ICD 9 CM Index

Haas disease osteochondrosis head of hum to Hallus
Hallux to Hares syndrome M80103 carcinoma pulmonar
Harelip s also Cleft lip to H disease
Head also to Heinz body anemia congenital
Hellers disease or syndrome infantile ps to Hematinuria s also Hemoglobinuria
Hematite miners lung to Hematoporphyrinuria acquired congenital
Hematorachis hematorrhachis to Hemichorea
Hemicrania to Hemodialysis
Hemoglobin also to Hemopneumothorax s also Hemothorax
Hemoptysis to Henles warts
Henoch to Hepatocholangiocarcinoma M81803
Hepatocholangioma benign M81800 to Coopers retroperitoneal
Bochdalek to Heterophoria
Heterophyes small intestine to Hildenbrands disease typhus
Hilgers syndrome to Histoplasmosis
African due to Histoplasma duboisii to Hodgsons disease aneurysmal dilatation o
Hodi potsy to Hooded
Hookworm anemia disease infestation to Human immunodeficiency virus disease ill
Human immunodeficiency virus 2 infection to Hurler Hunter disease or syndrome mucop
Hrthle to Hydremia
Hydrencephalocele congenital to Hydromyelocele s also Spina bifida
Hydronephrosis to Hydroxyprolinemia
Hydroxyprolinuria to Hyperazotemia
Hyperbetalipoproteinemia acquired essent to Hyperemesis
Hyperemia acute to Hyperinsulinism ectopic functional organ
Hyperiodemia to Hyperlucent lung unilateral
Hyperluteinization to Hyperovarism hyperovaria
Hyperoxaluria primary to Hyperprebetalipoproteinemia
Hyperprolactinemia to Hyperstimulation ovarian
Hypersuprarenalism to Hypertrichosis
Hypertriglyceridemia essential to Hypoadrenocorticism
Hypoalbuminemia to Hypoesthesia s also Disturbance sensatio
Hypoestrinism to Hypolipoproteinemia
Hypomagnesemia to Hypopituitarism juvenile syndrome
Hypoplasia hypoplasis to Hyposomnia unspecified s also Insomnia
Hypospadias male to Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy HIE
Hypsarrhythmia s also Epilepsy to Hysterotomy affecting fetus or newborn