ICD 10 PCS Codes

00 Central Nervous System and Cranial Nerves
01 Peripheral Nervous System
02 Heart and Great Vessels
03 Upper Arteries
04 Lower Arteries
05 Upper Veins
06 Lower Veins
07 Lymphatic and Hemic Systems
08 Eye
09 Ear, Nose, Sinus
0B Respiratory System
0C Mouth and Throat
0D Gastrointestinal System
0F Hepatobiliary System and Pancreas
0G Endocrine System
0H Skin and Breast
0J Subcutaneous Tissue and Fascia
0K Muscles
0L Tendons
0M Bursae and Ligaments
0N Head and Facial Bones
0P Upper Bones
0Q Lower Bones
0R Upper Joints
0S Lower Joints
0T Urinary System
0U Female Reproductive System
0V Male Reproductive System
0W Anatomical Regions, General
0X Anatomical Regions, Upper Extremities
0Y Anatomical Regions, Lower Extremities