ICD 9 CM Index

Saber to Anthonys fire s also Erysipelas
Guys dance to Sandfly fever
Sandhoffs disease to Sarcomatosis
Sarcosinemia to Scapulalgia
Scapulohumeral myopathy to Schistosomiasis
Asiatic to Schmorls disease or nodes
Schneiders syndrome to Sciatica infectional
Scimitar syndrome anomalous venous drain to Bals concentric
Alzheimers Alzheimers to Streptococcus B
Chagas disease to Sebocystomatosis
Seborrhea seborrheic to Senescence
Senile s also condition to Escherichia coli
Friedlnders bacillus to Serous
Sertoli to Shedding
Shhans disease or syndrome postpartum pi to Shoulder
Shovel shaped incisors to Sick
Sickle cell to Silvers syndrome congenital hemihypertro
Silver wire arteries retina to Sitophobia
Situation psychiatric to Sloughing multiple skin
Slow to Snow blindness
Snuffles nonsyphilitic to Sotos syndrome cerebral gigantism
Sounds to Spencers disease epidemic vomiting
Spens syndrome syncope with heart block to Spiegler Fendt sarcoid
Spielmeyer Stock disease to Splenomegaly
Bengal to Sponge
Spongioblastoma to Spurways syndrome brittle bones and blue
Sputum abnormal amount color excessive o to Stargardts disease
Starvation inanition due to lack of food to Stent jail
Stercolith s also Fecalith to Stigmata congenital syphilis
Stills disease or syndrome to Stonecutters lung
Stonemasons to Streptothrix
Streptotrichosis to Riedels ligneous thyroiditis
Strumipriva cachexia s also Hypothyroidi to Subdural
Subendocardium to Subtentorial
Subtertian to Sunstroke
Superfecundation to Suspected condition ruled out s also Obs
Suspended uterus in pregnancy or childbi to Sydenhams chorea Chorea
Sylvatic yellow fever to Abercrombies amyloid degeneration
Abt Letterer Siwe acute histiocytosis X to Anton Babinski hemiasomatognosia
Aperts acrocephalosyndactyly to Ballantyne Runge postmaturity
Bantis Cirrhosis to Becks anterior spinal artery occlusion
Beckwith Wiedemann to Blount Barber tibia vara
Boder Sedgwick ataxia telangiectasia to Bdinger Ludloff Lwen
Bullis fever to Chiaris hepatic vein thrombosis
Chiari Frommel to Cowden
Creutzfeldt Jakob to Dercums adiposis dolorosa
Diamond Blackfan congenital hypoplastic to G
Duplays to Erlacher Blount tibia vara
Evans thrombocytopenic purpura to Forbes Albright nonpuerperal amenorrhea
Foster Kennedy to Gerstmann Strussler Scheinker GSS
Gianotti Crosti to Gowers Paton Kennedy
Gradenigos to Harris organic hyperinsulinism
Harts pellagra cerebellar ataxia renal a to Holmes visual disorientation
Holmes Adie to Jakob Creutzfeldt
Jakschs pseudoleukemia infantum to Klein Waardenburg ptosis epicanthus
Kleine Levin to Lederer Brill acquired infectious hemoly
Legg Calv Perthes osteochondrosis capita to Looser Debray Milkman osteomalacia with
Lorain Levi pituitary dwarfism to Maries acromegaly
Markus Adie to Meyenburg Altherr Uehlinger
Meyer Schwickerath and Weyers dysplasia to Morgagni Adams Stokes syncope with heart
Morquio Brailsford Ullrich mucopolysac to Ogilvies sympathicotonic colon obstructi
Oppenheim Urbach necrobiosis lipoidica d to Pendreds familial goiter with deaf mutis
Penfields s also Epilepsy to QT interval prolongation
Raeder Harbitz pulseless disease to Rokitansky Kuster Hauser congenital abse
Romano Ward prolonged QT interval syndro to Schmidts
Schneiders to P R interval
Shwachmans to Steins polycystic ovary
Stein Leventhal polycystic ovary to Takayasu Onishi pulseless disease
Takotsubo to Turners
Turner Varny to Waldenstrm Kjellberg sideropenic dysphag
Wallenbergs posterior inferior cerebella to Whipples intestinal lipodystrophy
Widal Abrami acquired hemolytic jaundic to Synechia iris pupil
Synesthesia s also Disturbance sensation to Syringadenoma M84000 also Neoplasm skin
Syringobulbia to System systemic also