ICD 10 CM Index

Xanthelasma (eyelid) (palpebrarum)   H02.60
left    H02.66
lower   H02.65
upper   H02.64
right    H02.63
lower   H02.62
upper   H02.61
Xanthelasmatosis (essential)   E78.2
Xanthinuria, hereditary   E79.8
unspecified site   C71.9
Xanthofibroma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Xanthogranuloma   D76.3
Xanthoma (s), xanthomatosis (primary) (familial) (hereditary)   E75.5
Type I   E78.3
Type III   E78.2
Type IV   E78.1
Type V   E78.3
bone (generalisata)   C96.5
cerebrotendinous   E75.5
cutaneotendinous   E75.5
disseminatum (skin)   E78.2
eruptive   E78.2
hypercholesterinemic   E78.0
hypercholesterolemic   E78.0
hyperlipidemic   E78.5
joint   E75.5
multiple (skin)   E78.2
tendon (sheath)   E75.5
tubo-eruptive   E78.2
tuberosum   E78.2
tuberous   E78.2
verrucous, oral mucosa   K13.4
Xanthosis   R23.8
Xenophobia   F40.10
Xeroderma see also Ichthyosis
acquired    L85.0
eyelid   H01.149
left    H01.146
lower   H01.145
upper   H01.144
right    H01.143
lower   H01.142
upper   H01.141
pigmentosum   Q82.1
vitamin A deficiency   E50.8
Xerophthalmia (vitamin A deficiency)   E50.7
conjunctiva    H11.14-
vitamin A deficiency   E50.1
vitamin A deficiency   E50.0
cornea    H18.89-
vitamin A deficiency   E50.3
vitamin A deficiency   E50.2
cutis   L85.3
skin   L85.3
Xerostomia   K11.7
Xiphopagus   Q89.4
XO syndrome   Q96.9
X-ray (of)
breast (mammogram) (routine)   Z12.31
routine (as part of a general medical examination)   Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
routine (as part of a general medical examination)    Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
XXXXY syndrome   Q98.1
XXY syndrome   Q98.0