ICD 10 CM Index

Obermeyer''s relapsing fever (European)   A68.0
Obesity   E66.9
with alveolar hyperventilation   E66.2
adrenal   E27.8
childbirth   O99.214
pregnancy   O99.21-
puerperium   O99.215
constitutional   E66.8
dietary counseling and surveillance   Z71.3
drug-induced   E66.1
drug   E66.1
excess calories   E66.09
morbid   E66.01
severe   E66.01
endocrine   E66.8
endogenous   E66.8
familial   E66.8
glandular   E66.8
morbid    E66.01
with alveolar hypoventilation   E66.2
due to excess calories   E66.01
nutritional   E66.09
pituitary   E23.6
severe   E66.01
specified type NEC   E66.8
Oblique see condition
appendix (lumen)   K38.8
artery   I77.1
bile duct (noncalculous)   K83.1
common duct (noncalculous)   K83.1
disease, arteriolar   I77.1
endometrium   N85.8
fallopian tube   N97.1
lymphatic vessel    I89.0
due to mastectomy   I97.2
ureter    N13.5
with infection   N13.6
vein   I87.8
vestibule (oral)   K08.8
Observation (following) (for) (without need for further medical care)   Z04.9
accident NEC    Z04.3
at work   Z04.2
transport   Z04.1
adverse effect of drug   Z03.6
adult   Z04.41
child   Z04.42
criminal assault   Z04.8
adolescent   Z00.3
period of rapid growth in childhood   Z00.2
puberty   Z00.3
disease, specified NEC   Z03.89
following work accident   Z04.2
(use of)
immediately after delivery   Z39.0
routine follow-up   Z39.2
pregnancy (normal) (without complication)    Z34.9-
high risk   O09.9-
suicide attempt, alleged NEC    Z03.89
self-poisoning   Z03.6
adult   Z04.71
child   Z04.72
accident at work   Z04.2
adult battering victim   Z04.71
child battering victim   Z04.72
condition NEC   Z03.89
drug poisoning or adverse effect   Z03.6
anthrax   Z03.810
biological agent NEC   Z03.818
inflicted injury NEC   Z04.8
suicide attempt, alleged   Z03.89
self-poisoning   Z03.6
toxic effects from ingested substance (drug) (poison)   Z03.6
toxic effects from ingested substance (drug) (poison)   Z03.6
Obsession, obsessional state F42
Obsessive-compulsive neurosis or reaction F42
Obstetric embolism, septic see Embolism, obstetric, septic
Obstetrical trauma (complicating delivery)   O71.9
with or following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
specified type NEC   O71.89
Obstipation see Constipation
Obstruction, obstructed, obstructive
airway    J98.8
allergic alveolitis   J67.9
asthma    J45.909
exacerbation (acute)   J45.901
status asthmaticus   J45.902
bronchiectasis    J47.9
exacerbation (acute)   J47.1
lower respiratory infection   J47.0
bronchitis (chronic)   J44.9
emphysema   J43.9
chronic   J44.9
bronchiectasis    J47.9
exacerbation (acute)    J47.1
lower respiratory infection    J47.0
inhalation of fumes or vapors   J68.9
laryngospasm   J38.5
ampulla of Vater   K83.1
aortoiliac   I74.09
aqueduct of Sylvius    G91.1
congenital   Q03.0
artery (see also Embolism, artery)    I74.9
renal   N28.0
band (intestinal)   K56.69
bile duct or passage (common) (hepatic) (noncalculous)    K83.1
with calculus   K80.51
congenital (causing jaundice)   Q44.3
biliary (duct) (tract)    K83.1
gallbladder   K82.0
bladder-neck (acquired)    N32.0
congenital   Q64.31
bronchus   J98.09
cardia   K22.2
caval veins (inferior) (superior)   I87.1
circulatory   I99.8
common duct (noncalculous)   K83.1
with calculus   K80.21
device, implant or graft (see also Complications, by site and type, mechanical)    T85.698
catheter NEC   T85.628
cystostomy   T83.090
dialysis (renal)    T82.49
intraperitoneal   T85.691
infusion NEC    T82.594
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.690
urinary, indwelling   T83.098
due to infection   T85.79
genital NEC   T83.498
intrauterine contraceptive device   T83.39
penile prosthesis   T83.490
specified NEC   T85.628
graft   T83.29
ventricular intracranial shunt   T85.09
due to foreign body accidentally left in operative wound   T81.529
duodenum   K31.5
ejaculatory duct   N50.8
esophagus   K22.2
eustachian tube (complete) (partial)    H68.10-
cartilagenous (extrinsic)   H68.13-
intrinsic   H68.12-
osseous   H68.11-
fallopian tube (bilateral)   N97.1
fecal    K56.41
foramen of Monro (congenital)    Q03.8
gallbladder    K82.0
with calculus, stones   K80.21
congenital   Q44.1
gastric outlet   K31.1
hepatic    K76.89
duct (noncalculous)   K83.1
hepatobiliary   K83.1
iliofemoral (artery)   I74.5
intestine    K56.60
adhesions (intestinal) (peritoneal)   K56.5
adynamic   K56.0
by gallstone   K56.3
congenital (small)   Q41.9
large    Q42.9
specified part NEC   Q42.8
neurogenic   K56.0
Hirschsprung''s disease or megacolon   Q43.1
newborn   P76.9
fecaliths   P76.8
inspissated milk   P76.2
meconium (plug)    P76.0
in mucoviscidosis   E84.11
specified NEC   P76.8
postoperative   K91.3
reflex   K56.0
specified NEC   K56.69
volvulus   K56.2
intracardiac ball valve prosthesis   T82.09
kidney (calices)   N28.89
congenital   Q10.5
neonatal   H04.53-
lacteal, with steatorrhea   K90.2
larynx NEC    J38.6
congenital   Q31.8
lung    J98.4
disease, chronic   J44.9
lymphatic   I89.0
newborn   P76.0
due to fecaliths   P76.0
in mucoviscidosis   E84.11
nasal   J34.89
congenital   Q10.5
nasopharynx   J39.2
nose   J34.89
pancreatic duct   K86.8
parotid duct or gland   K11.8
pelviureteral junction    N13.5
congenital   Q62.39
pharynx   J39.2
valve (urinary)   N32.0
pulmonary valve (heart)   I37.0
pyelonephritis (chronic)   N11.1
adult   K31.1
congenital or infantile   Q40.0
rectum   K62.4
renal    N28.89
outflow   N13.8
pelvis, congenital   Q62.39
respiratory    J98.8
chronic   J44.9
retinal (vessels)   H34.9
salivary duct (any)    K11.8
with calculus   K11.5
sinus (accessory) (nasal)   J34.89
Stensen''s duct   K11.8
stomach NEC    K31.89
acute   K31.0
congenital   Q40.2
due to pylorospasm   K31.3
submandibular duct   K11.8
submaxillary gland    K11.8
with calculus   K11.5
thoracic duct   I89.0
trachea   J39.8
tracheostomy airway   J95.03
upper respiratory, congenital   Q34.8
ureter (functional) (pelvic junction)NEC    N13.5
hydronephrosis    N13.1
with infection   N13.6
pyelonephritis (chronic)   N11.1
congenital   Q62.39
urethra NEC    N36.8
congenital   Q64.39
urinary (moderate)    N13.9
organ or tract (lower)   N13.9
prostatic valve   N32.0
specified NEC   N13.8
uropathy   N13.9
uterus   N85.8
vagina   N89.5
vein, venous    I87.1
caval (inferior) (superior)   I87.1
vena cava (inferior) (superior)   I87.1
vesical NEC   N32.0
vesicourethral orifice    N32.0
congenital   Q64.31
vessel NEC   I99.8
Obturator see condition
Occlusal wear, teeth   K03.0
Occlusio pupillae see Membrane, pupillary
Occlusion, occluded
anus    K62.4
congenital   Q42.3
with fistula   Q42.2
aortoiliac (chronic)   I74.09
aqueduct of Sylvius    G91.1
congenital   Q03.0
artery (see also Embolism, artery)    I74.9
auditory, internal   I65.8
basilar   I65.1
infarction    I63.22
embolism    I63.12
thrombosis    I63.02
brain or cerebral   I66.9
with infarction (due to)    I63.5
embolism   I63.4
thrombosis   I63.3
carotid   I65.2-
infarction    I63.23-
embolism    I63.13-
thrombosis    I63.03-
cerebellar (anterior inferior) (posterior inferior) (superior)   I66.3
with infarction    I63.54-
embolism   I63.44-
thrombosis   I63.34-
cerebral   I66.9
with infarction    I63.50
embolism    I63.40
specified NEC    I63.49
thrombosis    I63.30
specified NEC    I63.39
anterior    I66.1-
with infarction    I63.52-
embolism    I63.42-
thrombosis    I63.32-
middle    I66.0-
with infarction    I63.51-
embolism    I63.41-
thrombosis    I63.31-
posterior    I66.2-
with infarction    I63.53-
embolism    I63.43-
thrombosis    I63.33-
specified NEC    I66.8
with infarction    I63.59
embolism    I63.4
thrombosis    I63.3
coronary   I25.82
extremities   I70.92
coronary (acute) (thrombotic) (without myocardial infarction)   I24.0
chronic total   I25.82
complete   I25.82
healed or old   I25.2
total (chronic)   I25.82
iliac   I74.5
lower extremities due to stenosis or stricture   I77.1
mesenteric (embolic) (thrombotic)   K55.0
peripheral   I77.9
thrombotic or embolic   I74.4
precerebral   I65.9
with infarction    I63.20
specified NEC   I63.29
embolism    I63.10
specified NEC    I63.19
thrombosis    I63.00
specified NEC    I63.09
puerperal   O88.23
specified NEC    I65.8
with infarction    I63.29
embolism    I63.19
thrombosis    I63.00
renal   N28.0
central   H34.1-
partial   H34.21-
branch   H34.23-
transient   H34.0-
coronary   I25.82
extremities   I70.92
vertebral   I65.0-
infarction    I63.21-
embolism    I63.11-
thrombosis    I63.01-
vulva   N90.5
bile duct (common) (hepatic) (noncalculous)   K83.1
centric (of teeth)    M26.59
maximum intercuspation discrepancy   M26.55
with infarction   I63.5
choanal   Q30.0
chronic total   I25.82
healed or old   I25.2
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
total (chronic)   I25.82
fallopian tube    N97.1
congenital   Q50.6
congenital (causing jaundice)   Q44.1
gingiva, traumatic   K06.2
hymen    N89.6
congenital   Q52.3
iliac artery   I74.5
lung   J98.4
lymph or lymphatic channel   I89.0
mammary duct   N64.89
mesenteric artery (embolic) (thrombotic)   K55.0
nose    J34.89
congenital   Q30.0
oviduct    N97.1
congenital   Q50.6
due to stricture or stenosis   I77.1
upper extremity   I74.2
posterior lingual, of mandibular teeth   M26.29
pylorus, adult (see also Stricture, pylorus)   K31.1
renal artery   N28.0
vein (central)   H34.81-
engorgement   H34.82-
tributary   H34.83-
vessels   H34.9
teeth (mandibular) (posterior lingual)   M26.29
thoracic duct   I89.0
edentulous (alveolar)ridge   K06.2
gingiva   K06.2
periodontal   K05.5
tubal   N97.1
ureter (complete) (partial)    N13.5
congenital   Q62.10
ureteropelvic junction    N13.5
congenital   Q62.11
ureterovesical orifice    N13.5
congenital   Q62.12
uterus   N85.8
vagina   N89.5
vascular NEC   I99.8
ventricle (brain)NEC   G91.1
vessel (blood)   I99.8
blood in feces (stools)   R19.5
problems NEC   Z56.89
Ochlophobia see Agoraphobia
Ochronosis (endogenous)   E70.29
Ocular muscle see condition
Oculogyric crisis or disturbance   H51.8
psychogenic   F45.8
Oculomotor syndrome   H51.9
syphilitic NEC    A52.71
early   A50.01
late   A50.30
early (secondary)   A51.43
late   A52.71
Oddi''s sphincter spasm   K83.4
Odontalgia   K08.8
Odontoameloblastoma see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Odontoclasia   K03.89
Odontodysplasia, regional   K00.4
Odontogenesis imperfecta   K00.5
Odontoma (ameloblastic) (complex) (compound) (fibroameloblastic) see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Odontomyelitis (closed) (open)   K04.0
Odontorrhagia   K08.8
Odontosarcoma, ameloblastic   C41.1
upper jaw (bone)   C41.0
Oestriasis see Myiasis
Oguchi''s disease   H53.63
Ohara''s disease see Tularemia
Oidiomycosis see Candidiasis
Oidium albicans infection see Candidiasis
Old age (without mention of debility) R54
Old (previous)myocardial infarction   I25.2
Olfactory see condition
Oligemia see Anemia
unspecified site   C71.9
Oligocythemia   D64.9
unspecified site   C71.9
unspecified site   C71.9
unspecified site   C71.9
Ophthalmocele (congenital)   Q15.8
Oligodontia see Anodontia
Oligoencephalon Q02
Oligohidrosis   L74.4
Oligohydramnios   O41.0-
Oligohydrosis   L74.4
Oligomenorrhea   N91.5
primary   N91.3
secondary   N91.4
Oligophrenia see also Disability, intellectual
phenylpyruvic   E70.0
Oligospermia   N46.11
drug therapy   N46.121
efferent duct obstruction   N46.123
infection   N46.122
radiation   N46.124
specified cause NEC   N46.129
systemic disease   N46.125
Oligotrichia see Alopecia
Oliguria R34
with, complicating or following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.4
postprocedural   N99.0
Ollier''s disease   Q78.4
Omentitis see Peritonitis
Omenotocele see Hernia, abdomen, specified site NEC
Omentum, omental see condition
Omphalitis (congenital) (newborn)   P38.9
with mild hemorrhage   P38.1
without hemorrhage   P38.9
not of newborn   L08.82
Omphalocele   Q79.2
Omphalomesenteric duct, persistent   Q43.0
Omphalorrhagia, newborn   P51.9
Omsk hemorrhagic fever   A98.1
Onanism (excessive)   F98.8
Onchocerciasis, onchocercosis   B73.1
eye disease   B73.00
endophthalmitis   B73.01
eyelid   B73.09
glaucoma   B73.02
specified NEC   B73.09
eye NEC   B73.00
eyelid   B73.09
Oncocytoma see Neoplasm, benign, by site
Oncovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.32
Ondine''s curse see Apnea, sleep
Oneirophrenia F23
Onychauxis   L60.2
congenital   Q84.5
Onychia see also Cellulitis, digit
candidal   B37.2
dermatophytic   B35.1
Onychitis see also Cellulitis, digit
Onychocryptosis   L60.0
Onychodystrophy   L60.3
congenital   Q84.6
Onychogryphosis, onychogryposis   L60.2
Onycholysis   L60.1
Onychomadesis   L60.8
Onychomalacia   L60.3
Onychomycosis (finger) (toe)   B35.1
Onycho-osteodysplasia   Q79.8
Onychophagia   F98.8
Onychophosis   L60.8
Onychoptosis   L60.8
Onychorrhexis   L60.3
congenital   Q84.6
Onychoschizia   L60.3
Onyxis (finger) (toe)   L60.0
Onyxitis see also Cellulitis, digit
Oophoritis (cystic) (infectional) (interstitial)   N70.92
with salpingitis   N70.93
acute    N70.02
with salpingitis   N70.03
chronic    N70.12
with salpingitis   N70.13
Oophorocele   N83.4
Opacity, opacities
cornea    H17.-
central   H17.1-
congenital   Q13.3
minor   H17.81-
peripheral   H17.82-
sequelae of trachoma (healed)   B94.0
specified NEC   H17.89
enamel (teeth) (fluoride) (nonfluoride)   K00.3
vitreous (humor)NEC    H43.39-
congenital   Q14.0
membranes and strands   H43.31-
Opalescent dentin (hereditary)   K00.5
Open, opening
high risk   H40.02-
low risk   H40.01-
intraocular pressure   H40.00-
cupping of discs   H40.01-
anterior   M26.220
posterior   M26.221
margin on tooth restoration   K08.51
restoration margins of tooth   K08.51
Operational fatigue   F48.8
Operative see condition
Operculitis see Periodontitis
Operculum see Break, retina
Ophiasis   L63.2
Ophthalmia (see also Conjunctivitis)   H10.9
blennorrhagic (gonococcal) (neonatorum)   A54.31
diphtheritic   A36.86
Egyptian   A71.1
gonococcal (neonatorum)   A54.31
neonatorum, newborn    P39.1
gonococcal   A54.31
nodosa   H16.24-
Ophthalmitis see Ophthalmia
Ophthalmoneuromyelitis   G36.0
Ophthalmoplegia see also Strabismus, paralytic
ataxia-areflexia   G61.0
diabetic see E08-E13 with   .39
exophthalmic    E05.00
with thyroid storm   E05.01
external    H49.88-
progressive   H49.4-
total   H49.3-
internal (complete) (total)   H52.51-
internuclear   H51.2-
Parinaud''s   H49.88-
supranuclear, progressive   G23.1
Opioid (s)
Opisthognathism   M26.09
Opisthorchiasis (felineus) (viverrini)   B66.0
Opitz'' disease   D73.2
Opiumism see Dependence, drug, opioid
Oppenheim''s disease   G70.2
Oppenheim-Urbach disease (necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum) see E08-E13 with   .620
Optic nerve see condition
Orbit see condition
Orchioblastoma   C62.9-
Orchitis (gangrenous) (nonspecific) (septic) (suppurative)   N45.2
blennorrhagic (gonococcal) (acute) (chronic)   A54.23
chlamydial   A56.19
gonococcal (acute) (chronic)   A54.23
mumps   B26.0
syphilitic   A52.76
tuberculous   A18.15
Orf (virus disease)   B08.02
Organic see also condition
anejaculatory   N53.13
bilharziasis   B65.2
schistosomiasis   B65.2
Orifice see condition
Origin of both great vessels from right ventricle   Q20.1
Ormond''s disease (with ureteral obstruction)   N13.5
with infection   N13.6
Ornithine metabolism disorder   E72.4
Ornithinemia (Type I) (Type II)   E72.4
Ornithosis A70
Orotaciduria, oroticaciduria (congenital) (hereditary) (pyrimidine deficiency)   E79.8
anemia   D53.0
adjustment   Z46.4
fitting   Z46.4
Orthopnea   R06.01
Orthopoxvirus   B08.09
specified NEC   B08.09
Os, uterus see condition
Osgood-Schlatter disease or osteochondrosis see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
Osler (-Weber)-Rendu disease   I78.0
Osler''s nodes   I33.0
Osmidrosis   L75.0
Osseous see condition
bronchial   J98.09
diaphragm   J98.6
falx cerebri   G96.19
fontanel, premature   Q75.0
larynx   J38.7
meninges (cerebral) (spinal)   G96.19
specified NEC   M61.50
ankle   M61.57-
foot   M61.57-
forearm   M61.53-
hand   M61.54-
lower leg   M61.56-
multiple sites   M61.59
pelvic region   M61.55-
shoulder region   M61.51-
specified site NEC   M61.58
thigh   M61.55-
upper arm   M61.52-
penis   N48.89
sclera   H15.89
subperiosteal, post-traumatic   M89.8X-
trachea   J39.8
Osteitis see also Osteomyelitis
alveolar   M27.3
condensans    M85.30
ankle   M85.37-
foot   M85.37-
forearm   M85.33-
hand   M85.34-
lower leg   M85.36-
multiple site   M85.39
neck   M85.38
rib   M85.38
shoulder   M85.31-
skull   M85.38
specified site NEC   M85.38
thigh   M85.35-
toe   M85.37-
upper arm   M85.32-
vertebra   M85.38
deformans    M88.9
malignant neoplasm of bone C419   M90.60
neoplastic disease (see also Neoplasm) D499    M90.60
carpus D499   M90.64-
clavicle D499   M90.61-
femur D499   M90.65-
fibula D499   M90.66-
finger D499   M90.64-
humerus D499   M90.62-
ilium D499   M90.65-
ischium D499   M90.65-
metacarpus D499   M90.64-
metatarsus D499   M90.67-
multiple sites D499   M90.69
neck D499   M90.68
radius D499   M90.63-
rib D499   M90.68
scapula D499   M90.61-
skull D499   M90.68
tarsus D499   M90.67-
tibia D499   M90.66-
toe D499   M90.67-
ulna D499   M90.63-
vertebra D499   M90.68
skull   M88.0
vertebra   M88.1
due to yaws   A66.6
cystica (generalisata)   E21.0
disseminata   Q78.1
osteoplastica   E21.0
fragilitans   Q78.0
jaw (acute) (chronic) (lower) (suppurative) (upper)   M27.2
parathyroid   E21.0
tuberculosa    A18.09
cystica   D86.89
multiplex cystoides   D86.89
Osteoarthritis   M19.90
ankle   M19.07-
elbow   M19.02-
foot joint   M19.07-
generalized    M15.9
erosive   M15.4
primary   M15.0
specified NEC   M15.8
hand joint    M19.04-
first carpometacarpal joint   M18.9
hip    M16.1-
bilateral   M16.0
due to hip dysplasia (unilateral)   M16.3-
bilateral   M16.2
distal (Heberden)   M15.1
proximal (Bouchard)   M15.2
knee    M17.9
bilateral   M17.0
shoulder   M19.01-
wrist   M19.03-
post-traumatic NEC    M19.92
ankle   M19.17-
elbow   M19.12-
foot joint   M19.17-
hand joint   M19.14-
first carpometacarpal joint    M18.3-
bilateral   M18.2
hip   M16.5-
bilateral   M16.4
knee   M17.3-
bilateral   M17.2
shoulder   M19.11-
wrist   M19.13-
primary    M19.91
ankle   M19.07-
elbow   M19.02-
foot joint   M19.07-
hand joint   M19.04-
first carpometacarpal joint    M18.1-
bilateral   M18.0
hip   M16.1-
bilateral   M16.0
knee   M17.1-
bilateral   M17.0
shoulder   M19.01-
wrist   M19.03-
secondary    M19.93
ankle   M19.27-
elbow   M19.22-
foot joint   M19.27-
hand joint   M19.24-
first carpometacarpal joint    M18.5-
bilateral   M18.4
hip   M16.7
bilateral   M16.6
knee   M17.5
bilateral   M17.4
multiple   M15.3
shoulder   M19.21-
wrist   M19.23-
Osteoarthropathy (hypertrophic)   M19.90
specified type NEC    M89.40
carpus   M89.44-
clavicle   M89.41-
femur   M89.45-
fibula   M89.46-
finger   M89.44-
humerus   M89.42-
ilium   M89.459
ischium   M89.459
metacarpus   M89.44-
metatarsus   M89.47-
multiple sites   M89.49
neck   M89.48
radius   M89.43-
rib   M89.48
scapula   M89.41-
skull   M89.48
tarsus   M89.47-
tibia   M89.46-
toe   M89.47-
ulna   M89.43-
vertebra   M89.48
Osteoarthrosis (degenerative) (hypertrophic) (joint) see also Osteoarthritis
erosive   M15.4
generalized    M15.9
primary   M15.0
polyarticular   M15.9
deformans alkaptonurica E7029   M36.8
Osteoblastoma see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Osteochondroarthrosis deformans endemica see Disease, Kaschin-Beck
Osteochondritis see also Osteochondropathy, by site
dissecans    M93.20
ankle   M93.27-
elbow   M93.22-
foot   M93.27-
hand   M93.24-
hip   M93.25-
knee   M93.26-
multiple sites   M93.29
shoulder joint   M93.21-
specified site NEC   M93.28
wrist   M93.23-
juvenile    M92.9
syphilitic (congenital) (early) A5002    M90.80
ankle A5002   M90.87-
elbow A5002   M90.82-
foot A5002   M90.87-
forearm A5002   M90.83-
hand A5002   M90.84-
hip A5002   M90.85-
knee A5002   M90.86-
multiple sites A5002   M90.89
shoulder joint A5002   M90.81-
specified site NEC A5002   M90.88
Osteochondrodysplasia   Q78.9
with defects of growth of tubular bones and spine    Q77.9
specified NEC   Q77.8
specified NEC   Q78.8
Osteochondrodystrophy   E78.9
Osteochondrolysis see Osteochondritis, dissecans
Osteochondroma see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Osteochondromatosis   D48.0
syndrome   Q78.4
Osteochondromyxosarcoma see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Osteochondropathy   M93.90
ankle   M93.97-
elbow   M93.92-
foot   M93.97-
hand   M93.94-
hip   M93.95-
Kienbck''s disease of adults   M93.1
knee   M93.96-
multiple joints   M93.99
shoulder region   M93.91-
specified joint NEC   M93.98
specified type NEC    M93.80
ankle   M93.87-
elbow   M93.82-
foot   M93.87-
hand   M93.84-
hip   M93.85-
knee   M93.86-
multiple joints   M93.89
shoulder region   M93.81-
specified joint NEC   M93.88
wrist   M93.83-
early A5002   M90.80
late A5056   M90.80
wrist   M93.93-
Osteochondrosarcoma see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Osteochondrosis see also Osteochondropathy, by site
acetabulum (juvenile)   M91.0
Buchanan''s   M91.0
adult   M93.1
foot NEC (juvenile)   M92.8
ilium, iliac crest (juvenile)   M91.0
ischiopubic synchondrosis   M91.0
juvenile, juvenilis    M92.9
lower NEC   M92.8
deformans   M92.9
fibula   M92.5-
foot NEC   M92.8
hand   M92.20-
carpal lunate   M92.21-
metacarpal head   M92.22-
specified site NEC   M92.29-
hip and pelvis   M91.9-
pelvis   M91.0
specified NEC   M91.8-
humerus   M92.0-
metatarsus   M92.7-
patella   M92.4-
radius   M92.1-
specified site NEC   M92.8
spine   M42.00
cervical region   M42.02
cervicothoracic region   M42.03
lumbar region   M42.06
lumbosacral region   M42.07
multiple sites   M42.09
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M42.01
sacrococcygeal region   M42.08
thoracic region   M42.04
thoracolumbar region   M42.05
tarsus   M92.6-
tibia   M92.5-
ulna   M92.1-
upper limb NEC   M92.3-
adult   M93.1
lower NEC (juvenile)   M92.8
adult   M93.1
pelvis (juvenile)   M91.0
Pierson''s   M91.0
spine    M42.9
adult   M42.10
cervical region   M42.12
cervicothoracic region   M42.13
lumbar region   M42.16
lumbosacral region   M42.17
multiple sites   M42.19
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M42.11
sacrococcygeal region   M42.18
thoracic region   M42.14
thoracolumbar region   M42.15
symphysis pubis (juvenile)   M91.0
syphilitic (congenital)   A50.02
van Neck''s   M91.0
Osteoclastoma   D48.0
Osteodynia see Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
Osteodystrophy   Q78.9
azotemic   N25.0
congenital   Q78.9
parathyroid, secondary   E21.1
renal   N25.0
Osteofibroma see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Osteofibrosarcoma see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Osteogenesis imperfecta   Q78.0
Osteogenic see condition
Osteolysis   M89.50
carpus   M89.54-
clavicle   M89.51-
femur   M89.55-
fibula   M89.56-
finger   M89.54-
humerus   M89.52-
ilium   M89.559
ischium   M89.559
metacarpus   M89.54-
metatarsus   M89.57-
multiple sites   M89.59
neck   M89.58
radius   M89.53-
rib   M89.58
scapula   M89.51-
skull   M89.58
tarsus   M89.57-
tibia   M89.56-
toe   M89.57-
ulna   M89.53-
vertebra   M89.58
Osteoma see also Neoplasm, bone, benign
Osteomalacia   M83.9
adult    M83.9
drug-induced NEC   M83.5
malabsorption (postsurgical)   M83.2
malnutrition   M83.3
specified NEC   M83.8
aluminium-induced   M83.4
oncogenic   E83.89
pelvis   M83.8
puerperal   M83.0
senile   M83.1
vitamin-D-resistant in adults E8331    M90.8-
carpus E8331   M90.84-
clavicle E8331   M90.81-
femur E8331   M90.85-
fibula E8331   M90.86-
finger E8331   M90.84-
humerus E8331   M90.82-
ilium E8331   M90.859
ischium E8331   M90.859
metacarpus E8331   M90.84-
metatarsus E8331   M90.87-
multiple sites E8331   M90.89
neck E8331   M90.88
radius E8331   M90.83-
rib E8331   M90.88
scapula E8331   M90.819
skull E8331   M90.88
tarsus E8331   M90.879
tibia E8331   M90.869
toe E8331   M90.879
ulna E8331   M90.839
vertebra E8331   M90.88
Osteomyelitis (general) (infective) (localized) (neonatal) (purulent) (septic) (staphylococcal) (streptococcal) (suppurative)
(with periostitis)   M86.9
acute    M86.10
carpus   M86.14-
clavicle   M86.11-
femur   M86.15-
fibula   M86.16-
finger   M86.14-
hematogenous   M86.00
carpus   M86.04-
clavicle   M86.01-
femur   M86.05-
fibula   M86.06-
finger   M86.04-
humerus   M86.02-
ilium   M86.059
ischium   M86.059
mandible   M27.2
metacarpus   M86.04-
metatarsus   M86.07-
multiple sites   M86.09
neck   M86.08
orbit   H05.02-
radius   M86.03-
rib   M86.08
scapula   M86.01-
skull   M86.08
tarsus   M86.07-
tibia   M86.06-
toe   M86.07-
ulna   M86.03-
humerus   M86.12-
ilium   M86.159
ischium   M86.159
mandible   M27.2
metacarpus   M86.14-
metatarsus   M86.17-
multiple sites   M86.19
neck   M86.18
orbit   H05.02-
radius   M86.13-
rib   M86.18
scapula   M86.11-
skull   M86.18
tarsus   M86.17-
tibia   M86.16-
toe   M86.17-
ulna   M86.13-
chronic (or old)    M86.60
with draining sinus   M86.40
carpus   M86.44-
clavicle   M86.41-
femur   M86.45-
fibula   M86.46-
finger   M86.44-
humerus   M86.42-
ilium   M86.459
ischium   M86.459
mandible   M27.2
metacarpus   M86.44-
metatarsus   M86.47-
multiple sites   M86.49
neck   M86.48
orbit   H05.02-
radius   M86.43-
rib   M86.48
scapula   M86.41-
skull   M86.48
tarsus   M86.47-
tibia   M86.46-
toe   M86.47-
ulna   M86.43-
carpus   M86.64-
clavicle   M86.61-
femur   M86.65-
fibula   M86.66-
finger   M86.64-
hematogenous NEC   M86.50
carpus   M86.54-
clavicle   M86.51-
femur   M86.55-
fibula   M86.56-
finger   M86.54-
humerus   M86.52-
ilium   M86.559
ischium   M86.559
mandible   M27.2
metacarpus   M86.54-
metatarsus   M86.57-
multifocal    M86.30
carpus   M86.34-
clavicle   M86.31-
femur   M86.35-
fibula   M86.36-
finger   M86.34-
humerus   M86.32-
ilium   M86.359
ischium   M86.359
metacarpus   M86.34-
metatarsus   M86.37-
multiple sites   M86.39
neck   M86.38
radius   M86.33-
rib   M86.38
scapula   M86.31-
skull   M86.38
tarsus   M86.37-
tibia   M86.36-
toe   M86.37-
ulna   M86.33-
multiple sites   M86.59
neck   M86.58
orbit   H05.02-
radius   M86.53-
rib   M86.58
scapula   M86.51-
skull   M86.58
tarsus   M86.57-
tibia   M86.56-
toe   M86.57-
ulna   M86.53-
humerus   M86.62-
ilium   M86.659
ischium   M86.659
mandible   M27.2
metacarpus   M86.64-
metatarsus   M86.67-
multiple sites   M86.69
neck   M86.68
orbit   H05.02-
radius   M86.63-
rib   M86.68
scapula   M86.61-
skull   M86.68
tarsus   M86.67-
tibia   M86.66-
toe   M86.67-
ulna   M86.63-
echinococcal   B67.2
jaw (acute) (chronic) (lower) (neonatal) (suppurative) (upper)   M27.2
orbit   H05.02-
Salmonella (arizonae) (cholerae-suis) (enteritidis) (typhimurium)   A02.24
specified type NEC (see also subcategory)    M86.8X-
mandible   M27.2
orbit   H05.02-
subacute    M86.20
carpus   M86.24-
clavicle   M86.21-
femur   M86.25-
fibula   M86.26-
finger   M86.24-
humerus   M86.22-
mandible   M27.2
metacarpus   M86.24-
metatarsus   M86.27-
multiple sites   M86.29
neck   M86.28
orbit   H05.02-
radius   M86.23-
rib   M86.28
scapula   M86.21-
skull   M86.28
tarsus   M86.27-
tibia   M86.26-
toe   M86.27-
ulna   M86.23-
syphilitic    A52.77
congenital (early) A5002   M90.80
typhoid   A01.05
vertebra    M46.20
cervical region   M46.22
cervicothoracic region   M46.23
lumbar region   M46.26
lumbosacral region   M46.27
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M46.21
sacrococcygeal region   M46.28
thoracic region   M46.24
thoracolumbar region   M46.25
Osteomyelofibrosis   D75.89
Osteomyelosclerosis   D75.89
Osteonecrosis   M87.9
idiopathic aseptic    M87.00
ankle   M87.07-
carpus   M87.03-
clavicle   M87.01-
femur   M87.05-
fibula   M87.06-
finger   M87.04-
humerus   M87.02-
ilium   M87.050
ischium   M87.050
metacarpus   M87.04-
metatarsus   M87.07-
multiple sites   M87.09
neck   M87.08
pelvis   M87.050
radius   M87.03-
rib   M87.08
scapula   M87.01-
skull   M87.08
tarsus   M87.07-
tibia   M87.06-
toe   M87.07-
ulna   M87.03-
vertebra   M87.08
secondary NEC    M87.30
carpus   M87.33-
clavicle   M87.31-
drugs    M87.10
carpus   M87.13-
clavicle   M87.11-
femur   M87.15-
fibula   M87.16-
finger   M87.14-
humerus   M87.12-
ilium   M87.159
ischium   M87.159
jaw   M87.180
metacarpus   M87.14-
metatarsus   M87.17-
multiple sites   M87.19
neck   M87.18
radius   M87.13-
rib   M87.18
scapula   M87.11-
skull   M87.18
tarsus   M87.17-
tibia   M87.16-
toe   M87.17-
ulna   M87.13-
vertebra   M87.18
trauma (previous)    M87.20
carpus   M87.23-
clavicle   M87.21-
femur   M87.25-
fibula   M87.26-
finger   M87.24-
humerus   M87.22-
ilium   M87.25-
ischium   M87.25-
metacarpus   M87.24-
metatarsus   M87.27-
multiple sites   M87.29
neck   M87.28
radius   M87.23-
rib   M87.28
scapula   M87.21-
skull   M87.28
tarsus   M87.27-
tibia   M87.26-
toe   M87.27-
ulna   M87.23-
vertebra   M87.28
hemoglobinopathy NEC D582    M90.50
carpus D582   M90.54-
clavicle D582   M90.51-
femur D582   M90.55-
fibula D582   M90.56-
finger D582   M90.54-
humerus D582   M90.52-
ilium D582   M90.55-
ischium D582   M90.55-
metacarpus D582   M90.54-
metatarsus D582   M90.57-
multiple sites D582   M90.58
neck D582   M90.58
radius D582   M90.53-
rib D582   M90.58
scapula D582   M90.51-
skull D582   M90.58
tarsus D582   M90.57-
tibia D582   M90.56-
toe D582   M90.57-
ulna D582   M90.53-
vertebra D582   M90.58
femur   M87.35-
fibula   M87.36-
finger   M87.34-
humerus   M87.32-
ilium   M87.350
caisson disease T703    M90.50
carpus T703   M90.54-
clavicle T703   M90.51-
femur T703   M90.55-
fibula T703   M90.56-
finger T703   M90.54-
humerus T703   M90.52-
ilium T703   M90.55-
ischium T703   M90.55-
metacarpus T703   M90.54-
metatarsus T703   M90.57-
multiple sites T703   M90.59
neck T703   M90.58
radius T703   M90.53-
rib T703   M90.58
scapula T703   M90.51-
skull T703   M90.58
tarsus T703   M90.57-
tibia T703   M90.56-
toe T703   M90.57-
ulna T703   M90.53-
vertebra T703   M90.58
ischium   M87.350
metacarpus   M87.34-
metatarsus   M87.37-
multiple site   M87.39
neck   M87.38
radius   M87.33-
rib   M87.38
scapula   M87.319
skull   M87.38
tarsus   M87.379
tibia   M87.366
toe   M87.379
ulna   M87.33-
vertebra   M87.38
specified type NEC    M87.80
carpus   M87.83-
clavicle   M87.81-
femur   M87.85-
fibula   M87.86-
finger   M87.84-
humerus   M87.82-
ilium   M87.85-
ischium   M87.85-
metacarpus   M87.84-
metatarsus   M87.87-
multiple sites   M87.89
neck   M87.88
radius   M87.83-
rib   M87.88
scapula   M87.81-
skull   M87.88
tarsus   M87.87-
tibia   M87.86-
toe   M87.87-
ulna   M87.83-
vertebra   M87.88
Osteo-onycho-arthro-dysplasia   Q79.8
Osteo-onychodysplasia, hereditary   Q79.8
Osteopathia condensans disseminata   Q78.8
Osteopathy see also Osteomyelitis, Osteonecrosis, Osteoporosis
after poliomyelitis    M89.60
carpus   M89.64-
clavicle   M89.61-
femur   M89.65-
fibula   M89.66-
finger   M89.64-
humerus   M89.62-
ilium   M89.659
ischium   M89.659
metacarpus   M89.64-
metatarsus   M89.67-
multiple sites   M89.69
neck   M89.68
radius   M89.63-
rib   M89.68
scapula   M89.61-
skull   M89.68
tarsus   M89.67-
tibia   M89.66-
toe   M89.67-
ulna   M89.63-
vertebra   M89.68
renal osteodystrophy   N25.0
specified diseases classified elsewhere see subcategory   M90.8
Osteopenia   M85.8-
borderline   M85.8-
Osteoperiostitis see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
Osteopetrosis (familial)   Q78.2
Osteophyte   M25.70
ankle   M25.77-
elbow   M25.72-
foot joint   M25.77-
hand joint   M25.74-
hip   M25.75-
knee   M25.76-
shoulder   M25.71-
spine   M25.78
vertebrae   M25.78
wrist   M25.73-
Osteopoikilosis   Q78.8
Osteoporosis (female) (male)   M81.0
with current pathological fracture   M80.00
age-related    M81.0
with current pathologic fracture   M80.00
carpus   M80.04-
clavicle   M80.01-
fibula   M80.06-
finger   M80.04-
humerus   M80.02-
ilium   M80.05-
ischium   M80.05-
metacarpus   M80.04-
metatarsus   M80.07-
pelvis   M80.05-
radius   M80.03-
scapula   M80.01-
tarsus   M80.07-
tibia   M80.06-
toe   M80.07-
ulna   M80.03-
vertebra   M80.08
disuse    M81.8
with current pathological fracture   M80.80
carpus   M80.84-
clavicle   M80.81-
fibula   M80.86-
finger   M80.84-
humerus   M80.82-
ilium   M80.85-
ischium   M80.85-
metacarpus   M80.84-
metatarsus   M80.87-
pelvis   M80.85-
radius   M80.83-
scapula   M80.81-
tarsus   M80.87-
tibia   M80.86-
toe   M80.87-
ulna   M80.83-
vertebra   M80.88
Lequesne   M81.6
localized   M81.6
postmenopausal    M81.0
with pathological fracture   M80.00
carpus   M80.04-
clavicle   M80.01-
fibula   M80.06-
finger   M80.04-
humerus   M80.02-
ilium   M80.05-
ischium   M80.05-
metacarpus   M80.04-
metatarsus   M80.07-
pelvis   M80.05-
radius   M80.03-
scapula   M80.01-
tarsus   M80.07-
tibia   M80.06-
toe   M80.07-
ulna   M80.03-
vertebra   M80.08
specified type NEC    M81.8
with pathological fracture   M80.80
carpus   M80.84-
clavicle   M80.81-
fibula   M80.86-
finger   M80.84-
humerus   M80.82-
ilium   M80.85-
ischium   M80.85-
metacarpus   M80.84-
metatarsus   M80.87-
pelvis   M80.85-
radius   M80.83-
scapula   M80.81-
tarsus   M80.87-
tibia   M80.86-
toe   M80.87-
ulna   M80.83-
vertebra   M80.88
Osteopsathyrosis (idiopathica)   Q78.0
Osteoradionecrosis, jaw (acute) (chronic) (lower) (suppurative) (upper)   M27.2
Osteosarcoma (any form) see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Osteosclerosis   Q78.2
acquired   M85.8-
congenita   Q77.4
fragilitas (generalisata)   Q78.2
myelofibrosis   D75.81
Osteosclerotic anemia   D64.89
cutis   L94.2
renal fibrocystic   N25.0
sterreicher-Turner syndrome   Q87.2
atrioventriculare commune   Q21.2
primum (arteriosum) (defect) (persistent)   Q21.2
secundum (arteriosum) (defect) (patent) (persistent)   Q21.1
Ostrum-Furst syndrome   Q75.8
Otalgia see subcategory   H92.0
Otitis (acute)   H66.90
adhesive see subcategory   H74.1
externa    H60.9-
acute (noninfective)   H60.50-
actinic   H60.51-
chemical   H60.52-
contact   H60.53-
eczematoid   H60.54-
reactive   H60.55-
specified NEC   H60.59-
chronic   H60.6-
aspergillosis   B44.89
candidiasis   B37.84
herpes (simplex)virus infection    B00.1
zoster   B02.8
zoster   B02.8
erysipelas A46   H62.40
impetigo L0100   H62.40
infectious disease NEC B99   H62.4-
mycosis NEC B369   H62.40
parasitic disease NEC B89   H62.40
viral disease NEC B349   H62.40
infective NEC   H60.39-
diffuse   H60.31-
hemorrhagic   H60.32-
malignant   H60.2-
specified NEC see subcategory   H60.8
tropical   B36.8
mycotic B369   H62.40
interna see subcategory   H83.0
media (hemorrhagic) (staphylococcal) (streptococcal)    H66.9-
acute, subacute   H66.90
measles   B05.3
scarlet fever   A38.0
chronic   H66.90
measles   B05.3
scarlet fever   A38.0
tuberculosis   A18.6
viral disease NEC B34-   H67.-
nonsuppurative   H65.9-
acute or subacute NEC    H65.19-
allergic    H65.11-
recurrent   H65.11-
recurrent   H65.19-
serous    H65.0-
recurrent   H65.0-
chronic    H65.49-
allergic   H65.41-
mucoid   H65.3-
serous   H65.2-
postmeasles   B05.3
suppurative   H66.4-
acute    H66.00-
with rupture of ear drum   H66.01-
recurrent    H66.00-
with rupture of ear drum   H66.01-
chronic (see also subcategory)    H66.3
atticoantral   H66.2-
tubotympanic   H66.1-
tuberculous   A18.6
Overconscientious personality   F60.5
Otocephaly   Q18.2
Otolith syndrome see subcategory   H81.8
Otoporosis see Otosclerosis
Otorrhagia (nontraumatic)   H92.2-
Otorrhea   H92.1-
cerebrospinal   G96.0
Otosclerosis (general)   H80.9-
cochlear (endosteal)   H80.2-
nonobliterative   H80.0-
obliterative   H80.1-
specified NEC   H80.8-
Otospongiosis see Otosclerosis
Otto''s disease or pelvis   M24.7
Outcome of delivery   Z37.9
multiple births    Z37.9
all liveborn   Z37.50
quadruplets   Z37.52
quintuplets   Z37.53
sextuplets   Z37.54
specified number NEC   Z37.59
triplets   Z37.51
all stillborn   Z37.7
some liveborn   Z37.60
quadruplets   Z37.62
quintuplets   Z37.63
sextuplets   Z37.64
specified number NEC   Z37.69
triplets   Z37.61
single NEC    Z37.9
liveborn   Z37.0
stillborn   Z37.1
twins NEC    Z37.9
both liveborn   Z37.2
both stillborn   Z37.4
one liveborn, one stillborn   Z37.3
Outlet see condition
Ovalocytosis (congenital) (hereditary) see Elliptocytosis
Ovarian see Condition
Ovariocele   N83.4
Ovaritis (cystic) see Oophoritis
Ovary, ovarian see also condition
resistant syndrome   E28.39
vein syndrome   N13.8
Overactive see also Hyperfunction
adrenal cortex NEC   E27.0
bladder   N32.81
hypothalamus   E23.3
Overactivity   R46.3
Overbite (deep) (excessive) (horizontal) (vertical)   M26.29
Overbreathing see Hyperventilation
Overdevelopment see Hypertrophy
Overdistension see Distension
Overdose, overdosage (drug) see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
Overeating   R63.2
nonorganic origin   F50.8
psychogenic   F50.8
Overexertion (effects) (exhaustion)   T73.3
Overexposure (effects)   T73.9
exhaustion   T73.2
Overfeeding see Overeating
newborn   P92.4
Overfill, endodontic   M27.52
Overgrowth, bone see Hypertrophy, bone
Overhanging of dental restorative material (unrepairable)   K08.52
Overheated (places) (effects) see Heat
Overjet (excessive horizontal)   M26.23
Overlaid, overlying (suffocation) see Asphyxia, traumatic, due to mechanical threat
Overlap, excessive horizontal (teeth)   M26.23
Overlapping toe (acquired) see also Deformity, toe, specified NEC
congenital (fifth toe)   Q66.89
circulatory, due to transfusion (blood) (blood components) (TACO)   E87.71
fluid    E87.70
due to transfusion (blood) (blood components)   E87.71
specified NEC   E87.79
iron, due to repeated red blood cell transfusions   E83.111
potassium (K)   E87.5
sodium (Na)   E87.0
Overnutrition see Hyperalimentation
Overproduction see also Hypersecretion
ACTH   E27.0
catecholamine   E27.5
growth hormone   E22.0
Overprotection, child by parent   Z62.1
aorta   Q25.4
congenital   Q68.1
congenital   Q66.89
Overstrained   R53.83
Overuse, muscle NEC   M70.8-
Overweight   E66.3
Overworked   R53.83
Oviduct see condition
Ovotestis   Q56.0
Ovulation (cycle)
failure or lack of   N97.0
pain   N94.0
Ovum see condition
Owren''s disease or syndrome (parahemophilia)   D68.2
Ox heart see Hypertrophy, cardiac
Oxalosis   E72.53
Oxaluria   E72.53
Oxycephaly, oxycephalic   Q75.0
syphilitic, congenital   A50.02
Oxyuriasis B80
Oxyuris vermicularis (infestation) B80
Ozena   J31.0
Otomycosis (diffuse)NEC B369   H62.40
aspergillosis   B44.89
candidiasis   B37.84
moniliasis   B37.84