ICD 9 CM Index

Daae Finsen disease epidemic pleurodyni to Danbolt Closs syndrome acrodermatitis e
Dandruff to Death
Debility general infantile postinfection to Eisenmengers ventricular septal defect
Gerbode to IX Christmas congenital functional
X congenital Stuart Prower to NADH diaphorase or reductase congenital
C to G
H to Niemann Pick disease 2727
Bruchs membrane to Delinquency juvenile
Delirium delirious to Parkinsonism
Pelizaeus Merzbacher to Dentinoma M92710
Dentition to Dial
Dilaudid to Leritine
Levanil to Nupercaine
Oblivon to Pyramidon
Rela to Deposit
Depraved appetite to Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans M88323
Dermatographia to Dermographism
Dermoid cyst M90840 also Neoplasm by si to Development
Developmental to Lancereauxs diabetes mellitus with marke
Diacyclothrombopathia to Giardia lamblia
Heterophyes heterophyes to Diathesis
Diazs disease or osteochondrosis to Digestive
Di Guglielmos disease or syndrome M98413 to Diplomyelia
Diplopia to Adams Stokes Morgagni syncope with hear
Addisons bronze primary adrenal insuffic to Australian X
Ayalas to Battey
Baumgarten Cruveilhier cirrhosis of live to Bielschowsky Jansky
Biermers pernicious anemia to Bradleys epidemic vomiting
Brailsfords to Buchanans juvenile osteochondrosis iliac
Buchmans osteochondrosis juvenile to Chagas s also Trypanosomiasis American
Chandlers osteochondritis dissecans hip to Corbus
Corrigans Insufficiency to Dercums adiposis dolorosa
Deutschlnders Fracture to Ebsteins
Echinococcus s also Echinococcus to Farbers disseminated lipogranulomatosis
Fauchards periodontitis to Francis s also Tularemia
Franklins heavy chain to Gierkes glycogenosis I
Gilberts familial nonhemolytic jaundice to Grubys tinea tonsurans
Guertins electric chorea to Harleys intermittent hemoglobinuria
Harts pellagra cerebellar ataxia renal a to F Hb F
G Hb G to Hodgkins M96503
NoteUse the following fifth digit subcla to Jakob Creutzfeldt CJD
Jaksch Luzet pseudoleukemia infantum to IV severe
V to Kraft Weber Dimitri
Kufs to Legg Perthes femoral capital osteochrond
Legionnaires to Lobsteins brittle bones and blue sclera
Lorains pituitary dwarfism to Marfans
Marie Bamberger hypertrophic pulmonary o to Millers osteomalacia
Mills to Moyamoya
Muchas acute parapsoriasis varioliformis to Oriental lung fluke
Ormonds to Perthes capital femoral osteochondrosis
Petits s also Hernia lumbar to Putnams subacute combined sclerosis with
Pyle Cohn craniometaphyseal dysplasia to Rombergs
Rosenthals factor XI deficiency to Schnlein Henoch purpura rheumatica
Schottmllers s also Fever paratyphoid to Sirkaris
Sjgren Gougerot to Strmpell Marie ankylosing spondylitis
Stuarts congenital factor X deficiency s to Thornwaldts Tornwaldts pharyngeal bursit
Tietzes to Volhard Fahr malignant nephrosclerosis
Volkmanns to Whipples intestinal lipodystrophy
Whites congenital keratosis follicularis to Dislocation articulation closed displace
Note to Meckels diverticulum congenital
Disproportion to Districhiasis
Disturbance also to Doan Wiseman syndrome primary splenic ne
Dog bite Wound open by to Dresbachs syndrome elliptocytosis
Dreschlera infection to ABO
Rh antigen C c D E e to Duodenum duodenal
Duplays disease periarthritis or syndrom to Dysautonomia s also Neuropathy periphera
Dysbarism to Embadomonas
Endolimax nana Dysentery to Dysgenesis
Dysgerminoma to Dyspareunia female
Dyspepsia allergic congenital fermentati to Dyssecretosis mucoserous
Dyssocial reaction without manifest psyc to Landouzy Djrine
Leyden Mbius to Dysuria