ICD 9 CM Index

Pacemaker syndrome to Palliative care
Pallor to Pancreatolithiasis
Pancytolysis to Papageienkrankheit
Papanicolaou to Paraganglioma
Parageusia to Landrys
Lissauers to Paraphilia s also Deviation sexual
Paraphimosis congenital to Paraurethral duct
Para urethritis to Parotiditis s also Parotitis
Parotitis to Patches
Patellar to Elschnig
Pearl workers disease chronic osteomyeli to Pellizzis syndrome pineal
Pelvic also to Pentosuria benign essential
Peptic acid disease to Perichondritis
Periclasia to Perinephritic
Perinephritis s also Infection kidney to Perirectal
Perirenal to Perivesiculitis seminal s also Vesiculit
Perlche to Petechia petechiae
Petechial to Pharyngoconjunctival fever
Pharyngoconjunctivitis viral to Phlebitis infective pyemic septic suppur
Phlebofibrosis to Photo ophthalmia
Photophobia to Picks
Pick Herxheimer syndrome diffuse idiopat to Pinched nerve Neuropathy
Pineal body or gland to Pitted also
Pitting edema s also Edema to Platypelloid pelvis
Platyspondylia to Plurideficiency syndrome of infancy
Plus and minus hand intrinsic to Pneumomediastinum
Pneumomycosis to Hemophilus influenzae H influenzae
Herellea to Escherichia coli E coli
Friedlnders bacillus to Streptococcus pneumoniae
TWAR agent to Poikilocytosis
Poikiloderma to Policemans disease
Polioencephalitis acute bulbar s also Po to Polycythemia primary rubra vera M99501
Gaisbcks hypertonica to Polyorrhymenitis peritoneal s also Polys
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia to Pond fracture Fracture skull
Ponos to AIDS virus
HIV to Postherpetic neuralgia intercostal syndr
Posthitis to Posttraumatic
Posttraumatic brain syndrome nonpsychoti to Prader Willi syndrome hypogenital dystro
Preachers voice to Rhesus
Pregnant uterus to Prescription of contraceptives NEC
Presenile also to Procedure surgical not done NEC
Procidentia to QT interval
Prominauris to Proteinemia
Proteinosis to Pseudo Argyll Robertson pupil
Pseudoarteriosus to Pseudoglanders
Pseudoglioma to Pseudoneuritis optic nerve
Pseudoneuroma Injury nerve by to Pseudoseizure
Pseudotabes to Psychogenic also
Psychoneurosis psychoneurotic s also Neu to PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Ptyalism to Pulseless disease
Pulsus to Putrefaction intestinal
Putrescent pulp dental to Pylethrombosis
Pyloritis s also Gastritis to Pyo oophoritis s also Salpingo oophoriti
Pyo ovarium s also Salpingo oophoritis to Pyuria bacterial