ICD 9 CM Index

Macacus ear to Macrogyria congenital
Macrohydrocephalus s also Hydrocephalus to Majocchis
Major to Chiari
Mondinis congenital malformation cochlea to Malta fever s also Brucellosis
Maltosuria to Maple bark disease
Maple bark strippers lung to Mark
Maroteaux Lamy syndrome mucopolysacchari to Mastocytoma M97401
Mastocytosis to McCune Albright syndrome osteitis fibros
MCLS mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome to Medullary
Medullated to Megalogastria congenital
Megalomania to Melanocytosis neurocutaneous
Melanoderma melanodermia to Mellitus diabetes
Melorheostosis bone leri to Meningism s also Meningismus
Meningismus infectional pneumococcal to Klebsiella pneumoniae
Listerella monocytogenes 0270 to Listeria monocytogenes 0270
Lyme disease 08881 to Menorrhagia primary
Menorrhalgia to Mesencephalitis s also Encephalitis
Mesenchymoma M89901 also Neoplasm conne to Mortons
Metatarsus metatarsal also to Micheli Rietti syndrome thalassemia mino
Michottes syndrome to Microglioma
Microglossia congenital to Micturition
Middle to Millard Gubler Foville paralysis
Miller Dieker syndrome to Misdirection
Mismanagement fding to Molar pregnancy
Molds in vitreous to Monocytic
Monocytopenia to Morel Moore syndrome hyperostosis fronta
Morel Morgagni syndrome hyperostosis fro to Motion sickness from travel any vehicle
Mottled tth enamel endemic nonendemic to Mucoenteritis
Mucolipidosis I II III to Mural
Murmur cardiac heart nonorganic organic to Mycobacteriosis
Mycobacterium mycobacterial infection to Myeloma multiple plasma cell plasmacytic
Myelomalacia to Chagas disease
Friedreichs ataxia 3340 to Myofibrositis s also Myositis
Myogelosis occupational to Myotonia acquisita intermittens
Myotonic pupil to Myxosarcoma M88403 Neoplasm connective