ICD 10 CM Index

Tabacism, tabacosis, tabagism see also Poisoning, tobacco
meaning dependence (without remission)    F17.200
disorder    F17.299
remission   F17.211
specified disorder NEC   F17.298
withdrawal   F17.203
Tabardillo   A75.9
flea-borne   A75.2
louse-borne   A75.0
Tabes, tabetic   A52.10
central nervous system syphilis   A52.10
Charcot''s joint   A52.16
cord bladder   A52.19
crisis, viscera (any)   A52.19
paralysis, general   A52.17
paresis (general)   A52.17
perforating ulcer (foot)   A52.19
arthropathy (Charcot)   A52.16
bladder   A52.19
bone   A52.11
cerebrospinal   A52.12
congenital   A50.45
conjugal   A52.10
dorsalis    A52.11
juvenile   A50.49
juvenile   A50.49
latent   A52.19
mesenterica   A18.39
paralysis, insane, general   A52.17
spasmodic   A52.17
syphilis (cerebrospinal)   A52.12
Taboparalysis   A52.17
Taboparesis (remission)   A52.17
juvenile   A50.45
TAC (trigeminal autonomic cephalgia)NEC   G44.099
intractable   G44.091
not intractable   G44.099
Tache noir   S60.22-
Tachyalimentation   K91.2
Tachyarrhythmia, tachyrhythmia see Tachycardia
Tachycardia   R00.0
atrial (paroxysmal)   I47.1
auricular   I47.1
AV nodal re-entry (re-entrant)   I47.1
junctional (paroxysmal)   I47.1
newborn   P29.11
nodal (paroxysmal)   I47.1
non-paroxysmal AV nodal   I45.89
paroxysmal (sustained) (nonsustained)    I47.9
with sinus bradycardia   I49.5
atrial (PAT)   I47.1
atrioventricular (AV) (re-entrant)   I47.1
junctional   I47.1
ectopic   I47.1
nodal   I47.1
supraventricular (sustained)   I47.1
ventricular   I47.2
psychogenic   F45.8
sick sinus   I49.5
sinoauricular NOS    R00.0
paroxysmal   I47.1
sinus sinusal NOS    R00.0
paroxysmal   I47.1
supraventricular   I47.1
ventricular (paroxysmal) (sustained)    I47.2
Tachygastria   K31.89
Tachypnea   R06.82
hysterical   F45.8
newborn (idiopathic) (transitory)   P22.1
psychogenic   F45.8
transitory, of newborn   P22.1
Taenia (infection) (infestation)   B68.9
diminuta   B71.0
echinococcal infestation   B67.90
mediocanellata   B68.1
nana   B71.0
saginata   B68.1
solium (intestinal form)    B68.0
Taeniasis (intestine) see Taenia
TACO (transfusion associated circulatory overload)   E87.71
Tag (hypertrophied skin) (infected)   L91.8
adenoid   J35.8
anus   K64.4
hemorrhoidal   K64.4
hymen   N89.8
perineal   N90.89
preauricular   Q17.0
sentinel   K64.4
skin    L91.8
accessory (congenital)   Q82.8
anus   K64.4
congenital   Q82.8
preauricular   Q17.0
tonsil   J35.8
urethra, urethral   N36.8
vulva   N90.89
Tahyna fever   B33.8
Takahara''s disease   E80.3
Takayasu''s disease or syndrome   M31.4
Talcosis (pulmonary)   J62.0
Talipes (congenital)   Q66.89
asymmetric   Q66.89
calcaneovalgus   Q66.4
calcaneovarus   Q66.1
calcaneus   Q66.89
cavus   Q66.7
equinovalgus   Q66.6
equinovarus   Q66.0
equinus   Q66.89
percavus   Q66.7
planovalgus   Q66.6
congenital   Q66.5-
due to rickets (sequelae)   E64.3
valgus   Q66.6
varus   Q66.3
Tall stature, constitutional   E34.4
Talma''s disease   M62.89
Talon noir   S90.3-
hand   S60.22-
heel   S90.3-
toe   S90.1-
Tamponade, heart   I31.4
Tanapox (virus disease)   B08.71
Tangier disease   E78.6
Tantrum, child problem   F91.8
Tapeworm (infection) (infestation) see Infestation, tapeworm
Tapia''s syndrome   G52.7
TAR (thrombocytopenia with absent radius)syndrome   Q87.2
Tarral-Besnier disease   L44.0
Tarsal tunnel syndrome see Syndrome, tarsal tunnel
Tarsalgia see Pain, limb, lower
Tarsitis (eyelid)   H01.8
syphilitic   A52.71
tuberculous   A18.4
Tartar (teeth) (dental calculus)   K03.6
Tattoo (mark)   L81.8
Tauri''s disease   E74.09
Taurodontism   K00.2
Taussig-Bing syndrome   Q20.1
Taybi''s syndrome   Q87.2
Tay-Sachs amaurotic familial idiocy or disease   E75.02
TBI (traumatic brain injury) see category S06
Teacher''s node or nodule   J38.2
Tear, torn (traumatic) see also Laceration
annular fibrosis   M51.35
anus, anal (sphincter)    S31.831
with third degree perineal laceration    O70.2
with mucosa   O70.3
without third degree perineal laceration   O70.4
nontraumatic (healed) (old)   K62.81
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
obstetrical   O71.5
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
obstetrical trauma   O71.5
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
obstetrical trauma   O71.6
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
obstetrical trauma (current)   O71.3
old   N88.1
dural    G97.41
nontraumatic   G96.11
articular (current)   S83.3-
meniscus (knee) (current injury)    S83.209
bucket-handle   S83.20-
bucket-handle   S83.25-
complex   S83.27-
peripheral   S83.26-
specified type NEC   S83.28-
bucket-handle   S83.21-
complex   S83.23-
peripheral   S83.22-
specified type NEC   S83.24-
specified type NEC   S83.20-
floor, complicating delivery   O70.1
organ NEC, obstetrical trauma   O71.5
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
perineal, secondary   O90.1
periurethral tissue, obstetrical trauma    O71.82
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
rotator cuff (nontraumatic)    M75.10-
complete   M75.12-
incomplete   M75.11-
traumatic   S46.01-
capsule   S43.42-
supraspinatus (complete) (incomplete) (nontraumatic) (see also Tear, rotator cuff)   M75.10-
tentorial, at birth   P10.4
complicating delivery   O69.89
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
obstetrical trauma   O71.5
vulva, complicating delivery   O70.0
Tear-stone see Dacryolith
Teeth see also condition
psychogenic   F45.8
sleep related   G47.63
Teething (syndrome)   K00.7
Telangiectasia, telangiectasis (verrucous)   I78.1
ataxic (cerebellar) (Louis-Bar)   G11.3
familial   I78.0
hemorrhagic, hereditary (congenital) (senile)   I78.0
hereditary, hemorrhagic (congenital) (senile)   I78.0
juxtafoveal   H35.07-
macular   H35.07-
parafoveal   H35.07-
retinal (idiopathic) (juxtafoveal) (macular) (parafoveal)   H35.07-
spider   I78.1
Telephone scatologia   F65.89
Telescoped bowel or intestine   K56.1
congenital   Q43.8
body, high (of unknown origin)   R50.9
cold, trauma from    T69.9
newborn   P80.0
specified effect NEC   T69.8
Temple see condition
Temporal see condition
Temporomandibular joint pain-dysfunction syndrome   M26.62
Temporosphenoidal see condition
meaning personal history of attempted suicide   Z91.5
to fall   R29.6
Tenderness, abdominal   R10.819
epigastric   R10.816
generalized   R10.817
left lower quadrant   R10.814
left upper quadrant   R10.812
periumbilic   R10.815
right lower quadrant   R10.813
right upper quadrant   R10.811
rebound    R10.829
epigastric   R10.826
generalized   R10.827
left lower quadrant   R10.824
left upper quadrant   R10.822
periumbilic   R10.825
right lower quadrant   R10.823
right upper quadrant   R10.821
Tendinitis, tendonitis see also Enthesopathy
Achilles   M76.6-
bicipital   M75.2-
calcific    M65.2-
ankle   M65.27-
foot   M65.27-
forearm   M65.23-
hand   M65.24-
lower leg   M65.26-
multiple sites   M65.29
pelvic region   M65.25-
shoulder   M75.3-
specified site NEC   M65.28
thigh   M65.25-
upper arm   M65.22-
gluteal   M76.0-
patellar   M76.5-
peroneal   M76.7-
psoas   M76.1-
tibial (posterior)    M76.82-
anterior   M76.81-
Tendon see condition
Tendosynovitis see Tenosynovitis
Tenesmus (rectal)   R19.8
vesical   R30.1
Tennis elbow see Epicondylitis, lateral
Tenonitis see also Tenosynovitis
eye (capsule)   H05.04-
Tenontosynovitis see Tenosynovitis
Tenontothecitis see Tenosynovitis
Tenophyte see Disorder, synovium, specified type NEC
Tenosynovitis (see also Synovitis)   M65.9
gonococcal   A54.49
crystals   M65.8-
gonorrhea   A54.49
syphilis (late)   A52.78
infective NEC    M65.1-
ankle   M65.17-
foot   M65.17-
forearm   M65.13-
hand   M65.14-
lower leg   M65.16-
multiple sites   M65.19
pelvic region   M65.15-
shoulder region   M65.11-
specified site NEC   M65.18
thigh   M65.15-
upper arm   M65.12-
radial styloid   M65.4
shoulder region    M65.81-
specified type NEC    M65.88
ankle   M65.87-
foot   M65.87-
forearm   M65.83-
hand   M65.84-
lower leg   M65.86-
multiple sites   M65.89
pelvic region   M65.85-
shoulder region   M65.81-
specified site NEC   M65.88
thigh   M65.85-
upper arm   M65.82-
Tenovaginitis see Tenosynovitis
without diagnosis of hypertension   R03.0
headache    G44.209
intractable   G44.201
not intractable   G44.209
nervous   R45.0
pneumothorax   J93.0
premenstrual   N94.3
state (mental)   F48.9
Tentorium see condition
Teratencephalus   Q89.8
Teratism   Q89.7
Teratoblastoma (malignant) see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Teratocarcinoma see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
liver   C22.7
Teratoma (solid) see also Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
liver   C22.7
liver    C22.7
adult, benign, cystic, differentiated type or mature   D13.4
unspecified site   C62.90
ovary    D27.-
testis    C62.9-
adult, benign, cystic, differentiated type or mature   D29.2-
scrotal   C62.1-
undescended   C62.0-
right pulmonary vein   Q26.3
pregnancy, elective   Z33.2
Ternidens diminutus infestation   B81.8
Ternidensiasis   B81.8
Terror (s) night (child)   F51.4
Terrorism, victim of   Z65.4
Terry''s syndrome   H44.2-
Tertiary see condition
Test, tests, testing (for)
blood-alcohol    Z04.8
hemodialysis   Z49.31
peritoneal   Z49.32
blood pressure    Z01.30
blood-drug    Z04.8
blood typing    Z01.83
Rh typing   Z01.83
cardiac pulse generator (battery)   Z45.010
fertility   Z31.41
female   Z31.430
male   Z31.440
male partner of patient with recurrent pregnancy loss   Z31.441
female   Z31.438
male   Z31.448
hearing    Z01.10
with abnormal findings NEC   Z01.118
immunity status   Z01.84
intelligence NEC   Z01.89
laboratory (as part of a general medical examination)    Z00.00
with abnormal finding   Z00.01
for medicolegal reason NEC   Z04.8
male partner of patient with recurrent pregnancy loss   Z31.441
Mantoux (for tuberculosis)    Z11.1
abnormal result   R76.11
procreative    Z31.49
fertility   Z31.41
allergy   Z01.82
Mantoux   Z11.1
tuberculin   Z11.1
specified NEC   Z01.89
tuberculin    Z11.1
abnormal result   R76.11
vision    Z01.00
with abnormal findings   Z01.01
Wassermann    Z11.3
Testicle, testicular, testis see also condition
feminization syndrome (see also Syndrome, androgen insensitivity)   E34.51
migrans   Q55.29
Tetanus, tetanic (cephalic) (convulsions) A35
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
Tetany (due to)   R29.0
alkalosis   E87.3
associated with rickets   E55.0
convulsions    R29.0
hysterical   F44.5
functional (hysterical)   F44.5
hyperkinetic    R29.0
hysterical   F44.5
hyperpnea    R06.4
hysterical   F44.5
psychogenic   F45.8
hyperventilation (see also Hyperventilation)    R06.4
hysterical   F44.5
neonatal (without calcium or magnesium deficiency)   P71.3
parathyroid (gland)   E20.9
parathyroprival   E89.2
post- (para)thyroidectomy   E89.2
postoperative   E89.2
pseudotetany   R29.0
psychogenic (conversion reaction)   F44.5
Tetralogy of Fallot   Q21.3
Tetraplegia (chronic) (see also Quadriplegia)   G82.50
Thailand hemorrhagic fever A91
Thalassanemia see Thalassemia
Thalassemia (anemia) (disease)   D56.9
with other hemoglobinopathy   D56.8
alpha (major) (severe) (triple gene defect)    D56.0
minor   D56.3
silent carrier   D56.3
trait   D56.3
beta (severe)    D56.1
homozygous   D56.1
major   D56.1
minor   D56.3
trait   D56.3
delta-beta (homozygous)    D56.2
minor   D56.3
trait   D56.3
dominant   D56.8
C   D56.8
E-beta   D56.5
intermedia   D56.1
major   D56.1
minor   D56.3
mixed   D56.8
specified type NEC   D56.8
trait   D56.3
variants   D56.8
Thanatophoric dwarfism or short stature   Q77.1
Thaysen-Gee disease (nontropical sprue)   K90.0
Thaysen''s disease   K90.0
Thecoma D27-
Thelarche, premature   E30.8
Thelaziasis   B83.8
Thelitis N61
Therapeutic see condition
agents affecting estrogen receptors and estrogen levels NEC   Z79.818
anastrozole (Arimidex)   Z79.811
antibiotics   Z79.2
anticoagulants   Z79.01
anti-inflammatory   Z79.1
antiplatelet   Z79.02
antithrombotics   Z79.02
aromatase inhibitors   Z79.811
aspirin   Z79.82
birth control pill or patch   Z79.3
bisphosphonates   Z79.83
contraceptive, oral   Z79.3
drug, specified NEC   Z79.899
estrogen receptor downregulators   Z79.818
Evista   Z79.810
exemestane (Aromasin)   Z79.811
Fareston   Z79.810
fulvestrant (Faslodex)   Z79.818
gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)agonist   Z79.818
goserelin acetate (Zoladex)   Z79.818
hormone replacement (postmenopausal)   Z79.890
insulin   Z79.4
letrozole (Femara)   Z79.811
leuprolide acetate (leuprorelin) (Lupron)   Z79.818
megestrol acetate (Megace)   Z79.818
for pain management   Z79.891
maintenance therapy   F11.20
Nolvadex   Z79.810
opiate analgesic   Z79.891
oral contraceptive   Z79.3
raloxifene (Evista)   Z79.810
selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs)   Z79.810
inhaled   Z79.51
systemic   Z79.52
tamoxifen (Nolvadex)   Z79.810
toremifene (Fareston)   Z79.810
Thermic see condition
Thermography (abnormal) (see also Abnormal, diagnostic imaging)   R93.8
breast   R92.8
Thermoplegia   T67.0
Thesaurismosis, glycogen see Disease, glycogen storage
Thiamin deficiency   E51.9
specified NEC   E51.8
Thiaminic deficiency with beriberi   E51.11
Thibierge-Weissenbach syndrome see Sclerosis, systemic
tongue   K14.8
breast   N64.59
endometrium   R93.8
epidermal    L85.9
specified NEC   L85.8
hymen   N89.6
larynx   J38.7
nail    L60.2
congenital   Q84.5
pleura    J92.9
with asbestos   J92.0
skin   R23.4
subepiglottic   J38.7
Thigh see condition
Thinning vertebra see Spondylopathy, specified NEC
Thirst, excessive   R63.1
due to deprivation of water   T73.1
Thomsen disease   G71.12
Thoracic see also condition
kidney   Q63.2
outlet syndrome   G54.0
Thoracogastroschisis (congenital)   Q79.8
Thoracopagus   Q89.4
Thorax see condition
Thorn''s syndrome   N28.89
Thorson-Bjrck syndrome   E34.0
Threadworm (infection) (infestation) B80
abortion    O20.0
with subsequent abortion   O03.9
job loss, anxiety concerning   Z56.2
labor (without delivery)    O47.9
after 37 completed weeks of gestation   O47.1
before 37 completed weeks of gestation   O47.0-
loss of job, anxiety concerning   Z56.2
miscarriage   O20.0
unemployment, anxiety concerning   Z56.2
Three-day fever   A93.1
Threshers'' lung   J67.0
Thrix annulata (congenital)   Q84.1
Throat see condition
Thrombasthenia (Glanzmann) (hemorrhagic) (hereditary)   D69.1
Thromboangiitis   I73.1
obliterans (general)    I73.1
cerebral   I67.89
brain   I67.89
spinal cord   I67.89
Thromboarteritis see Arteritis
Thromboasthenia (Glanzmann) (hemorrhagic) (hereditary)   D69.1
Thrombocytasthenia (Glanzmann)   D69.1
Thrombocythemia (essential) (hemorrhagic) (idiopathic) (primary)   D47.3
Thrombocytopathy (dystrophic) (granulopenic)   D69.1
Thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopenic   D69.6
with absent radius (TAR)   Q87.2
congenital   D69.42
dilutional   D69.59
drugs   D69.59
extracorporeal circulation of blood   D69.59
(massive)blood transfusion   D69.59
platelet alloimmunization   D69.59
essential   D69.3
heparin induced (HIT)   D75.82
hereditary   D69.42
idiopathic   D69.3
neonatal, transitory    P61.0
exchange transfusion   P61.0
idiopathic maternal thrombocytopenia   P61.0
isoimmunization   P61.0
primary NEC    D69.49
idiopathic   D69.3
puerperal, postpartum   O72.3
secondary   D69.59
transient neonatal   P61.0
pelvis    M95.5
with disproportion (fetopelvic)   O33.0
causing obstructed labor   O65.0
tooth (teeth), fully erupted   M26.33
Thrombocytosis, essential   D47.3
primary   D47.3
Thromboembolism see Embolism
Thrombopathy (Bernard-Soulier)   D69.1
constitutional   D68.0
Willebrand-Jurgens   D68.0
Thrombopenia see Thrombocytopenia
Thrombophilia   D68.59
primary NEC   D68.59
secondary NEC   D68.69
specified NEC   D68.69
Thrombophlebitis   I80.9
antepartum    O22.2-
deep   O22.3-
superficial   O22.2-
complicating pregnancy   O22.5-
nonpyogenic   I67.6
nonpyogenic   I67.6
during or resulting from a procedure NEC   T81.72
femoral vein (superficial)   I80.1-
femoropopliteal vein   I80.0-
hepatic (vein)   I80.8
idiopathic, recurrent   I82.1
iliofemoral   I80.1-
nonpyogenic   I67.6
nonpyogenic   G95.19
nonpyogenic   I67.6
leg    I80.299
superficial   I80.0-
nonpyogenic   I67.6
lower extremity   I80.299
migrans, migrating   I82.1
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
puerperal   O87.1
portal (vein)   K75.1
postoperative   T81.72
puerperal, postpartum, childbirth    O87.0
deep   O87.1
pelvic   O87.1
septic   O86.81
superficial   O87.0
saphenous (greater) (lesser)   I80.0-
nonpyogenic   I67.6
specified site NEC   I80.8
tibial vein   I80.23-
Thrombosis, thrombotic (bland) (multiple) (progressive) (silent) (vessel)   I82.90
anal   K64.5
aorta, aortic    I74.10
abdominal   I74.09
saddle   I74.01
bifurcation   I74.09
saddle   I74.01
specified site NEC   I74.19
terminal   I74.09
thoracic   I74.11
apoplexy   I63.3
artery, arteries (postinfectional)    I74.9
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
hepatic   I74.8
iliac   I74.5
limb   I74.4
lower   I74.3
upper   I74.2
mesenteric (with gangrene)   K55.0
renal   N28.0
spinal, anterior or posterior   G95.11
traumatic NEC   T14.8
following acute myocardial infarction (current complication)   I23.6
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
due to syphilis   A52.05
puerperal   O99.43
capillary   I78.8
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
cerebellar artery (anterior inferior) (posterior inferior) (superior)   I66.3
puerperium   O87.3
chronic   I82.91
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
corpus cavernosum   N48.89
cortical   I66.9
due to device, implant or graft (see also Complications, by site and type, specified NEC)    T85.86
arterial graft NEC   T82.868
breast (implant)   T85.86
catheter NEC   T85.86
dialysis (renal)    T82.868
intraperitoneal   T85.86
infusion NEC    T82.868
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.86
urinary (indwelling)   T83.86
bone   T84.86
cardiac   T82.867
nervous system (brain) (peripheral nerve) (spinal)   T85.86
urinary   T83.86
fixation, internal (orthopedic)NEC   T84.86
gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus)   T85.86
genital NEC   T83.86
heart   T82.867
joint prosthesis   T84.86
ocular (corneal graft) (orbital implant)NEC   T85.86
orthopedic NEC   T84.86
specified NEC   T85.86
urinary NEC   T83.86
vascular NEC   T82.868
ventricular intracranial shunt   T85.86
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
female NEC   N94.89
male   N50.1
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
hepatic (vein)    I82.0
artery   I74.8
history (of)   Z86.718
intestine (with gangrene)   K55.0
intracardiac NEC (apical) (atrial) (auricular) (ventricular) (old)   I51.3
intracranial (arterial)    I66.9
nonpyogenic origin   I67.6
puerperium   O87.3
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
nonpyogenic   G95.19
kidney (artery)   N28.0
arterial   I74.3
liver (venous)    I82.0
artery   I74.8
meninges (brain) (arterial)   I66.8
mesenteric (artery) (with gangrene)    K55.0
mitral   I34.8
due to syphilis   A52.06
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
omentum (with gangrene)   K55.0
pampiniform plexus (male)   N50.1
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
penis, superficial vein   N48.81
perianal venous   K64.5
peripheral arteries    I74.4
upper   I74.2
personal history (of)   Z86.718
due to syphilis   A52.09
puerperal, postpartum    O87.0
brain (artery)   O99.43
venous (sinus)   O87.3
cardiac   O99.43
cerebral (artery)   O99.43
venous (sinus)   O87.3
superficial   O87.0
renal (artery)    N28.0
vein   I82.3
scrotum   N50.1
seminal vesicle   N50.1
specified site NEC    I82.890
chronic   I82.891
spermatic cord   N50.1
spinal cord (arterial)    G95.11
due to syphilis   A52.09
pyogenic origin   G06.1
spleen, splenic    D73.5
artery   I74.8
testis   N50.1
traumatic NEC   T14.8
tricuspid   I07.8
tunica vaginalis   N50.1
umbilical cord (vessels), complicating delivery   O69.5
vas deferens   N50.1
vein (acute)    I82.90
antecubital   I82.61-
chronic   I82.71-
axillary   I82.A1-
chronic   I82.A2-
basilic   I82.61-
chronic   I82.71-
brachial   I82.62-
chronic   I82.72-
brachiocephalic (innominate)   I82.290
chronic   I82.291
cerebral, nonpyogenic   I67.6
cephalic   I82.61-
chronic   I82.71-
chronic   I82.91
deep (DVT)   I82.40-
calf    I82.4Z-
chronic   I82.5Z-
lower leg    I82.4Z-
chronic   I82.5Z-
thigh    I82.4Y-
chronic   I82.5Y-
upper leg    I82.4Y
chronic   I82.5y--
femoral   I82.41-
chronic   I82.51-
iliac (iliofemoral)   I82.42-
chronic   I82.52-
innominate   I82.290
chronic   I82.291
internal jugular   I82.C1-
chronic   I82.C2-
deep    I82.40-
chronic   I82.50-
specified NEC    I82.49-
chronic NEC   I82.59-
deep   I82.4Z-
deep    I82.4Y-
chronic   I82.5Y-
superficial   I82.81-
perianal   K64.5
popliteal   I82.43-
chronic   I82.53-
radial   I82.62-
chronic   I82.72-
renal   I82.3
saphenous (greater) (lesser)   I82.81-
specified NEC   I82.890
chronic NEC   I82.891
subclavian   I82.B1-
chronic   I82.B2-
thoracic NEC   I82.290
chronic   I82.291
tibial   I82.44-
chronic   I82.54-
ulnar   I82.62-
chronic   I82.72-
upper extremity   I82.60-
chronic   I82.70-
deep    I82.62-
chronic   I82.72-
superficial    I82.61-
chronic   I82.71-
inferior   I82.220
chronic   I82.221
superior   I82.210
chronic   I82.211
venous, perianal   K64.5
following acute myocardial infarction (current complication)   I23.6
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
Thrombus see Thrombosis
Thrush see also Candidiasis
oral   B37.0
newborn   P37.5
vaginal   B37.3
Thumb see also condition
sucking (child problem)   F98.8
Thymitis   E32.8
Thymoma (benign)   D15.0
Thymus, thymic (gland) see condition
Thyrocele see Goiter
Thyroglossal see also condition
cyst   Q89.2
duct, persistent   Q89.2
Thyroid (gland) (body) see also condition
hormone resistance   E07.89
lingual   Q89.2
nodule (cystic) (nontoxic) (single)   E04.1
Thyroiditis   E06.9
acute (nonsuppurative) (pyogenic) (suppurative)   E06.0
autoimmune   E06.3
chronic (nonspecific) (sclerosing)    E06.5
with thyrotoxicosis, transient   E06.2
fibrous   E06.5
lymphadenoid   E06.3
lymphocytic   E06.3
lymphoid   E06.3
de Quervain''s   E06.1
drug-induced   E06.4
fibrous (chronic)   E06.5
giant-cell (follicular)   E06.1
granulomatous (de Quervain) (subacute)   E06.1
Hashimoto''s (struma lymphomatosa)   E06.3
iatrogenic   E06.4
ligneous   E06.5
lymphocytic (chronic)   E06.3
lymphoid   E06.3
lymphomatous   E06.3
nonsuppurative   E06.1
postpartum, puerperal   O90.5
pseudotuberculous   E06.1
pyogenic   E06.0
radiation   E06.4
Riedel''s   E06.5
subacute (granulomatous)   E06.1
suppurative   E06.0
tuberculous   A18.81
viral   E06.1
woody   E06.5
Thyrolingual duct, persistent   Q89.2
Thyromegaly   E01.0
Thyrotoxicosis (recurrent)   E05.90
ectopic thyroid nodule or tissue   E05.30
with thyroid storm   E05.31
ingestion of (excessive)thyroid material   E05.40
with thyroid storm   E05.41
overproduction of thyroid-stimulating hormone   E05.80
with thyroid storm   E05.81
specified cause NEC   E05.80
with thyroid storm   E05.81
goiter (diffuse)   E05.00
with thyroid storm   E05.01
adenomatous uninodular    E05.10
with thyroid storm   E05.11
multinodular    E05.20
with thyroid storm   E05.21
nodular    E05.20
with thyroid storm   E05.21
uninodular    E05.10
with thyroid storm   E05.11
dermopathy    E05.00
with thyroid storm   E05.01
ophthalmopathy    E05.00
with thyroid storm   E05.01
single thyroid nodule   E05.10
with thyroid storm   E05.11
thyroid storm   E05.91
factitia    E05.40
with thyroid storm   E05.41
neonatal (transient)   P72.1
transient with chronic thyroiditis   E06.2
Tibia vara see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
Tic (disorder)   F95.9
breathing   F95.8
child problem   F95.0
compulsive   F95.1
de la Tourette   F95.2
degenerative (generalized) (localized)    G25.69
facial   G25.69
motor   F95.1
vocal   F95.1
combined vocal and multiple motor   F95.2
transient   F95.0
douloureux    G50.0
atypical   G50.1
postherpetic, postzoster   B02.22
drug-induced   G25.61
eyelid   F95.8
habit    F95.9
chronic   F95.1
transient of childhood   F95.0
lid, transient of childhood   F95.0
motor-verbal   F95.2
occupational   F48.8
orbicularis    F95.8
transient of childhood   F95.0
organic origin   G25.69
postchoreic   G25.69
psychogenic, compulsive   F95.1
salaam   R25.8
spasm (motor or vocal)    F95.9
chronic   F95.1
transient of childhood   F95.0
specified NEC   F95.8
Tick-borne see condition
Tietze''s disease or syndrome   M94.0
Tight, tightness
anus   K62.89
chest   R07.89
fascia (lata)   M62.89
foreskin (congenital)   N47.1
hymen, hymenal ring   N89.6
introitus (acquired) (congenital)   N89.6
rectal sphincter   K62.89
urethral sphincter   N35.9
Tilting vertebra see Dorsopathy, deforming, specified NEC
Timidity, child   F93.8
Tin-miner''s lung   J63.5
Tinea (intersecta) (tarsi)   B35.9
amiantacea   L44.8
asbestina   B35.0
barbae   B35.0
beard   B35.0
black dot   B35.0
blanca   B36.2
capitis   B35.0
corporis   B35.4
cruris   B35.6
flava   B36.0
foot   B35.3
furfuracea   B36.0
imbricata (Tokelau)   B35.5
kerion   B35.0
manuum   B35.2
nigra   B36.1
pedis   B35.3
scalp   B35.0
specified site NEC   B35.8
sycosis   B35.0
tonsurans   B35.0
unguium   B35.1
versicolor   B36.0
Tingling sensation (skin)   R20.2
Tinnitus (audible) (aurium) (subjective) see subcategory   H93.1
Tipped tooth (teeth)   M26.33
Tiredness   R53.83
Tissue see condition
Tobacco (nicotine)
harmful use   Z72.0
maternal use, affecting newborn   P04.2
use    Z72.0
childbirth   O99.334
pregnancy   O99.33-
puerperium   O99.335
counseling and surveillance   Z71.6
Tocopherol deficiency   E56.0
cirrhosis   K74.3
paralysis (postepileptic) (transitory)   G83.84
Toe see condition
Toilet, artificial opening see Attention to, artificial, opening
Tokelau (ringworm)   B35.5
Tollwut see Rabies
Tommaselli''s disease   R31.9
Tongue see also condition
tie   Q38.1
Tonic pupil see Anomaly, pupil, function, tonic pupil
Toni-Fanconi syndrome (cystinosis)   E72.09
with cystinosis   E72.04
Tonsil see condition
Tonsillitis (acute) (catarrhal) (croupous) (follicular) (gangrenous) (infective) (lacunar) (lingual) (malignant) (membranous)
(parenchymatous) (phlegmonous) (pseudomembranous) (purulent) (septic) (subacute) (suppurative) (toxic) (ulcerative)
(vesicular) (viral)   J03.90
chronic    J35.01
with adenoiditis   J35.03
diphtheritic   A36.0
hypertrophic    J35.01
with adenoiditis   J35.03
recurrent   J03.91
specified organism NEC    J03.80
recurrent   J03.81
staphylococcal    J03.80
recurrent   J03.81
streptococcal    J03.00
recurrent   J03.01
tuberculous   A15.8
Vincent''s   A69.1
Trachoma, trachomatous   A71.9
active (stage)   A71.1
contraction of conjunctiva   A71.1
dubium   A71.0
initial (stage)   A71.0
healed or sequelae   B94.0
pannus   A71.1
Trck''s   J37.0
Tooth, teeth see condition
Toothache   K08.8
Topagnosis   R20.8
Tophi see Gout, chronic
TORCH infection see Infection, congenital
without active infection   P00.2
Torn see Tear
Tornwaldt''s cyst or disease   J39.2
aorta, acquired   I77.1
appendix epididymis   N44.04
appendix testis   N44.03
bile duct (common) (hepatic)    K83.8
congenital   Q44.5
bowel, colon or intestine   K56.2
cystic duct   K82.8
epididymis (appendix)   N44.04
fallopian tube    N83.52
with ovary   N83.53
gallbladder    K82.8
congenital   Q44.1
female   N83.52
male   N44.03
kidney (pedicle) (leading to infarction)   N28.0
Meckel''s diverticulum (congenital)    Q43.0
mesentery   K56.2
omentum   K56.2
ovary (pedicle)    N83.51
with fallopian tube   N83.53
congenital   Q50.2
penis (acquired)    N48.82
congenital   Q55.63
spermatic cord    N44.02
extravaginal   N44.01
intravaginal   N44.02
spleen   D73.5
testis, testicle    N44.00
appendix   N44.03
Torticollis (intermittent) (spastic)   M43.6
congenital (sternomastoid)   Q68.0
due to birth injury   P15.8
hysterical   F44.4
ocular   R29.891
psychogenic    F45.8
conversion reaction   F44.4
rheumatic   M43.6
rheumatoid   M06.88
spasmodic   G24.3
traumatic, current   S13.4
Tortipelvis   G24.1
artery   I77.1
retinal vessel, congenital   Q14.1
ureter   N13.8
urethra   N36.8
Torture, victim of   Z65.4
Torula, torular (histolytica) (infection) see Cryptococcosis
Torulosis see Cryptococcosis
Torus (mandibularis) (palatinus)   M27.0
Touraine''s syndrome   Q79.8
Tourette''s syndrome   F95.2
Tourniquet syndrome see Constriction, external, by site
Tower skull   Q75.0
with exophthalmos   Q87.0
Toxemia   R68.89
fatigue   R68.89
gastrointestinal   K52.1
intestinal   K52.1
small intestine   K52.1
staphylococcal, due to food   A05.0
stasis   R68.89
Toxemica cerebropathia psychica (nonalcoholic) F04
Toxic (poisoning) (see also condition)   T65.91
shock syndrome   A48.3
Toxicemia see Toxemia
Toxicity see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by substance, poisoning
fava bean   D55.0
Toxicosis see also Toxemia
capillary, hemorrhagic   D69.0
Toxinfection, gastrointestinal   K52.1
Toxocariasis   B83.0
Toxoplasma, toxoplasmosis (acquired)   B58.9
hepatitis   B58.1
meningoencephalitis   B58.2
ocular involvement   B58.00
other organ involvement   B58.89
pneumonia, pneumonitis   B58.3
congenital (acute) (subacute) (chronic)   P37.1
maternal, manifest toxoplasmosis in infant (acute) (subacute) (chronic)   P37.1
tPA (rtPA)administation in a different facility within the last 24 hours prior to admission to current facility   Z92.82
Trabeculation, bladder   N32.89
Trachea see condition
Tracheitis (catarrhal) (infantile) (membranous) (plastic) (septal) (suppurative) (viral)   J04.10
tuberculous NEC   A15.5
under 15 years of age   J20.9
laryngitis (acute)   J04.2
chronic   J37.1
tuberculous NEC   A15.5
acute    J04.10
with obstruction   J04.11
laryngitis (chronic)   J37.1
diphtheritic (membranous)   A36.89
syphilitic   A52.73
tuberculous   A15.5
Trachelitis (nonvenereal) see Cervicitis
Tracheobronchial see condition
Tracheobronchitis (15 years of age and above) see also Bronchitis
Bordetella bronchiseptica   A37.80
with pneumonia   A37.81
Francisella tularensis   A21.8
Tracheobronchomegaly   Q32.4
with bronchiectasis    J47.9
exacerbation (acute)   J47.1
lower respiratory infection   J47.0
acquired    J98.09
with bronchiectasis   J47.9
exacerbation (acute)   J47.1
lower respiratory infection   J47.0
Tracheobronchopneumonitis see Pneumonia, broncho-
Tracheocele (external) (internal)   J39.8
congenital   Q32.1
Tracheomalacia   J39.8
congenital   Q32.0
Tracheopharyngitis (acute)   J06.9
Tracheostenosis   J39.8
status    Z93.0
attention to   Z43.0
malfunctioning   J95.03
Traction, vitreomacular   H43.82-
Train sickness   T75.3
Trait (s)
Hb-S   D57.3
abnormal NEC   D58.2
with thalassemia   D56.3
S (Hb-S)   D57.3
Lepore   D56.3
personality, accentuated   Z73.1
sickle-cell    D57.3
with elliptocytosis or spherocytosis   D57.3
type A personality   Z73.1
Tramp   Z59.0
Trance   R41.89
hysterical   F44.89
abdomen (partial)   S38.3
celiac artery (incomplete)    S35.211
branch (incomplete)   S35.291
complete   S35.292
complete   S35.212
Transaminasemia   R74.0
associated (red blood cell)hemochromatosis   E83.111
minor blood group (Duffy) (E) (K(ell)) (Kidd) (Lewis) (M) (N) (P) (S)   T80.89
related acute lung injury (TRALI)   J95.84
Transient (meaning homeless) (see also condition)   Z59.0
balanced autosomal    Q95.9
in normal individual   Q95.0
chromosomes NEC    Q99.8
balanced and insertion in normal individual   Q95.0
Down syndrome   Q90.2
13   Q91.6
18   Q91.2
21   Q90.2
Translucency, iris see Degeneration, iris
Transmission of chemical substances through the placenta see Absorption, chemical, through placenta
Transparency, lung, unilateral   J43.0
Transplant (ed) (status)   Z94.9
cornea   Z94.7
awaiting organ   Z76.82
bone    Z94.6
marrow   Z94.81
candidate   Z76.82
heart    Z94.1
and lung (s)   Z94.3
valve   Z95.2
prosthetic   Z95.2
specified NEC   Z95.4
xenogenic   Z95.3
intestine   Z94.82
kidney   Z94.0
liver   Z94.4
lung (s)    Z94.2
and heart   Z94.3
organ (failure) (infection) (rejection)    Z94.9
removal status   Z98.85
pancreas   Z94.83
skin   Z94.5
social   Z60.3
specified organ or tissue NEC   Z94.89
stem cells   Z94.84
tissue   Z94.9
Transplants, ovarian, endometrial   N80.1
Transposed see Transposition
Transposition (congenital) see also Malposition, congenital
abdominal viscera   Q89.3
aorta (dextra)   Q20.3
appendix   Q43.8
colon   Q43.8
corrected   Q20.5
great vessels (complete) (partial)   Q20.3
heart    Q24.0
with complete transposition of viscera   Q89.3
intestine (large) (small)   Q43.8
reversed jejunal (for bypass) (status)   Z98.0
scrotum   Q55.23
stomach    Q40.2
with general transposition of viscera   Q89.3
tooth, teeth, fully erupted   M26.30
vessels, great (complete) (partial)   Q20.3
viscera (abdominal) (thoracic)   Q89.3
Transsexualism   F64.1
Transverse see also condition
arrest (deep), in labor   O64.0
lie (mother)    O32.2
causing obstructed labor   O64.8
Transvestism, transvestitism (dual-role)   F64.1
fetishistic   F65.1
Trapped placenta (with hemorrhage)   O72.0
without hemorrhage   O73.0
Trauma, traumatism see also Injury
acoustic see subcategory   H83.3
complicating ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
during delivery   O71.9
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
obstetric    O71.9
specified NEC   O71.89
Traumatic see also condition
Treacher Collins syndrome   Q75.4
Treitz''s hernia see Hernia, abdomen, specified site NEC
Trematode infestation see Infestation, fluke
Trematodiasis see Infestation, fluke
Trembling paralysis see Parkinsonism
Tremor (s)   R25.1
drug induced   G25.1
essential (benign)   G25.0
familial   G25.0
hereditary   G25.0
hysterical   F44.4
intention   G25.2
medication induced postural   G25.1
mercurial see subcategory   T56.1
psychogenic (conversion reaction)   F44.4
specified type NEC   G25.2
fever   A79.0
mouth   A69.1
Treponema pallidum infection see Syphilis
Hutchinson''s (congenital syphilis)   A50.53
Kartagener''s   Q89.3
Trichiasis (eyelid)   H02.059
left    H02.056
lower   H02.055
upper   H02.054
right    H02.053
lower   H02.052
upper   H02.051
Trichinella spiralis (infection) (infestation) B75
Trichinellosis, trichiniasis, trichinelliasis, trichinosis B75
with muscle disorder B75    M63.80
ankle B75   M63.87-
foot B75   M63.87-
forearm B75   M63.83-
hand B75   M63.84-
lower leg B75   M63.86-
multiple sites B75   M63.89
pelvic region B75   M63.85-
shoulder region B75   M63.81-
specified site NEC B75   M63.88
thigh B75   M63.85-
upper arm B75   M63.82-
Trichobezoar   T18.9
intestine   T18.3
stomach   T18.2
Trichocephaliasis, trichocephalosis B79
Trichocephalus infestation B79
Trichoclasis   L67.8
Trichoepithelioma see also Neoplasm, skin, benign
Trichofolliculoma see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Tricholemmoma see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Trichomoniasis   A59.9
bladder   A59.03
cervix   A59.09
intestinal   A07.8
prostate   A59.02
seminal vesicles   A59.09
specified site NEC   A59.8
urethra   A59.03
urogenitalis   A59.00
vagina   A59.01
vulva   A59.01
axillaris   A48.8
nodosa, nodularis   B36.8
Trichonodosis   L67.8
Trichophytid, trichophyton infection see Dermatophytosis
Trichophytobezoar   T18.9
intestine   T18.3
stomach   T18.2
Trichophytosis see Dermatophytosis
Trichoptilosis   L67.8
Trichorrhexis (nodosa) (invaginata)   L67.0
Trichosis axillaris   A48.8
Trichosporosis nodosa   B36.2
Trichostasis spinulosa (congenital)   Q84.1
Trichostrongyliasis, trichostrongylosis (small intestine)   B81.2
Trichostrongylus infection   B81.2
Trichotillomania   F63.3
Trichromat, trichromatopsia, anomalous (congenital)   H53.55
Trichuriasis B79
Trichuris trichiura (infection) (infestation) (any site) B79
Tricuspid (valve) see condition
Trifid see also Accessory
kidney (pelvis)   Q63.8
tongue   Q38.3
Trigeminal neuralgia see Neuralgia, trigeminal
Trigeminy   R00.8
Trigger finger (acquired)   M65.30
congenital   Q74.0
index finger   M65.32-
little finger   M65.35-
middle finger   M65.33-
ring finger   M65.34-
thumb   M65.31-
Trigonitis (bladder) (chronic) (pseudomembranous)   N30.30
with hematuria   N30.31
Trigonocephaly   Q75.0
Trilocular heart see Cor triloculare
Trimethylaminuria   E72.52
Tripartite placenta   O43.19-
Triphalangeal thumb   Q74.0
Triple see also Accessory
kidneys   Q63.0
uteri   Q51.818
X, female   Q97.0
Triplegia   G83.89
congenital   G80.8
Triplet (newborn) see also Newborn, triplet
Triplication see Accessory
Triploidy   Q92.7
Trismus   R25.2
Trisomy (syndrome)   Q92.9
autosomes   Q92.9
chromosome specified NEC    Q92.8
partial   Q92.2
due to unbalanced translocation   Q92.5
meiotic nondisjunction   Q92.0
mitotic nondisjunction   Q92.1
mosaicism   Q92.1
specified NEC   Q92.8
specified NEC   Q92.8
whole chromosome    Q92.9
meiotic nondisjunction   Q92.0
mitotic nondisjunction   Q92.1
mosaicism   Q92.1
partial   Q92.9
specified NEC   Q92.8
13 (partial)    Q91.7
meiotic nondisjunction   Q91.4
mitotic nondisjunction   Q91.5
mosaicism   Q91.5
translocation   Q91.6
18 (partial)    Q91.3
meiotic nondisjunction   Q91.0
mitotic nondisjunction   Q91.1
mosaicism   Q91.1
translocation   Q91.2
20   Q92.8
21 (partial)    Q90.9
meiotic nondisjunction   Q90.0
mitotic nondisjunction   Q90.1
mosaicism   Q90.1
translocation   Q90.2
22   Q92.8
Tritanomaly, tritanopia   H53.55
Trombiculosis, trombiculiasis, trombidiosis   B88.0
Trophedema (congenital) (hereditary)   Q82.0
Trophoblastic disease (see also Mole, hydatidiform)   O01.9
Tropholymphedema   Q82.0
Trophoneurosis NEC   G96.8
disseminated   M34.9
Tropical see condition
Trouble see also Disease
nervous   R45.0
Trousseau''s syndrome (thrombophlebitis migrans)   I82.1
Truancy, childhood
from school   Z72.810
arteriosus (persistent)   Q20.0
communis   Q20.0
Trunk see condition
African    B56.9
gambiense   B56.0
rhodesiense   B56.1
brucei gambiense   B56.0
brucei rhodesiense   B56.1
gambiensis, Gambian   B56.0
rhodesiensis, Rhodesian   B56.1
African trypanosomiasis is prevalent   B56.9
Chagas'' disease is prevalent   B57.2
T-shaped incisors   K00.2
Tsutsugamushi (disease) (fever)   A75.3
Tube, tubal, tubular see condition
Tubercle see also Tuberculosis
brain, solitary   A17.81
Darwin''s   Q17.8
Ghon, primary infection   A15.7
Tuberculid, tuberculide (indurating, subcutaneous) (lichenoid) (miliary) (papulonecrotic) (primary) (skin)   A18.4
Tuberculoma see also Tuberculosis
brain   A17.81
meninges (cerebral) (spinal)   A17.1
spinal cord   A17.81
Tuberculosis, tubercular, tuberculous (calcification) (calcified) (caseous) (chromogenic acid-fast bacilli) (degeneration)
(fibrocaseous) (fistula) (interstitial) (isolated circumscribed lesions) (necrosis) (parenchymatous) (ulcerative)   A15.9
abdomen (lymph gland)   A18.39
abscess (respiratory)    A15.9
bone   A18.03
hip   A18.02
knee   A18.02
sacrum   A18.01
specified site NEC   A18.03
spinal   A18.01
vertebra   A18.01
brain   A17.81
breast   A18.89
Cowper''s gland   A18.15
dura (mater) (cerebral) (spinal)   A17.81
epidural (cerebral) (spinal)   A17.81
female pelvis   A18.17
frontal sinus   A15.8
genital organs NEC   A18.10
genitourinary   A18.10
hip   A18.02
intestine   A18.32
ischiorectal   A18.32
joint NEC   A18.02
hip   A18.02
knee   A18.02
specified NEC   A18.02
vertebral   A18.01
kidney   A18.11
knee   A18.02
latent   R76.11
lumbar (spine)   A18.01
meninges (cerebral) (spinal)   A17.0
muscle   A18.09
perianal (fistula)   A18.32
perinephritic   A18.11
perirectal   A18.32
rectum   A18.32
retropharyngeal   A15.8
sacrum   A18.01
scrofulous   A18.2
scrotum   A18.15
skin (primary)   A18.4
spinal cord   A17.81
spine or vertebra (column)   A18.01
subdiaphragmatic   A18.31
testis   A18.15
urinary   A18.13
uterus   A18.17
Addison''s disease   A18.7
adenoids   A15.8
adherent pericardium   A18.84
adnexa (uteri)   A18.17
adrenal (capsule) (gland)   A18.7
alimentary canal   A18.32
anemia   A18.89
ankle (joint) (bone)   A18.02
anus   A18.32
appendicitis, appendix   A18.32
arachnoid   A17.0
artery, arteritis    A18.89
cerebral   A18.89
arthritis (chronic) (synovial)    A18.02
spine or vertebra (column)   A18.01
ascites   A18.31
axilla, axillary (gland)   A18.2
bladder   A18.12
bone    A18.03
hip   A18.02
knee   A18.02
limb NEC   A18.03
sacrum   A18.01
spine or vertebral column   A18.01
bowel (miliary)   A18.32
brain   A17.81
breast   A18.89
broad ligament   A18.17
bronchi, bronchial, bronchus    A15.5
fistula   A15.5
primary (progressive)   A15.7
gland or node   A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
lymph gland or node   A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
bronchitis   A15.5
bronchopleural   A15.6
bronchorrhagia   A15.5
bronchotracheal   A15.5
bronze disease   A18.7
buccal cavity   A18.83
bulbourethral gland   A18.15
bursa   A18.09
cachexia   A15.9
cardiomyopathy   A18.84
cartilage    A18.02
intervertebral   A18.01
cecum   A18.32
cellulitis (primary)   A18.4
cerebellum   A17.81
cerebral, cerebrum   A17.81
cerebrospinal    A17.81
meninges   A17.0
cervical (lymph gland or node)   A18.2
cervicitis, cervix (uteri)   A18.16
chorioretinitis   A18.53
choroid, choroiditis   A18.53
ciliary body   A18.54
colitis   A18.32
colliquativa (primary)   A18.4
colon   A18.32
complex, primary   A15.7
congenital   P37.0
conjunctiva   A18.59
connective tissue (systemic)   A18.89
contact   Z20.1
cornea (ulcer)   A18.52
Cowper''s gland   A18.15
coxae   A18.02
coxalgia   A18.02
cul-de-sac of Douglas   A18.17
curvature, spine   A18.01
cutis (colliquativa) (primary)   A18.4
cyst, ovary   A18.18
cystitis   A18.12
dactylitis   A18.03
diarrhea   A18.32
digestive tract   A18.32
duodenum   A18.32
dura (mater) (cerebral) (spinal)    A17.0
abscess (cerebral) (spinal)   A17.81
dysentery   A18.32
ear (inner) (middle)    A18.6
bone   A18.03
external (primary)   A18.4
skin (primary)   A18.4
elbow   A18.02
empyema   A15.6
encephalitis   A17.82
endarteritis   A18.89
endocarditis    A18.84
aortic   A18.84
mitral   A18.84
pulmonary   A18.84
tricuspid   A18.84
endocrine glands NEC   A18.82
endometrium   A18.17
enteric, enterica, enteritis   A18.32
enterocolitis   A18.32
epididymis, epididymitis   A18.15
epidural abscess (cerebral) (spinal)   A17.81
epiglottis   A15.5
episcleritis   A18.51
erythema (induratum) (nodosum) (primary)   A18.4
esophagus   A18.83
eustachian tube   A18.6
exposure (to)   Z20.1
eye   A18.50
eyelid (primary) (lupus)   A18.4
fallopian tube (acute) (chronic)   A18.17
fascia   A18.09
fauces   A15.8
female pelvic inflammatory disease   A18.17
finger   A18.03
first infection   A15.7
gallbladder   A18.83
ganglion   A18.09
gastritis   A18.83
gastrocolic fistula   A18.32
gastroenteritis   A18.32
gastrointestinal tract   A18.32
genital organs   A18.10
genitourinary   A18.10
genu   A18.02
glandula suprarenalis   A18.7
glandular, general   A18.2
glottis   A15.5
gum   A18.83
hand   A18.03
heart   A18.84
hemothorax   A15.6
hepatitis   A18.83
hilar lymph nodes    A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
hip (joint) (disease) (bone)   A18.02
hydropneumothorax   A15.6
hydrothorax   A15.6
hypoadrenalism   A18.7
hypopharynx   A15.8
ileocecal (hyperplastic)   A18.32
ileocolitis   A18.32
ileum   A18.32
iliac spine (superior)   A18.03
immunological findings only   A15.7
indurativa (primary)   A18.4
infantile   A15.7
infection    A15.9
without clinical manifestations   A15.7
infraclavicular gland   A18.2
inguinal gland   A18.2
inguinalis   A18.2
intestine (any part)   A18.32
iridocyclitis   A18.54
iris, iritis   A18.54
ischiorectal   A18.32
jaw   A18.03
jejunum   A18.32
joint    A18.02
vertebral   A18.01
keratitis (interstitial)   A18.52
keratoconjunctivitis   A18.52
kidney   A18.11
knee (joint)   A18.02
kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis   A18.01
laryngitis   A15.5
larynx   A15.5
latent   R76.11
leptomeninges, leptomeningitis (cerebral) (spinal)   A17.0
lichenoides (primary)   A18.4
linguae   A18.83
lip   A18.83
liver   A18.83
lordosis   A18.01
lupus vulgaris   A18.4
lymph gland or node (peripheral)    A18.2
abdomen   A18.39
bronchial   A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
cervical   A18.2
hilar   A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
intrathoracic   A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
mediastinal   A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
mesenteric   A18.39
retroperitoneal   A18.39
tracheobronchial   A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
mammary gland   A18.89
marasmus   A15.9
mastoiditis   A18.03
mediastinal lymph gland or node    A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
mediastinitis    A15.8
primary (progressive)   A15.7
mediastinum    A15.8
primary (progressive)   A15.7
medulla   A17.81
melanosis, Addisonian   A18.7
meninges, meningitis (basilar) (cerebral) (cerebrospinal) (spinal)   A17.0
meningoencephalitis   A17.82
mesentery, mesenteric (gland or node)   A18.39
miliary    A19.9
acute   A19.2
multiple sites   A19.1
single specified site   A19.0
chronic   A19.8
specified NEC   A19.8
mouth   A18.83
multiple    A19.9
acute   A19.1
chronic   A19.8
muscle   A18.09
myelitis   A17.82
myocardium, myocarditis   A18.84
nasal (passage) (sinus)   A15.8
nasopharynx   A15.8
neck gland   A18.2
nephritis   A18.11
nerve (mononeuropathy)   A17.83
nervous system   A17.9
nose (septum)   A15.8
ocular   A18.50
omentum   A18.31
oophoritis (acute) (chronic)   A18.17
optic (nerve trunk) (papilla)   A18.59
orbit   A18.59
orchitis   A18.15
organ, specified NEC   A18.89
otitis media   A18.6
ovary, ovaritis (acute) (chronic)   A18.17
oviduct (acute) (chronic)   A18.17
pachymeningitis   A17.0
palate (soft)   A18.83
pancreas   A18.83
papulonecrotic (a) (primary)   A18.4
parathyroid glands   A18.82
paronychia (primary)   A18.4
parotid gland or region   A18.83
pelvis (bony)   A18.03
penis   A18.15
peribronchitis   A15.5
pericardium, pericarditis   A18.84
perichondritis, larynx   A15.5
perirectal fistula   A18.32
peritoneum NEC   A18.31
peritonitis   A18.31
pharynx, pharyngitis   A15.8
phlyctenulosis (keratoconjunctivitis)   A18.52
pituitary gland   A18.82
pleura, pleural, pleurisy, pleuritis (fibrinous) (obliterative) (purulent) (simple plastic) (with effusion)    A15.6
primary (progressive)   A15.7
polyneuropathy   A17.89
polyserositis    A19.9
acute   A19.1
chronic   A19.8
prepuce   A18.15
primary (complex)   A15.7
proctitis   A18.32
prostate, prostatitis   A18.14
pulmonary (cavitated) (fibrotic) (infiltrative) (nodular)    A15.0
childhood type or first infection   A15.7
primary (complex)   A15.7
pyelitis   A18.11
pyelonephritis   A18.11
pyonephrosis   A18.11
pyopneumothorax   A15.6
pyothorax   A15.6
rectum (fistula) (with abscess)   A18.32
renal   A18.11
renis   A18.11
respiratory    A15.9
primary   A15.7
specified site NEC   A15.8
retina, retinitis   A18.53
retroperitoneal (lymph gland or node)   A18.39
rheumatism NEC   A18.09
rhinitis   A15.8
sacroiliac (joint)   A18.01
sacrum   A18.01
salivary gland   A18.83
salpingitis (acute) (chronic)   A18.17
sclera   A18.51
scoliosis   A18.01
scrofulous   A18.2
scrotum   A18.15
seminal tract or vesicle   A18.15
senile   A15.9
shoulder (joint)    A18.02
blade   A18.03
sigmoid   A18.32
sinus (any nasal)    A15.8
bone   A18.03
epididymis   A18.15
skeletal NEC   A18.03
skin (any site) (primary)   A18.4
small intestine   A18.32
soft palate   A18.83
spermatic cord   A18.15
spine, spinal (column)    A18.01
cord   A17.81
medulla   A17.81
membrane   A17.0
meninges   A17.0
spleen, splenitis   A18.85
spondylitis   A18.01
sternoclavicular joint   A18.02
stomach   A18.83
subcutaneous tissue (cellular) (primary)   A18.4
subcutis (primary)   A18.4
subdeltoid bursa   A18.83
submaxillary (region)   A18.83
supraclavicular gland   A18.2
suprarenal (capsule) (gland)   A18.7
swelling, joint (see also category M01) (see also Tuberculosis, joint)   A18.02
symphysis pubis   A18.02
synovitis    A18.09
articular   A18.02
spine or vertebra   A18.01
tarsitis   A18.4
tenosynovitis    A18.09
spine or vertebra   A18.01
testis   A18.15
throat   A15.8
thymus gland   A18.82
thyroid gland   A18.81
tongue   A18.83
tonsil, tonsillitis   A15.8
trachea, tracheal    A15.5
lymph gland or node   A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
tracheobronchial    A15.5
lymph gland or node   A15.4
primary (progressive)   A15.7
tubal (acute) (chronic)   A18.17
tunica vaginalis   A18.15
ulcer (skin) (primary)    A18.4
bowel or intestine   A18.32
unspecified site   A15.9
ureter   A18.11
urethra, urethral (gland)   A18.13
urinary organ or tract   A18.13
uterus   A18.17
uveal tract   A18.54
uvula   A18.83
vagina   A18.18
vas deferens   A18.15
verruca, verrucosa (cutis) (primary)   A18.4
vertebra (column)   A18.01
vesiculitis   A18.15
vulva   A18.18
wrist (joint)   A18.02
Carabelli (see Note at)   K00.2
occlusal (see Note at)   K00.2
paramolare   K00.2
Tuberosity, enitre maxillary   M26.07
Tuberous sclerosis (brain)   Q85.1
Tubo-ovarian see condition
Tuboplasty, after previous sterilization   Z31.0
aftercare   Z31.42
Tubotympanitis, catarrhal (chronic) see Otitis, media, nonsuppurative, chronic, serous
Tularemia   A21.9
pulmonary   A21.2
conjunctivitis   A21.1
pneumonia   A21.2
abdominal   A21.3
bronchopneumonic   A21.2
conjunctivitis   A21.1
cryptogenic   A21.3
enteric   A21.3
gastrointestinal   A21.3
generalized   A21.7
ingestion   A21.3
intestinal   A21.3
oculoglandular   A21.1
ophthalmic   A21.1
pneumonia (any), pneumonic   A21.2
sepsis   A21.7
specified NEC   A21.8
typhoidal   A21.7
ulceroglandular   A21.0
Tularensis conjunctivitis   A21.1
Tumefaction see also Swelling
Tumor see also Neoplasm, unspecified behavior, by site
cortical (benign)   D35.0-
malignant   C74.0-
pancreas   C25.4
unspecified site   C25.4
pancreas   D13.7
unspecified site   D13.7
aortic body    D44.7
malignant   C75.5
basal cell (see also Neoplasm, skin, uncertain behavior)   D48.5
pancreas   C25.4
unspecified site   C25.4
pancreas   D13.7
unspecified site   D13.7
Brenner    D27.9
borderline malignancy   D39.1-
proliferating   D39.1-
bronchial alveolar, intravascular   D38.1
benign   D3A.00
appendix   D3A.020
ascending colon   D3A.022
bronchus (lung)   D3A.090
cecum   D3A.021
colon   D3A.029
descending colon   D3A.024
duodenum   D3A.010
foregut NOS   D3A.094
hindgut NOS   D3A.096
ileum   D3A.012
jejunum   D3A.011
kidney   D3A.093
large intestine   D3A.029
lung (bronchus)   D3A.090
midgut NOS   D3A.095
rectum   D3A.026
sigmoid colon   D3A.025
small intestine   D3A.019
specified NEC   D3A.098
stomach   D3A.092
thymus   D3A.091
transverse colon   D3A.023
malignant   C7A.00
appendix   C7A.020
ascending colon   C7A.022
bronchus (lung)   C7A.090
cecum   C7A.021
colon   C7A.029
descending colon   C7A.024
duodenum   C7A.010
foregut NOS   C7A.094
hindgut NOS   C7A.096
ileum   C7A.012
jejunum   C7A.011
kidney   C7A.093
large intestine   C7A.029
lung (bronchus)   C7A.090
midgut NOS   C7A.095
rectum   C7A.026
sigmoid colon   C7A.025
small intestine   C7A.019
specified NEC   C7A.098
stomach   C7A.092
thymus   C7A.091
transverse colon   C7A.023
mesentary metastasis   C7B.04
secondary   C7B.00
bone   C7B.03
distant lymph nodes   C7B.01
liver   C7B.02
peritoneum   C7B.04
specified NEC   C7B.09
carotid body    D44.6
malignant   C75.4
Cock''s peculiar   L72.3
liver   C22.7
female   C56.-
male   C62.90
pancreas   C25.4
unspecified site   C25.4
unspecified site   D37.8
bone   D48.0
glomus    D18.00
intra-abdominal   D18.03
intracranial   D18.02
jugulare   D44.7
malignant   C75.5
skin   D18.01
specified site NEC   D18.09
granulosa cell    D39.1-
juvenile   D39.1-
granulosa cell-theca cell    D39.1-
intravascular bronchial alveolar   D38.1
pancreas   C25.4
unspecified site   C25.4
pancreas   D13.7
unspecified site   D13.7
juxtaglomerular   D41.0-
Klatskin''s   C24.0
Krukenberg''s   C79.6-
female   D27.9
male   D29.20
female   C56.9
male   C62.90
female   D39.10
male   D40.10
malignant (see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site)    C80.1
fusiform cell (type)   C80.1
giant cell (type)   C80.1
mixed NEC   C80.1
small cell (type)   C80.1
spindle cell (type)   C80.1
unclassified   C80.1
mast cell    D47.0
malignant   C96.2
liver   C22.4
unspecified site   C56.9
unspecified site   C18.1
unspecified site   C54.9
unspecified site   C71.9
neuroendocrine    D3A.8
malignant poorly differentiated   C7A.1
secondary NEC   C7B.8
specified NEC   C7A.8
neurogenic olfactory   C30.0
malignant   C41.1
upper jaw (bone)   C41.0
ovarian stromal   D39.1-
cystic   D37.9
unspecified site   C56.9
unspecified site   C56.9
phantom   F45.8
phyllodes    D48.6-
placental site trophoblastic   D39.2
female   C56.9
male   C62.90
Rathke''s pouch   D44.3
Sampson''s   N80.1
carcinoid   C7B.00
bone   C7B.03
distant lymph nodes   C7B.01
liver   C7B.02
peritoneum   C7B.04
specified NEC   C7B.09
neuroendocrine NEC   C7B.8
unspecified site   C56.9
female   D27.9
male   D29.20
female   D27.9
male   D29.20
female   D27.9
male   D29.20
with annular tubules   D39.1-
sternomastoid (congenital)   Q68.0
endometrial   D39.0
gastric   D48.1
benign   D21.4
malignant   C16.9
uncertain behavior   D48.1
benign   D21.4
malignant   C49.4
uncertain behavior   D48.1
benign   D21.4
malignant   C49.4
uncertain behavior   D48.1
ovarian   D39.1-
benign   D21.4
malignant   C16.9
uncertain behavior   D48.1
testicular   D40.10
syphilitic, brain   A52.17
testicular stromal   D40.1-
theca cell   D27.-
theca cell-granulosa cell   D39.1-
trophoblastic, placental site   D39.2
turban   D23.4
causing obstructed labor   O65.5
female   C56.9
male   C62.90
Tumor lysis syndrome (following antineoplastic chemotherapy) (spontaneous)NEC   E88.3
Tumorlet see Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Tungiasis   B88.1
Tunica vasculosa lentis   Q12.2
Turban tumor   D23.4
Trck''s trachoma   J37.0
Turner-Kieser syndrome   Q79.8
Turner-like syndrome   Q87.1
hypoplasia (tooth)   K00.4
syndrome    Q96.9
specified NEC   Q96.8
tooth   K00.4
Turner-Ullrich syndrome   Q96.9
Tussis convulsiva see Whooping cough
Twiddler''s syndrome (due to)
automatic implantable defibrillator   T82.198
cardiac pacemaker   T82.198
Twilight state
psychogenic   F44.89
Twin (newborn) see also Newborn, twin
conjoined   Q89.4
Twinning, teeth   K00.2
Twist, twisted
bowel, colon or intestine   K56.2
hair (congenital)   Q84.1
mesentery   K56.2
omentum   K56.2
Twitching   R25.3
Tylosis (acquired) L84
buccalis   K13.29
linguae   K13.29
palmaris et plantaris (congenital) (inherited)    Q82.8
acquired   L85.1
Tympanism   R14.0
Tympanites (abdominal) (intestinal)   R14.0
Tympanitis see Myringitis
Tympanosclerosis see subcategory   H74.0
Tympanum see condition
abdomen   R14.0
chest   R09.89
Type A behavior pattern   Z73.1
Typhlitis see Appendicitis
Typhoenteritis see Typhoid
Typhoid (abortive) (ambulant) (any site) (clinical) (fever) (hemorrhagic) (infection) (intermittent) (malignant) (rheumatic)
(Widal negative)   A01.00
with pneumonia   A01.03
abdominal   A01.09
arthritis   A01.04
carrier (suspected)of   Z22.0
cholecystitis (current)   A01.09
endocarditis   A01.02
heart involvement   A01.02
meningitis   A01.01
mesenteric lymph nodes   A01.09
myocarditis   A01.02
osteomyelitis   A01.05
perichondritis, larynx   A01.09
pneumonia   A01.03
spine   A01.05
specified NEC   A01.09
ulcer (perforating)   A01.09
Typhomalaria (fever) see Malaria
Typhomania   A01.00
Typhoperitonitis   A01.09
Typhus (fever)   A75.9
African tick   A77.1
amarillic   A95.9
classical   A75.0
prowazekii   A75.0
recrudescent   A75.1
tsutsugamushi   A75.3
typhi   A75.2
endemic (flea-borne)   A75.2
epidemic (louse-borne)   A75.0
exanthematic NEC   A75.0
exanthematicus SAI    A75.0
brillii SAI   A75.1
mexicanus SAI   A75.2
typhus murinus   A75.2
flea-borne   A75.2
India tick   A77.1
Kenya (tick)   A77.1
louse-borne   A75.0
Mexican   A75.2
mite-borne   A75.3
murine   A75.2
North Asian tick-borne   A77.2
petechial   A75.9
Queensland tick   A77.3
rat   A75.2
recrudescent   A75.1
Sao Paulo   A77.0
scrub (China) (India) (Malaysia) (New Guinea)   A75.3
shop (of Malaysia)   A75.2
Siberian tick   A77.2
tick-borne   A77.9
tropical (mite-borne)   A75.3
Tyrosinemia   E70.21
newborn, transitory   P74.5
Tyrosinosis   E70.21
Tyrosinuria   E70.29