ICD 9 CM Index

Cacergasia to Calciphylaxis s also Calcification by si
Calcium to Canavans disease
Cancer M80003 s also Neoplasm by site to Carate
Carboxyhemoglobinemia to Cardiac also
Cardialgia s also Pain precordial to Cardiorrhexis s also Infarct myocardium
Cardiosclerosis Arteriosclerosis to Carpopedal spasm s also Tetany
Carpoptosis to Castlemans tumor or lymphoma mediastinal
Castration traumatic to Cavares disease familial periodic paraly
Cave in to Cephalhematocele
Cephalhematoma cephalematoma to Cervical also
Cervicalgia to Chalicosis occupational pulmonum
Chancre any genital site hard indurated to Charlouis disease s also Yaws
Chauffeurs fracture Fracture ulna lower to Chemoprophylaxis NEC
Chemosis conjunctiva to Chilomastigiasis
Chin to Cholecystdocholithiasis
Cholecystitis to Cholesterol
Cholesterolemia to Chondro osteoma M92100 Neoplasm bone
Chondropathia tuberosa to Choroid
Choroideremia choroidermia initial stage to Chylomicronemia fasting with hyperprebet
Chylopericardium acute to Circumscribed
Circumvallata placenta Placenta to Clarke Hadfield syndrome pancreatic infa
Clastothrix to Cliffords syndrome postmaturity
Climacteric s also Menopause to Club hand congenital
Clubnail acquired to Coccygodynia
Coccyx to Staphylococcus
Collagen disease NEC to Colpocele
Colpocystitis s also Vaginitis to Complete
Complex to Concretion also
Concussion current to Reiters disease 0993
Koch Wks to AIDS virus
Escherichia coli E coli to Convulsive also
Cooke Apert Gallais syndrome adrenogenit to Corletts pyosis impetigo
Corn infected to Cotia virus
Cotungos disease to Craigiasis
Cramps to Crenated tongue
Creotoxism to Crossfoot
Croup croupous acute angina catarrhal in to Cryptopapillitis anus
Cryptophthalmos eyelid to Cutaneous also
Cutis also to Cyllosoma
Cynanche to Skenes gland
Tarlovs to Cystoptosis
Cystopyelitis s also Pyelitis to Cytopenia