ICD 9 CM Index

AAT alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency to Ablepsy
Ablutomania to Abrachiatism
Abrachiocephalia to Eustachian tube congenital
IgA to Acantholysis
Acanthoma benign M80700 also Neoplasm b to Accessory
D1 to Acetonemia
Acetonglycosuria to Achromia
Achylia to Acostas disease
Acousma to Acrodynia
Acrodysplasia to Acrosyndactyly s also Syndactylism
Acrotrophodynia to Adamantinoma M93100
Adamantoblastoma M93100 to NoteThe list of adjectival modifiers bel
Except where otherwise indicated the mor to Adenophlegmon
Adenosalpingitis to Kirschner wire
Steinmann pin to Adolescence NEC
Adoption to Aerosinusitis
Aerotitis to Agitation
Aglossia congenital to AIDS virus disease illness
Ailment heart Disease to Alberts disease
Albinism albino choroid cutaneous eye ge to Aleukemic
Aleukia to Alpers disease
Alpha lipoproteinemia to Amastia s also Absence breast
Amaurosis acquired congenital s also Bli to Amnestic confabulatory syndrome
Amniocentesis scrning for to Anacidity gastric
Anaerosis of newborn to Andersons disease
Andes disease to TPI
Diamond Blackfan congenital hypoplastic to Vegans
B6 responsive to Angioblastoma M91611 Neoplasm connectiv
Angiocholecystitis s also Cholecystitis to Angioneurosis
Angioneurotic edema allergic any site wi to Anisocytosis
Anisometropia congenital to Turners
Descemets membrane to Ebsteins
Uhls hypoplasia of myocardium right vent to Antero occlusion
Anteversion to Anus anal also
Anusitis to Apical
Apical ballooning syndrome to Aptyalism
Aqueous misdirection to Argentinian hemorrhagic fever
Arginosuccinicaciduria to Arteriofibrosis
Arteriolar sclerosis to H influenzae
Henoch Schnlein purpura 2870 to Arthro osteo onychodysplasia
Arthropathy s also Arthritis to Ascaris
Ascending to Assimilation
Assmanns focus s also Tuberculosis to Astroblastoma
Astrocytoma cystic to Atheroembolism
Atheroma atheromatous s also Arterioscle to Atrophoderma atrophodermia
Atrophy to Auditory
Audrys syndrome acropachyderma to Autotoxemia
Autumn to Axe grinders disease
Axenfelds anomaly or syndrome to Azygos lobe lung fissure