ICD 10 CM Index

Vaccination (prophylactic)
delayed   Z28.9
Vaccinia (generalized) (localized)   T88.1
congenital   P35.8
without vaccination   B08.011
Vacuum, in sinus (accessory) (nasal)   J34.89
Vagabond, vagabondage   Z59.0
Vagabond''s disease   B85.1
Vagina, vaginal see condition
Vaginalitis (tunica) (testis)   N49.1
Vaginismus (reflex)   N94.2
functional   F52.5
nonorganic   F52.5
psychogenic   F52.5
secondary   N94.2
Vaginitis (acute) (circumscribed) (diffuse) (emphysematous) (nonvenereal) (ulcerative)   N76.0
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
amebic   A06.82
atrophic, postmenopausal   N95.2
bacterial   N76.0
blennorrhagic (gonococcal)   A54.02
candidal   B37.3
chlamydial   A56.02
chronic   N76.1
due to Trichomonas (vaginalis)   A59.01
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
gonococcal    A54.02
with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral)   A54.1
candidiasis   B37.3
herpesviral (herpes simplex)infection   A60.04
pinworm infection B80   N77.1
monilial   B37.3
mycotic (candidal)   B37.3
postmenopausal atrophic   N95.2
puerperal (postpartum)   O86.13
senile (atrophic)   N95.2
subacute or chronic   N76.1
syphilitic (early)    A51.0
late   A52.76
trichomonal   A59.01
tuberculous   A18.18
Vaginosis see Vaginitis
Vagotonia   G52.2
Vagrancy   Z59.0
VAIN see Neoplasia, intraepithelial, vagina
Vallecula see condition
Valley fever   B38.0
Valsuani''s disease see Anemia, obstetric
Valve, valvular (formation) see also condition
cerebral ventricle (communicating)in situ   Z98.2
cervix, internal os   Q51.828
ureter (pelvic junction) (vesical orifice)   Q62.39
urethra (congenital) (posterior)   Q64.2
Valvulitis (chronic) see Endocarditis
Valvulopathy see Endocarditis
Van Bogaert''s leukoencephalopathy (sclerosing) (subacute)   A81.1
Van Bogaert-Scherer-Epstein disease or syndrome   E75.5
Van Buchem''s syndrome   M85.2
Van Creveld-von Gierke disease   E74.01
Van der Hoeve (-de Kleyn)syndrome   Q78.0
Van der Woude''s syndrome   Q38.0
Van Neck''s disease or osteochondrosis   M91.0
Vanishing lung   J44.9
Vapor asphyxia or suffocation   T59.9
Variance, lethal ball, prosthetic heart valve   T82.09
Variants, thalassemic   D56.8
Variations in hair color   L67.1
Varicella   B01.9
complications NEC   B01.89
encephalitis   B01.11
encephalomyelitis   B01.11
meningitis   B01.0
myelitis   B01.12
pneumonia   B01.2
congenital   P35.8
Varices see Varix
Varicocele (scrotum) (thrombosed)   I86.1
ovary   I86.2
perineum   I86.3
spermatic cord (ulcerated)   I86.1
aneurysm (ruptured)   I77.0
anus (see also Hemorrhoids)   K64.8
nasal septum   I86.8
perineum   I86.3
scrotum   I86.1
specified site NEC   I86.8
Varicosis, varicosities, varicosity see Varix
Variola (major) (minor) B03
Varioloid B03
Varix (lower limb) (ruptured)   I83.90
edema   I83.899
inflammation   I83.10
with ulcer (venous)   I83.209
pain   I83.819
specified complication NEC   I83.899
stasis dermatitis   I83.10
with ulcer (venous)   I83.209
swelling   I83.899
ulcer   I83.009
with inflammation   I83.209
aneurysmal   I77.0
asymptomatic   I83.9-
bladder   I86.2
broad ligament   I86.2
childbirth (lower extremity)   O87.4
anus or rectum   O87.2
genital (vagina, vulva or perineum)   O87.8
pregnancy (lower extremity)   O22.0-
anus or rectum   O22.4-
genital (vagina, vulva or perineum)   O22.1-
puerperium (lower extremity)   O87.4
anus or rectum   O87.2
genital (vagina, vulva, perineum)   O87.8
congenital (any site)   Q27.8
esophagus (idiopathic) (primary) (ulcerated)    I85.00
bleeding   I85.01
congenital   Q27.8
alcoholic liver disease    I85.10
bleeding   I85.11
cirrhosis of liver    I85.10
bleeding   I85.11
portal hypertension    I85.10
bleeding   I85.11
schistosomiasis    I85.10
bleeding   I85.11
toxic liver disease    I85.10
bleeding   I85.11
secondary   I85.10
bleeding   I85.11
gastric   I86.4
inflamed or infected    I83.10
ulcerated   I83.209
labia (majora)   I86.3
leg (asymptomatic)    I83.90
edema   I83.899
inflammation    I83.10
pain   I83.819
specified complication NEC   I83.899
swelling   I83.899
ulcer    I83.009
with inflammation   I83.209
ankle    I83.003
with inflammation   I83.203
calf    I83.002
with inflammation   I83.202
foot NEC    I83.005
with inflammation   I83.205
heel    I83.004
with inflammation   I83.204
lower leg NEC    I83.008
with inflammation   I83.208
midfoot    I83.004
with inflammation   I83.204
thigh    I83.001
with inflammation   I83.201
bilateral (asymptomatic)   I83.93
edema   I83.893
pain   I83.813
specified complication NEC   I83.893
swelling   I83.893
ulcer    I83.009
with inflammation   I83.209
left (asymptomatic)   I83.92
edema   I83.892
pain   I83.812
specified complication NEC   I83.892
swelling   I83.892
inflammation    I83.12
ulcer    I83.029
with inflammation   I83.229
ankle    I83.023
with inflammation    I83.223
calf    I83.022
with inflammation    I83.222
foot NEC    I83.025
with inflammation    I83.225
heel    I83.024
with inflammation    I83.224
lower leg NEC    I83.028
with inflammation    I83.228
midfoot    I83.024
with inflammation    I83.224
thigh    I83.021
with inflammation    I83.221
right (asymptomatic)   I83.91
edema   I83.891
pain   I83.811
specified complication NEC   I83.891
swelling   I83.891
inflammation    I83.11
ulcer    I83.019
with inflammation   I83.219
ankle    I83.013
with inflammation    I83.213
calf    I83.012
with inflammation    I83.212
foot NEC    I83.015
with inflammation    I83.215
heel    I83.014
with inflammation    I83.214
lower leg NEC    I83.018
with inflammation    I83.218
midfoot    I83.014
with inflammation    I83.214
thigh    I83.011
with inflammation    I83.211
nasal septum   I86.8
orbit    I86.8
congenital   Q27.8
ovary   I86.2
papillary   I78.1
pelvis   I86.2
perineum   I86.3
pharynx   I86.8
placenta   O43.89-
renal papilla   I86.8
retina   H35.09
scrotum (ulcerated)   I86.1
sigmoid colon   I86.8
specified site NEC   I86.8
spinal (cord) (vessels)   I86.8
spleen, splenic (vein) (with phlebolith)   I86.8
stomach   I86.4
sublingual   I86.0
ulcerated    I83.009
inflamed or infected   I83.209
uterine ligament   I86.2
vagina   I86.8
vocal cord   I86.8
vulva   I86.3
Vas deferens see condition
Vas deferentitis   N49.1
Vasa previa   O69.4
hemorrhage from, affecting newborn   P50.0
Vascular see also condition
loop on optic papilla   Q14.2
spasm   I73.9
spider   I78.1
Vascularization, cornea see Neovascularization, cornea
Vasculitis   I77.6
allergic   D69.0
cryoglobulinemic   D89.1
disseminated   I77.6
hypocomplementemic   M31.8
kidney   I77.89
livedoid   L95.0
nodular   L95.8
retina   H35.06-
skin (limited to)    L95.9
specified NEC   L95.8
Vasculopathy, necrotizing   M31.9
cardiac allograft   T86.290
specified NEC   M31.8
Vasitis (nodosa)   N49.1
tuberculous   A18.15
Vasodilation   I73.9
Vasomotor see condition
Vasoplasty, after previous sterilization   Z31.0
aftercare   Z31.42
Vasospasm (vasoconstriction)   I73.9
cerebral (cerebrovascular) (artery)    I67.848
reversible   I67.841
coronary   I20.1
brachial plexus   G54.0
cervical plexus   G54.2
peripheral NOS   I73.9
Vasospastic see condition
Vasovagal attack (paroxysmal) R55
psychogenic   F45.8
VATER syndrome   Q87.2
Vater''s ampulla see condition
Vegetation, vegetative
adenoid (nasal fossa)   J35.8
endocarditis (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
heart (mycotic) (valve)   I33.0
Jackson''s   Q43.3
Vein, venous see condition
Veldt sore see Ulcer, skin
Velpeau''s hernia see Hernia, femoral
Venofibrosis   I87.8
Venom, venomous see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by animal or substance, poisoning
Venous see condition
Ventilator lung, newborn   P27.8
Ventral see condition
Ventricle, ventricular see also condition
escape   I49.3
inversion   Q20.5
Ventriculitis (cerebral) (see also Encephalitis)   G04.90
Ventriculostomy status   Z98.2
Vernet''s syndrome   G52.7
Verneuil''s disease (syphilitic bursitis)   A52.78
Verruca (due to HPV) (filiformis) (simplex) (viral) (vulgaris)   B07.9
acuminata   A63.0
necrogenica (primary) (tuberculosa)   A18.4
plana   B07.8
plantaris   B07.0
seborrheica    L82.1
inflamed   L82.0
senile (seborrheic)    L82.1
inflamed   L82.0
tuberculosa (primary)   A18.4
venereal   A63.0
Verrucosities see Verruca
Verruga peruana, peruviana   A44.1
Vertebra, vertebral see condition
Vertical talus (congenital)   Q66.80
left foot   Q66.82
right foot   Q66.81
Vertigo R42
hysterical   F44.89
aural   H81.31-
benign paroxysmal (positional)   H81.1-
central (origin)   H81.4-
cerebral   H81.4-
due to infrasound   T75.23
epidemic    A88.1
infrasound   T75.23
labyrinthine see subcategory   H81.0
malignant positional   H81.4-
Mnire''s see subcategory   H81.0
menopausal   N95.1
peripheral NEC   H81.39-
malignant   H81.4-
Very-low-density-lipoprotein-type (VLDL)hyperlipoproteinemia   E78.1
Vesania see Psychosis
Vesical see condition
cutaneous   R23.8
skin   R23.8
Vesicocolic see condition
Vesicoperineal see condition
Vesicorectal see condition
Vesicourethrorectal see condition
Vesicovaginal see condition
Vesicular see condition
Vesiculitis (seminal)   N49.0
amebic   A06.82
gonorrheal (acute) (chronic)   A54.23
trichomonal   A59.09
tuberculous   A18.15
Vestibulitis (ear) (see also subcategory)   H83.0
nose (external)   J34.89
vulvar   N94.810
Vestibulopathy , acute peripheral (recurrent) see Neuronitis, vestibular
Vestige, vestigial see also Persistence
branchial   Q18.0
structures in vitreous   Q14.0
adverse effects    T75.20
pneumatic hammer syndrome   T75.21
specified effect NEC   T75.29
vasospastic syndrome   T75.22
vertigo from infrasound   T75.23
exposure (occupational)   Z57.7
vertigo   T75.23
Vibriosis   A28.9
Victim (of)
crime   Z65.4
disaster   Z65.5
terrorism   Z65.4
torture   Z65.4
war   Z65.5
Vidal''s disease   L28.0
Villaret''s syndrome   G52.7
Villous see condition
VIN see Neoplasia, intraepithelial, vulva
Vincent''s infection (angina) (gingivitis)   A69.1
stomatitis NEC   A69.1
Vinson-Plummer syndrome   D50.1
Violence, physical   R45.6
Viosterol deficiency see Deficiency, calciferol
Vipoma see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Viremia   B34.9
Virilism (adrenal)   E25.9
congenital   E25.0
Virilization (female) (suprarenal)   E25.9
congenital   E25.0
isosexual   E28.2
Virulent bubo A57
Virus, viral see also condition
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.89
cytomegalovirus   B25.9
specified NEC   B34.8
virus)   J09.X2
West Nile (fever)    A92.30
complications NEC   A92.39
cranial nerve disorders   A92.32
encephalitis   A92.31
encephalomyelitis   A92.31
neurologic manifestation NEC   A92.32
optic neuritis   A92.32
polyradiculitis   A92.32
Viscera, visceral see condition
Visceroptosis   K63.4
Visible peristalsis   R19.2
Vision, visual
binocular, suppression   H53.34
blurred, blurring    H53.8
hysterical   F44.6
defect, defective NEC   H54.7
disorientation (syndrome)   H53.8
disturbance    H53.9
hysterical   F44.6
double   H53.2
examination    Z01.00
with abnormal findings   Z01.01
hallucinations   R44.1
halos   H53.19
perception, simultaneous without fusion   H53.33
Vitality, lack or want of   R53.83
newborn   P96.89
Vitamin deficiency see Deficiency, vitamin
Vitelline duct, persistent   Q43.0
Vitiligo L80
eyelid    H02.739
left   H02.736
lower   H02.735
upper   H02.734
right   H02.733
lower   H02.732
upper   H02.731
pinta   A67.2
vulva   N90.89
Vitreal corneal syndrome   H59.01-
Vitreoretinopathy, proliferative see also Retinopathy, proliferative
Vitreous see also condition
Vocal cord see condition
Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome   H20.82-
Vogt''s disease or syndrome   G80.3
Vogt-Spielmeyer amaurotic idiocy or disease   E75.4
change    R49.9
specified NEC   R49.8
Volhynian fever   A79.0
Volkmann''s ischemic contracture or paralysis (complicating trauma)   T79.6
Volvulus (bowel) (colon) (duodenum) (intestine)   K56.2
with perforation   K56.2
congenital   Q43.8
stomach (due to absence of gastrocolic ligament)   K31.89
Vulva see condition
Vomiting   R11.10
with nausea   R11.2
bilious (cause unknown)    R11.14
in newborn   P92.01
following gastro-intestinal surgery   K91.0
cyclical    G43.A0
with refractory migraine   G43.A1
intractable   G43.A1
not intractable   G43.A0
psychogenic   F50.8
without refractory migraine   G43.A0
fecal mater   R11.13
following gastrointestinal surgery    K91.0
psychogenic   F50.8
functional   K31.89
hysterical   F50.8
nervous   F50.8
neurotic   F50.8
newborn NEC    P92.09
bilious   P92.01
periodic    R11.10
psychogenic   F50.8
projectile   R11.12
psychogenic   F50.8
without nausea   R11.11
Vomito negro see Fever, yellow
Von Bezold''s abscess see Mastoiditis, acute
Von Economo-Cruchet disease   A85.8
Von Eulenburg''s disease   G71.19
Von Gierke''s disease   E74.01
Von Hippel (-Lindau)disease or syndrome   Q85.8
Von Jaksch''s anemia or disease   D64.89
Von Recklinghausen
disease (neurofibromatosis)    Q85.01
bones   E21.0
Von Schroetter''s syndrome   I82.890
Von Willebrand (-Jurgens)(-Minot)disease or syndrome   D68.0
Von Zumbusch''s disease   L40.1
Voyeurism   F65.3
Vrolik''s disease   Q78.0
Vulvismus   N94.2
Vulvitis (acute) (allergic) (atrophic) (hypertrophic) (intertriginous) (senile)   N76.2
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
adhesive, congenital   Q52.79
blennorrhagic (gonococcal)   A54.02
candidal   B37.3
chlamydial   A56.02
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
gonococcal    A54.02
with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral)   A54.1
herpesviral   A60.04
leukoplakic   N90.4
monilial   B37.3
puerperal (postpartum)   O86.19
subacute or chronic   N76.3
syphilitic (early)    A51.0
late   A52.76
trichomonal   A59.01
tuberculous   A18.18
Vulvodynia   N94.819
specified NEC   N94.818
Vulvorectal see condition
Vulvovaginitis (acute) see Vaginitis