sense loss
touch   R20.8
Sensibility disturbance (cortical) (deep) (vibratory)   R20.9
Sensitive, sensitivity see also Allergy
carotid sinus   G90.01
child (excessive)   F93.8
cold, autoimmune   D59.1
dentin   K03.89
latex   Z91.040
methemoglobin   D74.8
tuberculin, without clinical or radiological symptoms   R76.11
glare   H53.71
impaired contrast   H53.72
Sensitiver Beziehungswahn F22
Sensitization, auto-erythrocytic   D69.2
anxiety, abnormal (of childhood)   F93.0
infundibulum cardiac from right ventricle by a partition   Q24.3
pubic bone, obstetrical trauma   O71.6
symphysis pubis, obstetrical trauma   O71.6
tracheal ring, incomplete, congenital   Q32.1
Sepsis (generalized) (unspecified organism)   A41.9
organ dysfunction (acute) (multiple)   R65.20
with septic shock   R65.21
actinomycotic   A42.7
adrenal hemorrhage syndrome (meningococcal)   A39.1
anaerobic   A41.4
Bacillus anthracis   A22.7
Brucella (see also Brucellosis)   A23.9
candidal   B37.7
cryptogenic   A41.9
due to device, implant or graft    T85.79
arterial graft NEC   T82.7
breast (implant)   T85.79
catheter NEC   T85.79
dialysis (renal)    T82.7
intraperitoneal   T85.71
infusion NEC    T82.7
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.79
urinary (indwelling)   T83.51
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.82
bone   T84.7
cardiac   T82.7
nervous system (brain) (peripheral nerve) (spinal)   T85.79
urinary   T83.59
gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus)   T85.79
genital   T83.6
heart NEC   T82.7
valve (prosthesis)    T82.6
graft   T82.7
ocular (corneal graft) (orbital implant)   T85.79
orthopedic NEC   T84.7
specified NEC   T85.79
vascular   T82.7
ventricular intracranial shunt   T85.79
during labor   O75.3
Enterococcus   A41.81
Erysipelothrix (rhusiopathiae) (erysipeloid)   A26.7
Escherichia coli (E coli)   A41.5
extraintestinal yersiniosis   A28.2
abortion (subsequent episode)   O08.0
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.82
immunization   T88.0
infusion, therapeutic injection or transfusion NEC   T80.29
gangrenous   A41.9
gonococcal   A54.86
Gram-negative (organism)    A41.5
anaerobic   A41.4
Haemophilus influenzae   A41.3
herpesviral   B00.7
intra-abdominal   K65.1
Listeria monocytogenes   A32.7
in operation wound   T81.4
malleus   A24.0
melioidosis   A24.1
meningococcal    A39.4
acute   A39.2
chronic   A39.3
MSSA (Methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus)   A41.01
newborn    P36.9
anaerobes NEC   P36.5
Escherichia coli   P36.4
Staphylococcus    P36.30
aureus   P36.2
specified NEC   P36.39
Streptococcus    P36.10
group B   P36.0
specified NEC   P36.19
specified NEC   P36.8
Pasteurella multocida   A28.0
postprocedural   T81.4
pneumococcal   A40.3
Salmonella (arizonae) (cholerae-suis) (enteritidis) (typhimurium)   A02.1
severe    R65.20
with septic shock   R65.21
Shigella (see also Dysentery, bacillary)   A03.9
specified organism NEC   A41.89
Staphylococcus, staphylococcal    A41.2
aureus (methicillin susceptible) (MSSA)   A41.01
methicillin resistant (MRSA)   A41.02
coagulase-negative   A41.1
specified NEC   A41.1
Streptococcus, streptococcal    A40.9
agalactiae   A40.1
A   A40.0
B   A40.1
D   A41.81
neonatal   P36.10
group B   P36.0
specified NEC   P36.19
pneumoniae   A40.3
pyogenes   A40.0
specified NEC   A40.8
tracheostomy stoma   J95.02
tularemic   A21.7
Yersinia pestis   A20.7
Septate see Septum
Septic see condition
gallbladder (acute)   K81.0
throat   J02.0
streptococcal   J02.0
spleen (acute)   D73.89
teeth, tooth (pulpal origin)   K04.4
tonsils, chronic    J35.01
with adenoiditis   J35.03
Septicemia   A41.9
Septum, septate (congenital) see also Anomaly, by site
anal    Q42.3
with fistula   Q42.2
aqueduct of Sylvius    Q03.0
uterus (complete) (partial)   Q51.2
vagina    Q52.10
causing obstructed labor   O65.5
longitudinal (with or without obstruction)   Q52.12
transverse   Q52.11
Sequelae (of) see also condition
calcium deficiency   E64.8
cerebrovascular   I69.90
alteration of sensation   I69.998
aphasia   I69.920
apraxia   I69.990
ataxia   I69.993
cognitive deficits   I69.91
disturbance of vision   I69.998
dysarthria   I69.922
dysphagia   I69.991
dysphasia   I69.921
facial droop   I69.992
facial weakness   I69.992
fluency disorder   I69.923
hemiplegia   I69.95-
language deficit   I69.928
lower limb   I69.84-
upper limb   I69.93-
paralytic syndrome   I69.96-
specified effect NEC   I69.998
specified type NEC    I69.80
alteration of sensation   I69.898
aphasia   I69.820
apraxia   I69.890
ataxia   I69.893
cognitive deficits   I69.81
disturbance of vision   I69.898
dysarthria   I69.822
dysphagia   I69.891
dysphasia   I69.821
facial droop   I69.892
facial weakness   I69.892
fluency disorder   I69.823
hemiplegia   I69.85-
language deficit   I69.828
lower limb   I69.84-
upper limb   I69.83-
paralytic syndrome   I69.86-
specified effect NEC   I69.898
speech deficit    I69.928
speech deficit   I69.828
in infectious disease NEC   B94.8
viral   B94.1
intracerebral   I69.10
alteration of sensation   I69.198
aphasia   I69.120
apraxia   I69.190
ataxia   I69.193
cognitive deficits   I69.11
disturbance of vision   I69.198
dysarthria   I69.122
dysphagia   I69.191
dysphasia   I69.121
facial droop   I69.192
facial weakness   I69.192
fluency disorder   I69.123
hemiplegia   I69.15-
language deficit NEC   I69.128
lower limb   I69.14-
upper limb   I69.13-
paralytic syndrome   I69.16-
specified effect NEC   I69.198
speech deficit NEC   I69.128
intracranial, nontraumatic NEC   I69.20
alteration of sensation   I69.298
aphasia   I69.220
apraxia   I69.290
ataxia   I69.293
cognitive deficits   I69.21
disturbance of vision   I69.298
dysarthria   I69.222
dysphagia   I69.291
dysphasia   I69.221
facial droop   I69.292
facial weakness   I69.292
fluency disorder   I69.223
hemiplegia   I69.25-
language deficit NEC   I69.228
lower limb   I69.24-
upper limb   I69.23-
paralytic syndrome   I69.26-
specified effect NEC   I69.298
speech deficit NEC   I69.228
subarachnoid   I69.00
alteration of sensation   I69.098
aphasia   I69.020
apraxia   I69.090
ataxia   I69.093
cognitive deficits   I69.01
disturbance of vision   I69.098
dysarthria   I69.022
dysphagia   I69.091
dysphasia   I69.021
facial droop   I69.092
facial weakness   I69.092
fluency disorder   I69.023
hemiplegia   I69.05-
language deficit NEC   I69.028
lower limb   I69.04-
upper limb   I69.03-
paralytic syndrome   I69.06-
specified effect NEC   I69.098
speech deficit NEC   I69.028
hepatitis, viral   B94.2
cerebral   I69.30
alteration of sensation   I69.398
aphasia   I69.320
apraxia   I69.390
ataxia   I69.393
cognitive deficits   I69.31
disturbance of vision   I69.398
dysarthria   I69.322
dysphagia   I69.391
dysphasia   I69.321
facial droop   I69.392
facial weakness   I69.392
fluency disorder   I69.323
hemiplegia   I69.35-
language deficit NEC   I69.328
lower limb   I69.34-
upper limb   I69.33-
paralytic syndrome   I69.36-
specified effect NEC   I69.398
speech deficit NEC   I69.328
infectious disease    B94.9
specified NEC   B94.8
niacin deficiency   E64.8
nutritional deficiency    E64.9
specified NEC   E64.8
parasitic disease   B94.9
protein-energy malnutrition   E64.0
rickets   E64.3
selenium deficiency   E64.8
stroke NOS    I69.30
alteration in sensation   I69.398
aphasia   I69.320
apraxia   I69.390
ataxia   I69.393
cognitive deficits   I69.31
disturbance of vision   I69.398
dysarthria   I69.322
dysphagia   I69.391
dysphasia   I69.321
facial droop   I69.392
facial weakness   I69.392
hemiplegia   I69.35-
language deficit NEC   I69.328
lower limb   I69.34-
upper limb   I69.33-
paralytic syndrome   I69.36-
specified effect NEC   I69.398
speech deficit NEC   I69.328
thiamine deficiency   E64.8
trachoma   B94.0
tuberculosis    B90.9
bones and joints   B90.2
central nervous system   B90.0
genitourinary   B90.1
pulmonary (respiratory)   B90.9
specified organs NEC   B90.8
encephalitis   B94.1
hepatitis   B94.2
vitamin deficiency NEC    E64.8
A   E64.1
B   E64.8
C   E64.2
Sequestration see also Sequestrum
lung, congenital   Q33.2
dental   M27.2
jaw bone   M27.2
Sequoiosis lung or pneumonitis   J67.8
Serology for syphilis
positive    A53.0
reactivated   A53.0
Seroma see also Hematoma
traumatic, secondary and recurrent   T79.2
Seropurulent see condition
Serositis, multiple   K65.8
pericardial   I31.1
peritoneal   K65.8
Serous see condition
Sertoli cell
female   D27.9
male   D29.20
unspecified site (male)   C62.9-
female   C56.9
female   D27.9
male   D29.20
female   D27.9
male   D29.20
Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor see Neoplasm, benign, by site
female   D27.9
male   D29.20
allergy, allergic reaction (see also Reaction, serum)    T80.69
shock (see also Shock, anaphylactic)   T80.59
arthritis (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
complication or reaction NEC (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
disease NEC (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
carrier (suspected)of   Z22.51
intoxication (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
neuritis (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
neuropathy   G61.1
poisoning NEC (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
rash NEC (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
reaction NEC (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
sickness NEC (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
urticaria (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
Sesamoiditis   M25.8-
Sever''s disease or osteochondrosis see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tarsus
Severe sepsis   R65.20
with septic shock   R65.21
chromosome mosaics    Q97.8
lines with various numbers of X chromosomes   Q97.2
education   Z70.8
reassignment surgery status   Z87.890
Sextuplet pregnancy see Pregnancy, sextuplet
function, disorder of (psychogenic)   F52.9
immaturity (female) (male)   E30.0
precocity (constitutional) (cryptogenic)(female) (idiopathic) (male)   E30.1
Sexuality, pathologic see Deviation, sexual
Szary disease   C84.1-
Shadow, lung   R91.8
Shaking palsy or paralysis see Parkinsonism
Shallowness, acetabulum see Derangement, joint, specified type NEC, hip
Shaver''s disease   J63.1
Sheath (tendon) see condition
Sheathing, retinal vessels   H35.01-
nail   L60.8
premature, primary (deciduous)teeth   K00.6
Sheehan''s disease or syndrome   E23.0
Shelf, rectal   K62.89
Shell teeth   K00.5
Shellshock (current)   F43.0
Shield kidney   Q63.1
auditory threshold (temporary)   H93.24-
mediastinal   R93.8
Shifting sleep-work schedule (affecting sleep)   G47.26
Shiga (-Kruse)dysentery   A03.0
Shiga''s bacillus   A03.0
Shigella (dysentery) see Dysentery, bacillary
Shigellosis   A03.9
Group A   A03.0
Group B   A03.1
Group C   A03.2
Group D   A03.3
Shin splints   S86.89
Shingles see Herpes, zoster
Shipyard disease or eye   B30.0
Shirodkar suture, in pregnancy see Pregnancy, complicated by, incompetent cervix
Shock   R57.9
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.3
adrenal (cortical) (Addisonian)   E27.2
anaphylactic    T78.2
correct substance properly administered   T88.6
due to food (nonpoisonous)   T78.00
additives   T78.06
dairy products   T78.07
eggs   T78.08
fish    T78.03
shellfish   T78.02
fruit   T78.04
milk   T78.07
nuts    T78.05
peanuts   T78.01
peanuts   T78.01
seeds   T78.05
specified type NEC   T78.09
vegetable   T78.04
immunization   T80.52
serum   T80.59
blood and blood products   T80.51
immunization   T80.52
specified NEC   T80.59
vaccination   T80.52
correct substance properly administered   T88.2
cardiogenic   R57.0
complicating ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.3
due to correct substance properly administered   T88.6
during or after labor and delivery   O75.1
electric    T75.4
(taser)   T75.4
endotoxic    R65.21
postprocedural (during or resulting from a procedure, not elsewhere classified)   T81.12
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.3
injury (immediate) (delayed)   T79.4
labor and delivery   O75.1
from electroshock gun (taser)   T75.4
gram-negative    R65.21
postprocedural (during or resulting from a procedure, not elsewhere classified)   T81.12
hematologic   R57.8
surgery (intraoperative) (postoperative)   T81.19
trauma   T79.4
hypovolemic    R57.1
surgical   T81.19
traumatic   T79.4
therapeutic misadventure see subcategory   T38.3
kidney    N17.0
traumatic (following crushing)   T79.5
lightning   T75.01
obstetric    O75.1
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.3
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.3
pleural (surgical)    T81.19
due to trauma   T79.4
postprocedural (postoperative)    T81.10
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.3
cardiogenic   T81.11
endotoxic   T81.12
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.3
gram-negative   T81.12
hypovolemic   T81.19
septic   T81.12
specified type NEC   T81.19
psychic   F43.0
septic (due to severe sepsis)   R65.21
specified NEC   R57.8
surgical   T81.10
taser gun (taser)   T75.4
therapeutic misadventure NEC   T81.10
toxic, syndrome   A48.3
traumatic (immediate) (delayed)   T79.4
Shoemaker''s chest   M95.4
Short, shortening, shortness
congenital   Q71.81-
bowel syndrome   K91.2
breath   R06.02
cervical (complicating pregnancy)    O26.87-
non-gravid uterus   N88.3
common bile duct, congenital   Q44.5
cord (umbilical), complicating delivery   O69.3
cystic duct, congenital   Q44.5
esophagus (congenital)   Q39.8
frenum, frenulum, linguae (congenital)   Q38.1
congenital   Q65.89
congenital   Q72.81-
limbed stature, with immunodeficiency   D82.2
congenital   Q72.81-
palate, congenital   Q38.5
rib syndrome   Q77.2
stature (child) (hereditary) (idiopathic)NEC    R62.52
constitutional   E34.3
due to endocrine disorder   E34.3
Laron-type   E34.3
Achilles (acquired)   M67.0-
congenital   Q66.89
congenital   Q79.8
complicating delivery   O69.3
urethra   N36.8
uvula, congenital   Q38.5
vagina (congenital)   Q52.4
Shortsightedness see Myopia
Shoshin (acute fulminating beriberi)   E51.11
Shoulder see condition
Shovel-shaped incisors   K00.2
Shower, thromboembolic see Embolism
arterial-venous (dialysis)   Z99.2
arteriovenous, pulmonary (acquired)    I28.0
congenital   Q25.72
cerebral ventricle (communicating)in situ   Z98.2
Shutdown, renal   N28.9
Shy-Drager syndrome   G90.3
Sialadenitis, sialadenosis (any gland) (chronic) (periodic) (suppurative) see Sialoadenitis
Sialectasia   K11.8
Sialidosis   E77.1
Sialitis, silitis (any gland) (chronic) (suppurative) see Sialoadenitis
Sialoadenitis (any gland) (periodic) (suppurative)   K11.20
acute    K11.21
recurrent   K11.22
chronic   K11.23
Sialoadenopathy   K11.9
Sialoangitis see Sialoadenitis
Sialodochitis (fibrinosa) see Sialoadenitis
Sialodocholithiasis   K11.5
Sialolithiasis   K11.5
Sialometaplasia, necrotizing   K11.8
Sialorrhea see also Ptyalism
Sialosis   K11.7
Siamese twin   Q89.4
Sibling rivalry   Z62.891
Sicard''s syndrome   G52.7
Sicca syndrome   M35.00
keratoconjunctivitis   M35.01
lung involvement   M35.02
myopathy   M35.03
renal tubulo-interstitial disorders   M35.04
specified organ involvement NEC   M35.09
Sick R69
or handicapped person in family    Z63.79
needing care at home   Z63.6
sinus (syndrome)   I49.5
Sick-euthyroid syndrome   E07.81
trait   D57.3
Sicklemia see also Disease, sickle-cell
trait   D57.3
altitude   T70.20
air (travel)   T75.3
airplane   T75.3
alpine   T70.29
Andes   T70.29
aviator''s   T70.29
balloon   T70.29
car   T75.3
compressed air   T70.3
decompression   T70.3
green   D50.8
motion   T75.3
mountain    T70.29
acute   D75.1
protein (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
roundabout (motion)   T75.3
sea   T75.3
serum NEC (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
sleeping (African)    B56.9
by Trypanosoma   B56.9
gambiense   B56.0
rhodesiense   B56.1
East African   B56.1
Gambian   B56.0
Rhodesian   B56.1
West African   B56.0
swing (motion)   T75.3
train (railway) (travel)   T75.3
travel (any vehicle)   T75.3
Sideropenia see Anemia, iron deficiency
Siderosilicosis   J62.8
Siderosis (lung)   J63.4
Siemens'' syndrome (ectodermal dysplasia)   Q82.8
Sighing   R06.89
psychogenic   F45.8
Sigmoid see also condition
kidney   Q63.1
Sigmoiditis (see also Enteritis)   K52.9
noninfectious   K52.9
Silfverskld''s syndrome   Q78.9
Silicosiderosis   J62.8
Silicosis, silicotic (simple) (complicated)   J62.8
Silicotuberculosis J65
Silo-fillers'' disease   J68.8
bronchitis   J68.0
pneumonitis   J68.0
pulmonary edema   J68.1
Silver''s syndrome   Q87.1
Simian malaria   B53.1
Simmonds'' cachexia or disease   E23.0
Simons'' disease or syndrome (progressive lipodystrophy)   E88.1
Simple, simplex see condition
Simulation, conscious (of illness)   Z76.5
Simultanagnosia (asimultagnosia)   R48.3
Sin Nombre virus disease (Hantavirus) (cardio)-pulmonary syndrome)   B33.4
Sinding-Larsen disease or osteochondrosis see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, patella
Singapore hemorrhagic fever A91
Singer''s node or nodule   J38.2
atrium   Q21.2
coronary artery   Q24.5
umbilical artery   Q27.0
ventricle   Q20.4
Singultus   R06.6
epidemicus   B33.0
Sinus see also Fistula
abdominal   K63.89
arrest   I45.5
arrhythmia   I49.8
bradycardia   R00.1
branchial cleft (internal) (external)   Q18.0
dental   K04.6
dermal (congenital)    Q06.8
with abscess   Q06.8
infected, skin NEC   L08.89
medial, face and neck   Q18.8
pause   I45.5
pericranii   Q01.9
pilonidal (infected) (rectum)    L05.92
with abscess   L05.02
preauricular   Q18.1
rectovaginal   N82.3
Rokitansky-Aschoff (gallbladder)   K82.8
tachycardia    R00.0
paroxysmal   I47.1
tarsi syndrome -   M25.57-
testis   N50.8
urachus   Q64.4
Sinusitis (accessory) (chronic) (hyperplastic) (nasal) (nonpurulent) (purulent)   J32.9
acute    J01.90
ethmoidal   J01.20
recurrent   J01.21
frontal   J01.10
recurrent   J01.11
involving more than one sinus, other than pansinusitis   J01.80
recurrent   J01.81
maxillary   J01.00
recurrent   J01.01
pansinusitis   J01.40
recurrent   J01.41
recurrent   J01.91
specified NEC   J01.80
recurrent   J01.81
sphenoidal   J01.30
recurrent   J01.31
due to high altitude   T70.1
ethmoidal    J32.2
acute   J01.20
recurrent   J01.21
frontal    J32.1
acute   J01.10
recurrent   J01.11
involving more than one sinus but not pansinusitis    J32.8
acute   J01.80
recurrent   J01.81
maxillary    J32.0
acute   J01.00
recurrent   J01.01
sphenoidal    J32.3
acute   J01.30
recurrent   J01.31
tuberculous, any sinus   A15.8
Sinusitis-bronchiectasis-situs inversus (syndrome) (triad)   Q89.3
Sipple''s syndrome   E31.22
Sirenomelia (syndrome)   Q87.2
Siriasis   T67.0
Sirkari''s disease   B55.0
Siti A65
Situation, psychiatric F99
acute   F43.0
acute   F43.0
Situs inversus or transversus (abdominalis) (thoracis)   Q89.3
Sixth disease   B08.20
due to human herpesvirus 6   B08.21
due to human herpesvirus 7   B08.22
Sjgren-Larsson syndrome   Q87.1
Sjgren''s syndrome or disease see Sicca syndrome
Skeletal see condition
Skene''s gland see condition
Skenitis see Urethritis
Skerljevo A65
Skevas-Zerfus disease see Toxicity, venom, marine animal, sea anemone
Skin see also condition
clammy   R23.1
hidebound   M35.9
Slate-dressers'' or slate-miners'' lung   J62.8
deprivation   Z72.820
disorder or disturbance    G47.9
child   F51.9
nonorganic origin   F51.9
specified NEC   G47.8
disturbance    G47.9
nonorganic origin   F51.9
drunkenness   F51.9
rhythm inversion   G47.2-
terrors   F51.4
walking    F51.3
hysterical   F44.89
Sleep hygiene
abuse   Z72.821
inadequate   Z72.821
poor   Z72.821
Sleeping sickness see Sickness, sleeping
Sleeplessness see Insomnia
menopausal   N95.1
Sleep-wake schedule disorder   G47.20
Slim disease (in HIV infection) B20
Slipped, slipping
acute (on chronic)   S79.01-
upper femoral (nontraumatic)   M93.00-
acute    M93.01-
on chronic   M93.03-
chronic   M93.02-
ligature, umbilical   P51.8
rib   M89.8X8
sacroiliac joint see subcategory   M53.2
Slocumb''s syndrome   E27.0
Sloughing (multiple) (phagedena) (skin) see also Gangrene
appendix   K38.8
scrotum   N50.8
feeding, newborn   P92.2
flow syndrome, coronary   I20.8
heart (beat)   R00.1
Slowing, urinary stream   R39.19
Sluder''s neuralgia (syndrome)   G44.89
Slurred, slurring speech   R47.81
Small (ness)
introitus, vagina   N89.6
kidney (unknown cause)    N27.9
bilateral   N27.1
unilateral   N27.0
ovary (congenital)   Q50.39
with disproportion (fetopelvic)   O33.1
causing obstructed labor   O65.1
uterus   N85.8
white kidney   N03.9
Small-and-light-for-dates see Small for dates
Small-for-dates (infant)   P05.10
499 grams or less   P05.11
500-749 grams   P05.12
750-999 grams   P05.13
1000-1249 grams   P05.14
1250-1499 grams   P05.15
1500-1749 grams   P05.16
1750-1999 grams   P05.17
2000-2499 grams   P05.18
Smallpox B03
Smearing, fecal   R15.1
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome   E78.72
Smith''s fracture   S52.54-
Smoker see Dependence, drug, nicotine
bronchitis   J41.0
cough   J41.0
palate   K13.24
throat   J31.2
tongue   K13.24
passive   Z77.22
Smothering spells   R06.81
Snaggle teeth, tooth   M26.39
involving the iliotiblial band   M76.3-
involving the iliotiblial band   M76.3-
Sneddon-Wilkinson disease or syndrome (sub-corneal pustular dermatosis)   L13.1
Sneezing (intractable)   R06.7
newborn   P28.89
Snoring   R06.83
Snow blindness see Photokeratitis
Snuffles (non-syphilitic)   R06.5
newborn   P28.89
exclusion    Z60.4
due to discrimination or persecution (perceived)   Z60.5
migrant    Z59.0
acculturation difficulty   Z60.3
rejection    Z60.4
due to discrimination or persecution   Z60.5
role conflict NEC   Z73.5
skills inadequacy NEC   Z73.4
transplantation   Z60.3
Sodoku   A25.0
Soemmerring''s ring see Cataract, secondary
Soft see also condition
nails   L60.3
brain (necrotic) (progressive)    G93.89
congenital   Q04.8
embolic   I63.4
occlusive   I63.5
thrombotic   I63.3
cartilage    M94.2-
patella   M22.4-
spinal cord   G95.89
stomach   K31.89
heart   F45.8
patches   I31.0
cyst, kidney   N28.1
kidney, congenital   Q60.0
Solvent abuse see Abuse, drug, inhalant
Somatization reaction, somatic reaction see Disorder, somatoform
Somnambulism   F51.3
hysterical   F44.89
Somnolence   R40.0
nonorganic origin   F51.11
Sonne dysentery   A03.3
Soor   B37.0
chiclero   B55.1
Delhi   B55.1
eye   H57.1-
Lahore   B55.1
mouth    K13.79
canker   K12.0
muscle   M79.1
oriental   B55.1
skin   L98.9
chronic   J31.2
coxsackie (virus)   B08.5
diphtheritic   A36.0
herpesviral   B00.2
septic   J02.0
streptococcal (ulcerative)   J02.0
viral NEC   J02.8
coxsackie   B08.5
Soto''s syndrome (cerebral gigantism)   Q87.3
South African cardiomyopathy syndrome   I42.8
Southeast Asian hemorrhagic fever A91
abnormal, tooth, teeth, fully erupted   M26.30
excessive, tooth, fully erupted   M26.32
Spade-like hand (congenital)   Q68.1
Spading nail   L60.8
congenital   Q84.6
Spanish collar   N47.1
Sparganosis   B70.1
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity (see also condition)   R25.2
ampulla of Vater   K83.4
anus, ani (sphincter) (reflex)    K59.4
psychogenic   F45.8
artery    I73.9
cerebral   G45.9
Bell''s   G51.3
bladder (sphincter, external or internal)    N32.89
psychogenic   F45.8
bronchus, bronchiole   J98.01
cardia   K22.0
cardiac   I20.1
cerebral (arteries) (vascular)   G45.9
cervix, complicating delivery   O62.4
colon    K58.9
with diarrhea   K58.0
psychogenic   F45.8
common duct   K83.8
conjugate   H51.8
coronary (artery)   I20.1
diaphragm (reflex)    R06.6
epidemic   B33.0
psychogenic   F45.8
duodenum   K59.8
epidemic diaphragmatic (transient)   B33.0
esophagus (diffuse)    K22.4
psychogenic   F45.8
facial   G51.3
fallopian tube   N83.8
gastrointestinal (tract)    K31.89
psychogenic   F45.8
glottis    J38.5
hysterical   F44.4
psychogenic   F45.8
conversion reaction   F44.4
reflex through recurrent laryngeal nerve   J38.5
heart   I20.1
hemifacial (clonic)   G51.3
hysterical   F44.4
inferior oblique, eye   H51.8
intestinal (see also Syndrome, irritable bowel)    K58.9
psychogenic   F45.8
larynx, laryngeal    J38.5
hysterical   F44.4
psychogenic   F45.8
conversion reaction   F44.4
muscle NEC    M62.838
back   M62.830
nerve, trigeminal   G51.0
nervous   F45.8
nodding   F98.4
occupational   F48.8
oculogyric    H51.8
psychogenic   F45.8
of accommodation   H52.53-
perineal, female   N94.89
pharynx (reflex)    J39.2
hysterical   F45.8
psychogenic   F45.8
psychogenic   F45.8
pylorus NEC    K31.3
adult hypertrophic   K31.89
congenital or infantile   Q40.0
psychogenic   F45.8
rectum (sphincter)    K59.4
psychogenic   F45.8
sigmoid (see also Syndrome, irritable bowel)    K58.9
psychogenic   F45.8
sphincter of Oddi   K83.4
stomach    K31.89
neurotic   F45.8
throat    J39.2
hysterical   F45.8
psychogenic   F45.8
tic    F95.9
chronic   F95.1
transient of childhood   F95.0
tongue   K14.8
torsion (progressive)   G24.1
ureter   N13.5
urethra (sphincter)   N35.9
uterus    N85.8
complicating labor   O62.4
vagina    N94.2
psychogenic   F52.5
vascular   I73.9
vasomotor   I73.9
vein NEC   I87.8
Spasmodic see condition
Spasmophilia see Tetany
Spasmus nutans   F98.4
Spastic, spasticity see also Spasm
child (cerebral) (congenital) (paralysis)   G80.1
Speaker''s throat   R49.8
Specific, specified see condition
defect, disorder, disturbance, impediment    R47.9
psychogenic, in childhood and adolescence   F98.8
slurring   R47.81
specified NEC   R47.89
Spencer''s disease   A08.19
Spens'' syndrome (syncope with heart block)   I45.9
Sperm counts (fertility testing)   Z31.41
postvasectomy    Z30.8
reversal   Z31.42
Spermatic cord see condition
Spermatocele   N43.40
congenital   Q55.4
multiple   N43.42
single   N43.41
Spermatocystitis   N49.0
Spermatocytoma   C62.9-
Spermatorrhea   N50.8
Sphacelus see Gangrene
Sphenoidal see condition
Sphenoiditis (chronic) see Sinusitis, sphenoidal
Sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia   G90.09
Sphericity, increased, lens (congenital)   Q12.4
Spherocytosis (congenital) (familial) (hereditary)   D58.0
hemoglobin disease   D58.0
sickle-cell (disease)   D57.8-
Spherophakia   Q12.4
Sphincter see condition
Sphincteritis, sphincter of Oddi see Cholangitis
Sphingolipidosis   E75.3
specified NEC   E75.29
Sphingomyelinosis   E75.3
Spicule tooth   K00.2
nevus   I78.1
vascular   I78.1
benign lymphocytoma   L98.8
sarcoid   L08.89
Spielmeyer-Vogt disease   E75.4
Spina bifida (aperta)   Q05.9
with hydrocephalus NEC   Q05.4
cervical    Q05.5
with hydrocephalus   Q05.0
dorsal    Q05.6
with hydrocephalus   Q05.1
lumbar    Q05.7
with hydrocephalus   Q05.2
lumbosacral    Q05.7
with hydrocephalus   Q05.2
occulta   Q76.0
sacral    Q05.8
with hydrocephalus   Q05.3
thoracic    Q05.6
with hydrocephalus   Q05.1
thoracolumbar    Q05.6
with hydrocephalus   Q05.1
Spindle, Krukenberg''s see Pigmentation, cornea, posterior
Spine, spinal see condition
Spiradenoma (eccrine) see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Spirillosis   A25.0
minus   A25.0
obermeieri infection   A68.0
Spirochetal see condition
Spirochetosis   A69.9
arthritic, arthritica   A69.9
bronchopulmonary   A69.8
icterohemorrhagic   A27.0
lung   A69.8
Spirometrosis   B70.1
Spitting blood see Hemoptysis
Splanchnoptosis   K63.4
Spleen, splenic see condition
Splenectasis see Splenomegaly
Splenitis (interstitial) (malignant) (nonspecific)   D73.89
tuberculous   A18.85
Splenocele   D73.89
Splenomegaly, splenomegalia (Bengal) (cryptogenic) (idiopathic) (tropical)   R16.1
with hepatomegaly   R16.2
cirrhotic   D73.2
congenital   Q89.09
congestive, chronic   D73.2
Egyptian   B65.1
Gaucher''s   E75.22
neutropenic   D73.81
siderotic   D73.2
syphilitic    A52.79
Splenopathy   D73.9
Splenoptosis   D73.89
Splenosis   D73.89
Splinter see Foreign body, superficial, by site
Split, splitting
foot   Q72.7-
heart sounds   R01.2
nails   L60.3
urinary stream   R39.13
Spondylarthrosis see Spondylosis
Spondylitis (chronic) see also Spondylopathy, inflammatory
ankylosing (chronic)    M45.9
cervical region   M45.2
cervicothoracic region   M45.3
juvenile   M08.1
lumbar region   M45.6
lumbosacral region   M45.7
multiple sites   M45.0
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M45.1
sacrococcygeal region   M45.8
thoracic region   M45.4
thoracolumbar region   M45.5
gonococcal   A54.41
gouty   M10.08
enterobacteria (see also subcategory M498)   A04.9
tuberculosis   A18.01
brucellosis A239   M49.80
cervical region A239   M49.82
cervicothoracic region A239   M49.83
lumbar region A239   M49.86
lumbosacral region A239   M49.87
multiple sites A239   M49.89
occipito-atlanto-axial region A239   M49.81
sacrococcygeal region A239   M49.88
thoracic region A239   M49.84
thoracolumbar region A239   M49.85
juvenile ankylosing (chronic)   M08.1
psoriatic   L40.53
sacroiliac NEC   M46.1
tuberculous   A18.01
typhosa   A01.05
Spondylolisthesis (acquired) (degenerative)   M43.10
with disproportion (fetopelvic)    O33.0
causing obstructed labor   O65.0
cervical region   M43.12
cervicothoracic region   M43.13
congenital   Q76.2
lumbar region   M43.16
lumbosacral region   M43.17
multiple sites   M43.19
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M43.11
sacrococcygeal region   M43.18
thoracic region   M43.14
thoracolumbar region   M43.15
traumatic (old)    M43.10
fifth cervical (displaced)    S12.430
nondisplaced   S12.431
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.450
nondisplaced   S12.451
type III   S12.44
fourth cervical (displaced)    S12.330
nondisplaced   S12.331
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.350
nondisplaced   S12.351
type III   S12.34
second cervical (displaced)    S12.130
nondisplaced   S12.131
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.150
nondisplaced   S12.151
type III   S12.14
seventh cervical (displaced)    S12.630
nondisplaced   S12.631
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.650
nondisplaced   S12.651
type III   S12.64
sixth cervical (displaced)    S12.530
nondisplaced   S12.531
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.550
nondisplaced   S12.551
type III   S12.54
third cervical (displaced)    S12.230
nondisplaced   S12.231
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.250
nondisplaced   S12.251
type III   S12.24
Spondylolysis (acquired)   M43.00
cervical region   M43.02
cervicothoracic region   M43.03
congenital   Q76.2
lumbar region   M43.06
lumbosacral region    M43.07
with disproportion (fetopelvic)   O33.0
causing obstructed labor   O65.8
multiple sites   M43.09
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M43.01
sacrococcygeal region   M43.08
thoracic region   M43.04
thoracolumbar region   M43.05
Spondylopathy   M48.9
infective NEC    M46.50
cervical region   M46.52
cervicothoracic region   M46.53
lumbar region   M46.56
lumbosacral region   M46.57
multiple sites   M46.59
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M46.51
sacrococcygeal region   M46.58
thoracic region   M46.54
thoracolumbar region   M46.55
inflammatory    M46.90
cervical region   M46.92
cervicothoracic region   M46.93
lumbar region   M46.96
lumbosacral region   M46.97
multiple sites   M46.99
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M46.91
sacrococcygeal region   M46.98
specified type NEC   M46.80
cervical region   M46.82
cervicothoracic region   M46.83
lumbar region   M46.86
lumbosacral region   M46.87
multiple sites   M46.89
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M46.81
sacrococcygeal region   M46.88
thoracic region   M46.84
thoracolumbar region   M46.85
thoracic region   M46.94
thoracolumbar region   M46.95
syringomyelia and syringobulbia   G95.0
tabes dorsalis   A52.11
specified NEC see subcategory   M48.8
traumatic    M48.30
cervical region   M48.32
cervicothoracic region   M48.33
lumbar region   M48.36
lumbosacral region   M48.37
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M48.31
sacrococcygeal region   M48.38
thoracic region   M48.34
thoracolumbar region   M48.35
Spondylosis   M47.9
disproportion (fetopelvic)   O33.0
causing obstructed labor   O65.0
myelopathy NEC   M47.10
cervical region   M47.12
cervicothoracic region   M47.13
lumbar region   M47.16
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M47.11
thoracic region   M47.14
thoracolumbar region   M47.15
radiculopathy   M47.20
cervical region   M47.22
cervicothoracic region   M47.23
lumbar region   M47.26
lumbosacral region   M47.27
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M47.21
sacrococcygeal region   M47.28
thoracic region   M47.24
thoracolumbar region   M47.25
specified NEC    M47.899
cervical region   M47.892
cervicothoracic region   M47.893
lumbar region   M47.896
lumbosacral region   M47.897
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M47.891
sacrococcygeal region   M47.898
thoracic region   M47.894
thoracolumbar region   M47.895
without myelopathy or radiculopathy    M47.819
cervical region   M47.812
cervicothoracic region   M47.813
lumbar region   M47.816
lumbosacral region   M47.817
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M47.811
sacrococcygeal region   M47.818
thoracic region   M47.814
thoracolumbar region   M47.815
kidney (medullary)   Q61.5
Sponge-diver''s disease see Toxicity, venom, marine animal, sea anemone
Spongioblastoma (any type) see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
unspecified site   C71.9
Spongioneuroblastoma see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Spontaneous see also condition
Spoon nail   L60.3
congenital   Q84.6
Sporadic see condition
Sporothrix schenckii infection see Sporotrichosis
Sporotrichosis   B42.9
arthritis   B42.82
disseminated   B42.7
generalized   B42.7
lymphocutaneous (fixed) (progressive)   B42.1
pulmonary   B42.0
specified NEC   B42.89
Spots, spotting (in) (of)
in the young child   E50.1
vitamin A deficiency   E50.1
caf, au lait   L81.3
Cayenne pepper   I78.1
de Morgan''s (senile angiomas)   I78.1
Fuchs'' black (myopic)   H44.2-
intermenstrual (regular)    N92.0
irregular   N92.1
Koplik''s   B05.9
liver   L81.4
pregnancy   O26.85-
purpuric   R23.3
ruby   I78.1
Spotted fever (see Fever, spotted)   N92.3
Sprain (joint) (ligament)
acromioclavicular joint or ligament   S43.5-
ankle    S93.40-
calcaneofibular ligament   S93.41-
deltoid ligament   S93.42-
specified ligament NEC   S93.49-
tibiofibular ligament   S93.43-
anterior longitudinal, cervical   S13.4
atlas, atlanto-axial, atlanto-occipital   S13.4
costal   S23.41
thyroid region   S13.5
cervical, cervicodorsal, cervicothoracic   S13.4
chondrosternal   S23.421
coracoclavicular   S43.8-
coracohumeral   S43.41-
costal cartilage   S23.41
cricoarytenoid articulation or ligament   S13.5
cricothyroid articulation   S13.5
dorsal (spine)   S23.3
elbow    S53.40-
radial collateral ligament   S53.43-
radiohumeral   S53.41-
specified type NEC   S53.49-
ulnar collateral ligament   S53.44-
ulnohumeral   S53.42-
finger (s)    S63.61-
index   S63.61-
interphalangeal (joint)   S63.63-
index   S63.63-
little   S63.63-
middle   S63.63-
ring   S63.63-
little   S63.61-
middle   S63.61-
ring   S63.61-
metacarpophalangeal (joint)   S63.65-
specified site NEC   S63.69-
index   S63.69-
little   S63.69-
middle   S63.69-
ring   S63.69-
foot    S93.60-
specified ligament NEC   S93.69-
tarsal ligament   S93.61-
tarsometatarsal ligament   S93.62-
hand    S63.9-
specified site NEC see subcategory   S63.8
head   S03.9
hip    S73.10-
iliofemoral ligament   S73.11-
ischiocapsular (ligament)   S73.12-
specified NEC   S73.19-
sacral junction   S33.6
jaw (articular disc) (cartilage) (meniscus)    S03.4
old   M26.69
knee    S83.9-
collateral ligament   S83.40-
lateral (fibular)   S83.42-
medial (tibial)   S83.41-
cruciate ligament   S83.50-
anterior   S83.51-
posterior   S83.52-
lateral (fibular)collateral ligament   S83.42-
medial (tibial)collateral ligament   S83.41-
patellar ligament   S76.11-
specified site NEC   S83.8X-
superior tibiofibular joint (ligament)   S83.6-
lumbar (spine)   S33.5
lumbosacral   S33.9
mandible (articular disc)    S03.4
old   M26.69
jaw   S03.4
old   M26.69
mandible   S03.4
old   M26.69
neck    S13.9
anterior longitudinal cervical ligament   S13.4
atlanto-axial joint   S13.4
atlanto-occipital joint   S13.4
cervical spine   S13.4
cricoarytenoid ligament   S13.5
cricothyroid ligament   S13.5
specified site NEC   S13.8
thyroid region (cartilage)   S13.5
nose   S03.8
patellar ligament   S76.11-
pelvis NEC   S33.8
rib (cage)   S23.41
rotator cuff (capsule)   S43.42-
chronic or old see subcategory   M53.2
joint   S33.6
shoulder joint    S43.40-
girdle   S43.9-
specified site NEC   S43.8-
specified site NEC   S43.49-
cervical   S13.4
lumbar   S33.5
thoracic   S23.3
sternoclavicular joint   S43.6-
sternum    S23.429
chondrosternal joint   S23.421
specified site NEC   S23.428
sternoclavicular (joint) (ligament)   S23.420
jaw   S03.4
old   M26.69
mandibular   S03.4
old   M26.69
temporomandibular    S03.4
old   M26.69
thorax    S23.9
ribs   S23.41
specified site NEC   S23.8
spine   S23.3
thumb    S63.60-
interphalangeal (joint)   S63.62-
metacarpophalangeal (joint)   S63.64-
specified site NEC   S63.68-
thyroid cartilage or region   S13.5
toe (s)    S93.50-
great   S93.50-
interphalangeal joint   S93.51-
great   S93.51-
lesser   S93.51-
lesser   S93.50-
metatarsophalangeal joint   S93.52-
great   S93.52-
lesser   S93.52-
wrist    S63.50-
carpal   S63.51-
radiocarpal   S63.52-
specified site NEC   S63.59-
Sprengel''s deformity (congenital)   Q74.0
Sprue (tropical)   K90.1
celiac   K90.0
idiopathic   K90.0
meaning thrush   B37.0
nontropical   K90.0
Spur, bone see also Enthesopathy
calcaneal   M77.3-
iliac crest   M76.2-
nose (septum)   J34.89
Spurway''s syndrome   Q78.0
abnormal (amount) (color) (odor) (purulent)   R09.3
blood-stained   R04.2
excessive (cause unknown)   R09.3
Squamous see also condition
cervical canal (congenital)   Q51.828
uterine mucosa (congenital)   Q51.818
Squashed nose   M95.0
congenital   Q67.4
Squeeze, diver''s   T70.3
Squint see also Strabismus
St Hubert''s disease   A82.9
Stab see also Laceration
Stafne''s cyst or cavity   M27.0
Staggering gait   R26.0
hysterical   F44.4
Staghorn calculus see Calculus, kidney
Sthli''s line (cornea) (pigment) see Pigmentation, cornea, anterior
Stain, staining
meconium (newborn)   P96.83
port wine   Q82.5
tooth, teeth (hard tissues) (extrinsic)    K03.6
accretions   K03.6
deposits (betel) (black) (green) (materia alba) (orange) (soft) (tobacco)   K03.6
metals (copper) (silver)   K03.7
nicotine   K03.6
pulpal bleeding   K03.7
tobacco   K03.6
intrinsic   K00.8
Stammering (see also Disorder, fluency)   F80.81
auricular   I45.5
sinoatrial   I45.5
Stannosis   J63.5
Stanton''s disease see Melioidosis
Staphylitis (acute) (catarrhal) (chronic) (gangrenous) (membranous) (suppurative) (ulcerative)   K12.2
Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome L00
Staphylococcemia   A41.2
Staphylococcus, staphylococcal see also condition
as cause of disease classified elsewhere    B95.8
aureus (methicillin susceptible) (MSSA)   B95.61
methicillin resistant (MRSA)   B95.62
specified NEC, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B95.7
Staphyloma (sclera)
cornea   H18.72-
equatorial   H15.81-
localized (anterior)   H15.82-
posticum   H15.83-
ring   H15.85-
Stargardt''s disease see Dystrophy, retina
Starvation (inanition) (due to lack of food)   T73.0
bile (noncalculous)   K83.1
bronchus    J98.09
cecum   K59.8
colon   K59.8
duodenal   K31.5
foot   T69.0-
ileocecal coil   K59.8
ileum   K59.8
intestinal   K59.8
jejunum   K59.8
liver (cirrhotic)   K76.1
lymphatic   I89.8
pneumonia   J18.2
rectal   K59.8
tubular   N17.0
without varicose veins   I87.2
venous   I87.8
State (of)
affective and paranoid, mixed, organic psychotic   F06.8
agitated    R45.1
acute reaction to stress   F43.0
anxiety (neurotic)   F41.1
apprehension   F41.1
burn-out   Z73.0
climacteric, female    Z78.0
symptomatic   N95.1
confusional (psychogenic)    F44.89
arteriosclerotic dementia    F01.50
with behavioral disturbance   F01.51
alcoholic   F10.231
reactive (from emotional stress, psychological trauma)   F44.89
crisis   F43.0
depressive    F32.9
neurotic   F34.1
dissociative   F44.9
emotional shock (stress)   R45.7
locked-in   G83.5
menopausal    Z78.0
symptomatic   N95.1
neurotic    F48.9
with depersonalization   F48.1
hallucinatory (nonalcoholic)   F06.0
paranoid (-hallucinatory)   F06.2
panic   F41.0
organic   F06.2
persistent vegetative   R40.3
phobic   F40.9
postleukotomy   F07.0
pregnant, incidental   Z33.1
psychogenic, twilight   F44.89
psychopathic (constitutional)   F60.2
mixed paranoid and affective   F06.8
transient NEC   F06.8
hallucinations   F06.0
depression   F06.31
residual schizophrenic   F20.5
restlessness   R45.1
stress (emotional)   R45.7
tension (mental)    F48.9
specified NEC   F48.8
transient organic psychotic NEC    F06.8
depressive type   F06.31
hallucinatory type   F06.30
psychogenic   F44.89
vegetative, persistent   R40.3
vital exhaustion   Z73.0
Status (post) see also Presence (of)
administration of tPA (rtPA)in a different facility within the last 24 hours prior to admission to current facility   Z92.82
adrenalectomy (unilateral) (bilateral)   E89.6
anastomosis   Z98.0
angioplasty (peripheral)    Z98.62
with implant   Z95.820
coronary artery   Z98.61
with implant   Z95.5
anginosus   I20.9
aortocoronary bypass   Z95.1
arthrodesis   Z98.1
artificial opening (of)    Z93.9
gastrointestinal tract   Z93.4
specified NEC   Z93.8
urinary tract   Z93.6
vagina   Z93.8
awaiting organ transplant   Z76.82
bariatric surgery   Z98.84
bed confinement   Z74.01
bleb, filtering (vitreous), after glaucoma surgery   Z98.83
breast implant    Z98.82
removal   Z98.86
cataract extraction   Z98.4-
cholecystectomy   Z90.49
clitorectomy    N90.811
with excision of labia minora   N90.812
colectomy (complete) (partial)   Z90.49
colostomy   Z93.3
cystectomy (urinary bladder)   Z90.6
cystostomy    Z93.50
appendico-vesicostomy   Z93.52
cutaneous   Z93.51
specified NEC   Z93.59
delinquent immunization   Z28.3
dental    Z98.818
crown   Z98.811
fillings   Z98.811
restoration   Z98.811
sealant   Z98.810
specified NEC   Z98.818
deployment (current) (military)   Z56.82
dialysis (hemodialysis) (peritoneal)   Z99.2
enterostomy   Z93.4
epileptic, epilepticus (see also Epilepsy, by type, with status epilepticus)   G40.901
negative   Z17.1
positive   Z17.0
filtering (vitreous)bleb after glaucoma surgery   Z98.83
gastrectomy (complete) (partial)   Z90.3
gastric banding   Z98.84
gastric bypass for obesity   Z98.84
gastrostomy   Z93.1
hysterectomy (complete) (total)    Z90.710
partial (with remaining cervial stump)   Z90.711
ileostomy   Z93.2
breast   Z98.82
infibulation   N90.813
intestinal bypass   Z98.0
jejunostomy   Z93.4
laryngectomy   Z90.02
lapsed immunization schedule   Z28.3
lymphaticus   E32.8
marmoratus   G80.3
mastectomy (unilateral) (bilateral)   Z90.1-
military deployment status (current)    Z56.82
in theater or in support of military war, peacekeeping and humanitarian operations   Z56.82
nephrectomy (unilateral) (bilateral)   Z90.5
nephrostomy   Z93.6
obesity surgery   Z98.84
bilateral   Z90.722
unilateral   Z90.721
artery   Z95.828
bladder   Z96.0
blood vessel   Z95.828
breast   Z97.8
eye globe   Z97.0
heart    Z95.812
valve   Z95.2
intestine   Z97.8
joint    Z96.60
specified site NEC   Z96.698
kidney   Z97.8
larynx   Z96.3
lens   Z96.1
liver   Z97.8
lung   Z97.8
pancreas   Z97.8
brain   Z96.89
cardiac   Z95.0
specified NEC   Z96.89
pancreatectomy    Z90.410
complete   Z90.410
partial   Z90.411
total   Z90.410
physical restraint   Z78.1
pneumonectomy (complete) (partial)   Z90.2
pneumothorax, therapeutic   Z98.3
postcommotio cerebri   F07.81
postoperative (postprocedural)NEC    Z98.89
breast implant   Z98.82
dental   Z98.818
crown   Z98.811
fillings   Z98.811
restoration   Z98.811
sealant   Z98.810
specified NEC   Z98.818
pneumothorax, therapeutic   Z98.3
postpartum (routine follow-up)    Z39.2
care immediately after delivery   Z39.0
postsurgical (postprocedural)NEC    Z98.89
pneumothorax, therapeutic   Z98.3
pregnancy, incidental   Z33.1
prosthesis coronary angioplasty   Z95.5
pseudophakia   Z96.1
renal dialysis (hemodialysis) (peritoneal)   Z99.2
reversed jejunal transposition (for bypass)   Z98.0
bilateral   Z90.722
unilateral   Z90.721
sex reassignment surgery status   Z87.890
arteriovenous (for dialysis)   Z99.2
cerebrospinal fluid   Z98.2
ventricular (communicating) ( for drainage)   Z98.2
splenectomy   Z90.81
thymicolymphaticus   E32.8
thymicus   E32.8
thymolymphaticus   E32.8
thyroidectomy (hypothyroidism)   E89.0
tooth (teeth)extraction (see also Absence, teeth, acquired)   K08.409
tPA (rtPA)administration in a different facility within the last 24 hours prior to admission to current facility   Z92.82
tracheostomy   Z93.0
organ removed   Z98.85
tubal ligation   Z98.51
underimmunization   Z28.3
ureterostomy   Z93.6
urethrostomy   Z93.6
vagina, artificial   Z93.8
vasectomy   Z98.52
wheelchair confinement   Z99.3
child problem    F91.8
in company with others   Z72.810
pathological (compulsive)   F63.2
Steam burn see Burn
Steatocystoma multiplex   L72.2
Steatohepatitis (nonalcoholic) (NASH)   K75.81
Steatoma   L72.3
Steatorrhea (chronic)   K90.4
with lacteal obstruction   K90.2
idiopathic (adult) (infantile)   K90.0
pancreatic   K90.3
primary   K90.0
tropical   K90.1
Steatosis   E88.89
kidney   N28.89
liver NEC   K76.0
Steele-Richardson-Olszewski disease or syndrome   G23.1
Steinbrocker''s syndrome   G90.8
Steinert''s disease   G71.11
Stein-Leventhal syndrome   E28.2
Stein''s syndrome   E28.2
Stenocardia   I20.8
Stenocephaly   Q75.8
Stenosis, stenotic (cicatricial) see also Stricture
ampulla of Vater   K83.1
anus, anal (canal) (sphincter)    K62.4
and rectum   K62.4
congenital   Q42.3
with fistula   Q42.2
aorta (ascending) (supraventricular) (congenital)    Q25.3
arteriosclerotic   I70.0
calcified   I70.0
aortic (valve)    I35.0
with insufficiency   I35.2
congenital   Q23.0
rheumatic   I06.0
incompetency, insufficiency or regurgitation    I06.2
with mitral (valve)disease    I08.0
with tricuspid (valve)disease    I08.3
mitral (valve)disease    I08.0
with tricuspid (valve)disease   I08.3
tricuspid (valve)disease    I08.2
with mitral (valve)disease   I08.3
specified cause NEC   I35.0
syphilitic   A52.03
aqueduct of Sylvius (congenital)    Q03.0
acquired   G91.1
artery NEC (see also Arteriosclerosis)    I77.1
celiac   I77.4
pulmonary (congenital)   Q25.6
acquired   I28.8
renal   I70.1
bile duct (common) (hepatic)    K83.1
congenital   Q44.3
bladder-neck (acquired)    N32.0
congenital   Q64.31
brain   G93.89
bronchus    J98.09
congenital   Q32.3
syphilitic   A52.72
cardia (stomach)    K22.2
congenital   Q39.3
caudal   M48.08
cervix, cervical (canal)    N88.2
congenital   Q51.828
congenital   Q42.9
specified NEC   Q42.8
colostomy   K94.03
common (bile)duct    K83.1
congenital   Q44.3
due to presence of device, implant or graft (see also Complications, by site and type, specified NEC)    T85.85
arterial graft NEC   T82.858
breast (implant)   T85.85
catheter   T85.85
dialysis (renal)    T82.858
intraperitoneal   T85.85
infusion NEC    T82.858
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.85
urinary (indwelling)   T83.85
fixation, internal (orthopedic)NEC   T84.85
gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus)   T85.85
genital NEC   T83.85
heart NEC   T82.857
joint prosthesis   T84.85
ocular (corneal graft) (orbital implant)NEC   T85.85
orthopedic NEC   T84.85
specified NEC   T85.85
urinary NEC   T83.85
vascular NEC   T82.858
ventricular intracranial shunt   T85.85
duodenum    K31.5
congenital   Q41.0
ejaculatory duct NEC   N50.8
enterostomy   K94.13
esophagus    K22.2
congenital   Q39.3
syphilitic   A52.79
external ear canal (acquired)    H61.30-
congenital   Q16.1
inflammation   H61.32-
trauma   H61.31-
postprocedural   H95.81-
specified cause NEC   H61.39-
glottis   J38.6
heart valve (congenital)    Q24.8
aortic   Q23.0
mitral   Q23.2
pulmonary   Q22.1
tricuspid   Q22.4
hepatic duct   K83.1
hymen   N89.6
hypertrophic subaortic (idiopathic)   I42.1
ileum    K56.69
congenital   Q41.2
infundibulum cardia   Q24.3
connective tissue   M99.79
abdomen   M99.79
cervical region   M99.71
cervicothoracic   M99.71
head region   M99.70
lumbar region   M99.73
lumbosacral   M99.73
occipitocervical   M99.70
sacral region   M99.74
sacrococcygeal   M99.74
sacroiliac   M99.74
specified NEC   M99.79
thoracic region   M99.72
thoracolumbar   M99.72
disc   M99.79
abdomen   M99.79
cervical region   M99.71
cervicothoracic   M99.71
head region   M99.70
lower extremity   M99.76
lumbar region   M99.73
lumbosacral   M99.73
occipitocervical   M99.70
pelvic   M99.75
rib cage   M99.78
sacral region   M99.74
sacrococcygeal   M99.74
sacroiliac   M99.74
specified NEC   M99.79
thoracic region   M99.72
thoracolumbar   M99.72
upper extremity   M99.77
osseous   M99.69
abdomen   M99.69
cervical region   M99.61
cervicothoracic   M99.61
head region   M99.60
lower extremity   M99.66
lumbar region   M99.63
lumbosacral   M99.63
occipitocervical   M99.60
pelvic   M99.65
rib cage   M99.68
sacral region   M99.64
sacrococcygeal   M99.64
sacroiliac   M99.64
specified NEC   M99.69
thoracic region   M99.62
thoracolumbar   M99.62
upper extremity   M99.67
congenital (small)   Q41.9
large    Q42.9
specified NEC   Q42.8
specified NEC   Q41.8
jejunum    K56.69
congenital   Q41.1
canaliculi   H04.54-
congenital   Q10.5
duct   H04.55-
punctum   H04.56-
sac   H04.57-
congenital   Q10.5
larynx    J38.6
congenital NEC   Q31.8
subglottic   Q31.1
syphilitic   A52.73
mitral (chronic) (inactive) (valve)    I05.0
aortic valve disease   I08.0
incompetency, insufficiency or regurgitation   I05.2
active or acute   I01.1
with rheumatic or Sydenham''s chorea   I02.0
congenital   Q23.2
specified cause, except rheumatic   I34.2
syphilitic   A52.03
hypertrophic subaortic (idiopathic)   I42.1
nares (anterior) (posterior)    J34.89
congenital   Q30.0
congenital   Q10.5
congenital   Q10.5
connective tissue   M99.49
abdomen   M99.49
cervical region   M99.41
cervicothoracic   M99.41
head region   M99.40
lower extremity   M99.46
lumbar region   M99.43
lumbosacral   M99.43
occipitocervical   M99.40
pelvic   M99.45
rib cage   M99.48
sacral region   M99.44
sacrococcygeal   M99.44
sacroiliac   M99.44
specified NEC   M99.49
thoracic region   M99.42
thoracolumbar   M99.42
upper extremity   M99.47
intervertebral disc   M99.59
abdomen   M99.59
cervical region   M99.51
cervicothoracic   M99.51
head region   M99.50
lower extremity   M99.56
lumbar region   M99.53
lumbosacral   M99.53
occipitocervical   M99.50
pelvic   M99.55
rib cage   M99.58
sacral region   M99.54
sacrococcygeal   M99.54
sacroiliac   M99.54
specified NEC   M99.59
thoracic region   M99.52
thoracolumbar   M99.52
upper extremity   M99.57
osseous   M99.39
abdomen   M99.39
cervical region   M99.31
cervicothoracic   M99.31
head region   M99.30
lower extremity   M99.36
lumbar region   M99.33
lumbosacral   M99.33
pelvic   M99.35
rib cage   M99.38
occipitocervical   M99.30
sacral region   M99.34
sacrococcygeal   M99.34
sacroiliac   M99.34
specified NEC   M99.39
thoracic region   M99.32
thoracolumbar   M99.32
upper extremity   M99.37
subluxation   M99.29
cervical region   M99.21
cervicothoracic   M99.21
head region   M99.20
lower extremity   M99.26
lumbar region   M99.23
lumbosacral   M99.23
occipitocervical   M99.20
pelvic   M99.25
rib cage   M99.28
sacral region   M99.24
sacrococcygeal   M99.24
sacroiliac   M99.24
specified NEC   M99.29
thoracic region   M99.22
thoracolumbar   M99.22
upper extremity   M99.27
subglottic    J38.6
congenital   Q31.1
postprocedural   J95.5
papilla of Vater   K83.1
pulmonary (artery) (congenital)    Q25.6
with ventricular septal defect, transposition of aorta, and hypertrophy of right ventricle   Q21.3
acquired   I28.8
in tetralogy of Fallot   Q21.3
infundibular   Q24.3
subvalvular   Q24.3
supravalvular   Q25.6
valve   I37.0
with insufficiency   I37.2
congenital   Q22.1
rheumatic    I09.89
with aortic, mitral or tricuspid (valve)disease   I08.8
vein, acquired   I28.8
vessel NEC   I28.8
pulmonic (congenital)    Q22.1
infundibular   Q24.3
subvalvular   Q24.3
pylorus (hypertrophic) (acquired)    K31.1
adult   K31.1
congenital   Q40.0
infantile   Q40.0
renal artery    I70.1
congenital   Q27.1
salivary duct (any)   K11.8
sphincter of Oddi   K83.1
spinal    M48.00
cervical region   M48.02
cervicothoracic region   M48.03
lumbar region   M48.06
lumbosacral region   M48.07
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M48.01
sacrococcygeal region   M48.08
thoracic region   M48.04
thoracolumbar region   M48.05
stomach, hourglass   K31.2
subaortic (congenital)    Q24.4
hypertrophic (idiopathic)   I42.1
trachea    J39.8
congenital   Q32.1
syphilitic   A52.73
tuberculous NEC   A15.5
tracheostomy   J95.03
tricuspid (valve)    I07.0
aortic (valve)disease   I08.2
incompetency, insufficiency or regurgitation    I07.2
with aortic (valve)disease    I08.2
with mitral (valve)disease   I08.3
mitral (valve)disease    I08.1
with aortic (valve)disease   I08.3
congenital   Q22.4
nonrheumatic   I36.0
with insufficiency   I36.2
tubal   N97.1
ureteropelvic junction, congenital   Q62.11
ureterovesical orifice, congenital   Q62.12
congenital   Q64.32
urinary meatus, congenital   Q64.33
vagina    N89.5
congenital   Q52.4
causing obstructed labor   O65.5
congenital   Q24.8
aortic   Q23.0
mitral   Q23.2
pulmonary   Q22.1
tricuspid   Q22.4
vena cava (inferior) (superior)    I87.1
congenital   Q26.0
vesicourethral orifice   Q64.31
vulva   N90.5
Stent jail   T82.897
Stercolith (impaction)   K56.41
appendix   K38.1
Stercoraceous, stercoral ulcer   K63.3
anus or rectum   K62.6
Stereotypies NEC   F98.4
Sterility see Infertility
Sterilization see Encounter (for), sterilization
Sternalgia see Angina
Sternopagus   Q89.4
Sternum bifidum   Q76.7
cushingoid   E24.2
fever   R50.2
insufficiency   E27.3
responder   H40.04-
Stevens-Johnson disease or syndrome   L51.1
toxic epidermal necrolysis overlap   L51.3
Stewart-Morel syndrome   M85.2
Sticker''s disease   B08.3
Sticky eye see Conjunctivitis, acute, mucopurulent
Stieda''s disease see Bursitis, tibial collateral
Stiff neck see Torticollis
Stiff-man syndrome   G25.82
Stiffness, joint NEC   M25.60-
ankle   M25.67-
elbow   M25.62-
foot   M25.67-
hand   M25.64-
hip   M25.65-
knee   M25.66-
shoulder   M25.61-
wrist   M25.63-
Stigmata congenital syphilis   A50.59
Stillbirth P95
Still-Felty syndrome see Felty''s syndrome
Still''s disease or syndrome (juvenile)   M08.20
adult-onset   M06.1
ankle   M08.27-
elbow   M08.22-
foot joint   M08.27-
hand joint   M08.24-
hip   M08.25-
knee   M08.26-
multiple site   M08.29
shoulder   M08.21-
vertebra   M08.28
wrist   M08.23-
Stimulation, ovary   E28.1
Sting (venomous) (with allergic or anaphylactic shock) see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by animal or substance,
Stippled epiphyses   Q78.8
abscess   T81.4
Stokes-Adams disease or syndrome   I45.9
Stokes'' disease   E05.00
with thyroid storm   E05.01
Stokvis (-Talma)disease   D74.8
Stoma malfunction
colostomy   K94.03
enterostomy   K94.13
gastrostomy   K94.23
ileostomy   K94.13
tracheostomy   J95.03
Stomach see condition
Stomatitis (denture) (ulcerative)   K12.1
angular    K13.0
due to dietary or vitamin deficiency   E53.0
aphthous   K12.0
bovine   B08.61
candidal   B37.0
catarrhal   K12.1
diphtheritic   A36.89
dietary deficiency   E53.0
thrush   B37.0
B group NEC   E53.9
B2 (riboflavin)   E53.0
epidemic   B08.8
epizootic   B08.8
follicular   K12.1
gangrenous   A69.0
Geotrichum   B48.3
herpesviral, herpetic   B00.2
herpetiformis   K12.0
malignant   K12.1
membranous acute   K12.1
monilial   B37.0
mycotic   B37.0
necrotizing ulcerative   A69.0
parasitic   B37.0
septic   K12.1
spirochetal   A69.1
suppurative (acute)   K12.2
ulceromembranous   A69.1
vesicular    K12.1
with exanthem (enteroviral)   B08.4
virus disease   A93.8
Vincent''s   A69.1
Stomatocytosis   D58.8
Stomatomycosis   B37.0
Stomatorrhagia   K13.79
Stone (s) see also Calculus
bladder (diverticulum)   N21.0
cystine   E72.09
heart syndrome   I50.1
kidney   N20.0
prostate   N42.0
pulpal (dental)   K04.2
renal   N20.0
salivary gland or duct (any)   K11.5
urethra (impacted)   N21.1
urinary (duct) (impacted) (passage)    N20.9
bladder (diverticulum)   N21.0
lower tract   N21.9
specified NEC   N21.8
Stonecutter''s lung   J62.8
Stonemason''s asthma, disease, lung or pneumoconiosis   J62.8
Storm, thyroid see Thyrotoxicosis
Strabismus (congenital) (nonparalytic)   H50.9
concomitant    H50.40
convergent concomitant    H50.00
accommodative component   H50.43
alternating   H50.05
A pattern   H50.06
specified nonconcomitances NEC   H50.08
V pattern   H50.07
monocular   H50.01-
A pattern   H50.02-
specified nonconcomitances NEC   H50.04-
V pattern   H50.03-
intermittent    H50.31-
alternating   H50.32
cyclotropia   H50.1-
divergent concomitant    H50.10
alternating   H50.15
A pattern   H50.16
specified noncomitances NEC   H50.18
V pattern   H50.17
monocular   H50.11-
A pattern   H50.12-
specified noncomitances NEC   H50.14-
V pattern   H50.13-
intermittent    H50.33
alternating   H50.34
Duane''s syndrome   H50.81-
due to adhesions, scars   H50.69
heterophoria    H50.50
alternating   H50.55
cyclophoria   H50.54
esophoria   H50.51
exophoria   H50.52
vertical   H50.53
heterotropia    H50.40
intermittent   H50.30
hypertropia   H50.2-
latent   H50.50
mechanical    H50.60
Brown''s sheath syndrome   H50.61-
specified type NEC   H50.69
monofixation syndrome   H50.42
paralytic    H49.9
abducens nerve   H49.2-
fourth nerve   H49.1-
Kearns-Sayre syndrome   H49.81-
progressive    H49.4-
with pigmentary retinopathy   H49.81-
total   H49.3-
sixth nerve   H49.2-
specified type NEC   H49.88-
third nerve   H49.0-
trochlear nerve   H49.1-
specified type NEC   H50.89
vertical   H50.2-
back   S39.012
cervical   S16.1
low back   S39.012
mental NOS    Z73.3
work-related   Z56.6
neck   S16.1
physical NOS    Z73.3
work-related   Z56.6
psychological NEC   Z73.3
Straining, on urination   R39.16
Strand, vitreous see Opacity, vitreous, membranes and strands
Strangulation, strangulated see also Asphyxia, traumatic
appendix   K38.8
bladder-neck   N32.0
bowel or colon   K56.2
intestine (large) (small)    K56.2
mesentery   K56.2
omentum   K56.2
penis    N48.89
foreign body   T19.4
vesicourethral orifice   N32.0
Strangury   R30.0
Straw itch   B88.0
gallbladder   K82.4
mark   Q82.5
tongue (red) (white)   K14.3
Streak (s)
macula, angioid   H35.33
ovarian   Q50.32
Strephosymbolia   F81.0
secondary to organic lesion   R48.8
Streptobacillary fever   A25.1
Streptobacillosis   A25.1
Streptobacillus moniliformis   A25.1
Streptococcus, streptococcal see also condition
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B95.5
A, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B95.0
B, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B95.1
D, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B95.2
pneumoniae, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B95.3
specified NEC, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B95.4
Streptomycosis   B47.1
Streptotrichosis   A48.8
Stress   F43.9
complicating pregnancy   O77.9
due to drug administration   O77.1
mental NEC    Z73.3
work-related   Z56.6
physical NEC    Z73.3
work-related   Z56.6
polycythemia   D75.1
reaction (see also Reaction, stress)   F43.9
work schedule   Z56.3
Stretching, nerve see Injury, nerve
Striae albicantes, atrophicae or distensae (cutis)   L90.6
Stricture see also Stenosis
ampulla of Vater   K83.1
anus (sphincter)    K62.4
congenital   Q42.3
with fistula   Q42.2
infantile   Q42.3
with fistula   Q42.2
aorta (ascending) (congenital)    Q25.3
arteriosclerotic   I70.0
calcified   I70.0
supravalvular, congenital   Q25.3
aqueduct of Sylvius (congenital)    Q03.0
acquired   G91.1
artery    I77.1
celiac   I77.4
congenital (peripheral)   Q27.8
cerebral   Q28.3
coronary   Q24.5
digestive system   Q27.8
lower limb   Q27.8
retinal   Q14.1
specified site NEC   Q27.8
umbilical   Q27.0
upper limb   Q27.8
congenital   Q24.5
pulmonary (congenital)   Q25.6
acquired   I28.8
renal   I70.1
bile duct (common) (hepatic)    K83.1
congenital   Q44.3
postoperative   K91.89
bladder    N32.89
neck   N32.0
brain   G93.89
bronchus    J98.09
congenital   Q32.3
syphilitic   A52.72
cardia (stomach)    K22.2
congenital   Q39.3
orifice (stomach)   K22.2
cervix, cervical (canal)    N88.2
congenital   Q51.828
causing obstructed labor   O65.5
congenital   Q42.9
specified NEC   Q42.8
colostomy   K94.03
common (bile)duct   K83.1
digestive organs NEC, congenital   Q45.8
duodenum    K31.5
congenital   Q41.0
ear canal (external) (congenital)    Q16.1
ejaculatory duct   N50.8
enterostomy   K94.13
esophagus    K22.2
congenital   Q39.3
syphilitic   A52.79
congenital   Q17.8
fallopian tube    N97.1
gonococcal   A54.24
tuberculous   A18.17
glottis   J38.6
aortic   Q23.0
mitral   Q23.4
pulmonary   Q22.1
tricuspid   Q22.4
hepatic duct   K83.1
hourglass, of stomach   K31.2
hymen   N89.6
hypopharynx   J39.2
ileum    K56.69
congenital   Q41.2
congenital (small)   Q41.9
large    Q42.9
specified NEC   Q42.8
specified NEC   Q41.8
ischemic   K55.1
jejunum    K56.69
congenital   Q41.1
congenital   Q10.5
larynx    J38.6
congenital NEC   Q31.8
subglottic   Q31.1
syphilitic   A52.73
ear (congenital)   Q16.1
osseous (ear) (congenital)   Q16.1
congenital   Q64.33
myocardium, myocardial    I51.5
hypertrophic subaortic (idiopathic)   I42.1
nares (anterior) (posterior)    J34.89
congenital   Q30.0
congenital   Q10.5
congenital   Q10.5
nasopharynx    J39.2
syphilitic   A52.73
nose    J34.89
congenital   Q30.0
nostril (anterior) (posterior)    J34.89
congenital   Q30.0
syphilitic   A52.73
osseous meatus (ear) (congenital)    Q16.1
pelviureteric junction (congenital)   Q62.11
penis, by foreign body   T19.4
pharynx   J39.2
prostate   N42.89
artery (congenital)   Q25.6
acquired   I28.8
noncongenital   I28.8
infundibulum (congenital)   Q24.3
valve   I37.0
congenital   Q22.1
vein, acquired   I28.8
vessel NEC   I28.8
congenital   Q10.5
pylorus (hypertrophic)    K31.1
adult   K31.1
congenital   Q40.0
infantile   Q40.0
rectosigmoid   K56.69
rectum (sphincter)    K62.4
congenital   Q42.1
with fistula   Q42.0
irradiation   K91.89
gonococcal   A54.6
syphilitic   A52.74
tuberculous   A18.32
renal artery    I70.1
congenital   Q27.1
salivary duct or gland (any)   K11.8
spermatic cord   N50.8
colostomy   K94.03
enterostomy   K94.13
gastrostomy   K94.23
ileostomy   K94.13
tracheostomy   J95.03
stomach    K31.89
congenital   Q40.2
hourglass   K31.2
subaortic    Q24.4
hypertrophic (acquired) (idiopathic)   I42.1
subglottic   J38.6
syphilitic NEC   A52.79
trachea    J39.8
congenital   Q32.1
syphilitic   A52.73
tuberculous NEC   A15.5
tracheostomy   J95.03
tunica vaginalis   N50.8
ureter (postoperative)    N13.5
hydronephrosis    N13.1
with infection   N13.6
pyelonephritis (chronic)   N11.1
tuberculous   A18.11
ureteropelvic junction (congenital)   Q62.11
ureterovesical orifice    N13.5
with infection   N13.6
urethra (organic) (spasmodic)    N35.9
congenital   Q64.39
valvular (posterior)   Q64.2
gonococcal, gonorrheal   A54.01
female   N35.12
male    N35.119
anterior urethra   N35.114
bulbous urethra   N35.112
meatal   N35.111
membranous urethra   N35.113
postobstetric   N35.021
female   N99.12
male    N99.114
anterior urethra   N99.113
bulbous urethra   N99.111
meatal   N99.110
membranous urethra   N99.112
female    N35.028
due to childbirth   N35.021
male    N35.014
anterior urethra   N35.013
bulbous urethra   N35.011
meatal   N35.010
membranous urethra   N35.012
childbirth   N35.021
specified cause NEC   N35.8
syphilitic   A52.76
valvular (posterior), congenital   Q64.2
uterus, uterine (synechiae)    N85.6
aortic   Q23.0
mitral   Q23.2
pulmonary   Q22.1
tricuspid   Q22.4
vas deferens    N50.8
congenital   Q55.4
vein   I87.1
vena cava (inferior) (superior)NEC    I87.1
congenital   Q26.0
vesicourethral orifice    N32.0
congenital   Q64.31
vulva (acquired)   N90.5
Stridor   R06.1
congenital (larynx)   P28.89
Stridulous see condition
Stroke (apoplectic) (brain) (embolic) (ischemic) (paralytic) (thrombotic)   I63.9
heat   T67.0
in evolution   I63.9
during cardiac surgery   I97.810
during other surgery   I97.811
following cardiac surgery   I97.820
following other surgery   I97.821
unspecified (NOS)   I63.9
Stromatosis, endometrial   D39.0
Strongyloidiasis, strongyloidosis   B78.9
cutaneous   B78.1
disseminated   B78.7
intestinal   B78.0
Strophulus pruriginosus   L28.2
Struck by lightning see Lightning
Struma see also Goiter
Hashimoto   E06.3
lymphomatosa   E06.3
nodosa (simplex)    E04.9
endemic   E01.2
multinodular   E01.1
multinodular   E04.2
iodine-deficiency related   E01.1
toxic or with hyperthyroidism   E05.20
with thyroid storm   E05.21
multinodular    E05.20
with thyroid storm   E05.21
uninodular    E05.10
with thyroid storm   E05.11
toxicosa   E05.20
with thyroid storm   E05.21
multinodular    E05.20
with thyroid storm   E05.21
uninodular    E05.10
with thyroid storm   E05.11
uninodular   E04.1
ovarii   D27.-
Riedel''s   E06.5
Strumipriva cachexia   E03.4
Strmpell-Marie spine see Spondylitis, ankylosing
Strmpell-Westphal pseudosclerosis   E83.01
Stuart deficiency disease (factor X)   D68.2
Stuart-Prower factor deficiency (factor X)   D68.2
Student''s elbow see Bursitis, elbow, olecranon
Stump see Amputation
Stunting, nutritional E45
Stupor (catatonic)   R40.1
manic   F30.2
depressive   F32.8
dissociative   F44.2
manic-depressive   F31.89
psychogenic (anergic)   F44.2
reaction to exceptional stress (transient)   F43.0
Sturge (-Weber) (-Dimitri) (-Kalischer)disease or syndrome   Q85.8
Stuttering   F80.81
adult onset   F98.5
childhood onset   F80.81
in conditions classified elsewhere   R47.82
Sty, stye (external) (internal) (meibomian) (zeisian) see Hordeolum
Subacidity, gastric   K31.89
psychogenic   F45.8
Subacute see condition
Subarachnoid see condition
Subcortical see condition
Subcostal syndrome, nerve compression see Mononeuropathy, upper limb, specified site NEC
Subcutaneous, subcuticular see condition
Subdural see condition
Subendocardium see condition
unspecified site   D43.2
Suberosis   J67.3
Subglossitis see Glossitis
Subhemophilia D66
breast (postlactational) (postpuerperal)   N64.89
puerperal   O90.89
uterus (chronic) (nonpuerperal)    N85.3
puerperal   O90.89
Sublingual see condition
Sublinguitis see Sialoadenitis
Subluxatable hip   Q65.6
Subluxation see also Dislocation
acromioclavicular   S43.11-
ankle   S93.0-
atlantoaxial, recurrent    M43.4
with myelopathy   M43.3
carpometacarpal (joint)NEC    S63.05-
thumb   S63.04-
lower limb   Q68.8
shoulder   Q68.8
upper limb   Q68.8
elbow (traumatic)    S53.10-
anterior   S53.11-
lateral   S53.14-
medial   S53.13-
posterior   S53.12-
specified type NEC   S53.19-
finger    S63.20-
index   S63.20-
interphalangeal   S63.22-
distal    S63.24-
index   S63.24-
little   S63.24-
middle   S63.24-
ring   S63.24-
index   S63.22-
little   S63.22-
middle   S63.22-
proximal    S63.23-
index   S63.23-
little   S63.23-
middle   S63.23-
ring   S63.23-
ring   S63.22-
little   S63.20-
metacarpophalangeal   S63.21-
index   S63.21-
little   S63.21-
middle   S63.21-
ring   S63.21-
middle   S63.20-
ring   S63.20-
foot    S93.30-
specified site NEC   S93.33-
tarsal joint   S93.31-
tarsometatarsal joint   S93.32-
hip    S73.00-
anterior   S73.03-
obturator   S73.02-
central   S73.04-
posterior   S73.01-
finger   S63.22-
distal joint    S63.24-
index   S63.24-
little   S63.24-
middle   S63.24-
ring   S63.24-
index   S63.22-
little   S63.22-
middle   S63.22-
proximal joint    S63.23-
index   S63.23-
little   S63.23-
middle   S63.23-
ring   S63.23-
ring   S63.22-
thumb   S63.12-
distal joint   S63.14-
proximal joint   S63.13-
toe   S93.13-
great   S93.13-
lesser   S93.13-
knee    S83.10-
anteriorly   S83.11-
laterally   S83.14-
medially   S83.13-
posteriorly   S83.12-
specified type NEC   S83.19-
proximal end   S63.06-
finger   S63.21-
index   S63.21-
little   S63.21-
middle   S63.21-
ring   S63.21-
thumb   S63.11-
metatarsophalangeal joint    S93.14-
great toe   S93.14-
lesser toe   S93.14-
midcarpal (joint)   S63.03-
patella    S83.00-
lateral   S83.01-
specified type NEC   S83.09-
radial head    S53.00-
anterior   S53.01-
nursemaid''s elbow   S53.03-
posterior   S53.02-
specified type NEC   S53.09-
radiocarpal (joint)   S63.02-
distal   S63.01-
congenital   Q68.8
girdle   S43.30-
scapula   S43.31-
specified site NEC   S43.39-
traumatic   S43.00-
anterior   S43.01-
inferior   S43.03-
posterior   S43.02-
specified type NEC   S43.08-
sternoclavicular (joint)    S43.20-
anterior   S43.21-
posterior   S43.22-
thumb    S63.103
toe (s)    S93.10-
great   S93.10-
interphalangeal joint   S93.13-
metatarsophalangeal joint   S93.14-
interphalangeal joint   S93.13-
lesser   S93.10-
interphalangeal joint   S93.13-
metatarsophalangeal joint   S93.14-
metatarsophalangeal joint   S93.149
recurrent NEC see subcategory   M43.5
cervical    S13.100
atlantoaxial joint   S13.120
atlantooccipital joint   S13.110
atloidooccipital joint   S13.110
C0 and C1   S13.110
C1 and C2   S13.120
C2 and C3   S13.130
C3 and C4   S13.140
C4 and C5   S13.150
C5and C6   S13.160
C6and C7   S13.170
C7and T1   S13.180
occipitoatloid joint   S13.110
lumbar    S33.100
L1and L2   S33.110
L2and L3   S33.120
L3 and L4   S33.130
L4and L5   S33.140
thoracic    S23.100
T1and T2   S23.110
T2and T3   S23.120
T3 and T4   S23.122
T4 and T5   S23.130
T5 and T6   S23.132
T6 and T7   S23.140
T7 and T8   S23.142
T8 and T9   S23.150
T9 and T10   S23.152
T10 and T11   S23.160
T11 and T12   S23.162
T12 and L1   S23.170
distal end   S63.07-
wrist (carpal bone)    S63.00-
specified site NEC   S63.09-
Submaxillary see condition
Submersion (fatal) (nonfatal)   T75.1
Submucous see condition
Subnormal, subnormality
accommodation (old age)   H52.4
Subphrenic see condition
Subscapular nerve see condition
Subseptus uterus   Q51.2
Subsiding appendicitis K36
Substernal thyroid   E04.9
congenital   Q89.2
Substitution disorder   F44.9
Subtentorial see condition
Subthyroidism (acquired) see also Hypothyroidism
congenital   E03.1
Succenturiate placenta   O43.19-
Sucking thumb, child (excessive)   F98.8
Sudamen, sudamina   L74.1
Sudanese kala-azar   B55.0
Sudeck''s atrophy, disease, or syndrome see Algoneurodystrophy
Suffocation see Asphyxia, traumatic
high (transient)   R73.9
low (transient)   E16.2
Suicide, suicidal (attempted)   T14.91
history of (personal)    Z91.5
in family   Z81.8
meaning personal history of attempted suicide   Z91.5
meaning personal history of attempted suicide   Z91.5
Suipestifer infection see Infection, salmonella
Sulfhemoglobinemia, sulphemoglobinemia (acquired) (with methemoglobinemia)   D74.8
Sumatran mite fever   A75.3
Summer see condition
Sunburn   L55.9
first degree   L55.0
second degree   L55.1
third degree   L55.2
SUNCT (short lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache with conjunctival injection and tearing)   G44.059
intractable   G44.051
not intractable   G44.059
Sunken acetabulum see Derangement, joint, specified type NEC, hip
Sunstroke   T67.0
Superfecundation see Pregnancy, multiple
Superfetation see Pregnancy, multiple
Superinvolution (uterus)   N85.8
Supernumerary (congenital)
aortic cusps   Q23.8
auditory ossicles   Q16.3
bone   Q79.8
breast   Q83.1