ICD 10 CM Index

Waiting list, person on   Z75.1
for organ transplant   Z76.82
undergoing social agency investigation   Z75.2
Waldenstrm-Kjellberg syndrome   D50.1
hypergammaglobulinemia   D89.0
syndrome or macroglobulinemia   C88.0
difficulty    R26.2
psychogenic   F44.4
sleep    F51.3
hysterical   F44.89
Wall, abdominal see condition
Wallenberg''s disease or syndrome   G46.3
Wallgren''s disease   I87.8
gallbladder, congenital   Q44.1
in diseases classified elsewhere   Z91.83
kidney, congenital   Q63.8
pacemaker (heart)   I49.8
spleen   D73.89
War neurosis   F48.8
Wart (due to HPV) (filiform) (infectious) (viral)   B07.9
anogenital region (venereal)   A63.0
common   B07.8
external genital organs (venereal)   A63.0
flat   B07.8
Hassal-Henle''s (of cornea)   H18.49
Peruvian   A44.1
plantar   B07.0
prosector (tuberculous)   A18.4
seborrheic    L82.1
inflamed   L82.0
senile (seborrheic)    L82.1
inflamed   L82.0
tuberculous   A18.4
venereal   A63.0
Warthin''s tumor see Neoplasm, salivary gland, benign
Wassilieff''s disease   A27.0
deprivation of   T73.1
intoxication   E87.79
itch   B76.9
lack of   T73.1
loading   E87.70
chest   J94.8
poisoning   E87.79
Waterbrash R12
Waterhouse (-Friderichsen) syndrome or disease (meningococcal)   A39.1
Water-losing nephritis   N25.89
Watermelon stomach   K31.819
with hemorrhage   K31.811
without hemorrhage   K31.819
Watsoniasis   B66.8
Wax in ear see Impaction, cerumen
Weak, weakening, weakness (generalized)   R53.1
facial    R29.810
cerebrovascular disease    I69.992
cerebral infarction   I69.392
intracerebral hemorrhage   I69.192
nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage NEC   I69.292
specified disease NEC   I69.892
stroke   I69.392
subarachnoid hemorrhage   I69.092
muscle   M62.81
newborn   P96.89
pelvic fundus   N81.89
pubocervical tissue   N81.82
rectovaginal tissue   N81.83
urinary stream   R39.12
Wear, worn (with normal or routine use)
bearing surfaces, by site
tooth, teeth (approximal) (hard tissues) (interproximal) (occlusal)   K03.0
Weather, weathered
cold   T69.9
specified effect NEC   T69.8
skin   L57.8
Weaver''s syndrome   Q87.3
Web, webbed (congenital)
duodenal   Q43.8
esophagus   Q39.4
fingers   Q70.1-
larynx (glottic) (subglottic)   Q31.0
neck (pterygium colli)   Q18.3
Paterson-Kelly   D50.1
popliteal syndrome   Q87.89
toes   Q70.3-
Weber-Christian disease   M35.6
Weber-Cockayne syndrome (epidermolysis bullosa)   Q81.8
Weber-Gubler syndrome   G46.3
Weber-Leyden syndrome   G46.3
Weber-Osler syndrome   I78.0
Weber''s paralysis or syndrome   G46.3
Wedge-shaped or wedging vertebra see Collapse, vertebra NEC
Wegener''s granulomatosis or syndrome   M31.30
kidney involvement   M31.31
lung involvement   M31.30
with kidney involvement   M31.31
Wegner''s disease   A50.02
gain (abnormal) (excessive)    R63.5
loss (abnormal) (cause unknown)   R63.4
Weightlessness (effect of)   T75.82
Weil (l)-Marchesani syndrome   Q87.1
Weil''s disease   A27.0
Weingarten''s syndrome J82
Weir Mitchell''s disease   I73.81
Weiss-Baker syndrome   G90.09
Wells'' disease   L98.3
Wen see Cyst, sebaceous
Wenckebach''s block or phenomenon   I44.1
Werdnig-Hoffmann syndrome (muscular atrophy)   G12.0
Werlhof''s disease   D69.3
Wermer''s disease or syndrome   E31.21
Werner-His disease   A79.0
Werner''s disease or syndrome   E34.8
Wernicke-Korsakoff''s syndrome or psychosis (alcoholic)   F10.96
with dependence   F10.26
Wernicke-Posadas disease   B38.9
developmental aphasia   F80.2
disease or syndrome   E51.2
encephalopathy   E51.2
polioencephalitis, superior   E51.2
West African fever   B50.8
Westphal-Strmpell syndrome   E83.01
West''s syndrome see Epilepsy, spasms
lung (syndrome), newborn   P22.1
Wharton''s duct see condition
Wheal see Urticaria
Wheezing   R06.2
Whiplash injury   S13.4
Whipple''s disease (see also subcategory M148-)   K90.81
Whipworm (disease) (infection) (infestation) B79
Whistling face   Q87.0
White see also condition
kidney, small   N03.9
leg, puerperal, postpartum, childbirth   O87.1
mouth   B37.0
patches of mouth   K13.29
chewing surface   K02.51
pit and fissure surface   K02.51
smooth surface   K02.61
Whitehead   L70.0
Whitlow see also Cellulitis, digit
herpesviral   B00.89
Whitmore''s disease or fever see Melioidosis
Whooping cough   A37.90
with pneumonia    A37.91
bronchiseptica   A37.81
parapertussis   A37.11
pertussis   A37.01
specified organism NEC   A37.81
bronchiseptica    A37.80
with pneumonia   A37.81
parapertussis    A37.10
with pneumonia   A37.11
pertussis    A37.00
with pneumonia   A37.01
specified NEC    A37.80
with pneumonia   A37.81
Wichman''s asthma   J38.5
Wide cranial sutures, newborn   P96.3
Widening aorta see Ectasia, aorta
Wilkie''s disease or syndrome   K55.1
Wilkinson-Sneddon disease or syndrome   L13.1
Willebrand (-Jrgens)thrombopathy   D68.0
Willige-Hunt disease or syndrome   G23.1
Wilms'' tumor C64-
Wilson-Mikity syndrome   P27.0
disease or syndrome   E83.01
hepatolenticular degeneration   E83.01
lichen ruber   L43.9
Window see also Imperfect, closure
aorticopulmonary   Q21.4
Winter see condition
Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome   D82.0
Withdrawal state see also Dependence, drug by type, with withdrawal
correct therapeutic substance properly administered   P96.2
infant of dependent mother   P96.1
therapeutic substance, neonatal   P96.2
Witts'' anemia   D50.8
Witzelsucht   F07.0
Woakes'' ethmoiditis or syndrome   J33.1
Wolff-Hirschorn syndrome   Q93.3
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome   I45.6
Wolhynian fever   A79.0
Wolman''s disease   E75.5
Wood lung or pneumonitis   J67.8
Woolly, wooly hair (congenital) (nevus)   Q84.1
Woolsorter''s disease   A22.1
blindness (congenital) (developmental)   F81.0
deafness (congenital) (developmental)   H93.25
Worm (s) (infection) (infestation) see also Infestation, helminth
in intestine NEC   B82.0
Worm-eaten soles   A66.3
Worn out see Exhaustion
defibrillator (with synchronous cardiace pacemaker)   Z45.02
battery   Z45.010
lead   Z45.018
Worried well   Z71.1
Worries   R45.82
Wound, open
wall   S31.109
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.609
epigastric region    S31.102
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.602
lower quadrant    S31.104
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.604
upper quadrant    S31.101
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.601
periumbilic region    S31.105
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.605
lower quadrant    S31.103
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.603
upper quadrant    S31.100
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.600
ankle    S91.00-
anus    S31.839
bite   S31.835
arm (upper)    S41.10-
lower   S31.000
with penetration into retroperitoneal space   S31.001
breast    S21.00-
buttock    S31.809
left   S31.829
right   S31.819
cervical esophagus    S11.20
bite   S11.25
cheek (external)    S01.40-
clitoris    S31.40
bite   S31.45
ear (canal) (external)    S01.30-
drum   S09.2-
elbow    S51.00-
epigastric region    S31.102
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.602
esophagus (thoracic)    S27.819
laceration   S27.813
specified type NEC   S27.818
eyelid    S01.10-
finger (s)    S61.209
damage to nail   S61.309
index   S61.208
damage to nail   S61.308
left    S61.201
damage to nail   S61.301
right    S61.200
damage to nail   S61.300
little   S61.208
damage to nail   S61.308
left    S61.207
with damage to nail   S61.307
right    S61.206
with damage to nail   S61.306
middle   S61.208
damage to nail   S61.308
left    S61.203
with damage to nail   S61.303
right    S61.202
with damage to nail   S61.302
ring   S61.208
damage to nail   S61.308
left    S61.205
with damage to nail   S61.305
right    S61.204
with damage to nail   S61.304
foot (except toe(s) alone)    S91.30-
forearm    S51.80-
female   S31.502
vagina   S31.40
vulva   S31.40
male   S31.501
penis   S31.20
scrotum   S31.30
testes   S31.30
hand    S61.40-
head    S01.90
nose   S01.20
specified site NEC   S01.80
hip    S71.00-
hymen    S31.40
hypochondrium    S31.109
hypogastric region    S31.109
inguinal region    S31.109
knee    S81.00-
larynx    S11.019
lower quadrant   S31.104
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.604
upper quadrant   S31.101
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.601
leg (lower)    S81.80-
lip    S01.501
loin    S31.109
neck    S11.90
cervical esophagus   S11.20
pharynx   S11.20
thyroid   S11.10
trachea (cervical)    S11.029
laceration    S11.021
with foreign body   S11.022
puncture    S11.023
with foreign body   S11.024
specified site NEC   S11.80
specified type NEC   S11.89
nose (septum) (sinus)    S01.20
ocular    S05.90
avulsion (traumatic enucleation)   S05.7-
eyeball   S05.6-
with foreign body   S05.5-
laceration and rupture   S05.3-
with prolapse or loss of intraocular tissue   S05.2-
orbit (penetrating) (with or without foreign body)   S05.4-
specified NEC   S05.8X-
oral cavity    S01.502
bite   S01.552
penis    S31.20
bite   S31.25
female   S31.502
male   S31.501
periumbilic region    S31.105
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.605
pharynx   S11.20
lower quadrant   S31.103
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.603
upper quadrant   S31.100
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.600
scalp    S01.00
bite   S01.05
scalpel, newborn (birth injury)   P15.8
scrotum    S31.30
bite   S31.35
shoulder    S41.00-
skin NOS   T14.8
testis    S31.30
bite   S31.35
thigh    S71.10-
thorax, thoracic (wall)    S21.90
back   S21.20-
with penetration   S21.40
front   S21.10-
with penetration   S21.30
thumb    S61.009
damage to nail   S61.109
left   S61.002
damage to nail   S61.102
right   S61.001
damage to nail   S61.101
toe (s)    S91.109
damage to nail   S91.209
great   S91.103
damage to nail   S91.203
left    S91.102
damage to nail   S91.202
right    S91.101
damage to nail   S91.201
lesser   S91.106
damage to nail   S91.206
left    S91.105
damage to nail   S91.205
right    S91.104
damage to nail   S91.204
tympanum, tympanic membrane    S09.2-
vagina    S31.40
bite   S31.45
vocal cord    S11.039
laceration   S11.031
with foreign body   S11.032
puncture   S11.033
with foreign body   S11.034
vulva    S31.40
bite   S31.45
wrist    S61.50-
Wound, superficial see Injury see also specified injury type
Wright''s syndrome   G54.0
Wrist see condition
Wrong drug (by accident) (given in error) see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
Wry neck see Torticollis
Wuchereria (bancrofti)infestation   B74.0
Wuchereriasis   B74.0
Wuchernde Struma Langhans C73