ICD 10 CM Index

Macacus ear   Q17.3
Maceration, wet feet, tropical (syndrome)   T69.02-
MacLeod''s syndrome   J43.0
Macrocephalia, macrocephaly   Q75.3
Macrocheilia, macrochilia (congenital)   Q18.6
Macrocolon (see also Megacolon)   Q43.1
Macrocornea   Q15.8
with glaucoma   Q15.0
Macrocytic see condition
Macrocytosis   D75.89
Macrodactylia, macrodactylism (fingers) (thumbs)   Q74.0
toes   Q74.2
Macrodontia   K00.2
Macrogenia   M26.05
Macrogenitosomia (adrenal) (male) (praecox)   E25.9
congenital   E25.0
Macroglobulinemia (idiopathic) (primary)   C88.0
monoclonal (essential)   D47.2
Waldenstrm   C88.0
Macroglossia (congenital)   Q38.2
acquired   K14.8
Macrognathia, macrognathism (congenital) (mandibular) (maxillary)   M26.09
Macrogyria (congenital)   Q04.8
Macrohydrocephalus see Hydrocephalus
Macromastia see Hypertrophy, breast
Macrophthalmos   Q11.3
in congenital glaucoma   Q15.0
Macropsia   H53.15
Macrosigmoid   K59.3
congenital   Q43.2
Macrospondylitis , acromegalic   E22.0
Macrostomia (congenital)   Q18.4
Macrotia (external ear) (congenital)   Q17.1
Maculopathy, toxic see Degeneration, macula, toxic
Madarosis (eyelid)   H02.729
left    H02.726
lower   H02.725
upper   H02.724
right    H02.723
lower   H02.722
upper   H02.721
deformity (radius)   Q74.0
radial deformity   Q74.0
symmetrical lipomas, neck   E88.89
Madness see Psychosis
foot    B47.9
actinomycotic   B47.1
mycotic   B47.0
Maduromycosis   B47.0
Maffucci''s syndrome   Q78.4
Magnesium metabolism disorder see Disorder, metabolism, magnesium
Main en griffe (acquired) see also Deformity, limb, clawhand
congenital   Q74.0
Maintenance (encounter for)
antineoplastic chemotherapy   Z51.11
antineoplastic radiation therapy   Z51.0
methadone   F11.20
disease   L81.7
granuloma   B35.8
Major see condition
Malabar itch (any site)   B35.5
Malabsorption   K90.9
calcium   K90.89
carbohydrate   K90.4
disaccharide   E73.9
fat   K90.4
galactose   E74.20
glucose (-galactose)   E74.39
intestinal    K90.9
specified NEC   K90.89
isomaltose   E74.31
lactose   E73.9
methionine   E72.19
monosaccharide   E74.39
postgastrectomy   K91.2
postsurgical   K91.2
protein   K90.4
starch   K90.4
sucrose   E74.39
syndrome    K90.9
postsurgical   K91.2
Malacia, bone (adult)   M83.9
bladder   N32.89
pelvis (kidney)   N28.89
ureter   N28.89
urethra   N36.8
Malacosteon, juvenile see Rickets
Maladaptation see Maladjustment
Maladie de Roger   Q21.0
conjugal    Z63.0
involving divorce or estrangement   Z63.5
educational   Z55.4
family   Z63.9
marital    Z63.0
involving divorce or estrangement   Z63.5
occupational NEC   Z56.89
social    Z60.9
acculturation difficulty   Z60.3
discrimination and persecution (perceived)   Z60.5
exclusion and isolation   Z60.4
life-cycle (phase of life)transition   Z60.0
rejection   Z60.4
specified reason NEC   Z60.8
Malaise   R53.81
Malakoplakia see Malacoplakia
Malaria, malarial (fever) B54
blackwater fever   B50.8
hemoglobinuric (bilious)   B50.8
hemoglobinuria   B50.8
algid   B50.9
congenital NEC    P37.4
falciparum   P37.3
continued (fever)   B50.9
estivo-autumnal   B50.9
falciparum    B50.9
with complications NEC   B50.8
severe   B50.8
malariae    B52.9
complications NEC   B52.8
glomerular disorder   B52.0
ovale   B53.0
parasitologically confirmed NEC   B53.8
Plasmodium    (P.)
malariae NEC   B52.9
ovale   B53.0
simian   B53.1
vivax NEC   B51.9
specified type NEC (parasitologically confirmed)   B53.8
malignant   B50.9
tropical   B50.9
vivax    B51.9
complications NEC   B51.8
ruptured spleen   B51.0
Malassimilation   K90.9
Malassez''s disease (cystic)   N50.8
Mal de los pintos see Pinta
Mal de mer   T75.3
Maldescent, testis   Q53.9
bilateral    Q53.20
abdominal   Q53.21
perineal   Q53.22
unilateral    Q53.10
abdominal   Q53.11
perineal   Q53.12
Maldevelopment see also Anomaly
brain   Q07.9
colon   Q43.9
hip    Q74.2
congenital dislocation   Q65.2
bilateral   Q65.1
unilateral   Q65.0-
mastoid process   Q75.8
middle ear    Q16.4
except ossicles   Q16.4
ossicles   Q16.3
ossicles   Q16.3
spine   Q76.49
toe   Q74.2
Male type pelvis   Q74.2
with disproportion (fetopelvic)    O33.3
causing obstructed labor   O65.3
Malformation (congenital) see also Anomaly
adrenal gland   Q89.1
affecting multiple systems with skeletal changes NEC   Q87.5
alimentary tract    Q45.9
specified type NEC   Q45.8
upper   Q40.9
specified type NEC   Q40.8
aorta    Q25.9
atresia   Q25.2
coarctation (preductal) (postductal)   Q25.1
patent ductus arteriosus   Q25.0
specified type NEC   Q25.4
stenosis (supravalvular)   Q25.3
aortic valve    Q23.9
specified NEC   Q23.8
arteriovenous, aneurysmatic (congenital)    Q27.30
brain   Q28.2
cerebral   Q28.2
peripheral   Q27.30
digestive system   Q27.33
lower limb   Q27.32
other specified site   Q27.39
renal vessel   Q27.34
upper limb   Q27.31
precerebral vessels (nonruptured)   Q28.0
ear (congenital)   Q17.3
acquired    H61.119
left    H61.112
with right   H61.113
right    H61.111
with left   H61.113
bile duct   Q44.5
bladder    Q64.79
aplasia   Q64.5
diverticulum   Q64.6
neck obstruction   Q64.31
bone    Q79.9
face   Q75.9
specified type NEC   Q75.8
skull   Q75.9
specified type NEC   Q75.8
brain (multiple)    Q04.9
arteriovenous   Q28.2
specified type NEC   Q04.8
branchial cleft   Q18.2
breast    Q83.9
specified type NEC   Q83.8
broad ligament   Q50.6
bronchus   Q32.4
bursa   Q79.9
chambers   Q20.9
specified type NEC   Q20.8
septum   Q21.9
specified type NEC   Q21.8
cerebral    Q04.9
vessels   Q28.3
cervix uteri    Q51.9
specified type NEC   Q51.828
Type I   G93.5
Type II   Q07.01
choroid (congenital)    Q14.3
plexus   Q07.8
circulatory system   Q28.9
cochlea   Q16.5
cornea   Q13.4
coronary vessels   Q24.5
corpus callosum (congenital)   Q04.0
diaphragm   Q79.1
digestive system NEC, specified type NEC   Q45.8
dura    Q07.9
brain   Q04.9
spinal   Q06.9
ear    Q17.9
causing impairment of hearing   Q16.9
external   Q17.9
accessory auricle   Q17.0
causing impairment of hearing    Q16.9
auditory canal   Q16.1
auricle   Q16.0
macrotia   Q17.1
microtia   Q17.2
misplacement   Q17.4
misshapen NEC   Q17.3
prominence   Q17.5
specified type NEC   Q17.8
inner   Q16.5
middle   Q16.4
absence of eustachian tube   Q16.2
ossicles (fusion)   Q16.3
ossicles   Q16.3
specified type NEC   Q17.8
epididymis   Q55.4
esophagus    Q39.9
specified type NEC   Q39.8
eye    Q15.9
lid   Q10.3
specified NEC   Q15.8
fallopian tube   Q50.6
artery   Q25.9
specified type NEC   Q25.8
vein   Q26.9
portal venous connection   Q26.5
pulmonary venous connection    Q26.4
partial   Q26.3
total   Q26.2
persistent left superior vena cava   Q26.1
portal vein-hepatic artery fistula   Q26.6
specified type NEC   Q26.8
vena cava stenosis, congenital   Q26.0
gum   Q38.6
hair   Q84.2
heart    Q24.9
specified type NEC   Q24.8
integument    Q84.9
specified type NEC   Q84.8
internal ear   Q16.5
intestine    Q43.9
specified type NEC   Q43.8
iris   Q13.2
joint    Q74.9
ankle   Q74.2
lumbosacral   Q76.49
sacroiliac   Q74.2
specified type NEC   Q74.8
kidney    Q63.9
accessory   Q63.0
giant   Q63.3
horseshoe   Q63.1
hydronephrosis   Q62.0
malposition   Q63.2
specified type NEC   Q63.8
lacrimal apparatus   Q10.6
lip   Q38.0
lingual   Q38.3
liver   Q44.7
lung   Q33.9
meninges or membrane (congenital)    Q07.9
cerebral   Q04.8
spinal (cord)   Q06.9
middle ear    Q16.4
ossicles   Q16.3
mitral valve    Q23.9
specified NEC   Q23.8
Mondini''s (congenital) (malformation, cochlea)   Q16.5
mouth (congenital)   Q38.6
multiple types NEC   Q89.7
musculoskeletal system   Q79.9
myocardium   Q24.8
nail   Q84.6
nervous system (central)   Q07.9
nose    Q30.9
specified type NEC   Q30.8
optic disc   Q14.2
orbit   Q10.7
ovary   Q50.39
palate   Q38.5
parathyroid gland   Q89.2
in pregnancy or childbirth   O34.8-
causing obstructed labor   O65.5
penis    Q55.69
aplasia   Q55.5
curvature (lateral)   Q55.61
hypoplasia   Q55.62
pericardium   Q24.8
peripheral vascular system    Q27.9
specified type NEC   Q27.8
pharynx   Q38.8
precerebral vessels   Q28.1
prostate   Q55.4
arteriovenous   Q25.72
artery   Q25.9
atresia   Q25.5
specified type NEC   Q25.79
stenosis   Q25.6
valve   Q22.3
renal artery   Q27.2
respiratory system   Q34.9
retina   Q14.1
seminal vesicles   Q55.4
sense organs NEC   Q07.9
skin   Q82.9
specified NEC   Q89.8
cord   Q06.9
nerve root   Q07.8
spine    Q76.49
spleen   Q89.09
stomach    Q40.3
specified type NEC   Q40.2
teeth, tooth   K00.9
tendon   Q79.9
testis and scrotum    Q55.20
aplasia   Q55.0
hypoplasia   Q55.1
polyorchism   Q55.21
retractile testis   Q55.22
scrotal transposition   Q55.23
specified NEC   Q55.29
throat   Q38.8
thorax, bony   Q76.9
thyroid gland   Q89.2
tongue (congenital)    Q38.3
hypertrophy   Q38.2
tie   Q38.1
trachea   Q32.1
tricuspid valve    Q22.9
specified type NEC   Q22.8
umbilical cord NEC (complicating delivery)   O69.89
umbilicus   Q89.9
ureter    Q62.8
agenesis   Q62.4
duplication   Q62.5
vesico-uretero-renal reflux   Q62.7
urethra    Q64.79
aplasia   Q64.5
duplication   Q64.74
posterior valves   Q64.2
prolapse   Q64.71
stricture   Q64.32
urinary system   Q64.9
uterus    Q51.9
specified type NEC   Q51.818
vagina   Q52.4
vascular system, peripheral   Q27.9
vas deferens    Q55.4
atresia   Q55.3
vulva   Q52.70
Malfunction see also Dysfunction
ileostomy    K94.13
valve   K94.13
cardiac electronic device    T82.119
electrode   T82.110
pulse generator   T82.111
specified type NEC   T82.118
catheter device NEC    T85.618
cystostomy   T83.010
dialysis (renal) (vascular)   T82.41
intraperitoneal   T85.611
infusion NEC   T82.514
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.610
urinary, indwelling   T83.018
colostomy    K94.03
valve   K94.03
cystostomy (stoma)    N99.512
catheter   T83.010
enteric stoma   K94.13
enterostomy   K94.13
esophagostomy   K94.33
gastroenteric   K31.89
gastrostomy   K94.23
jejunostomy   K94.13
tracheostomy   J95.03
colostomy   K94.03
heart   T82.09
ileostomy   K94.13
ventricular (communicating shunt)   T85.01
Malherbe''s tumor see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Malibu disease   L98.8
Malignancy see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
unspecified site (primary)   C80.1
Malignant see condition
Malingerer, malingering   Z76.5
Mallet finger (acquired) see Deformity, finger, mallet finger
congenital   Q74.0
sequelae of rickets   E64.3
Malleus   A24.0
Mallory''s bodies   R89.7
Mallory-Weiss syndrome   K22.6
Malnutrition E46
first   E44.1
mild (protein)   E44.1
moderate (protein)   E44.0
second   E44.0
following gastrointestinal surgery   K91.2
lack of care, or neglect (child) (infant)    T76.02
confirmed   T74.02
mild   E44.1
moderate   E44.0
mild   E44.1
moderate   E44.0
Malocclusion (teeth)   M26.4
Angle''s    M26.219
class I   M26.211
class II   M26.212
class III   M26.213
abnormal swallowing   M26.59
mouth breathing   M26.59
tongue, lip or finger habits   M26.59
temporomandibular (joint)   M26.69
adrenal (gland)   Q89.1
alimentary tract   Q45.8
lower   Q43.8
upper   Q40.8
aorta   Q25.4
appendix   Q43.8
arterial trunk   Q20.0
artery (peripheral)   Q27.8
coronary   Q24.5
digestive system   Q27.8
lower limb   Q27.8
pulmonary   Q25.79
specified site NEC   Q27.8
upper limb   Q27.8
auditory canal   Q17.8
causing impairment of hearing   Q16.9
auricle (ear)   Q17.4
causing impairment of hearing   Q16.9
cervical   Q18.2
biliary duct or passage   Q44.5
brachial plexus   Q07.8
brain tissue   Q04.8
breast   Q83.8
bronchus   Q32.4
cecum   Q43.8
clavicle   Q74.0
colon   Q43.8
digestive organ or tract NEC   Q45.8
lower   Q43.8
upper   Q40.8
ear (auricle) (external)   Q17.4
ossicles   Q16.3
endocrine (gland)NEC   Q89.2
epiglottis   Q31.8
eustachian tube   Q17.8
eye   Q15.8
facial features   Q18.8
fallopian tube   Q50.6
finger (s)   Q68.1
supernumerary   Q69.0
foot   Q66.9
gallbladder   Q44.1
gastrointestinal tract   Q45.8
female    Q52.8
external   Q52.79
internal NEC   Q52.8
male   Q55.8
glottis   Q31.8
hand   Q68.1
heart   Q24.8
dextrocardia    Q24.0
with complete transposition of viscera   Q89.3
hepatic duct   Q44.5
hip (joint)   Q65.89
intestine (large) (small)   Q43.8
with anomalous adhesions, fixation or malrotation   Q43.3
joint NEC   Q68.8
kidney   Q63.2
larynx   Q31.8
limb   Q68.8
lower   Q68.8
upper   Q68.8
liver   Q44.7
lung (lobe)   Q33.8
nail (s)   Q84.6
nerve   Q07.8
nervous system NEC   Q07.8
nose, nasal (septum)   Q30.8
ovary   Q50.39
pancreas   Q45.3
parathyroid (gland)   Q89.2
patella   Q74.1
peripheral vascular system   Q27.8
pituitary (gland)   Q89.2
respiratory organ or system NEC   Q34.8
rib (cage)   Q76.6
supernumerary in cervical region   Q76.5
scapula   Q74.0
shoulder   Q74.0
spinal cord   Q06.8
spleen   Q89.09
sternum NEC   Q76.7
stomach   Q40.2
symphysis pubis   Q74.2
thymus (gland)   Q89.2
thyroid (gland) (tissue)   Q89.2
cartilage   Q31.8
toe (s)   Q66.9
supernumerary   Q69.2
tongue   Q38.3
trachea   Q32.1
ureter   Q62.60
deviation   Q62.61
displacement   Q62.62
ectopia   Q62.63
specified type NEC   Q62.69
uterus   Q51.818
vein (s) (peripheral)   Q27.8
great   Q26.8
vena cava (inferior) (superior)   Q26.8
device, implant or graft (see also Complications, by site and type, mechanical)    T85.628
breast (implant)   T85.42
catheter NEC   T85.628
cystostomy   T83.020
dialysis (renal)    T82.42
intraperitoneal   T85.621
infusion NEC    T82.524
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.620
urinary, indwelling   T83.028
bone   T84.320
cardiac    T82.129
electrode   T82.120
pulse generator   T82.121
specified type NEC   T82.128
genital NEC   T83.428
intrauterine contraceptive device   T83.32
penile prosthesis   T83.420
specified NEC   T85.628
graft   T83.22
ventricular intracranial shunt   T85.02
gallbladder   K82.8
gastrointestinal tract, congenital   Q45.8
heart, congenital NEC   Q24.8
stomach    K31.89
congenital   Q40.2
tooth, teeth, fully erupted   M26.30
uterus (acute) (acquired) (adherent) (asymptomatic) (postinfectional) (postpartal, old)    N85.4
anteflexion or anteversion   N85.4
congenital   Q51.818
flexion   N85.4
inversion   N85.5
in pregnancy or childbirth see subcategory   O34.5
Malposture   R29.3
cecum   Q43.3
colon   Q43.3
intestine   Q43.3
kidney   Q63.2
confirmed   T74.01
suspected   T76.01
confirmed   T74.91
history of   Z91.419
confirmed   T74.01
suspected   T76.01
confirmed   T74.11
suspected   T76.11
confirmed   T74.31
suspected   T76.31
history of   Z91.411
confirmed   T74.21
suspected   T76.21
suspected   T76.91
confirmed   T74.02
suspected   T76.02
confirmed   T74.92
suspected   T76.02
confirmed   T74.02
confirmed   T74.12
suspected   T76.12
confirmed   T74.32
suspected   T76.32
confirmed   T74.22
suspected   T76.22
suspected   T76.92
personal history of   Z91.89
Malta fever see Brucellosis
Maltworker''s lung   J67.4
Malunion, fracture see Fracture, by site
Mammillitis N61
puerperal, postpartum   O91.02
Mammitis see Mastitis
Mammogram (examination)   Z12.39
routine   Z12.31
Mammoplasia N62
Management (of)
bone conduction hearing device (implanted)   Z45.320
cardiac pacemaker NEC   Z45.018
cerebrospinal fluid drainage device   Z45.41
cochlear device (implanted)   Z45.321
contraceptive    Z30.9
specified NEC   Z30.8
implanted device    Z45.9
specified NEC   Z45.89
infusion pump   Z45.1
procreative    Z31.9
male factor infertility in female   Z31.81
specified NEC   Z31.89
prosthesis (external) (see also Fitting)    Z44.9
implanted   Z45.9
specified NEC   Z45.89
renal dialysis catheter   Z49.01
vascular access device   Z45.2
Mangled see specified injury by site
Mania (monopolar) see also Disorder, mood, manic episode
with psychotic symptoms   F30.2
without psychotic symptoms    F30.10
mild   F30.11
moderate   F30.12
severe   F30.13
Bell''s   F30.8
chronic (recurrent)   F31.89
hysterical   F44.89
puerperal   F30.8
recurrent   F31.89
Manic-depressive insanity, psychosis, or syndrome see Disorder, bipolar
Mannosidosis   E77.1
Mansonelliasis, mansonellosis   B74.4
disease   B65.1
schistosomiasis   B65.1
Manual see condition
Maple-bark-stripper''s lung (disease)   J67.6
Maple-syrup-urine disease   E71.0
Marable''s syndrome (celiac artery compression)   I77.4
Marasmus E41
bones   Q78.2
skin   R23.8
Marburg virus disease   A98.3
hemoglobinuria   D59.6
Marchesani (-Weill)syndrome   Q87.0
Marchiafava (-Bignami)syndrome or disease   G37.1
Marchiafava-Micheli syndrome   D59.5
Marcus Gunn''s syndrome   Q07.8
Marfan''s syndrome see Syndrome, Marfan's
Marie-Bamberger disease see Osteoarthropathy, hypertrophic, specified NEC
Marie-Charcot-Tooth neuropathic muscular atrophy   G60.0
cerebellar ataxia (late-onset)   G11.2
disease or syndrome (acromegaly)   E22.0
Marie-Strmpell arthritis, disease or spondylitis see Spondylitis, ankylosing
Marion''s disease (bladder neck obstruction)   N32.0
Marital conflict   Z63.0
port wine   Q82.5
raspberry   Q82.5
strawberry   Q82.5
stretch   L90.6
tattoo   L81.8
Marker heterochromatin see Extra, marker chromosomes
Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome (mild) (severe)   E76.29
Marrow (bone)
arrest   D61.9
poor function   D75.89
Marseilles fever   A77.1
Marsh fever see Malaria
Marshall''s (hidrotic)ectodermal dysplasia   Q82.4
Marsh''s disease (exophthalmic goiter)   E05.00
with storm   E05.01
Masculinization (female)with adrenal hyperplasia   E25.9
congenital   E25.0
Masculinovoblastoma   D27.-
Masochism (sexual)   F65.51
Mason''s lung   J62.8
abdominal    R19.00
epigastric   R19.06
generalized   R19.07
left lower quadrant   R19.04
left upper quadrant   R19.02
periumbilic   R19.05
right lower quadrant   R19.03
right upper quadrant   R19.01
specified site NEC   R19.09
chest   R22.2
ear   H93.8-
head   R22.0
kidney   N28.89
liver   R16.0
localized (skin)    R22.9
chest   R22.2
head   R22.0
lower   R22.4-
upper   R22.3-
neck   R22.1
trunk   R22.2
lung   R91.8
neck   R22.1
splenic   R16.1
superficial (localized)   R22.9
umbilical (diffuse) (generalized)   R19.09
Massive see condition
Mast cell
disease, systemic tissue   D47.0
leukemia   C94.3-
sarcoma   C96.2
tumor    D47.0
malignant   C96.2
Mastalgia   N64.4
Masters-Allen syndrome   N83.8
Mastitis (acute) (diffuse) (nonpuerperal) (subacute) N61
newborn   P39.0
neonatal (noninfective)    P83.4
infective   P39.0
lactation   O91.23
pregnancy   O91.21-
puerperium   O91.22
lactation   O91.13
pregnancy   O91.11-
puerperium   O91.12
Mastocytoma   D47.0
malignant   C96.2
Mastocytosis   Q82.2
aggressive systemic   C96.2
indolent systemic   D47.0
malignant   C96.2
systemic, associated with clonal hematopoetic non-mast-cell disease (SM-AHNMD)   D47.0
Mastodynia   N64.4
Mastoid see condition
Mastoidalgia see subcategory   H92.0
Mastoiditis (coalescent) (hemorrhagic) (suppurative)   H70.9-
acute, subacute    H70.00-
complicated NEC   H70.09-
subperiosteal   H70.01-
chronic (necrotic) (recurrent)   H70.1-
tuberculosis   A18.03
infectious disease NEC B99   H75.0-
parasitic disease NEC B89   H75.0-
specified NEC   H70.89-
tuberculous   A18.03
Mastopathy, mastopathia   N64.9
cystic (chronic) (diffuse)    N60.1-
with epithelial proliferation   N60.3-
estrogenic, oestrogenica   N64.89
ovarian origin   N64.89
Mastoplasia, mastoplastia N62
Masturbation (excessive)   F98.8
Maternal care (for) see Pregnancy (complicated by) (management affected by)
Matheiu''s disease (leptospiral jaundice)   A27.0
Mauclaire''s disease or osteochondrosis see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, hand, metacarpal
Maxcy''s disease   A75.2
Maxilla, maxillary see condition
May (-Hegglin)anomaly or syndrome   D72.0
McArdle (-Schmid)(-Pearson) disease (glycogen storage)   E74.04
McCune-Albright syndrome   Q78.1
McQuarrie''s syndrome (idiopathic familial hypoglycemia)   E16.2
Meadow''s syndrome   Q86.1
Measles (black) (hemorrhagic) (suppressed)   B05.9
complications NEC   B05.89
encephalitis   B05.0
intestinal complications   B05.4
keratitis (keratoconjunctivitis)   B05.81
meningitis   B05.1
otitis media   B05.3
pneumonia   B05.2
Meatitis, urethral see Urethritis
Meatus, meatal see condition
Meat-wrappers'' asthma   J68.9
Meckel-Gruber syndrome   Q61.9
Meckel''s diverticulitis, diverticulum (displaced) (hypertrophic)   Q43.0
ileus, newborn    P76.0
in cystic fibrosis   E84.11
meaning meconium plug (without cystic fibrosis)   P76.0
obstruction, newborn    P76.0
due to fecaliths   P76.0
in mucoviscidosis   E84.11
peritonitis   P78.0
plug syndrome (newborn)NEC   P76.0
Median see also condition
arcuate ligament syndrome   I77.4
rhomboid glossitis   K14.2
Mediastinal shift   R93.8
Mediastinitis (acute) (chronic)   J98.5
syphilitic   A52.73
tuberculous   A15.8
Mediastinopericarditis see also Pericarditis
acute   I30.9
adhesive   I31.0
chronic    I31.8
rheumatic   I09.2
Mediastinum, mediastinal see condition
Medicine poisoning see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
familial   E85.0
tick   A77.1
kala-azar   B55.0
leishmaniasis   B55.0
tick fever   A77.1
Medulla see condition
Medullary cystic kidney   Q61.5
Medullated fibers
optic (nerve)   Q14.8
retina   Q14.1
desmoplastic   C71.6
unspecified site   C71.6
Medulloepithelioma see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
unspecified site   C71.6
Meekeren-Ehlers-Danlos syndrome   Q79.6
Megacolon (acquired) (functional) (not Hirschsprung''s disease) (in)   K59.3
Chagas'' disease   B57.32
congenital, congenitum (aganglionic)   Q43.1
Hirschsprung''s (disease)   Q43.1
toxic NEC    K59.3
due to Clostridium difficile   A04.7
Megaesophagus (functional)   K22.0
congenital   Q39.5
in (due to)Chagas'' disease   B57.31
Megalencephaly   Q04.5
Megalerythema (epidemic)   B08.3
Megaloappendix   Q43.8
Megalocephalus, megalocephaly NEC   Q75.3
Megalocornea   Q15.8
with glaucoma   Q15.0
Megalocytic anemia   D53.1
Megalodactylia (fingers) (thumbs) (congenital)   Q74.0
toes   Q74.2
Megaloduodenum   Q43.8
Megaloesophagus (functional)   K22.0
congenital   Q39.5
Megalogastria (acquired)   K31.89
congenital   Q40.2
Megalophthalmos   Q11.3
Megalopsia   H53.15
Megalosplenia see Splenomegaly
Megaloureter   N28.82
congenital   Q62.2
Megarectum   K62.89
Megasigmoid   K59.3
congenital   Q43.2
Megaureter   N28.82
congenital   Q62.2
Megavitamin-B6 syndrome   E67.2
Megrim see Migraine
Meibomitis see Hordeolum
Meige-Milroy disease (chronic hereditary edema)   Q82.0
Meige''s syndrome   Q82.0
Melalgia, nutritional   E53.8
Melancholia   F32.9
climacteric (single episode)    F32.8
recurrent episode   F33.9
hypochondriac   F45.29
intermittent (single episode)    F32.8
recurrent episode   F33.9
involutional (single episode)    F32.8
recurrent episode   F33.9
menopausal (single episode)    F32.8
recurrent episode   F33.9
puerperal   F32.8
reactive (emotional stress or trauma)   F32.3
recurrent   F33.9
stuporous (single episode)    F32.8
recurrent episode   F33.9
Melanemia   R79.89
Melanoameloblastoma see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Melanoblastoma see Melanoma
Melanocarcinoma see Melanoma
Melanocytoma, eyeball   D31.4-
Melanocytosis, neurocutaneous   Q82.8
Melanoderma, melanodermia   L81.4
Melanodontia, infantile   K03.89
Melanodontoclasia   K03.89
Melanoepithelioma see Melanoma
Melanoma (malignant)   C43.9
in situ    D03.9
abdominal wall   D03.59
ala nasi   D03.39
ankle   D03.7-
anus, anal (margin) (skin)   D03.51
arm   D03.6-
auditory canal   D03.2-
auricle (ear)   D03.2-
auricular canal (external)   D03.2-
axilla, axillary fold   D03.59
back   D03.59
breast   D03.52
brow   D03.39
buttock   D03.59
canthus (eye)   D03.1-
cheek (external)   D03.39
chest wall   D03.59
chin   D03.39
choroid   D03.8
conjunctiva   D03.8
ear (external)   D03.2-
external meatus (ear)   D03.2-
eye   D03.8
eyebrow   D03.39
eyelid (lower) (upper)   D03.1-
face   D03.30
specified NEC   D03.39
female genital organ (external)NEC   D03.8
finger   D03.6-
flank   D03.59
foot   D03.7-
forearm   D03.6-
forehead   D03.39
foreskin   D03.8
gluteal region   D03.59
groin   D03.59
hand   D03.6-
heel   D03.7-
helix   D03.2-
hip   D03.7-
interscapular region   D03.59
iris   D03.8
jaw   D03.39
knee   D03.7-
labium (majus) (minus)   D03.8
lacrimal gland   D03.8
leg   D03.7-
lip (lower) (upper)   D03.0
lower limb NEC   D03.7-
male genital organ (external)NEC   D03.8
nail   D03.9
finger   D03.6-
toe   D03.7-
neck   D03.4
nose (external)   D03.39
orbit   D03.8
penis   D03.8
perianal skin   D03.51
perineum   D03.51
pinna   D03.2-
popliteal fossa or space   D03.7-
prepuce   D03.8
pudendum   D03.8
retina   D03.8
retrobulbar   D03.8
scalp   D03.4
scrotum   D03.8
shoulder   D03.6-
specified site NEC   D03.8
submammary fold   D03.52
temple   D03.39
thigh   D03.7-
toe   D03.7-
trunk NEC   D03.59
umbilicus   D03.59
upper limb NEC   D03.6-
vulva   D03.8
breast   C79.81
genital organ   C79.82
specified site NEC   C79.89
skin    C43.9
abdominal wall   C43.59
ala nasi   C43.31
ankle   C43.7-
anus, anal (skin)   C43.51
arm   C43.6-
auditory canal (external)   C43.2-
auricle (ear)   C43.2-
auricular canal (external)   C43.2-
axilla, axillary fold   C43.59
back   C43.59
breast (female) (male)   C43.52
brow   C43.39
buttock   C43.59
canthus (eye)   C43.1-
cheek (external)   C43.39
chest wall   C43.59
chin   C43.39
ear (external)   C43.2-
elbow   C43.6-
external meatus (ear)   C43.2-
eyebrow   C43.39
eyelid (lower) (upper)   C43.1-
face   C43.30
specified NEC   C43.39
female genital organ (external)NEC   C51.9
finger   C43.6-
flank   C43.59
foot   C43.7-
forearm   C43.6-
forehead   C43.39
foreskin   C60.0
glabella   C43.39
gluteal region   C43.59
groin   C43.59
hand   C43.6-
heel   C43.7-
helix   C43.2-
hip   C43.7-
interscapular region   C43.59
jaw (external)   C43.39
knee   C43.7-
labium   C51.9
majus   C51.0
minus   C51.1
leg   C43.7-
lip (lower) (upper)   C43.0
lower limb NEC   C43.7-
male genital organ (external)NEC   C63.9
finger   C43.6-
toe   C43.7-
nasolabial groove   C43.39
nates   C43.59
neck   C43.4
nose (external)   C43.31
overlapping site   C43.8
palpebra   C43.1-
penis   C60.9
perianal skin   C43.51
perineum   C43.51
pinna   C43.2-
popliteal fossa or space   C43.7-
prepuce   C60.0
pudendum   C51.9
scalp   C43.4
scrotum   C63.2
shoulder   C43.6-
skin NEC   C43.9
submammary fold   C43.52
temple   C43.39
thigh   C43.7-
toe   C43.7-
trunk NEC   C43.59
umbilicus   C43.59
upper limb NEC   C43.6-
vulva   C51.9
overlapping sites   C51.8
type A   C69.4-
type B   C69.4-
Melanosarcoma see also Melanoma
Melanosis   L81.4
addisonian    E27.1
tuberculous   A18.7
adrenal   E27.1
colon   K63.89
congenital   Q13.89
congenital   Q13.4
eye NEC    H57.8
congenital   Q15.8
lenticularis progressiva   Q82.1
liver   K76.89
Riehl''s   L81.4
sclera    H15.89
congenital   Q13.89
suprarenal   E27.1
tar   L81.4
toxic   L81.4
Melanuria   R82.99
MELAS syndrome   E88.41
Melasma   L81.1
adrenal (gland)   E27.1
suprarenal (gland)   E27.1
Melena   K92.1
with ulcer - code by site under Ulcer, with hemorrhage   K27.4
due to swallowed maternal blood   P78.2
newborn, neonatal    P54.1
due to swallowed maternal blood   P78.2
Melioidosis   A24.9
acute   A24.1
chronic   A24.2
fulminating   A24.1
pneumonia   A24.1
pulmonary (chronic)    A24.2
acute   A24.1
subacute   A24.2
sepsis   A24.1
specified NEC   A24.3
subacute   A24.2
Melitensis, febris   A23.0
Melkersson (-Rosenthal)syndrome   G51.2
Mellitus, diabetes see Diabetes
Melorheostosis (bone) see Disorder, bone, density and structure, specified NEC
Meloschisis   Q18.4
Melotia   Q17.4
capsularis lentis posterior   Q13.89
epipapillaris   Q14.2
Membranacea placenta   O43.19-
Membranaceous uterus   N85.8
Membrane (s), membranous see also condition
Jackson''s   Q43.3
over face of newborn   P28.9
pupillary    H21.4-
persistent   Q13.89
retained (with hemorrhage) (complicating delivery)    O72.2
without hemorrhage   O73.1
Membranitis see Chorioamnionitis
Memory disturbance, lack or loss see also Amnesia
mild, following organic brain damage   F06.8
Menadione deficiency   E56.1
delayed   E30.0
precocious   E30.1
Mendacity, pathologic   F60.2
Mendelson''s syndrome (due to anesthesia)   J95.4
in labor and delivery   O74.0
in pregnancy   O29.01-
obstetric   O74.0
postpartum, puerperal   O89.01
Mntrier''s disease or syndrome   K29.60
with bleeding   K29.61
Mnire''s disease, syndrome or vertigo   H81.0-
Meninges, meningeal see condition
Meningioma see also Neoplasm, meninges, benign
Meningiomatosis (diffuse) see Neoplasm, meninges, uncertain behavior
Meningism see Meningismus
Meningismus (infectional) (pneumococcal)   R29.1
due to serum or vaccine   R29.1
Meningitis (basal) (basic) (brain) (cerebral) (cervical) (congestive) (diffuse) (hemorrhagic) (infantile) (membranous)
(metastatic) (nonspecific) (pontine) (progressive) (simple) (spinal) (subacute) (sympathetic) (toxic)   G03.9
abacterial   G03.0
actinomycotic   A42.81
adenoviral   A87.1
arbovirus   A87.8
aseptic (acute)   G03.0
bacterial    G00.9
Escherichia coli (E coli)   G00.8
Friedlnder (bacillus)   G00.8
gram-negative   G00.9
H influenzae   G00.0
Klebsiella   G00.8
pneumococcal   G00.1
specified organism NEC   G00.8
staphylococcal   G00.3
streptococcal (acute)   G00.2
benign recurrent (Mollaret)   G03.2
candidal   B37.5
caseous (tuberculous)   A17.0
cerebrospinal   A39.0
chronic NEC   G03.1
clear cerebrospinal fluid NEC   G03.0
coxsackievirus   A87.0
cryptococcal   B45.1
diplococcal (gram positive)   A39.0
echovirus   A87.0
enteroviral   A87.0
eosinophilic   B83.2
epidemic NEC   A39.0
Escherichia coli (E coli)   G00.8
fibrinopurulent    G00.9
specified organism NEC   G00.8
Friedlnder (bacillus)   G00.8
gonococcal   A54.81
gram-negative cocci   G00.9
gram-positive cocci   G00.9
Haemophilus (influenzae)   G00.0
H influenzae   G00.0
adenovirus   A87.1
anthrax   A22.8
Chagas'' disease (chronic)   B57.41
chickenpox   B01.0
coccidioidomycosis   B38.4
Diplococcus pneumoniae   G00.1
enterovirus   A87.0
herpes (simplex)virus   B00.3
zoster   B02.1
infectious mononucleosis   B27.92
leptospirosis   A27.81
Listeria monocytogenes   A32.11
Lyme disease   A69.21
measles   B05.1
mumps (virus)   B26.1
neurosyphilis (late)   A52.13
preventive immunization, inoculation or vaccination   G03.8
rubella   B06.02
Salmonella infection   A02.21
specified cause NEC   G03.8
typhoid fever   A01.01
varicella   B01.0
viral disease NEC   A87.8
whooping cough   A37.90
zoster   B02.1
infectious   G00.9
influenzal (H influenzae)   G00.0
Klebsiella   G00.8
leptospiral (aseptic)   A27.81
lymphocytic (acute) (benign) (serous)   A87.2
meningococcal   A39.0
Mima polymorpha   G00.8
Mollaret (benign recurrent)   G03.2
monilial   B37.5
Neisseria   A39.0
nonbacterial   G03.0
nonpyogenic NEC   G03.0
ossificans   G96.19
pneumococcal   G00.1
postmeasles   B05.1
purulent    G00.9
specified organism NEC   G00.8
pyogenic    G00.9
specified organism NEC   G00.8
Salmonella (arizonae) (Cholerae-Suis) (enteritidis) (typhimurium)   A02.21
septic    G00.9
specified organism NEC   G00.8
serosa circumscripta NEC   G03.0
serous NEC   G93.2
specified organism NEC   G00.8
sporotrichosis   B42.81
staphylococcal   G00.3
sterile   G03.0
streptococcal (acute)   G00.2
suppurative    G00.9
specified organism NEC   G00.8
syphilitic (late) (tertiary)    A52.13
acute   A51.41
congenital   A50.41
secondary   A51.41
Torula histolytica (cryptococcal)   B45.1
traumatic (complication of injury)   T79.8
tuberculous   A17.0
typhoid   A01.01
viral NEC   A87.9
Yersinia pestis   A20.3
Meningocele (spinal) see also Spina bifida
acquired (traumatic)   G96.19
Meningocerebritis see Meningoencephalitis
Meningococcemia   A39.4
acute   A39.2
chronic   A39.3
Meningococcus, meningococcal (see also condition)   A39.9
adrenalitis, hemorrhagic   A39.1
carrier (suspected)of   Z22.31
meningitis (cerebrospinal)   A39.0
Meningoencephalitis (see also Encephalitis)   G04.90
bacterial NEC   G04.2
California   A83.5
diphasic   A84.1
eosinophilic   B83.2
epidemic   A39.81
herpesviral, herpetic    B00.4
due to herpesvirus 6   B10.01
due to herpesvirus 7   B10.09
specified NEC   B10.09
blastomycosis NEC   B40.81
diseases classified elsewhere   G05.3
free-living amebae   B60.2
Hemophilus influenzae (H influenzae)   G04.2
herpes   B00.4
due to herpesvirus 6   B10.01
due to herpesvirus 7   B10.09
specified NEC   B10.09
H influenzae   G00.0
Lyme disease   A69.22
mercury see subcategory   T56.1
mumps   B26.2
Naegleria (amebae) (organisms) (fowleri)   B60.2
Parastrongylus cantonensis   B83.2
toxoplasmosis (acquired)   B58.2
congenital   P37.1
influenzal (H influenzae)   G04.2
Listeria monocytogenes   A32.12
lymphocytic (serous)   A87.2
mumps   B26.2
pneumococcal   G00.1
primary amebic   B60.2
specific (syphilitic)   A52.14
specified organism NEC   G04.81
staphylococcal   G04.2
streptococcal   G04.2
syphilitic   A52.14
due to mercury see subcategory   T56.1
tuberculous   A17.82
parasitic NEC B89   G05.3
Meningoencephalocele see also Encephalocele
syphilitic    A52.19
congenital   A50.49
Meningoencephalomyelitis see also Meningoencephalitis
disseminated   G04.00
postimmunization or postvaccination   G04.02
postinfectious   G04.01
actinomycosis   A42.82
Torula   B45.1
Toxoplasma or toxoplasmosis (acquired)   B58.2
congenital   P37.1
postimmunization or postvaccination   G04.02
Meningoencephalomyelopathy   G96.9
Meningoencephalopathy   G96.9
Meningomyelitis see also Meningoencephalitis
bacterial NEC   G04.2
blastomycotic NEC   B40.81
cryptococcal   B45.1
in diseases classified elsewhere   G05.4
meningococcal   A39.81
syphilitic   A52.14
tuberculous   A17.82
Meningomyelocele see also Spina bifida
syphilitic   A52.19
Meningomyeloneuritis see Meningoencephalitis
Meningoradiculitis see Meningitis
Meningovascular see condition
Menkes'' disease or syndrome   E83.09
meaning maple-syrup-urine disease   E71.0
Menometrorrhagia   N92.1
Menopause, menopausal (asymptomatic) (state)   Z78.0
bleeding   N92.4
depression (single episode)    F32.8
agitated (single episode)   F32.2
recurrent episode   F33.9
psychotic (single episode)   F32.8
recurrent episode   F33.9
recurrent episode   F33.9
melancholia (single episode)    F32.8
recurrent episode   F33.9
premature    E28.319
asymptomatic   E28.319
postirradiation   E89.40
postsurgical   E89.40
symptomatic   E28.310
postirradiation   E89.41
postsurgical   E89.41
symptomatic   N95.1
Menorrhagia (primary)   N92.0
climacteric    N92.4
menopausal   N92.4
menopausal   N92.4
postclimacteric   N95.0
postmenopausal   N95.0
preclimacteric or premenopausal   N92.4
pubertal (menses retained)   N92.2
Menostaxis   N92.0
Menses, retention   N94.89
Menstrual see Menstruation
anovulatory   N97.0
cycle, irregular   N92.6
delayed   N91.0
disorder    N93.9
psychogenic   F45.8
during pregnancy   O20.8
excessive (with regular cycle)    N92.0
with irregular cycle   N92.1
at puberty   N92.2
frequent   N92.0
irregular    N92.6
specified NEC   N92.5
latent   N92.5
membranous   N92.5
painful (see also Dysmenorrhea)    N94.6
primary   N94.4
psychogenic   F45.8
secondary   N94.5
passage of clots   N92.0
precocious   E30.1
protracted   N92.5
retained   N94.89
retrograde   N92.5
suppression   N94.89
vicarious (nasal)   N94.89
Mental see also condition
exhaustion   F48.8
observation without need for further medical care   Z03.89
Meralgia paresthetica   G57.1-
Mercurial see condition
Mercurialism see subcategory   T56.1
MERRF syndrome (myoclonic epilepsy associated with ragged-red fiber)   E88.42
Merkel cell tumor see Carcinoma, Merkel cell
Merocele see Hernia, femoral
Microtropia   H50.40
Merzbacher-Pelizaeus disease   E75.29
Mesaortitis see Aortitis
Mesarteritis see Arteritis
Mesencephalitis see Encephalitis
Mesenchymoma see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
retractile   K65.4
sclerosing   K65.4
Mesentery, mesenteric see condition
Mesiodens, mesiodentes   K00.1
Mesio-occlusion   M26.213
Mesocolon see condition
Mesonephroma (malignant) see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Mesophlebitis see Phlebitis
Mesostromal dysgenesia   Q13.89
Mesothelioma (malignant)   C45.9
mesentery   D19.1
mesocolon   D19.1
omentum   D19.1
peritoneum   D19.1
pleura   D19.0
specified site NEC   D19.7
unspecified site   D19.9
biphasic    C45.9
mesentery   D19.1
mesocolon   D19.1
omentum   D19.1
peritoneum   D19.1
pleura   D19.0
specified site NEC   D19.7
unspecified site   D19.9
cystic   D48.4
epithelioid    C45.9
mesentery   D19.1
mesocolon   D19.1
omentum   D19.1
peritoneum   D19.1
pleura   D19.0
specified site NEC   D19.7
unspecified site   D19.9
fibrous    C45.9
mesentery   D19.1
mesocolon   D19.1
omentum   D19.1
peritoneum   D19.1
pleura   D19.0
specified site NEC   D19.7
unspecified site   D19.9
liver   C45.7
lung   C45.7
mediastinum   C45.7
mesentery   C45.1
mesocolon   C45.1
omentum   C45.1
pericardium   C45.2
peritoneum   C45.1
pleura   C45.0
parietal   C45.0
retroperitoneum   C45.7
specified site NEC   C45.7
unspecified   C45.9
Metabolic syndrome   E88.81
Metagonimiasis   B66.8
Metagonimus infestation (intestine)   B66.8
pigmentation   L81.8
polisher''s disease   J62.8
Metamorphopsia   H53.15
endometrium (squamous) (uterus)   N85.8
kidney (pelvis) (squamous)   N28.89
myelogenous   D73.1
myeloid (agnogenic) (megakaryocytic)   D73.1
spleen   D73.1
squamous cell, bladder   N32.89
Metastasis, metastatic
calcification   E83.59
disease (see also Neoplasm, secondary, by site)   C79.9
Metastrongyliasis   B83.8
Metatarsalgia   M77.4-
anterior   G57.6-
Morton''s   G57.6-
Metatarsus, metatarsal see also condition
valgus (abductus), congenital   Q66.6
varus (adductus) (congenital)   Q66.2
Methadone use   F11.20
Methemoglobinemia   D74.9
acquired (with sulfhemoglobinemia)   D74.8
congenital   D74.0
enzymatic (congenital)   D74.0
Hb M disease   D74.0
hereditary   D74.0
toxic   D74.8
Methemoglobinuria see Hemoglobinuria
Methioninemia   E72.19
Methylmalonic acidemia   E71.120
Metritis (catarrhal) (hemorrhagic) (septic) (suppurative) see also Endometritis
Metropathia hemorrhagica   N93.8
Metroperitonitis see Peritonitis, pelvic, female
Metrorrhagia   N92.1
climacteric   N92.4
menopausal   N92.4
postpartum NEC (atonic) (following delivery of placenta)    O72.1
delayed or secondary   O72.2
preclimacteric or premenopausal   N92.4
psychogenic   F45.8
Metrorrhexis see Rupture, uterus
Metrosalpingitis   N70.91
Metrostaxis   N93.8
Metrovaginitis see Endometritis
Meyer-Schwickerath and Weyers syndrome   Q87.0
Meynert''s amentia (nonalcoholic) F04
alcoholic    F10.96
with dependence   F10.26
Mibelli''s disease (porokeratosis)   Q82.8
Mice, joint see Loose, body, joint
knee   M23.4-
Micrencephalon, micrencephaly Q02
Microalbuminuria   R80.9
Microaneurysm, retinal see also Disorder, retina, microaneurysms
diabetic see E08-E13 with   .31
Miliary see condition
Microangiopathy (peripheral)   I73.9
thrombotic   M31.1
Microcalcifications, breast   R92.0
Microcephalus, microcephalic, microcephaly Q02
due to toxoplasmosis (congenital)   P37.1
Microcheilia   Q18.7
Microcolon (congenital)   Q43.8
Microcornea (congenital)   Q13.4
Microcytic see condition
Microdeletions NEC   Q93.88
Microdontia   K00.2
Microdrepanocytosis   D57.40
with crisis (vasoocclusive pain)    D57.419
acute chest syndrome   D57.411
splenic sequestration   D57.412
Microencephalon Q02
Microfilaria streptocerca infestation see Onchocerciasis
Microgastria (congenital)   Q40.2
Microgenia   M26.06
Microgenitalia, congenital
female   Q52.8
male   Q55.8
Microglioma see Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin, specified NEC
Microglossia (congenital)   Q38.3
Micrognathia, micrognathism (congenital) (mandibular) (maxillary)   M26.09
Microgyria (congenital)   Q04.3
Microinfarct of heart see Insufficiency, coronary
Microlentia (congenital)   Q12.8
Microlithiasis, alveolar, pulmonary   J84.02
Micromastia   N64.82
Micromyelia (congenital)   Q06.8
Micropenis   Q55.62
Microphakia (congenital)   Q12.8
Microphthalmos, microphthalmia (congenital)   Q11.2
due to toxoplasmosis   P37.1
Micropsia   H53.15
Microscopic polyangiitis (polyarteritis)   M31.7
Microsporidiosis   B60.8
intestinal   A07.8
Microsporon furfur infestation   B36.0
Microsporosis see also Dermatophytosis
nigra   B36.1
Microstomia (congenital)   Q18.5
Microtia (congenital) (external ear)   Q17.2
Microvillus inclusion disease (MVD) (MVID)   Q43.8
disorder NEC    R39.19
psychogenic   F45.8
frequency    R35.0
psychogenic   F45.8
hesitancy   R39.11
incomplete emptying   R39.14
nocturnal   R35.1
painful    R30.9
dysuria   R30.0
psychogenic   F45.8
tenesmus   R30.1
poor stream   R39.12
split stream   R39.13
straining   R39.16
urgency   R39.15
Mid plane see condition
lobe (right)syndrome   J98.19
Miescher''s elastoma   L87.2
Mietens'' syndrome   Q87.2
Migraine (idiopathic)   G43.909
with refractory migraine    G43.919
with status migrainosus   G43.911
without status migrainosus   G43.919
with aura (acute-onset) (prolonged) (typical) (without headache)    G43.109
with refractory migraine   G43.119
with status migrainosus   G43.111
without status migrainosus   G43.119
intractable   G43.119
with status migrainosus   G43.111
without status migrainosus   G43.119
not intractable   G43.109
with status migrainosus   G43.101
without status migrainosus   G43.109
persistent   G43.509
with cerebral infarction    G43.609
with refractory migraine    G43.619
with status migrainosus   G43.611
without status migrainosus   G43.619
intractable    G43.619
with status migrainosus   G43.611
without status migrainosus   G43.619
not intractable    G43.609
with status migrainosus   G43.601
without status migrainosus   G43.609
without refractory migraine    G43.609
with status migrainosus   G43.601
without status migrainosus   G43.609
without cerebral infarction    G43.509
with refractory migraine    G43.519
with status migrainosus   G43.511
without status migrainosus   G43.519
intractable    G43.519
with status migrainosus   G43.511
without status migrainosus   G43.519
not intractable    G43.509
with status migrainosus   G43.501
without status migrainosus   G43.509
without refractory migraine    G43.509
with status migrainosus   G43.501
without status migrainosus   G43.509
without mention of refractory migraine   G43.109
with status migrainosus   G43.101
without status migrainosus   G43.109
abdominal    G43.D0
with refractory migraine   G43.D1
intractable   G43.D1
not intractable   G43.D0
without refractory migraine   G43.D0
complicated   G43.109
hemiplegic    G43.409
with refractory migraine   G43.419
with status migrainosus   G43.411
without status migrainosus   G43.419
intractable   G43.419
with status migrainosus   G43.411
without status migrainosus   G43.419
not intractable   G43.409
with status migrainosus   G43.401
without status migrainosus   G43.409
without refractory migraine   G43.409
with status migrainosus   G43.401
without status migrainosus   G43.409
intractable    G43.919
with status migrainosus   G43.911
without status migrainosus   G43.919
menstrual    G43.829
with refractory migraine   G43.839
with status migrainosus   G43.831
without status migrainosus   G43.839
intractable   G43.839
with status migrainosus   G43.831
without status migrainosus   G43.839
not intractable   4G43.829
with status migrainosus   G43.821
without status migrainosus   G43.829
without refractory migraine   G43.829
with status migrainosus   G43.821
without status migrainosus   G43.829
not intractable    G43.909
with status migrainosus   G43.901
without status migrainosus   G43.919
ophthalmoplegic    G43.B0
with refractory migraine   G43.B1
intractable   G43.B1
not intractable   G43.B0
without refractory migraine   G43.B0
specified NEC    G43.809
intractable   G43.819
with status migrainosus   G43.811
without status migrainosus   G43.819
not intractable   G43.809
with status migrainosus   G43.801
without status migrainosus   G43.809
without aura    G43.009
with refractory migraine   G43.019
with status migrainosus   G43.011
without status migrainosus   G43.019
chronic   G43.709
with refractory migraine    G43.719
with status migrainosus   G43.711
without status migrainosus   G43.719
with status migrainosus   G43.711
without status migrainosus   G43.719
with status migrainosus   G43.701
without status migrainosus   G43.709
without refractory migraine    G43.709
with status migrainosus   G43.701
without status migrainosus   G43.709
with status migrainosus   G43.011
without status migrainosus   G43.019
with status migrainosus   G43.001
without status migrainosus   G43.009
without mention of refractory migraine   G43.009
with status migrainosus   G43.001
without status migrainosus   G43.009
without refractory    migraineG43.909
with status migrainosus   G43.901
without status migrainosus   G43.919
Milium   L72.0
colloid   L57.8
Migrant, social   Z59.0
Migration, anxiety concerning   Z60.3
Migratory, migrating see also condition
person   Z59.0
testis   Q55.29
Mikity-Wilson disease or syndrome   P27.0
Mikulicz'' disease or syndrome   K11.8
Miliaria   L74.3
tropicalis   L74.2
alba   L74.1
apocrine   L75.2
crystallina   L74.1
profunda   L74.2
rubra   L74.0
crust   L21.0
excessive secretion   O92.6
retention   O92.79
spots   I31.0
Milk-alkali disease or syndrome   E83.52
Milk-leg (deep vessels) (nonpuerperal) see Embolism, vein, lower extremity
complicating pregnancy   O22.3-
puerperal, postpartum, childbirth   O87.1
Milkman''s disease or syndrome   M83.8
Milky urine see Chyluria
Millard-Gubler (-Foville)paralysis or syndrome   G46.3
Millar''s asthma   J38.5
Miller Fisher syndrome   G61.0
Mills'' disease see Hemiplegia
Millstone maker''s pneumoconiosis   J62.8
Milroy''s disease (chronic hereditary edema)   Q82.0
Minamata disease   T26.1-
Miners'' asthma or lung J60
Minkowski-Chauffard syndrome see Spherocytosis
Minor see condition
Minor''s disease (hematomyelia)   G95.19
Minot''s disease (hemorrhagic disease), newborn P53
Minot-von Willebrand-Jurgens disease or syndrome (angiohemophilia)   D68.0
Minus (and plus) hand (intrinsic) see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, forearm
Miosis (pupil)   H57.03
Mirizzi''s syndrome (hepatic duct stenosis)   K83.1
Mirror writing   F81.0
Misadventure (of) (prophylactic) (therapeutic) (see also Complications)   T88.9
administration of insulin (by accident) see subcategory   T38.3
local applications (of fomentations, plasters, etc)    T88.9
specified NEC   T88.8
medical care (early) (late)    T88.9
specified NEC   T88.8
specified NEC   T88.8
Miscarriage   O03.9
Misdirection, aqueous   H40.83-
Misperception, sleep state   F51.02
Misplaced, misplacement
ear   Q17.4
kidney (acquired)    N28.89
congenital   Q63.2
abortion   O02.1
delivery   O36.4
Missing see Absence
Misuse of drugs   F19.99
Mitchell''s disease (erythromelalgia)   I73.81
Mite (s) (infestation)   B88.9
diarrhea   B88.0
grain (itch)   B88.0
hair follicle (itch)   B88.0
in sputum   B88.0
Mitral see condition
Mittelschmerz   N94.0
Mixed see condition
MNGIE (Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalopathy)syndrome   E88.49
Mobile, mobility
cecum   Q43.3
gallbladder, congenital   Q44.1
kidney   N28.89
Mobitz heart block (atrioventricular)   I44.1
Moebius, Mbius
syndrome    Q87.0
congenital oculofacial paralysis (with other anomalies)   Q87.0
Moeller''s glossitis   K14.0
Mohr''s syndrome (Types I and II)   Q87.0
Mola destruens   D39.2
Molar pregnancy   O02.0
Molarization of premolars   K00.2
Mole (pigmented) see also Nevus
fleshy   O02.0
blood   O02.0
Breus''   O02.0
carneous   O02.0
destructive   D39.2
hydatid, hydatidiform (benign) (complicating pregnancy) (delivered) (undelivered)    O01.9
classical   O01.0
complete   O01.0
incomplete   O01.1
invasive   D39.2
malignant   D39.2
partial   O01.1
intrauterine   O02.0
invasive (hydatidiform)   D39.2
malignant hydatidiform mole   D39.2
nonhydatidiform   O02.0
pregnancy NEC   O02.0
tubal   O00.1
Molimen, molimina (menstrual)   N94.3
Molluscum contagiosum (epitheliale)   B08.1
Mnckeberg''s arteriosclerosis, disease, or sclerosis see Arteriosclerosis, extremities
Mondini''s malformation (cochlea)   Q16.5
Mondor''s disease   I80.8
Monge''s disease   T70.29
Monilethrix (congenital)   Q84.1
Moniliasis (see also Candidiasis)   B37.9
neonatal   P37.5
Monitoring (encounter for)
therapeutic drug level   Z51.81
Monkey malaria   B53.1
Monkeypox B04
Monoarthritis   M13.10
ankle   M13.17-
elbow   M13.12-
foot joint   M13.17-
hand joint   M13.14-
hip   M13.15-
knee   M13.16-
shoulder   M13.11-
wrist   M13.13-
Monoblastic see condition
Monochromat (ism), monochromatopsia (acquired) (congenital)   H53.51
Monocytic see condition
Monocytopenia   D72.818
Monocytosis (symptomatic)   D72.821
Monomania see Psychosis
Mononeuritis   G58.9
femoral nerve   G57.2-
cutaneous nerve of thigh   G57.1-
popliteal nerve   G57.3-
lower limb    G57.9-
specified nerve NEC   G57.8-
medial popliteal nerve   G57.4-
median nerve   G56.1-
multiplex   G58.7
plantar nerve   G57.6-
posterior tibial nerve   G57.5-
radial nerve   G56.3-
sciatic nerve   G57.0-
specified NEC   G58.8
tibial nerve   G57.4-
ulnar nerve   G56.2-
upper limb    G56.9-
specified nerve NEC   G56.8-
vestibular see subcategory   H93.3
Mononeuropathy   G58.9
diabetic NEC see E08-E13 with   .41
ilioinguinal nerve   G57.8-
intercostal   G58.0
lower limb    G57.9-
meralgia paresthetica   G57.1-
specified NEC   G57.8-
multiplex   G58.7
obturator nerve   G57.8-
saphenous nerve   G57.8-
specified NEC   G58.8
tuberculous   A17.83
upper limb    G56.9-
specified site NEC   G56.8-
Mononucleosis, infectious   B27.90
complication NEC   B27.99
meningitis   B27.92
polyneuropathy   B27.91
cytomegaloviral    B27.10
complication NEC   B27.19
meningitis   B27.12
polyneuropathy   B27.11
Epstein-Barr (virus)    B27.00
complication NEC   B27.09
meningitis   B27.02
polyneuropathy   B27.01
gammaherpesviral    B27.00
complication NEC   B27.09
meningitis   B27.02
polyneuropathy   B27.01
specified NEC    B27.80
complication NEC   B27.89
meningitis   B27.82
polyneuropathy   B27.81
Monoplegia   G83.3-
congenital (cerebral)    G80.8
spastic   G80.1
embolic (current episode)   I63.4
lower limb   I69.34-
upper limb   I69.33-
lower limb   I69.14-
upper limb   I69.13-
lower limb   I69.94-
lower limb   I69.24-
upper limb   I69.23-
lower limb   I69.84-
upper limb   I69.83-
lower limb   I69.34-
upper limb   I69.33-
lower limb   I69.04-
upper limb   I69.03-
upper limb   I69.93-
hysterical (transient)   F44.4
lower limb   G83.1-
psychogenic (conversion reaction)   F44.4
thrombotic (current episode)   I63.3
transient   R29.818
upper limb   G83.2-
Monorchism, monorchidism   Q55.0
Monosomy (see also Deletion, chromosome)   Q93.9
specified NEC   Q93.89
meiotic nondisjunction   Q93.0
mitotic nondisjunction   Q93.1
mosaicism   Q93.1
X   Q96.9
Monster, monstrosity (single)   Q89.7
acephalic   Q00.0
twin   Q89.4
Monteggia''s fracture (-dislocation)   S52.27-
Mooren''s ulcer (cornea) see Ulcer, cornea, Mooren's
Moore''s syndrome see Epilepsy, specified NEC
Mooser-Neill reaction   A75.2
Mooser''s bodies   A75.2
Morbidity not stated or unknown R69
Morbilli see Measles
Morbus see also Disease
angelicus, anglorum   E55.0
Beigel   B36.2
celiacus   K90.0
cordis (see also Disease, heart)    I51.9
coxae senilis    M16.9
tuberculous   A18.02
maculosus neonatorum   P54.5
Morel (-Stewart)(-Morgagni)syndrome   M85.2
Morel-Kraepelin disease see Schizophrenia
Morel-Moore syndrome   M85.2
female   Q50.5
male (epididymal)   Q55.4
testicular   Q55.29
syndrome   M85.2
Morgagni-Stokes-Adams syndrome   I45.9
Morgagni-Stewart-Morel syndrome   M85.2
Morgagni-Turner (-Albright)syndrome   Q96.9
Moria   F07.0
Moron (IQ50-69) F70
Morphea   L94.0
Morphinism (without remission)   F11.20
with remission   F11.21
Morphinomania (without remission)   F11.20
with remission   F11.21
Morquio (-Ullrich)(-Brailsford)disease or syndrome see Mucopolysaccharidosis
Mortification (dry) (moist) see Gangrene
Morton''s metatarsalgia (neuralgia)(neuroma) (syndrome)   G57.6-
Morvan''s disease or syndrome   G60.8
Mosaicism, mosaic (autosomal) (chromosomal)
45,Xother cell lines NEC with abnormal sex chromosome   Q96.4
45,X46,XX   Q96.3
female   Q97.8
lines with various numbers of X chromosomes   Q97.2
male   Q98.7
XY   Q96.3
Moschowitz'' disease   M31.1
Mother yaw   A66.0
Motion sickness (from travel, any vehicle) (from roundabouts or swings)   T75.3
Mottled, mottling, teeth (enamel) (endemic) (nonendemic)   K00.3
Mounier-Kuhn syndrome   Q32.4
with bronchiectasis    J47.9
exacerbation (acute)   J47.1
lower respiratory infection   J47.0
acquired    J98.09
with bronchiectasis   J47.9
exacerbation (acute)   J47.1
lower respiratory infection   J47.0
sickness    T70.29
with polycythemia , acquired (acute)   D75.1
tick fever   A93.2
Mouse, joint see Loose, body, joint
knee   M23.4-
Mouth see condition
coccyx see subcategory   M53.2
kidney    N28.89
congenital   Q63.8
spleen   D73.89
Movements, dystonic   R25.8
Moyamoya disease   I67.5
MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
infection    A49.02
as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere   B95.62
sepsis   A41.02
MSSA (Methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus)
infection    A49.01
as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere   B95.61
sepsis   A41.01
Mucha-Habermann disease   L41.0
Mucinosis (cutaneous) (focal) (papular) (reticular erythematous) (skin)   L98.5
oral   K13.79
appendix   K38.8
buccal cavity   K13.79
gallbladder   K82.1
lacrimal sac, chronic   H04.43-
nasal sinus   J34.1
nose   J34.1
salivary gland (any)   K11.6
sinus (accessory) (nasal)   J34.1
turbinate (bone) (middle) (nasal)   J34.1
uterus   N85.8
I   E77.1
II, III   E77.0
IV   E75.11
Mucopolysaccharidosis   E76.3
beta-gluduronidase deficiency   E76.29
Hunter''s syndrome   E76.1
Hurler''s syndrome   E76.01
Hurler-Scheie syndrome   E76.02
Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome   E76.29
Morquio syndrome    E76.219
A   E76.210
B   E76.211
classic   E76.210
Sanfilippo syndrome   E76.22
Scheie''s syndrome   E76.03
specified NEC   E76.29
Hurler''s syndrome   E76.01
Hurler-Scheie syndrome   E76.02
Scheie''s syndrome   E76.03
II   E76.1
III   E76.22
IV   E76.219
IVA   E76.210
IVB   E76.211
VI   E76.29
VII   E76.29
Mucormycosis   B46.5
cutaneous   B46.3
disseminated   B46.4
gastrointestinal   B46.2
generalized   B46.4
pulmonary   B46.0
rhinocerebral   B46.1
skin   B46.3
subcutaneous   B46.3
Mucositis (ulcerative)   K12.30
due to drugs NEC   K12.32
gastrointestinal   K92.81
mouth (oral) (oropharyngeal)    K12.30
due to antineoplastic therapy   K12.31
due to drugs NEC   K12.32
due to radiation   K12.33
specified NEC   K12.39
viral   K12.39
nasal   J34.81
vagina and vulva   N76.81
Mucositis necroticans agranulocytica see Agranulocytosis
Mucous see also condition
patches (syphilitic)    A51.39
congenital   A50.07
Mucoviscidosis   E84.9
with meconium obstruction   E84.11
in stool   R19.5
Muguet   B37.0
Mulberry molars (congenital syphilis)   A50.52
Mllerian mixed tumor
unspecified site   C54.9
Multicystic kidney (development)   Q61.4
Multiparity (grand)   Z64.1
affecting management of pregnancy, labor and delivery (supervision only)   O09.4-
Multipartita placenta   O43.19-
Multiple, multiplex see also condition
digits (congenital)   Q69.9
personality   F44.81
Mumps   B26.9
arthritis   B26.85
complication NEC   B26.89
encephalitis   B26.2
hepatitis   B26.81
meningitis (aseptic)   B26.1
meningoencephalitis   B26.2
myocarditis   B26.82
oophoritis   B26.89
orchitis   B26.0
pancreatitis   B26.3
polyneuropathy   B26.84
Mnchhausen''s syndrome see Disorder, factitious
Mnchmeyer''s syndrome see Myositis, ossificans, progressiva
Mural see condition
Murmur (cardiac) (heart) (organic)   R01.1
abdominal   R19.15
benign   R01.0
Flint   I35.1
functional   R01.0
Graham Steell   I37.1
innocent   R01.0
nonorganic   R01.0
pulmonic (valve)   I37.8
tricuspid (valve)   I07.9
Murri''s disease (intermittent hemoglobinuria)   D59.6
Muscle, muscular see also condition
carnitine (palmityltransferase)deficiency   E71.314
Musculoneuralgia see Neuralgia
Mushroom-workers'' (pickers'')disease or lung   J67.5
Mushrooming hip see Derangement, joint, specified NEC, hip
Mutation (s)
factor V Leiden   D68.51
surfactant, of lung   J84.83
prothrombin gene   D68.52
Mutism see also Aphasia
deaf (acquired) (congenital)NEC   H91.3
elective (adjustment reaction) (childhood)   F94.0
hysterical   F44.4
selective (childhood)   F94.0
MVD (microvillus inclusion disease)   Q43.8
MVID (microvillus inclusion disease)   Q43.8
Myalgia   M79.1
epidemic (cervical)   B33.0
traumatic NEC   T14.8
Myasthenia   G70.9
congenital   G70.2
developmental   G70.2
gravis    G70.00
with exacerbation (acute)   G70.01
in crisis   G70.01
neonatal, transient   P94.0
pseudoparalytica   G70.00
with exacerbation (acute)   G70.01
in crisis   G70.01
stomach, psychogenic   F45.8
diabetes mellitus see E08-E13 with   .44
neoplastic disease (see also Neoplasm) D499   G73.3
pernicious anemia D510   G73.3
thyrotoxicosis E0590    G73.3
with thyroid storm E0591   G73.3
Myasthenic   M62.81
Mycelium infection B49
Mycetismus see Poisoning, food, noxious, mushroom
Mycetoma   B47.9
actinomycotic   B47.1
eumycotic   B47.0
foot    B47.9
actinomycotic   B47.1
mycotic   B47.0
madurae NEC    B47.9
mycotic   B47.0
maduromycotic   B47.0
mycotic   B47.0
nocardial   B47.1
bone (mycotic) B479   M90.80
Mycobacteriosis see Mycobacterium
Mycobacterium, mycobacterial (infection)   A31.9
anonymous   A31.9
atypical    A31.9
cutaneous   A31.1
pulmonary   A31.0
specified site NEC   A31.8
avium (intracellulare complex)   A31.0
balnei   A31.1
Battey   A31.0
chelonei   A31.8
cutaneous   A31.1
extrapulmonary systemic   A31.8
fortuitum   A31.8
intracellulare (Battey bacillus)   A31.0
kansasii (yellow bacillus)   A31.0
kakaferifu   A31.8
kasongo   A31.8
leprae (see also Leprosy)   A30.9
luciflavum   A31.1
marinum (M balnei)   A31.1
pulmonary (atypical)    A31.0
scrofulaceum   A31.8
simiae   A31.8
systemic, extrapulmonary   A31.8
szulgai   A31.8
terrae   A31.8
triviale   A31.8
ulcerans   A31.1
xenopi   A31.8
Mycoplasma (M)pneumoniae, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.0
Mycosis, mycotic B49
cutaneous NEC   B36.9
ear   B36.8
fungoides (extranodal) (solid organ)   C84.0-
mouth   B37.0
nails   B35.1
opportunistic   B48.8
skin NEC   B36.9
specified NEC   B48.8
stomatitis   B37.0
vagina, vaginitis (candidal)   B37.3
Mydriasis (pupil)   H57.04
Myelatelia   Q06.1
Myelinolysis, pontine, central   G37.2
Myelitis (acute) (ascending) (childhood) (chronic) (descending) (diffuse) (disseminated) (idiopathic) (pressure)
(progressive) (spinal cord) (subacute) (see also Encephalitis)   G04.91
herpes simplex   B00.82
herpes zoster   B02.24
in diseases classified elsewhere   G05.4
necrotizing, subacute   G37.4
optic neuritis in   G36.0
postchickenpox   B01.12
postherpetic   B02.24
postimmunization   G04.02
postinfectious NEC   G04.89
postvaccinal   G04.02
specified NEC   G04.89
syphilitic (transverse)   A52.14
transverse (in demyelinating diseases of central nervous system)   G37.3
tuberculous   A17.82
varicella   B01.12
Myeloblastic see condition
tongue   D10.1
Myelocele see Spina bifida
Myelocystocele see Spina bifida
Myelocytic see condition
Myelodysplasia   D46.9
specified NEC   D46.Z
spinal cord (congenital)   Q06.1
Myelodysplastic syndrome   D46.9
5q deletion   D46.C
isolated del (5q)chromosomal abnormality   D46.C
specified NEC   D46.Z
Myeloencephalitis see Encephalitis
Myelofibrosis   D75.81
with myeloid metaplasia   D47.4
acute   C94.4-
idiopathic (chronic)   D47.4
primary   D47.1
secondary    D75.81
in myeloproliferative disease   D47.4
Myelogenous see condition
Myeloid see condition
Myelokathexis   D70.9
Myeloleukodystrophy   E75.29
Myelolipoma see Lipoma
Myeloma (multiple)   C90.0-
monostotic    C90.3
plasma cell   C90.0-
plasma cell   C90.0-
solitary (see also Plasmacytoma, solitary)   C90.3-
Myelomalacia   G95.89
Myelomatosis   C90.0-
Myelomeningitis see Meningoencephalitis
Myelomeningocele (spinal cord) see Spina bifida
Myelo-osteo-musculodysplasia hereditaria   Q79.8
anemia   D64.89
pain syndrome   G89.0
Myelopathy (spinal cord)   G95.9
drug-induced   G95.89
mercury see subcategory   T56.1
neoplastic disease (see also Neoplasm) D499   G99.2
pernicious anemia D510   G99.2
necrotic (subacute) (vascular)   G95.19
radiation-induced   G95.89
toxic   G95.89
transverse, acute   G37.3
vascular   G95.19
vitamin B12 E538   G32.0
Myelophthisis   D61.82
Myeloradiculitis   G04.91
Myeloradiculodysplasia (spinal)   Q06.1
Myelosarcoma   C92.3-
Myelosclerosis   D75.89
with myeloid metaplasia   D47.4
megakaryocytic    D47.4
with myeloid metaplasia   D47.4
acute   C92.0-
aleukemic   C92.9-
chronic   D47.1
erythremic (acute)   C94.0-
megakaryocytic   C94.2-
nonleukemic   D72.828
subacute   C92.9-
Myiasis (cavernous)   B87.9
aural   B87.4
creeping   B87.0
cutaneous   B87.0
dermal   B87.0
ear (external) (middle)   B87.4
eye   B87.2
genitourinary   B87.81
intestinal   B87.82
laryngeal   B87.3
nasopharyngeal   B87.3
ocular   B87.2
orbit   B87.2
skin   B87.0
specified site NEC   B87.89
traumatic   B87.1
wound   B87.1
Myoadenoma, prostate see Hyperplasia, prostate
tongue   D10.1
Myocardial see condition
Myocardiopathy (congestive) (constrictive) (familial) (hypertrophic nonobstructive) (idiopathic) (infiltrative) (obstructive)
(primary) (restrictive) (sporadic) (see also Cardiomyopathy)   I42.9
alcoholic   I42.6
cobalt-beer   I42.6
hypertrophic obstructive   I42.1
beriberi   E51.12
obscure (African)   I42.8
secondary   I42.9
toxic NEC   I42.7
Myocarditis (with arteriosclerosis)(chronic)(fibroid) (interstitial) (old) (progressive) (senile)   I51.4
meningococcal   A39.52
rheumatic fever (conditions in I00)   I09.0
inactive or quiescent (with chorea)   I09.0
active    I40.9
rheumatic   I01.2
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
acute or subacute (interstitial)    I40.9
streptococcus (beta-hemolytic)   I01.2
idiopathic   I40.1
rheumatic   I01.2
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
specified NEC   I40.8
aseptic of newborn   B33.22
bacterial (acute)   I40.0
Coxsackie (virus)   B33.22
diphtheritic   A36.81
eosinophilic   I40.1
epidemic of newborn (Coxsackie)   B33.22
Fiedler''s (acute) (isolated)   I40.1
giant cell (acute) (subacute)   I40.1
gonococcal   A54.83
granulomatous (idiopathic) (isolated) (nonspecific)   I40.1
idiopathic (granulomatous)   I40.1
diphtheria   A36.81
Lyme disease   A69.29
sarcoidosis   D86.85
scarlet fever   A38.1
toxoplasmosis (acquired)   B58.81
typhoid   A01.02
infective   I40.0
isolated (acute)   I40.1
mumps   B26.82
nonrheumatic, active   I40.9
parenchymatous   I40.9
pneumococcal   I40.0
rheumatic (chronic) (inactive) (with chorea)    I09.0
active or acute   I01.2
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
septic   I40.0
staphylococcal   I40.0
suppurative   I40.0
syphilitic (chronic)   A52.06
toxic    I40.8
tuberculous   A18.84
typhoid   A01.02
virus, viral    I40.0
of newborn (Coxsackie)   B33.22
Myocardium, myocardial see condition
Myocardosis see Cardiomyopathy
Myoclonus, myoclonic, myoclonia (familial) (essential) (multifocal) (simplex)   G25.3
drug-induced   G25.3
epilepsy (see also Epilepsy, generalized, specified NEC)    G40.4-
familial (progressive)   G25.3
epileptica    G40.409
with status epilepticus   G40.401
facial   G51.3
familial progressive   G25.3
Friedreich''s   G25.3
jerks   G25.3
massive   G25.3
palatal   G25.3
pharyngeal   G25.3
Myocytolysis   I51.5
Myodiastasis see Diastasis, muscle
Myoendocarditis see Endocarditis
Myoepithelioma see Neoplasm, benign, by site
Myofasciitis (acute) see Myositis
Myofibroma see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Myofibromatosis   D48.1
infantile   Q89.8
Myofibrosis   M62.89
Myofibrositis   M79.7
Myoglobulinuria, myoglobinuria (primary)   R82.1
Myokymia, facial   G51.4
Myolipoma see Lipoma
Myoma see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
prostate   D29.1
Myomalacia   M62.89
Myometritis see Endometritis
Myometrium see condition
Myonecrosis, clostridial   A48.0
Myopathy   G72.9
necrotizing   G72.81
quadriplegic   G72.81
alcoholic   G72.1
benign congenital   G71.2
central core   G71.2
centronuclear   G71.2
congenital (benign)   G71.2
critical illness   G72.81
distal   G71.0
drug-induced   G72.0
extraocular muscles   H05.82-
facioscapulohumeral   G71.0
hereditary    G71.9
specified NEC   G71.8
immune NEC   G72.49
alcohol   G72.1
drugs   G72.0
sarcoidosis   D86.87
scleroderma   M34.82
sicca syndrome   M35.03
Sjgren''s syndrome   M35.03
systemic lupus erythematosus   M32.19
toxic agent NEC   G72.2
Addison''s disease E271   G73.7
amyloidosis E850   G73.7
cretinism E009   G73.7
Cushing''s syndrome E249   G73.7
endocrine disease NEC E349   G73.7
giant cell arteritis M316   G73.7
glycogen storage disease E7400   G73.7
hyperadrenocorticism E249   G73.7
hyperparathyroidism NEC E213   G73.7
hypoparathyroidism E209   G73.7
hypopituitarism E230   G73.7
hypothyroidism E039   G73.7
infectious disease NEC B99   G73.7
lipid storage disease E756   G73.7
metabolic disease NEC E889   G73.7
myxedema E039   G73.7
parasitic disease NEC B89   G73.7
polyarteritis nodosa M300   G73.7
thyrotoxicosis (hyperthyroidism) E0590   G73.7
with thyroid storm E0591   G73.7
inflammatory NEC   G72.49
intensive care (ICU)   G72.81
limb-girdle   G71.0
mitochondrial NEC   G71.3
mytonic, proximal (PROMM)   G71.11
myotubular   G71.2
nemaline   G71.2
ocular   G71.0
oculopharyngeal   G71.0
of critical illness   G72.81
primary    G71.9
specified NEC   G71.8
progressive NEC   G72.89
proximal myotonic (PROMM)   G71.11
rod   G71.2
scapulohumeral   G71.0
specified NEC   G72.89
toxic   G72.2
endocrine NEC E349   G73.7
Myopericarditis see also Pericarditis
chronic rheumatic   I09.2
Myopia (axial) (congenital)   H52.1-
degenerative (malignant)   H44.2-
malignant   H44.2-
pernicious   H44.2-
progressive high (degenerative)   H44.2-
Myosarcoma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Myosis (pupil)   H57.03
stromal (endolymphatic)   D39.0
Myositis   M60.9
clostridial   A48.0
epidemic   B33.0
fibrosa or fibrous (chronic), Volkmann''s   T79.6
cysticercosis   B69.81
sarcoidosis   D86.87
late   A52.78
secondary   A51.49
toxoplasmosis (acquired)   B58.82
tuberculosis   A18.09
bilharziasis B659   M63.8-
leprosy A309   M63.8-
mycosis B49   M63.8-
schistosomiasis B659   M63.8-
trichinellosis B75   M63.8-
inclusion body IBM   G72.41
infective    M60.009
arm   M60.002
left   M60.001
right   M60.000
leg   M60.005
left   M60.004
right   M60.003
lower limb   M60.005
ankle   M60.07-
foot   M60.07-
lower leg   M60.06-
thigh   M60.05-
toe   M60.07-
multiple sites   M60.09
specified site NEC   M60.08
upper limb   M60.002
finger   M60.04-
forearm   M60.03-
hand   M60.04-
shoulder region   M60.01-
upper arm   M60.02-
interstitial    M60.10
ankle   M60.17-
foot   M60.17-
forearm   M60.13-
hand   M60.14-
lower leg   M60.16-
multiple sites   M60.19
shoulder region   M60.11-
specified site NEC   M60.18
thigh   M60.15-
upper arm   M60.12-
orbital, chronic   H05.12-
burns    M61.30
ankle   M61.37-
foot   M61.37-
forearm   M61.33-
hand   M61.34-
lower leg   M61.36-
multiple sites   M61.39
pelvic region   M61.35-
shoulder region   M61.31-
specified site NEC   M61.38
thigh   M61.35-
upper arm   M61.32-
quadriplegia or paraplegia    M61.20
ankle   M61.27-
foot   M61.27-
forearm   M61.23-
hand   M61.24-
lower leg   M61.26-
multiple sites   M61.29
pelvic region   M61.25-
shoulder region   M61.21-
specified site NEC   M61.28
thigh   M61.25-
upper arm   M61.22-
progressiva   M61.10
ankle   M61.17-
finger   M61.14-
foot   M61.17-
forearm   M61.13-
hand   M61.14-
lower leg   M61.16-
multiple sites   M61.19
pelvic region   M61.15-
shoulder region   M61.11-
specified site NEC   M61.18
thigh   M61.15-
toe   M61.17-
upper arm   M61.12-
traumatica   M61.00
ankle   M61.07-
foot   M61.07-
forearm   M61.03-
hand   M61.04-
lower leg   M61.06-
multiple sites   M61.09
pelvic region   M61.05-
shoulder region   M61.01-
specified site NEC   M61.08
thigh   M61.05-
upper arm   M61.02-
specified type NEC    M60.80
ankle   M60.87-
foot   M60.87-
forearm   M60.83-
hand   M60.84-
lower leg   M60.86-
multiple sites   M60.89
pelvic region   M60.85-
shoulder region   M60.81-
specified site NEC   M60.88
thigh   M60.85-
upper arm   M60.82-
mycotic B49   M63.8-
Myospasia impulsiva   F95.2
Myotonia (acquisita) (intermittens)   M62.89
atrophica   G71.11
chondrodystrophic   G71.13
congenita (acetazolamide responsive) (dominant) (recessive)   G71.12
drug-induced   G71.14
dystrophica   G71.11
fluctuans   G71.19
levior   G71.12
permanens   G71.19
symptomatic   G71.19
Myotonic pupil see Anomaly, pupil, function, tonic pupil
Myriapodiasis   B88.2
Myringitis   H73.2-
acute    H73.00-
bullous   H73.01-
specified NEC   H73.09-
chronic   H73.1-
Mysophobia   F40.228
Mytilotoxism see Poisoning, fish
Myxadenitis labialis   K13.0
Myxedema (adult) (idiocy) (infantile) (juvenile) (see also Hypothyroidism)   E03.9
circumscribed    E05.90
with storm   E05.91
coma   E03.5
congenital   E00.1
cutis   L98.5
localized (pretibial)    E05.90
with storm   E05.91
papular   L98.5
Myxochondrosarcoma see Neoplasm, cartilage, malignant
Myxofibroma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Myxofibrosarcoma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Myxolipoma   D17.9
Myxoliposarcoma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Myxoma see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Myxosarcoma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Mumu (see also Infestation, filarial) B749 N51