ICD 10 CM Index

Kahler''s disease   C90.0-
Kakke   E51.11
Kala-azar   B55.0
Kallmann''s syndrome   E23.0
Kanner''s syndrome (autism) see Psychosis, childhood
dermatosis (xeroderma pigmentosum)   Q82.1
lichen ruber    L44.0
acuminatus   L44.0
colon   C46.4
connective tissue   C46.1
gastrointestinal organ   C46.4
lung   C46.5-
lymph node (multiple)   C46.3
palate (hard) (soft)   C46.2
rectum   C46.4
skin (multiple sites)   C46.0
specified site NEC   C46.7
stomach   C46.4
unspecified site   C46.9
varicelliform eruption    B00.0
vaccinia   T88.1
Kartagener''s syndrome or triad (sinusitis, bronchiectasis, situs inversus)   Q89.3
with abnormality except iso (Xq)   Q96.2
45,X   Q96.0
iso (Xq)   Q96.1
46,XX    Q98.3
with streak gonads   Q50.32
hermaphrodite (true)   Q99.1
male   Q98.3
with streak gonads   Q56.1
female   Q97.3
hermaphrodite (true)   Q99.1
47,XXX   Q97.0
47,XXY   Q98.0
47,XYY   Q98.5
Kaschin-Beck disease see Disease, Kaschin-Beck
Katayama''s disease or fever   B65.2
Kawasaki''s syndrome   M30.3
Kayser-Fleischer ring (cornea) (pseudosclerosis)   H18.04-
Kaznelson''s syndrome (congenital hypoplastic anemia)   D61.01
Kearns-Sayre syndrome   H49.81-
Kedani fever   A75.3
Kelis   L91.0
Kelly (-Patterson) syndrome (sideropenic dysphagia)   D50.1
Keloid, cheloid   L91.0
acne   L73.0
Addison''s   L94.0
Hawkin''s   L91.0
scar   L91.0
Keloma   L91.0
Kenya fever   A77.1
Keratectasia see also Ectasia, cornea
congenital   Q13.4
Keratinization of alveolar ridge mucosa
excessive   K13.23
minimal   K13.22
Keratinized residual ridge mucosa
excessive   K13.23
minimal   K13.22
Keratitis (nodular) (nonulcerative) (simple) (zonular)   H16.9
arborescens (herpes simplex)   B00.52
areolar   H16.11-
bullosa   H16.8
deep    H16.309
specified type NEC   H16.399
dendritic (a) (herpes simplex)   B00.52
disciform (is) (herpes simplex)    B00.52
varicella   B01.81
filamentary   H16.12-
gonococcal (congenital or prenatal)   A54.33
herpes, herpetic (simplex)    B00.52
zoster   B02.33
acanthamebiasis   B60.13
adenovirus   B30.0
herpes (simplex)virus   B00.52
measles   B05.81
syphilis   A50.31
tuberculosis   A18.52
zoster   B02.33
interstitial (nonsyphilitic)    H16.30-
diffuse   H16.32-
herpes, herpetic (simplex)   B00.52
zoster   B02.33
sclerosing   H16.33-
specified type NEC   H16.39-
syphilitic (congenital) (late)   A50.31
tuberculous   A18.52
macular   H16.11-
nummular   H16.11-
oyster shuckers''   H16.8
petrificans   H16.8
postmeasles   B05.81
syphilitic (profunda)   A50.31
leprosa A309   H16.14-
punctate   H16.14-
purulent   H16.8
rosacea   L71.8
sclerosing   H16.33-
specified type NEC   H16.8
stellate   H16.11-
striate   H16.11-
superficial    H16.10-
suppurative   H16.8
syphilitic (congenital) (prenatal)   A50.31
trachomatous    A71.1
sequelae   B94.0
tuberculous   A18.52
vesicular   H16.8
xerotic (see also Keratomalacia)    H16.8
vitamin A deficiency   E50.4
Keratoacanthoma   L85.8
Keratocele see Descemetocele
Keratoconjunctivitis   H16.20-
Acanthamoeba   B60.13
adenoviral   B30.0
epidemic   B30.0
exposure   H16.21-
herpes, herpetic (simplex)    B00.52
zoster   B02.33
infectious   B30.0
neurotrophic   H16.23-
phlyctenular   H16.25-
postmeasles   B05.81
shipyard   B30.0
sicca (Sjogren''s)    M35.0-
not Sjogren''s   H16.22-
specified type NEC   H16.29-
tuberculous (phlyctenular)   A18.52
vernal   H16.26-
Keratoconus   H18.60-
congenital   Q13.4
stable   H18.61-
unstable   H18.62-
Keratocyst (dental) (odontogenic) see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Keratoderma, keratodermia (congenital) (palmaris et plantaris) (symmetrical)   Q82.8
acquired    L85.1
climactericum   L85.1
gonococcal   A54.89
gonorrheal   A54.89
punctata   L85.2
Keratodermatocele see Descemetocele
Keratoglobus   H18.79
congenital    Q15.8
with glaucoma   Q15.0
Keratohemia see Pigmentation, cornea, stromal
Keratoiritis see also Iridocyclitis
syphilitic   A50.39
tuberculous   A18.54
Keratoma   L57.0
palmaris and plantaris hereditarium   Q82.8
senile   L57.0
Keratomalacia   H18.44-
vitamin A deficiency   E50.4
Keratomegaly   Q13.4
Keratomycosis B49
nigrans, nigricans (palmaris)   B36.1
Keratopathy   H18.9
band   H18.42-
bullous   H18.1-
bullous (aphakic), following cataract surgery   H59.01-
Keratoscleritis, tuberculous   A18.52
Keratosis   L57.0
actinic   L57.0
arsenical   L85.8
congenital, specified NEC   Q80.8
female genital NEC   N94.89
follicularis    Q82.8
acquired   L11.0
congenita   Q82.8
et parafollicularis in cutem penetrans   L87.0
spinulosa (decalvans)   Q82.8
vitamin A deficiency   E50.8
gonococcal   A54.89
male genital (external)   N50.8
palmaris et plantaris (inherited) (symmetrical)    Q82.8
acquired   L85.1
penile   N48.89
pharynx   J39.2
pilaris, acquired   L85.8
punctata (palmaris et plantaris)   L85.2
scrotal   N50.8
seborrheic    L82.1
inflamed   L82.0
senile   L57.0
solar   L57.0
tonsillaris   J35.8
vagina   N89.4
vegetans   Q82.8
vitamin A deficiency   E50.8
vocal cord   J38.3
Kerato-uveitis see Iridocyclitis
Kerunoparalysis   T75.09
Kerion (celsi)   B35.0
Kernicterus of newborn (not due to isoimmunization)   P57.9
due to isoimmunization (conditions in P550-P559)   P57.0
specified type NEC   P57.8
Keshan disease E59
Ketoacidosis   E87.2
Ketonuria   R82.4
Ketosis NEC   E88.89
Kew Garden fever   A79.1
Kidney see condition
Kienbck''s disease see also Osteochondrosis, juvenile, hand, carpal lunate
adult   M93.1
Kimmelstiel (-Wilson)disease see Diabetes, Kimmelstiel (-Wilson) disease
Kimura disease   D21.9
Kink, kinking
artery   I77.1
hair (acquired)   L67.8
ureter (pelvic junction)    N13.5
hydronephrosis    N13.1
with infection   N13.6
pyelonephritis (chronic)   N11.1
congenital   Q62.39
vein (s)    I87.8
caval   I87.1
peripheral   I87.1
Kinnier Wilson''s disease (hepatolenticular degeneration)   E83.01
Kissing spine   M48.20
cervical region   M48.22
cervicothoracic region   M48.23
lumbar region   M48.26
lumbosacral region   M48.27
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M48.21
thoracic region   M48.24
thoracolumbar region   M48.25
Klatskin''s tumor   C24.0
Klauder''s disease   A26.8
Klebs'' disease (see also Glomerulonephritis)   N05.-
Klebsiella (K)pneumoniae, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.1
Klein (e)-Levin syndrome   G47.13
Kleptomania   F63.2
Klinefelter''s syndrome   Q98.4
karyotype 47,XXY   Q98.0
male with more than two X chromosomes   Q98.1
Klippel-Feil deficiency, disease, or syndrome (brevicollis)   Q76.1
Klippel''s disease   I67.2
Klippel-Trenaunay (-Weber)syndrome   Q87.2
Klumpke (-Djerine) palsy, paralysis (birth) (newborn)   P14.1
Knee see condition
Knock knee (acquired)   M21.06-
congenital   Q74.1
Knot (s)
intestinal, syndrome (volvulus)   K56.2
surfer   S89.8-
umbilical cord (true)   O69.2
Knotting (of)
hair   L67.8
intestine   K56.2
Knuckle pad (Garrod''s)   M72.1
relapsing fever   A68.9
Koch-Weeks'' conjunctivitis see Conjunctivitis, acute, mucopurulent
Kebner''s syndrome   Q81.8
Kenig''s disease (osteochondritis dissecans) see Osteochondritis, dissecans
Khler-Pellegrini-Steida disease or syndrome (calcification, knee joint) see Bursitis, tibial collateral
Khler''s disease
Koilonychia   L60.3
congenital   Q84.6
Kojevnikov''s, epilepsy see Kozhevnikof''s epilepsy
Koplik''s spots   B05.9
Kopp''s asthma   E32.8
Korsakoff''s (Wernicke) disease, psychosis or syndrome (alcoholic)   F10.96
with dependence   F10.26
Korsakov''s disease, psychosis or syndrome see Korsakoff''s disease
Korsakow''s disease, psychosis or syndrome see Korsakoff''s disease
Kostmann''s disease or syndrome (infantile genetic agranulocytosis) see Agranulocytosis
Kozhevnikof''s epilepsy   G40.109
intractable    G40.119
with status epilepticus   G40.111
without status epilepticus   G40.119
not intractable    G40.109
with status epilepticus   G40.101
without status epilepticus   G40.109
disease   E75.23
syndrome, congenital muscle hypoplasia   Q79.8
Kraepelin-Morel disease see Schizophrenia
Kraft-Weber-Dimitri disease   Q85.8
ani   K62.89
penis   N48.0
vagina   N89.8
vulva   N90.4
Kreotoxism   A05.9
tumor   C79.6-
Kufs'' disease   E75.4
Kugelberg-Welander disease   G12.1
Kuhnt-Junius degeneration (see also Degeneration, macula)   H35.32
Kmmell''s disease or spondylitis see Spondylopathy, traumatic
Kupffer cell sarcoma   C22.3
Kuru   A81.81
disease   M30.0
respiration    E87.2
Kwashiorkor E40
Kyasanur Forest disease   A98.2
Kyphoscoliosis, kyphoscoliotic (acquired) (see also Scoliosis)   M41.9
congenital   Q67.5
heart (disease)   I27.1
sequelae of rickets   E64.3
tuberculous   A18.01
Kyphosis, kyphotic (acquired)   M40.209
cervical region   M40.202
cervicothoracic region   M40.203
congenital    Q76.419
cervical region   Q76.412
cervicothoracic region   Q76.413
occipito-atlanto-axial region   Q76.411
thoracic region   Q76.414
thoracolumbar region   Q76.415
Morquio-Brailsford type (spinal) (see also subcategory M498)   E76.219
postlaminectomy   M96.3
postradiation therapy   M96.2
postural (adolescent)    M40.00
cervicothoracic region   M40.03
thoracic region   M40.04
thoracolumbar region   M40.05
secondary NEC    M40.10
cervical region   M40.12
cervicothoracic region   M40.13
thoracic region   M40.14
thoracolumbar region   M40.15
sequelae of rickets   E64.3
specified type NEC    M40.299
cervical region   M40.292
cervicothoracic region   M40.293
thoracic region   M40.294
thoracolumbar region   M40.295
syphilitic, congenital   A50.56
thoracic region   M40.204
thoracolumbar region   M40.205
tuberculous   A18.01
Kyrle disease   L87.0