ICD 10 CM Index

Ichthyoparasitism due to Vandellia cirrhosa   B88.8
Ichthyosis (congenital)   Q80.9
acquired   L85.0
fetalis   Q80.4
hystrix   Q80.8
lamellar   Q80.2
lingual   K13.29
palmaris and plantaris   Q82.8
simplex   Q80.0
vera   Q80.8
vulgaris   Q80.0
X-linked   Q80.1
Ichthyotoxism see Poisoning, fish
Icteroanemia, hemolytic (acquired)   D59.9
Icterus see also Jaundice
newborn   P59.9
gravis, newborn   P55.0
hematogenous (acquired)   D59.9
hemolytic (acquired)    D59.9
hemorrhagic (acute) (leptospiral) (spirochetal)    A27.0
infectious    B15.9
with hepatic coma   B15.0
leptospiral   A27.0
spirochetal   A27.0
spirochetal   A27.0
Ictus solaris, solis   T67.0
homicidal   R45.850
suicidal   R45.851
Identity disorder (child)   F64.9
gender role   F64.2
psychosexual   F64.2
Id reaction (due to bacteria)   L30.2
Idioglossia   F80.0
Idiopathic see condition
Idiot, idiocy (congenital) F73
amaurotic (Bielschowsky(-Jansky)) (family) (infantile (late)) (juvenile (late)) (Vogt-Spielmeyer)   E75.4
IgE asthma   J45.909
IIAC (idiopathic infantile arterial calcification)   Q28.8
Ileitis (chronic) (noninfectious) (see also Enteritis)   K52.9
Ileocolitis (see also Enteritis)   K52.9
attention to   Z43.2
malfunctioning   K94.13
status    Z93.2
Ileotyphus see Typhoid
Ileum see condition
Ileus (bowel) (colon) (inhibitory) (intestine)   K56.7
adynamic   K56.0
due to gallstone (in intestine)   K56.3
duodenal (chronic)   K31.5
gallstone   K56.3
mechanical NEC   K56.69
meconium    P76.0
in cystic fibrosis   E84.11
meaning meconium plug (without cystic fibrosis)   P76.0
myxedema   K59.8
neurogenic    K56.0
Hirschsprung''s disease or megacolon   Q43.1
due to meconium   P76.0
in cystic fibrosis   E84.11
meaning meconium plug (without cystic fibrosis)   P76.0
transitory   P76.1
obstructive   K56.69
paralytic   K56.0
Iliac see condition
Iliotibial band syndrome   M76.3-
Illiteracy   Z55.0
Illness (see also Disease) R69
Imbalance   R26.89
autonomic   G90.8
constituents of food intake   E63.1
electrolyte    E87.8
molar pregnancy   O08.5
due to hyperemesis gravidarum   O21.1
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.5
neonatal, transitory NEC   P74.4
potassium   P74.3
sodium   P74.2
endocrine   E34.9
eye muscle NOS   H50.9
hormone   E34.9
hysterical   F44.4
labyrinth see subcategory   H83.2
posture   R29.3
sympathetic   G90.8
Imbecile, imbecility (IQ35-49) F71
Imbedding, intrauterine device   T83.39
Imbibition, cholesterol (gallbladder)   K82.4
Imbrication, teeth,, fully erupted   M26.30
Imerslund (-Grsbeck)syndrome   D51.1
Immature see also Immaturity
personality   F60.89
Immaturity (less than 37 completed weeks) see also Preterm, newborn
23 completed weeks (23 weeks, 0 days through 23 weeks, 6 days)   P07.22
24 completed weeks (24 weeks, 0 days through 24 weeks, 6 days)   P07.23
25 completed weeks (25 weeks, 0 days through 25 weeks, 6 days)   P07.24
26 completed weeks (26 weeks, 0 days through 26 weeks, 6 days)   P07.25
27 completed weeks (27 weeks, 0 days through 27 weeks, 6 days)   P07.26
less than 23 completed weeks   P07.21
weeks of gestation)   P07.20
lung, newborn   P28.0
pulmonary, newborn   P28.0
reaction   F60.89
sexual (female) (male), after puberty   E30.0
Immersion   T75.1
hand   T69.01-
foot   T69.02-
Immobile, immobility
complete, due to severe physical disability or frailty   R53.2
intestine   K59.8
syndrome (paraplegic)   M62.3
Immune reconstitution (inflammatory)syndrome IRIS   D89.3
Immunization see also Vaccination
in newborn   P55.1
not done (not carried out)    Z28.9
acute illness of patient   Z28.01
allergy to vaccine (or component)   Z28.04
caregiver refusal   Z28.82
chronic illness of patient   Z28.02
contraindication NEC   Z28.09
group pressure   Z28.1
guardian refusal   Z28.82
immune compromised state of patient   Z28.03
parent refusal   Z28.82
patient''s belief   Z28.1
patient had disease being vaccinated against   Z28.81
patient refusal   Z28.21
religious beliefs of patient   Z28.1
specified reason NEC    Z28.89
of patient   Z28.29
unspecified patient reason   Z28.20
affecting management of pregnancy NEC   O36.09-
anti-D antibody   O36.01-
Immunocytoma   C83.0-
Immunodeficiency   D84.9
adenosine-deaminase deficiency   D81.3
antibody defects   D80.9
specified type NEC   D80.8
hyperimmunoglobulinemia   D80.6
increased immunoglobulin M (IgM)   D80.5
major defect   D82.9
specified type NEC   D82.8
partial albinism   D82.8
short-limbed stature   D82.2
thrombocytopenia and eczema   D82.0
hyperimmunoglobulinemia   D80.6
near-normal immunoglobulins   D80.6
autosomal recessive, Swiss type   D80.0
combined    D81.9
biotin-dependent carboxylase   D81.819
biotinidase   D81.810
holocarboxylase synthetase   D81.818
specified type NEC   D81.818
severe (SCID)   D81.9
low or normal B-cell numbers   D81.2
low T- and B-cell numbers   D81.1
reticular dysgenesis   D81.0
specified type NEC   D81.89
common variable    D83.9
abnormalities of B-cell numbers and function   D83.0
autoantibodies to B- or T-cells   D83.2
immunoregulatory T-cell disorders   D83.1
specified type NEC   D83.8
following hereditary defective response to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)   D82.3
A (IgA)   D80.2
G (IgG) (subclasses)   D80.3
M (IgM)   D80.4
severe combined (SCID)   D81.9
specified type NEC   D84.8
X-linked, with increased IgM   D80.5
Immunotherapy (encounter for)
antineoplastic   Z51.12
Impaction, impacted
bowel, colon, rectum (see also Impaction, fecal)    K56.49
by gallstone   K56.3
cerumen (ear) (external)   H61.2-
dental (same or adjacent tooth)   K01.1
fecal, feces   K56.41
in intestine, with obstruction (any part)   K56.3
intestine (calculous)NEC (see also Impaction, fecal)    K56.49
gallstone, with ileus   K56.3
intrauterine device (IUD)   T83.39
shoulder, causing obstructed labor   O66.0
tooth, teeth   K01.1
turbinate   J34.89
Impaired, impairment (function)
cognitive, mild, so stated   G31.84
dual sensory   Z73.82
fasting glucose   R73.01
glucose tolerance (oral)   R73.02
kidney    N28.9
disorder resulting from   N25.9
specified NEC   N25.89
liver    K72.90
with coma   K72.91
mastication   K08.8
mild cognitive, so stated   G31.84
requiring care provider   Z74.09
rectal sphincter   R19.8
renal (acute) (chronic)    N28.9
disorder resulting from   N25.9
specified NEC   N25.89
vision NEC    H54.7
both eyes   H54.3
Impediment, speech   R47.9
psychogenic (childhood)   F98.8
slurring   R47.81
specified NEC   R47.89
coronary syndrome   I20.0
delirium tremens   F10.239
myocardial infarction   I20.0
Imperception auditory (acquired) see also Deafness
congenital   H93.25
alimentary tract NEC   Q45.8
lower   Q43.8
upper   Q40.8
atrioventricular ostium   Q21.2
atrium (secundum)   Q21.1
branchial cleft or sinus   Q18.0
choroid   Q14.3
cricoid cartilage   Q31.8
cusps, heart valve NEC   Q24.8
pulmonary   Q22.3
arteriosus   Q25.0
Botalli   Q25.0
ear drum (causing impairment of hearing)   Q16.4
esophagus with communication to bronchus or trachea   Q39.1
eyelid   Q10.3
botalli   Q21.1
ovale   Q21.1
female    Q52.8
external   Q52.79
internal NEC   Q52.8
male   Q55.8
glottis   Q31.8
interatrial ostium or septum   Q21.1
interauricular ostium or septum   Q21.1
interventricular ostium or septum   Q21.0
larynx   Q31.8
nasal septum   Q30.3
nose   Q30.2
omphalomesenteric duct   Q43.0
optic nerve entry   Q14.2
interatrial   Q21.1
interauricular   Q21.1
interventricular   Q21.0
preauricular sinus   Q18.1
retina   Q14.1
roof of orbit   Q75.8
sclera   Q13.5
aorticopulmonary   Q21.4
atrial (secundum)   Q21.1
between aorta and pulmonary artery   Q21.4
heart   Q21.9
interatrial (secundum)   Q21.1
interauricular (secundum)   Q21.1
interventricular    Q21.0
in tetralogy of Fallot   Q21.3
nasal   Q30.3
ventricular    Q21.0
with pulmonary stenosis or atresia, dextraposition of aorta, and hypertrophy of right ventricle   Q21.3
in tetralogy of Fallot   Q21.3
skull   Q75.0
anencephaly   Q00.0
hydrocephalus    Q03.9
trachea   Q32.1
tympanic membrane (causing impairment of hearing)   Q16.4
uterus   Q51.818
vitelline duct   Q43.0
posture   R29.3
rotation, intestine   Q43.3
septum, ventricular   Q21.0
Imperfectly descended testis see Cryptorchid
Imperforate (congenital) see also Atresia
anus    Q42.3
with fistula   Q42.2
cervix (uteri)   Q51.828
esophagus    Q39.0
with tracheoesophageal fistula   Q39.1
hymen   Q52.3
jejunum   Q41.1
pharynx   Q38.8
rectum    Q42.1
with fistula   Q42.0
urethra   Q64.39
vagina   Q52.4
Impervious (congenital) see also Atresia
anus    Q42.3
with fistula   Q42.2
bile duct   Q44.2
esophagus    Q39.0
with tracheoesophageal fistula   Q39.1
intestine (small)    Q41.9
large   Q42.9
specified NEC   Q42.8
rectum    Q42.1
with fistula   Q42.0
urethra   Q64.39
Impetiginization of dermatoses   L01.1
Impetigo (any organism) (any site) (circinate) (contagiosa) (simplex) (vulgaris)   L01.00
Bockhart''s   L01.02
bullous, bullosa   L01.03
follicularis   L01.02
furfuracea   L30.5
herpetiformis    L40.1
nonobstetrical   L40.1
neonatorum   L01.03
nonbullous   L01.01
specified type NEC   L01.09
ulcerative   L01.09
external ear L0100   H62.40
Impingement (on teeth)
anterior   M26.81
posterior   M26.82
Implant, endometrial   N80.9
ureter   Q62.63
external area or site (skin)NEC   L72.0
vagina   N89.8
vulva   N90.7
Impotence (sexual)   N52.9
counseling   Z70.1
organic origin (see also Dysfunction, sexual, male, erectile)   N52.9
psychogenic   F52.21
Impression, basilar   Q75.8
Imprisonment, anxiety concerning   Z65.1
Improper care (child) (newborn) see Maltreatment
Improperly tied umbilical cord (causing hemorrhage)   P51.8
Impulsiveness (impulsive)   R45.87
Inability to swallow see Aphagia
Inaccessible, inaccessibility
health care NEC    Z75.3
waiting period    Z75.2
for admission to facility elsewhere   Z75.1
other helping agencies   Z75.4
Inactive see condition
Inadequate, inadequacy
aesthetics of dental restoration   K08.56
biologic, constitutional, functional, or social   F60.7
child   R62.50
after puberty NEC   E30.0
female    Q52.8
external   Q52.79
internal   Q52.8
male   Q55.8
lungs   Q33.6
associated with short gestation   P28.0
diet (causing nutritional deficiency)   E63.9
eating habits   Z72.4
environment, household   Z59.1
family support   Z63.8
food (supply)NEC    Z59.4
hunger effects   T73.0
functional   F60.7
handicapped or ill   Z74.2
on vacation   Z75.5
temporarily away from home   Z74.2
technical defects in home   Z59.1
temporary absence from home of person rendering care   Z74.2
housing (heating) (space)   Z59.1
income (financial)   Z59.6
intrafamilial communication   Z63.8
material resources   Z59.9
parental supervision or control of child   Z62.0
personality   F60.7
function   R06.89
newborn   P28.5
ventilation, newborn   P28.5
anus   R85.615
cervix   R87.615
vagina   R87.625
social    F60.7
insurance   Z59.7
skills NEC   Z73.4
supervision of child by parent   Z62.0
teaching affecting education   Z55.8
welfare support   Z59.7
Inanition R64
deprivation of food   T73.0
fever   R50.9
change in quantitative human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)in early pregnancy   O02.81
diet or eating habits   Z72.4
level of quantitative human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)for gestational age in early pregnancy   O02.81
antidiuretic hormone (ADH) (excessive)   E22.2
deficiency   E23.2
pituitary (posterior)   E22.2
Inattention at or after birth see Neglect
Incarceration, incarcerated
enterocele    K46.0
gangrenous   K46.1
epiplocele    K46.0
gangrenous   K46.1
exophthalmos    K42.0
gangrenous   K42.1
omphalocele   K42.0
prison, anxiety concerning   Z65.1
sarcoepiplocele    K46.0
gangrenous   K46.1
sarcoepiplomphalocele    K42.0
with gangrene   K42.1
uterus    N85.8
gravid   O34.51-
causing obstructed labor   O65.5
Incised wound
Incision, incisional
hernia    K43.2
gangrene (and obstruction)   K43.1
obstruction   K43.0
azurophilic leukocytic   D72.0
blennorrhea (neonatal) (newborn)   P39.1
gallbladder in liver (congenital)   Q44.1
affecting management of pregnancy   O36.11-
anti-A sensitization   O36.11-
anti-B sensitization   O36.19-
specified NEC   O36.19-
newborn   P55.1
affecting management of pregnancy   O36.11-
anti-A sensitization   O36.11-
anti-B sensitization   O36.19-
infusion or transfusion reaction   T80.89
newborn   P55.8
divorce or estrangement   Z63.5
Rh (blood group) (factor)    Z31.82
affecting management of pregnancy NEC   O36.09-
anti-D antibody   O36.01-
newborn   P55.0
Incompetency, incompetent, incompetence
mitral (valve)   I34.0
pulmonary valve (heart)   I37.1
cervix, cervical (os)    N88.3
in pregnancy   O34.3-
chronotropic    I45.89
autonomic dysfunction   G90.8
ischemic heart disease   I25.89
left ventricular dysfunction   I51.89
sinus node dysfunction   I49.8
esophagogastric (junction) (sphincter)   K22.0
pelvic fundus   N81.89
pubocervical tissue   N81.82
pulmonary valve (heart)    I37.1
congenital   Q22.3
rectovaginal tissue   N81.83
congenital   Q24.8
Incomplete see also condition
bladder, emptying   R33.9
defecation   R15.0
rotation, intestine   Q43.3
diagnostic imaging due to excess body fat of patient   R93.9
findings on diagnostic imaging of breast NEC   R92.8
mammogram (due to dense breasts)   R92.2
Incontinence R32
overflow   N39.490
anal sphincter   R15.9
feces    R15.9
nonorganic origin   F98.1
psychogenic   F45.8
rectal   R15.9
reflex   N39.498
stress (female) (male)    N39.3
and urge   N39.46
urge    N39.41
and stress (female) (male)   N39.46
continuous   N39.45
due to cognitive impairment, or severe physical disability or immobility   R39.81
functional   R39.81
mixed (stress and urge)   N39.46
nocturnal   N39.44
nonorganic origin   F98.0
overflow   N39.490
post dribbling   N39.43
reflex   N39.498
specified NEC   N39.498
stress (female) (male)   N39.3
and urge   N39.46
total   N39.498
unaware   N39.42
urge   N39.41
and stress (female) (male)   N39.46
Incontinentia pigmenti   Q82.3
Incoordinate, incoordination
muscular   R27.8
uterus (action) (contractions) (complicating delivery)   O62.4
Increase, increased
abnormal, in development   R63.8
androgens (ovarian)   E28.1
cold sense   R20.8
estrogen   E28.0
medulla   E27.5
pituitary (gland) (anterior) (lobe)   E22.9
posterior   E22.2
heat sense   R20.8
intracranial pressure (benign)   G93.2
permeability, capillaries   I78.8
pressure, intracranial   G93.2
gastrin   E16.4
glucagon   E16.3
pancreas, endocrine   E16.9
growth hormone-releasing hormone   E16.8
pancreatic polypeptide   E16.8
somatostatin   E16.8
vasoactive-intestinal polypeptide   E16.8
sphericity, lens   Q12.4
splenic activity   D73.1
venous pressure    I87.8
portal   K76.6
Increta placenta   O43.22-
Incrustation, cornea, foreign body (lead)(zinc) see Foreign body, cornea
Incyclophoria   H50.54
Incyclotropia see Cyclotropia
Indeterminate sex   Q56.4
India rubber skin   Q82.8
Indigestion (acid) (bilious) (functional) K30
catarrhal   K31.89
due to decomposed food NOS   A05.9
nervous   F45.8
psychogenic   F45.8
Indirect see condition
Induratio penis plastica   N48.6
Induration, indurated
brain   G93.89
breast (fibrous)    N64.51
puerperal, postpartum   O92.29
broad ligament   N83.8
anus   A51.1
congenital   A50.07
extragenital NEC   A51.2
corpora cavernosa (penis) (plastic)   N48.6
liver (chronic)   K76.89
lung (black) (chronic) (fibroid) (see also Fibrosis, lung)    J84.10
essential brown   J84.03
penile (plastic)   N48.6
skin   R23.4
Inebriety (without dependence) see Alcohol, intoxication
Inefficiency, kidney   N28.9
Inelasticity, skin   R23.4
Inequality, leg (length) (acquired) see also Deformity, limb, unequal length
bladder (neurogenic)   N31.2
stomach    K31.89
psychogenic   F45.8
uterus, uterine during labor    O62.2
during latent phase of labor   O62.0
primary   O62.0
secondary   O62.1
vesical (neurogenic)   N31.2
Infancy, infantile, infantilism see also condition
celiac   K90.0
genitalia, genitals (after puberty)   E30.0
Herter''s (nontropical sprue)   K90.0
intestinal   K90.0
Lorain   E23.0
pancreatic   K86.8
pelvis    M95.5
with disproportion (fetopelvic)   O33.1
causing obstructed labor   O65.1
pituitary   E23.0
renal   N25.0
Infant (s) see also Infancy
excessive crying   R68.11
irritable child   R68.12
liveborn (singleton)    Z38.2
born in hospital   Z38.00
by cesarean   Z38.01
born outside hospital   Z38.1
multiple NEC   Z38.8
born in hospital    Z38.68
by cesarean   Z38.69
born outside hospital   Z38.7
quadruplet   Z38.8
born in hospital    Z38.63
by cesarean   Z38.64
born outside hospital   Z38.7
quintuplet   Z38.8
born in hospital    Z38.65
by cesarean   Z38.66
born outside hospital   Z38.7
triplet   Z38.8
born in hospital    Z38.61
by cesarean   Z38.62
born outside hospital   Z38.7
twin   Z38.5
born in hospital    Z38.30
by cesarean   Z38.31
born outside hospital   Z38.4
of diabetic mother (syndrome of)    P70.1
gestational diabetes   P70.0
Infantile see also condition
genitalia, genitals   E30.0
os, uterine   E30.0
penis   E30.0
testis   E29.1
uterus   E30.0
Infantilism see Infancy
Infarct, infarction
adrenal (capsule) (gland)   E27.49
appendices epiploicae   K55.0
bowel   K55.0
breast   N64.89
brewer''s (kidney)   N28.0
cerebral (see also Occlusion, artery cerebral or precerebral, with infarction)    I63.9-
aborted   I63.9
cortical   I63.9
cerebral venous thrombosis, nonpyogenic   I63.6
cerebral arteries   I63.4-
precerebral arteries   I63.1-
cerebral arteries   I63.5-
precerebral arteries   I63.2-
cerebral arteries   I63.5-
precerebral arteries   I63.2-
cerebral artery   I63.3-
precerebral artery   I63.0-
during cardiac surgery   I97.810
during other surgery   I97.811
following cardiac surgery   I97.820
following other surgery   I97.821
specified NEC   I63.8
(with gangrene)   K55.0
fallopian tube   N83.8
gallbladder   K82.8
hepatic   K76.3
hypophysis (anterior lobe)   E23.6
impending (myocardium)   I20.0
gangrene)   K55.0
kidney   N28.0
liver   K76.3
lymph node   I89.8
mesentery, mesenteric (embolic) (thrombotic) (with gangrene)   K55.0
muscle (ischemic)    M62.20
ankle   M62.27-
foot   M62.27-
forearm   M62.23-
hand   M62.24-
lower leg   M62.26-
pelvic region   M62.25-
shoulder region   M62.21-
specified site NEC   M62.28
thigh   M62.25-
upper arm   M62.22-
myocardium, myocardial (acute) (with stated duration of 4 weeks or less)    I21.3
diagnosed on ECG, but presenting no symptoms   I25.2
healed or old   I25.2
during cardiac surgery   I97.790
during other surgery   I97.791
non-Q wave   I21.4
non-ST elevation (NSTEMI)   I21.4
subsequent   I22.2
nontransmural   I21.4
past (diagnosed on ECG or other investigation, but currently presenting no symptoms)   I25.2
following cardiac surgery   I97.190
following other surgery   I97.191
Q wave (see also, Infarct, myocardium, by site)   I21.3
ST elevation (STEMI)   I21.3
anterior (anteroapical) (anterolateral) (anteroseptal) (Q wave) (wall)    I21.09
subsequent   I22.0
inferior (diaphragmatic) (inferolateral) (inferoposterior) (wall)NEC    I21.19
subsequent   I22.1
inferoposterior transmural (Q wave)   I21.11
coronary artery of anterior wall NEC   I21.09
coronary artery of inferior wall NEC   I21.19
diagonal coronary artery   I21.02
left anterior descending coronary artery   I21.02
left circumflex coronary artery   I21.21
left main coronary artery   I21.01
oblique marginal coronary artery   I21.21
right coronary artery   I21.11
lateral (apical-lateral) (basal-lateral) (high)    I21.29
subsequent   I22.8
posterior (posterobasal) (posterolateral) (posteroseptal) (true)    I21.29
subsequent   I22.8
septal    I21.29
subsequent   I22.8
specified NEC    I21.29
subsequent   I22.8
subsequent   I22.9
subsequent (recurrent) (reinfarction)   I22.9
anterior (anteroapical) (anterolateral) (anteroseptal) (wall)   I22.0
diaphragmatic (wall)   I22.1
inferior (diaphragmatic) (inferolateral) (inferoposterior) (wall)   I22.1
lateral (apical-lateral) (basal-lateral) (high)   I22.8
non-ST elevation (NSTEMI)   I22.2
posterior (posterobasal) (posterolateral) (posteroseptal) (true)   I22.8
septal   I22.8
specified NEC   I22.8
ST elevation    I22.9
anterior (anteroapical) (anterolateral) (anteroseptal) (wall)   I22.0
inferior (diaphragmatic) (inferolateral) (inferoposterior) (wall)   I22.1
specified NEC   I22.8
subendocardial   I22.2
transmural    I22.9
anterior (anteroapical) (anterolateral) (anteroseptal) (wall)   I22.0
diaphragmatic (wall)   I22.1
inferior (diaphragmatic) (inferolateral) (inferoposterior) (wall)   I22.1
lateral (apical-lateral) (basal-lateral) (high)   I22.8
posterior (posterobasal) (posterolateral) (posteroseptal) (true)   I22.8
specified NEC   I22.8
syphilitic   A52.06
transmural   I21.3
anterior (anteroapical) (anterolateral) (anteroseptal) (Q wave) (wall)NEC   I21.09
inferior (diaphragmatic) (inferolateral) (inferoposterior) (Q wave) (wall)NEC   I21.19
inferoposterior (Q wave)   I21.11
lateral (apical-lateral) (basal-lateral) (high)NEC   I21.29
posterior (posterobasal) (posterolateral) (posteroseptal) (true)NEC   I21.29
septal NEC   I21.29
specified NEC   I21.29
nontransmural   I21.4
omentum   K55.0
ovary   N83.8
pancreas   K86.8
parathyroid gland   E21.4
pituitary (gland)   E23.6
placenta   O43.81-
prostate   N42.89
renal (embolic) (thrombotic)   N28.0
spinal (cord) (acute) (embolic) (nonembolic)   G95.11
spleen    D73.5
embolic or thrombotic   I74.8
subendocardial (acute) (nontransmural)   I21.4
suprarenal (capsule) (gland)   E27.49
testis   N50.1
thyroid (gland)   E07.89
Infecting see condition
Infection, infected, infective (opportunistic)   B99.9
Dirofilaria   B74.8
organ dysfunction (acute)   R65.20
with septic shock   R65.21
Acanthocheilonema (perstans) (streptocerca)   B74.4
Acremonium falciforme   B47.0
acromioclavicular   M00.9
Actinobacillus (actinomycetem-comitans)    A28.8
mallei   A24.0
muris   A25.1
Actinomadura   B47.1
Actinomyces (israelii) (see also Actinomycosis)   A42.9
adenoid (and tonsil)    J03.90
chronic   J35.02
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.0
unspecified nature or site   B34.0
aerogenes capsulatus   A48.0
Allescheria boydii   B48.2
Alternaria   B48.8
alveolus, alveolar (process)   K04.7
amniotic fluid, sac or cavity    O41.10-
chorioamnionitis   O41.12-
placentitis   O41.14-
Ancylostoma (duodenalis)   B76.0
Anisakiasis, Anisakis larvae   B81.0
anus, anal (papillae) (sphincter)   K62.89
specified type NEC   A93.8
artificial insemination   N98.0
Ascomycetes   B47.0
virus   A81.9
specified type NEC   A81.89
axillary gland (lymph)   L04.2
Bacillus    A49.9
abortus   A23.1
Flexner''s   A03.1
Friedlnder''s NEC   A49.8
gas (gangrene)   A48.0
mallei   A24.0
melitensis   A23.0
paratyphoid, paratyphosus   A01.4
A   A01.1
B   A01.2
C   A01.3
Shiga (-Kruse)   A03.0
swimming pool   A31.1
typhosa   A01.00
bacterial NOS    A49.9
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.89
Clostridium perfringens C perfringens   B96.7
Bacteroides fragilis B fragilis   B96.6
Enterobacter sakazakii   B96.89
Enterococcus   B95.2
Escherichia coli E coli (see also Escherichia coli)   B96.20
Helicobacter pylori Hpylori   B96.81
Hemophilus influenzae H influenzae   B96.3
Klebsiella pneumoniae K pneumoniae   B96.1
Mycoplasma pneumoniae M pneumoniae   B96.0
Proteus (mirabilis) (morganii)   B96.4
Pseudomonas (aeruginosa) (mallei) (pseudomallei)   B96.5
Staphylococcus    B95.8
aureus (methicillin susceptible) (MSSA)    B95.61
methicillin resistant (MRSA)   B95.62
specified NEC   B95.7
Streptococcus    B95.5
group A   B95.0
group B   B95.1
pneumoniae   B95.3
specified NEC   B95.4
Vibrio vulnificus   B96.82
specified NEC   A48.8
paratyphosum   A01.4
A   A01.1
B   A01.2
C   A01.3
typhosum   A01.00
Bacteroides NEC    A49.8
fragilis, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.6
Balantidium coli   A07.0
Bartholin''s gland   N75.8
Basidiobolus   B46.8
Loboi   B48.0
North American   B40.9
Borrelia bergdorfi   A69.20
brain (see also Encephalitis)    G04.90
septic   G06.0
branchial cyst   Q18.0
Brucella    A23.9
abortus   A23.1
canis   A23.3
melitensis   A23.0
mixed   A23.8
specified NEC   A23.8
suis   A23.2
Entomophthora   B46.8
Brugia (malayi)    B74.1
timori   B74.2
buttocks (skin)   L08.9
Campylobacter, intestinal    A04.5
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.81
candiru   B88.8
Capillaria (intestinal)    B81.1
hepatica   B83.8
philippinensis   B81.1
catheter-related bloodstream (CRBSI)   T80.211
cat liver fluke   B66.0
central line-associated    T80.219
bloodstream (CLABSI)   T80.211
specified NEC   T80.218
Cephalosporium falciforme   B47.0
cervical gland (lymph)   L04.0
cesarean delivery wound (puerperal)   O86.0
Chilomastix (intestinal)   A07.8
Chlamydia, chlamydial    A74.9
anus   A56.3
genitourinary tract   A56.2
lower   A56.00
specified NEC   A56.19
pharynx   A56.4
rectum   A56.3
sexually transmitted NEC   A56.8
bantianum (brain abscess)   B43.1
carrionii   B43.0
castellanii   B36.1
trichoides (brain abscess)   B43.1
werneckii   B36.1
Clonorchis (sinensis) (liver)   B66.1
bifermentans   A48.0
botulinum (food poisoning)   A05.1
infant   A48.51
wound   A48.52
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.89
foodborne (disease)   A04.7
gas gangrene   A48.0
necrotizing enterocolitis   A04.7
sepsis   A41.4
gas-forming NEC   A48.0
histolyticum   A48.0
novyi, causing gas gangrene   A48.0
oedematiens   A48.0
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.7
due to food   A05.2
foodborne (disease)   A05.2
gas gangrene   A48.0
sepsis   A41.4
septicum, causing gas gangrene   A48.0
sordellii, causing gas gangrene   A48.0
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.7
foodborne (disease)   A05.2
gas gangrene   A48.0
necrotizing enteritis   A05.2
sepsis   A41.4
colostomy   K94.02
congenital    P39.9
Candida (albicans)   P37.5
cytomegalovirus   P35.1
hepatitis, viral   P35.3
herpes simplex   P35.2
infectious or parasitic disease   P37.9
specified NEC   P37.8
listeriosis (disseminated)   P37.2
malaria NEC   P37.4
falciparum   P37.3
Plasmodium falciparum   P37.3
poliomyelitis   P35.8
rubella   P35.0
skin   P39.4
toxoplasmosis (acute) (subacute) (chronic)   P37.1
tuberculosis   P37.0
urinary (tract)   P39.3
vaccinia   P35.8
virus   P35.9
specified type NEC   P35.8
Conidiobolus   B46.8
coronavirus NEC    B34.2
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.29
severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS associated)   B97.21
cotia virus   B08.8
Cryptosporidium   A07.2
cystic duct (see also Cholecystitis)   K81.9
cytomegalovirus, cytomegaloviral    B25.9
congenital   P35.1
maternal, maternal care for (suspected)damage to fetus   O35.3
mononucleosis   B27.10
complication NEC   B27.19
meningitis   B27.12
polyneuropathy   B27.11
delta-agent (acute), in hepatitis B carrier   B17.0
dental (pulpal origin)   K04.7
Deuteromycetes   B47.0
Dicrocoelium dendriticum   B66.2
Dipetalonema (perstans) (streptocerca)   B74.4
Diphyllobothrium (adult) (latum) (pacificum)    B70.0
larval   B70.1
Diplogonoporus (grandis)   B71.8
Dipylidium caninum   B67.4
Drechslera (hawaiiensis)   B43.8
artificial insemination   N98.0
central venous catheter   T80.219
bloodstream   T80.211
exit or insertion site   T80.212
localized   T80.212
port or reservoir   T80.212
specified NEC   T80.218
tunnel   T80.212
device, implant or graft (see also Complications, by site and type, infection or inflammation)   T85.79
arterial graft NEC   T82.7
breast (implant)   T85.79
catheter NEC    T85.79
dialysis (renal)    T82.7
intraperitoneal   T85.71
infusion NEC    T82.7
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.79
urinary (indwelling)   T83.51
bone   T84.7
cardiac   T82.7
nervous system (brain) (peripheral nerve) (spinal)   T85.79
urinary   T83.59
gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus)   T85.79
genital NEC   T83.6
heart NEC    T82.7
valve (prosthesis)    T82.6
graft   T82.7
ocular (corneal graft) (orbital implant)NEC   T85.79
orthopedic NEC   T84.7
specified NEC   T85.79
urinary NEC   T83.59
vascular NEC   T82.7
ventricular intracranial shunt   T85.79
Hickman catheter   T80.219
bloodstream   T80.211
localized   T80.212
specified NEC   T80.218
immunization or vaccination   T88.0
infusion, injection or transfusion NEC   T80.29
acute   T80.22
peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC)   T80.219
bloodstream   T80.211
localized   T80.212
specified NEC   T80.218
portacath (port-a-cath)   T80.219
bloodstream   T80.211
localized   T80.212
specified NEC   T80.218
surgery   T81.4
triple lumen catheter   T80.219
bloodstream   T80.211
localized   T80.212
specified NEC   T80.218
umbilical venous catheter   T80.219
bloodstream   T80.211
localized   T80.212
specified NEC   T80.218
Streptomyces   B47.1
during labor NEC   O75.3
inner see subcategory   H83.0
Eberthella typhosa   A01.00
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.12
unspecified nature or site   B34.1
endocardium   I33.0
Enterobacter sakazakii   B96.89
enterostomy   K94.12
enterovirus    B34.1
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.10
coxsackievirus   B97.11
echovirus   B97.12
specified NEC   B97.19
episiotomy (puerperal)   O86.0
erythema infectiosum   B08.3
Escherichia (E)coli NEC    A49.8
as cause of disease classified elsewhere (see also Escherichia coli)   B96.20
congenital   P39.8
sepsis   P36.4
generalized   A41.51
Fasciola (gigantica) (hepatica) (indica)   B66.3
Fasciolopsis (buski)   B66.5
finger (skin)    L08.9
nail   L03.01-
fungus   B35.1
fish tapeworm    B70.0
larval   B70.1
flagellate, intestinal   A07.9
teeth (pulpal origin)   K04.7
tonsils   J35.01
Fonsecaea (compactum) (pedrosoi)   B43.0
foot (skin)    L08.9
dermatophytic fungus   B35.3
beard   B35.0
foot   B35.3
groin   B35.6
hand   B35.2
nail   B35.1
pathogenic to compromised host only   B48.8
perianal (area)   B35.6
scalp   B35.0
skin   B36.9
foot   B35.3
hand   B35.2
toenails   B35.1
Fusarium   B48.8
male   N49.9
multiple sites   N49.8
specified NEC   N49.8
Ghon tubercle, primary   A15.7
Giardia lamblia   A07.1
gingiva (chronic)    K05.10
acute   K05.00
nonplaque induced   K05.01
plaque induced   K05.00
nonplaque induced   K05.11
plaque induced   K05.10
glanders   A24.0
glenosporopsis   B48.0
Gnathostoma (spinigerum)   B83.1
Gongylonema   B83.8
gram-negative bacilli NOS   A49.9
gum (chronic)    K05.10
acute   K05.00
nonplaque induced   K05.01
plaque induced   K05.00
nonplaque induced   K05.11
plaque induced   K05.10
Helicobacter pylori    A04.8
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.81
helminths    B83.9
intestinal   B82.0
mixed (types classifiable to more than one of the titles B650-B813 and B818)   B81.4
specified type NEC   B81.8
specified type NEC   B83.8
aegyptius, systemic   A48.4
influenzae NEC   A49.2
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.3
generalized   A41.3
congenital   P35.2
disseminated   B00.7
zoster   B02.9
hip (joint)NEC    M00.9
left   T84.52
right   T84.51
skin NEC   L08.9
Heterophyes (heterophyes)   B66.8
American   B39.4
capsulatum   B39.4
hookworm   B76.9
papilloma virus   A63.0
T-cell lymphotropic virus type-1 (HTLV-1)   B33.3
hydrocele   N43.0
Hymenolepis   B71.0
inguinal (lymph)glands    L04.1
intervertebral disc, pyogenic    M46.30
cervical region   M46.32
cervicothoracic region   M46.33
lumbar region   M46.36
lumbosacral region   M46.37
multiple sites   M46.39
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M46.31
sacrococcygeal region   M46.38
thoracic region   M46.34
thoracolumbar region   M46.35
specified NEC   A08.8
intra-amniotic affecting newborn NEC   P39.2
Isospora belli or hominis   A07.3
Japanese B encephalitis   A83.0
jaw (bone) (lower) (upper)   M27.2
joint NEC    M00.9
due to internal joint prosthesis   T84.50
kidney (cortex) (hematogenous)    N15.9
with calculus   N20.0
with hydronephrosis   N13.6
following ectopic gestation   O08.83
pelvis and ureter (cystic)   N28.85
puerperal (postpartum)   O86.21
specified NEC   N15.8
Klebsiella (K)pneumoniae NEC    A49.8
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.1
knee (joint)NEC    M00.9
joint   M00.9
left   T84.54
right   T84.53
skin   L08.9
lancet fluke   B66.2
larynx NEC   J38.7
leg (skin)NOS   L08.9
Legionella pneumophila    A48.1
nonpneumonic   A48.2
aethiopica   B55.1
braziliensis   B55.2
chagasi   B55.0
donovani   B55.0
infantum   B55.0
major   B55.1
mexicana   B55.1
tropica   B55.1
lentivirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.31
Leptosphaeria senegalensis   B47.0
Leptospira interrogans    A27.9
autumnalis   A27.89
canicola   A27.89
hebdomadis   A27.89
icterohaemorrhagiae   A27.0
pomona   A27.89
specified type NEC   A27.89
congenital   P37.2
Loa loa    B74.3
with conjunctival infestation   B74.3
eyelid   B74.3
Loboa loboi   B48.0
local, skin (staphylococcal) (streptococcal)    L08.9
specified NEC   L08.89
Loefflerella mallei   A24.0
lung (see also Pneumonia)    J18.9
atypical Mycobacterium   A31.0
spirochetal   A69.8
mesenteric   I88.0
lymphoid tissue, base of tongue or posterior pharynx, NEC (chronic)   J35.03
Madurella (grisea) (mycetomii)   B47.0
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
Malassezia furfur   B36.0
mallei   A24.0
Mansonella (ozzardi) (perstans) (streptocerca)   B74.4
maxilla, maxillary    M27.2
mediastinum   J98.5
meningococcal (see also condition)    A39.9
adrenals   A39.1
brain   A39.81
cerebrospinal   A39.0
conjunctiva   A39.89
endocardium   A39.51
heart   A39.50
endocardium   A39.51
myocardium   A39.52
pericardium   A39.53
joint   A39.83
meninges   A39.0
meningococcemia   A39.4
acute   A39.2
chronic   A39.3
myocardium   A39.52
pericardium   A39.53
retrobulbar neuritis   A39.82
specified site NEC   A39.89
mesenteric lymph nodes or glands NEC   I88.0
Metagonimus   B66.8
metatarsophalangeal   M00.9
resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)   A49.02
susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA)   A49.01
mixed flora (bacterial)NEC   A49.8
Monosporium apiospermum   B48.2
mouth, parasitic   B37.0
mycetoma    B47.9
actinomycotic NEC   B47.1
mycotic NEC   B47.0
Mycoplasma NEC    A49.3
pneumoniae, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.0
pathogenic to compromised host only   B48.8
skin NOS   B36.9
myocardium NEC   I40.0
finger   L03.01-
fungus   B35.1
ingrowing   L60.0
toe   L03.03-
fungus   B35.1
navel   L08.82
Necator americanus   B76.1
Neotestudina rosatii   B47.0
newborn    P39.9
intra-amniotic NEC   P39.2
skin   P39.4
specified type NEC   P39.8
lactation   O91.03
pregnancy   O91.01-
puerperium   O91.02
obstetrical surgical wound (puerperal)   O86.0
Oesophagostomum (apiostomum)   B81.8
Oidium albicans   B37.9
oncovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.32
operation wound   T81.4
Opisthorchis (felineus) (viverrini)   B66.0
orthopoxvirus NEC   B08.09
pancreas (acute)    K85.9
specified NEC   K85.8
papillomavirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.7
papovavirus NEC   B34.4
Paragonimus (westermani)   B66.4
parainfluenza virus   B34.8
parameningococcus NOS   A39.9
parapoxvirus    B08.60
specified NEC   B08.69
cantonensis   B83.2
costaricensis   B81.3
paratyphoid   A01.4
Type A   A01.1
Type B   A01.2
Type C   A01.3
paraurethral ducts   N34.2
parvovirus NEC    B34.3
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.6
Pasteurella NEC    A28.0
multocida   A28.0
pseudotuberculosis   A28.0
septica (cat bite) (dog bite)   A28.0
Penicillium (marneffei)   B48.4
penis (glans) (retention)NEC   N48.29
periapical   K04.5
peridental, periodontal    K05.20
generalized   K05.22
localized   K05.21
perinatal period    P39.9
specified type NEC   P39.8
perineal repair (puerperal)   O86.0
perirectal   K62.89
periureteral   N28.89
Petriellidium boydii   B48.2
coxsackievirus   B08.5
posterior, lymphoid (chronic)   J35.03
gougerotii (subcutaneous abscess or cyst)   B43.2
jeanselmei (subcutaneous abscess or cyst)   B43.2
verrucosa (skin)   B43.0
Piedraia hortae   B36.3
pinta    A67.9
intermediate   A67.1
late   A67.2
mixed   A67.3
primary   A67.0
pityrosporum furfur   B36.0
pleuro-pneumonia-like organism (PPLO)NEC    A49.3
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.0
pneumococcus, pneumococcal NEC    A49.1
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B95.3
generalized (purulent)   A40.3
port or reservoir   T80.212
postoperative   T81.4
postoperative wound   T81.4
postprocedural   T81.4
postvaccinal   T88.0
prepuce NEC    N47.7
with penile inflammation   N47.6
Proteus (mirabilis) (morganii) (vulgaris)NEC    A49.8
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.4
intestinal   A07.9
specified NEC   A07.8
specified NEC   B60.8
Pseudoallescheria boydii   B48.2
Pseudomonas NEC    A49.8
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.5
mallei   A24.0
pneumonia   J15.1
puerperal    O86.4
genitourinary tract NEC   O86.89
minor   O86.4
specified NEC   O86.89
Pyrenochaeta romeroi   B47.0
rectum (sphincter)   K62.89
pelvis and ureter (cystic)   N28.85
reovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.5
respiratory (tract)NEC    J98.8
chronic   J98.8
syncytial virus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.4
upper (acute)NOS   J06.9
chronic   J39.8
streptococcal   J06.9
viral NOS   J06.9
retortamoniasis   A07.8
retroperitoneal NEC   K68.9
retrovirus    B33.3
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.30
immunodeficiency, type 2 (HIV 2)   B97.35
type I (HTLV-I)   B97.33
type II (HTLV-II)   B97.34
lentivirus   B97.31
oncovirus   B97.32
specified NEC   B97.39
Rhinosporidium (seeberi)   B48.1
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.89
unspecified nature or site   B34.8
rickettsial NOS   A79.9
roundworm (large)NEC    B82.0
Ascariasis (see also Ascariasis)   B77.9
Salmonella (aertrycke) (arizonae) (callinarum) (cholerae-suis) (enteritidis) (suipestifer) (typhimurium)    A02.9
(gastro)enteritis   A02.0
sepsis   A02.1
specified manifestation NEC   A02.8
due to food (poisoning)   A02.9
hirschfeldii   A01.3
localized   A02.20
arthritis   A02.23
meningitis   A02.21
osteomyelitis   A02.24
pneumonia   A02.22
pyelonephritis   A02.25
specified NEC   A02.29
paratyphi   A01.4
A   A01.1
B   A01.2
C   A01.3
schottmuelleri   A01.2
Sarcocystis   A07.8
scrotum (acute)NEC   N49.2
sheep liver fluke   B66.3
Shigella    A03.9
boydii   A03.2
dysenteriae   A03.0
flexneri   A03.1
A   A03.0
B   A03.1
C   A03.2
D   A03.3
Schmitz (-Stutzer)   A03.0
schmitzii   A03.0
shigae   A03.0
sonnei   A03.3
specified NEC   A03.8
shoulder (joint)NEC    M00.9
due to internal joint prosthesis   T84.59
skin NEC   L08.9
skin NEC   L08.89
skin (local) (staphylococcal) (streptococcal)    L08.9
due to fungus   B36.9
specified type NEC   B36.8
mycotic   B36.9
specified type NEC   B36.8
newborn   P39.4
slow virus    A81.9
specified NEC   A81.89
Sparganum (mansoni) (proliferum) (baxteri)   B70.1
specified NEC   B99.8
spermatic cord NEC   N49.1
spinal cord NOS (see also Myelitis)    G04.91
abscess   G06.1
streptococcal   G04.89
Spirillum   A25.0
spirochetal NOS    A69.9
lung   A69.8
specified NEC   A69.8
Spirometra larvae   B70.1
spleen   D73.89
aureus (methicillin susceptible) (MSSA)   A49.01
methicillin resistant (MRSA)   A49.02
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B95.8
aureus (methicillin susceptible) (MSSA)    B95.61
methicillin resistant (MRSA)   B95.62
specified NEC   B95.7
food poisoning   A05.0
generalized (purulent)   A41.2
Stellantchasmus falcatus   B66.8
streptobacillus moniliformis   A25.1
streptococcal NEC    A49.1
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B95.5
childbirth   O98.82
pregnancy   O98.81-
puerperium   O98.83
sepsis    P36.10
group B   P36.0
specified NEC   P36.19
generalized (purulent)   A40.9
subcutaneous tissue, local   L08.9
swimming pool bacillus   A31.1
Taeniarhynchus saginatus   B68.1
Ternidens diminutus   B81.8
thyroglossal duct   K14.8
toe (skin)    L08.9
cellulitis   L03.03-
fungus   B35.1
nail   L03.03-
fungus   B35.1
tongue NEC    K14.0
parasitic   B37.0
tooth, teeth    K04.7
periapical   K04.7
peridental, periodontal   K05.20
generalized   K05.22
localized   K05.21
pulp   K04.0
socket   M27.3
without active infection   P00.2
Toxocara (canis) (cati) (felis)   B83.0
trench fever   A79.0
Trichomonas    A59.9
cervix   A59.09
intestine   A07.8
prostate   A59.02
specified site NEC   A59.8
urethra   A59.03
urogenitalis   A59.00
vagina   A59.01
vulva   A59.01
Trichosporon (beigelii)cutaneum   B36.2
Trichostrongylus   B81.2
Trombicula (irritans)   B88.0
gambiense   B56.0
rhodesiense   B56.1
tunnel   T80.212
tunica vaginalis   N49.1
typhus    A75.9
flea-borne   A75.2
mite-borne   A75.3
recrudescent   A75.1
tick-borne   A77.9
African   A77.1
North Asian   A77.2
umbilicus   L08.82
ureter   N28.86
urinary (tract)    N39.0
pregnancy    O23.4-
specified type NEC   O23.3-
newborn   P39.3
puerperal (postpartum)   O86.20
tuberculous   A18.13
vaccination   T88.0
vaccinia not from vaccination   B08.011
varicella   B01.9
vas deferens NEC   N49.1
cholerae   A00.0
El Tor   A00.1
parahaemolyticus (food poisoning)   A05.3
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.82
foodborne intoxication   A05.5
Vincent''s (gum) (mouth) (tonsil)   A69.1
virus, viral NOS    B34.9
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.0
unspecified nature or site   B34.0
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.89
adenovirus   B97.0
coronavirus    B97.29
SARS-associated   B97.21
coxsackievirus   B97.11
echovirus   B97.12
enterovirus    B97.10
coxsackievirus   B97.11
echovirus   B97.12
specified NEC   B97.19
immunodeficiency, type 2 (HIV 2)   B97.35
type I (HTLV-I)   B97.33
type II (HTLV-II)   B97.34
metapneumovirus   B97.81
papillomavirus   B97.7
parvovirus   B97.6
reovirus   B97.5
respiratory syncytial   B97.4
retrovirus    B97.30
immunodeficiency, type 2 (HIV 2)   B97.35
type I (HTLV-I)    B97.33
type II (HTLV-II)    B97.34
lentivirus   B97.31
oncovirus   B97.32
specified NEC   B97.39
specified NEC   B97.89
atypical    A81.9
specified NEC   A81.89
enterovirus NEC    A88.8
meningitis   A87.0
slow virus    A81.9
specified NEC   A81.89
specified NEC   A88.8
chest   J98.8
cotia   B08.8
coxsackie (see also Infection, coxsackie)   B34.1
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.11
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.12
unspecified nature or site   B34.1
encephalitis, tick-borne   A84.9
enterovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.10
coxsackievirus   B97.11
echovirus   B97.12
specified NEC   B97.19
human papilloma as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.7
human metapneumovirus as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.81
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.4
bronchopneumonia   J12.1
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.89
unspecified nature or site   B34.8
slow   A81.9
specified NEC   A81.89
specified type NEC   B33.8
as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.89
unspecified nature or site   B34.8
unspecified nature or site   B34.9
worms    B83.9
specified type NEC   B83.8
Wuchereria (bancrofti)    B74.0
malayi   B74.1
yatapoxvirus    B08.70
specified NEC   B08.79
yeast (see also Candidiasis)   B37.9
enterocolitica (intestinal)   A04.6
pseudotuberculosis   A28.2
zoonotic bacterial NOS   A28.9
Zopfia senegalensis   B47.0
Infective, infectious see condition
female    N97.9
age-related   N97.8
anovulation   N97.0
cervical (mucus)disease or anomaly   N88.3
cervix   N88.3
fallopian tube   N97.1
uterus   N97.2
vagina   N97.8
dysmucorrhea   N88.3
fallopian tube disease or anomaly   N97.1
pituitary-hypothalamic origin   E23.0
specified origin NEC   N97.8
Stein-Leventhal syndrome   E28.2
uterine disease or anomaly   N97.2
vaginal disease or anomaly   N97.8
cervical anomaly   N88.3
fallopian tube anomaly   N97.1
ovarian failure   E28.39
Stein-Leventhal syndrome   E28.2
uterine anomaly   N97.2
vaginal anomaly   N97.8
nonimplantation   N97.2
cervical   N88.3
tubal (block) (occlusion) (stenosis)   N97.1
uterine   N97.2
vaginal   N97.8
male    N46.9
azoospermia   N46.01
extratesticular cause    N46.029
drug therapy   N46.021
efferent duct obstruction   N46.023
infection   N46.022
radiation   N46.024
specified cause NEC   N46.029
systemic disease   N46.025
oligospermia   N46.11
extratesticular cause    N46.129
drug therapy   N46.121
efferent duct obstruction   N46.123
infection   N46.122
radiation   N46.124
specified cause NEC   N46.129
systemic disease   N46.125
specified type NEC   N46.8
Infestation   B88.9
Acanthocheilonema (perstans) (streptocerca)   B74.4
Acariasis    B88.0
demodex folliculorum   B88.0
trombiculae   B88.0
Agamofilaria streptocerca   B74.4
Ancylostoma, ankylostoma (braziliense) (caninum) (ceylanicum) (duodenale)    B76.0
americanum   B76.1
new world   B76.1
Anisakis larvae, anisakiasis   B81.0
arthropod NEC   B88.2
Balantidium coli   A07.0
beef tapeworm   B68.1
Bothriocephalus (latus)    B70.0
larval   B70.1
broad tapeworm    B70.0
larval   B70.1
Brugia (malayi)    B74.1
timori   B74.2
candiru   B88.8
hepatica   B83.8
philippinensis   B81.1
cat liver fluke   B66.0
cestodes    B71.9
dipylidiasis   B71.1
hymenolepiasis   B71.0
specified type NEC   B71.8
chigger   B88.0
chigo, chigoe   B88.1
Clonorchis (sinensis) (liver)   B66.1
coccidial   A07.3
crab-lice   B85.3
Demodex (folliculorum)   B88.0
Dermanyssus gallinae   B88.0
Dibothriocephalus (latus)    B70.0
larval   B70.1
Dicrocoelium dendriticum   B66.2
Diphyllobothrium (adult) (latum) (intestinal) (pacificum)    B70.0
larval   B70.1
Diplogonoporus (grandis)   B71.8
Dipylidium caninum   B67.4
Distoma hepaticum   B66.3
dog tapeworm   B67.4
dwarf tapeworm   B71.0
Echinostomum ilocanum   B66.8
leishmaniasis   B55.1
loiasis   B74.3
onchocerciasis   B73.09
phthiriasis   B85.3
eyeworm   B74.3
Fasciola (gigantica) (hepatica) (indica)   B66.3
Fasciolopsis (buski) (intestine)   B66.5
filarial    B74.9
bancroftian   B74.0
conjunctiva   B74.9
Acanthocheilonema (perstans) (streptocerca)   B74.4
Brugia (malayi)    B74.1
timori   B74.2
loa loa   B74.3
Mansonella (ozzardi) (perstans) (streptocerca)   B74.4
Onchocerca volvulus    B73.00
eye   B73.00
eyelid   B73.09
Wuchereria (bancrofti)   B74.0
Malayan   B74.1
ozzardi   B74.4
specified type NEC   B74.8
fish tapeworm    B70.0
larval   B70.1
fluke    B66.9
cat liver   B66.0
intestinal   B66.5
liver (sheep)   B66.3
cat   B66.0
Chinese   B66.1
due to clonorchiasis   B66.1
oriental   B66.1
lancet   B66.2
lung (oriental)   B66.4
sheep liver   B66.3
specified type NEC   B66.8
Gastrodiscoides hominis   B66.8
Giardia lamblia   A07.1
Gnathostoma (spinigerum)   B83.1
Gongylonema   B83.8
helminth    B83.9
angiostrongyliasis   B83.2
intestinal   B81.3
gnathostomiasis   B83.1
hirudiniasis, internal   B83.4
intestinal   B82.0
angiostrongyliasis   B81.3
anisakiasis   B81.0
capillariasis   B81.1
mixed (types classifiable to more than one of the titles B650-B813 and B818)   B81.4
type NEC   B81.8
trichostrongyliasis   B81.2
specified type NEC   B83.8
syngamiasis   B83.3
visceral larva migrans   B83.0
Heterophyes (heterophyes)   B66.8
hookworm    B76.9
ancylostomiasis   B76.0
necatoriasis   B76.1
specified type NEC   B76.8
Hymenolepis (diminuta) (nana)   B71.0
intestinal NEC   B82.9
Linguatula   B88.8
Liponyssoides sanguineus   B88.0
Loa loa    B74.3
conjunctival   B74.3
eyelid   B74.3
Mansonella (ozzardi) (perstans) (streptocerca)   B74.4
Metagonimus (yokogawai)   B66.8
eye   B73.00
eyelid   B73.09
mites    B88.9
mouth   B37.0
Necator americanus   B76.1
nematode NEC (intestinal)    B82.0
Ancylostoma   B76.0
conjunctiva NEC   B83.9
Gnathostoma spinigerum   B83.1
specified NEC   B81.8
trichostrongylus   B81.2
Oesophagostomum (apiostomum)   B81.8
Oestrus ovis (see also Myiasis)   B87.9
Opisthorchis (felineus) (viverrini)   B66.0
Paragonimus (westermani)   B66.4
intestinal NOS   B82.9
mouth   B37.0
skin   B88.9
tongue   B37.0
cantonensis   B83.2
costaricensis   B81.3
Pediculus    B85.2
body   B85.1
capitis (humanus) (any site)   B85.0
corporis (humanus) (any site)   B85.1
head   B85.0
mixed (classifiable to more than one of the titles B850-B853)   B85.4
pubis (any site)   B85.3
Pentastoma   B88.8
Phthirus (pubis) (any site)    B85.3
with any infestation classifiable to B850-B852   B85.4
pork tapeworm (adult)   B68.0
intestinal   A07.9
specified NEC   A07.8
specified NEC   B60.8
pubic, louse   B85.3
rat tapeworm   B71.0
red bug   B88.0
roundworm (large)NEC    B82.0
Ascariasis (see also Ascariasis)   B77.9
sandflea   B88.1
Schistosoma    B65.9
bovis   B65.8
cercariae   B65.3
haematobium   B65.0
intercalatum   B65.8
japonicum   B65.2
mansoni   B65.1
mattheei   B65.8
mekongi   B65.8
specified type NEC   B65.8
spindale   B65.8
skin NOS   B88.9
Sparganum (mansoni) (proliferum) (baxteri)    B70.1
larval   B70.1
specified type NEC   B88.8
Spirometra larvae   B70.1
Stellantchasmus falcatus   B66.8
Taenia    B68.9
diminuta   B71.0
mediocanellata   B68.1
nana   B71.0
saginata   B68.1
solium (intestinal form)   B68.0
Taeniarhynchus saginatus   B68.1
tapeworm    B71.9
beef   B68.1
broad   B70.0
larval   B70.1
dog   B67.4
dwarf   B71.0
fish   B70.0
larval   B70.1
pork   B68.0
rat   B71.0
Ternidens diminutus   B81.8
Tetranychus molestissimus   B88.0
tongue   B37.0
Toxocara (canis) (cati) (felis)   B83.0
Trichostrongylus   B81.2
Trombicula (irritans)   B88.0
Tunga penetrans   B88.1
Uncinaria americana   B76.1
Vandellia cirrhosa   B88.8
worms    B83.9
intestinal   B82.0
Wuchereria (bancrofti)   B74.0
Infiltrate, infiltration
calcareous NEC    R89.7
calcium salt   R89.7
inflammatory in vitreous   H43.89
kidney   N28.89
liver    K76.89
lung    R91.8
lymphatic (see also Leukemia, lymphatic)    C91.9-
gland   I88.9
muscle, fatty   M62.89
on chest x-ray   R91.8
pulmonary    R91.8
skin (lymphocytic)   L98.6
thymus (gland) (fatty)   E32.8
urine   R39.0
antineoplastic chemotherapy   T80.810
other agent NEC   T80.818
vitreous body   H43.89
Infirmity   R68.89
Inflammation, inflamed, inflammatory (with exudation)
adrenal (gland)   E27.8
alveoli, teeth    M27.3
anal canal, anus   K62.89
areolar tissue NOS   L08.9
Bartholin''s gland   N75.8
meningococcal   A39.0
chest   J98.8
chorioretinal    H30.9-
disseminated   H30.10-
generalized   H30.13-
peripheral   H30.12-
posterior pole   H30.11-
focal   H30.00-
juxtapapillary   H30.01-
macular   H30.04-
peripheral   H30.03-
posterior pole   H30.02-
specified type NEC   H30.89-
corpora cavernosa   N48.29
Douglas'' cul-de-sac or pouch (chronic)   N73.0
arterial graft   T82.7
breast (implant)   T85.79
catheter   T85.79
dialysis (renal)    T82.7
intraperitoneal   T85.71
infusion    T82.7
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.79
urinary (indwelling)   T83.51
bone   T84.7
cardiac   T82.7
nervous system (brain) (peripheral nerve) (spinal)   T85.79
urinary   T83.59
gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus)   T85.79
genital NEC   T83.6
heart NEC   T82.7
valve (prosthesis)    T82.6
graft   T82.7
ocular (corneal graft) (orbital implant)NEC   T85.79
orthopedic NEC   T84.7
specified NEC   T85.79
urinary NEC   T83.59
vascular NEC   T82.7
ventricular intracranial shunt   T85.79
duodenum    K29.80
with bleeding   K29.81
inner see subcategory   H83.0
esophagus   K20.9
eyelid    H01.9
specified NEC   H01.8
follicular, pharynx   J31.2
male   N49.9
multiple sites   N49.8
specified NEC   N49.8
granular, pharynx   J31.2
gum    K05.10
nonplaque induced   K05.11
plaque induced   K05.10
ileoanal (internal)pouch   K91.850
intestinal pouch   K91.850
jaw (acute) (bone) (chronic) (lower) (suppurative) (upper)   M27.2
sacroiliac   M46.1
knee (joint)    M13.169
tuberculous   A18.02
leg NOS   L08.9
lip   K13.0
chronic   K73.9
suppurative   K75.0
chronic   J98.4
maxilla, maxillary    M27.2
mouth   K12.1
navel   L08.82
orbit (chronic)    H05.10
acute   H05.00
parametrium   N73.0
parotid region   L08.9
penis (corpora cavernosa)   N48.29
perianal   K62.89
perineum (female) (male)   L08.9
perirectal   K62.89
polyp, colon (see also Polyp, colon, inflammatory)   K51.40
specified type NEC   N41.8
rectum (see also Proctitis)   K62.89
respiratory, upper (see also Infection, respiratory, upper)    J06.9
acute, due to radiation   J70.0
chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors (inhalation)   J68.2
radiation   J70.1
scrotum   N49.2
skin   L08.9
spermatic cord   N49.1
spleen (capsule)   D73.89
subcutaneous tissue   L08.9
suprarenal (gland)   E27.8
thymus (gland)   E32.8
tongue   K14.0
tunica vaginalis   N49.1
umbilicus, umbilical   L08.82
vas deferens   N49.1
thrombotic   I80.9
vocal cord   J38.3
Inflation, lung, imperfect (newborn) see Atelectasis
Influenza (bronchial) (epidemic) (respiratory (upper)) (unidentified influenza virus)   J11.1
digestive manifestations   J11.2
encephalopathy   J11.81
enteritis   J11.2
gastroenteritis   J11.2
gastrointestinal manifestations   J11.2
laryngitis   J11.1
myocarditis   J11.82
otitis media   J11.83
pharyngitis   J11.1
pneumonia   J11.00
specified type   J11.08
respiratory manifestations NEC   J11.1
specified manifestation NEC   J11.89
AH5N1 (see also Influenza, due to, identified novel influenza A virus)   J09.X2
avian (see also Influenza, due to, identified novel influenza A virus)   J09.X2
bird (see also Influenza, due to, identified novel influenza A virus)   J09.X2
novel (2009)H1N1 influenza (see also Influenza, due to, identified influenza virus NEC)   J10.1
novel influenza AH1N1 (see also Influenza, due to, identified influenza virus NEC)   J10.1
avian (see also Influenza, due to, identified novel influenza A virus)   J09.X2
identified influenza virus NEC   J10.1
digestive manifestations   J10.2
encephalopathy   J10.81
enteritis   J10.2
gastroenteritis   J10.2
gastrointestinal manifestations   J10.2
laryngitis   J10.1
myocarditis   J10.82
otitis media   J10.83
pharyngitis   J10.1
pneumonia (unspecified type)    J10.00
with same identified influenza virus   J10.01
specified type NEC   J10.08
respiratory manifestations NEC   J10.1
specified manifestation NEC   J10.89
identified novel influenza A virus   J09.X2
digestive manifestations   J09.X3
encephalopathy   J09.X9
enteritis   J09.X3
gastroenteritis   J09.X3
gastrointestinal manifestations   J09.X3
laryngitis   J09.X2
myocarditis   J09.X9
otitis media   J09.X9
pharyngitis   J09.X2
pneumonia   J09.X1
respiratory manifestations NEC   J09.X2
specified manifestation NEC   J09.X9
upper respiratory symptoms   J09.X2
of other animal origin, not bird or swine (see also Influenza, due to, identified novel influenza A virus)   J09.X2
swine (viruses that normally cause infections in pigs) (see also Influenza, due to, identified novel influenza A virus)   J09.X2
Influenza-like disease see Influenza
Influenzal see Influenza
Infraction, Freiberg''s (metatarsal head) see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, metatarsus
Infraeruption of tooth (teeth)   M26.34
Infusion complication, misadventure, or reaction see Complications, infusion
tularemia   A21.3
hair (beard)   L73.1
nail (finger) (toe)   L60.0
Inguinal see also condition
testicle    Q53.9
bilateral   Q53.21
unilateral   Q53.11
anthrax   A22.1
flame   T27.3
gases, fumes, or vapors NEC    T59.9-
meconium (newborn)    P24.00
pneumonia (pneumonitis)   P24.01
with respiratory symptoms   P24.01
smoke    J70.5
due to chemicals, gases, fumes and vapors   J68.9
due to anesthesia (general) (local)or other sedation   T88.59
in labor and delivery   O74.0
in pregnancy   O29.01-
postpartum, puerperal   O89.01
Inhibition, orgasm
female   F52.31
male   F52.32
Inhibitor, systemic lupus erythematosus (presence of)   D68.62
Iniencephalus, iniencephaly   Q00.2
Injection, traumatic jet (air) (industrial) (water) (paint or dye)   T70.4
Injury (see also specified injury type)   T14.90
abdomen, abdominal    S39.91
contusion   S30.1
specified NEC   S39.81
Achilles tendon    S86.00-
laceration   S86.02-
specified type NEC   S86.09-
strain   S86.01-
adrenal (gland)    S37.819
contusion   S37.812
laceration   S37.813
specified type NEC   S37.818
alveolar (process)   S09.93
ankle    S99.91-
specified type NEC   S99.81-
aorta (thoracic)    S25.00
abdominal   S35.00
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S35.01
major   S35.02
specified type NEC   S35.09
laceration (minor) (superficial)   S25.01
major   S25.02
specified type NEC   S25.09
arm (upper)    S49.9-
specified type NEC   S49.8-
auditory canal (external) (meatus)   S09.91
auricle, auris, ear   S09.91
bile duct   S36.13
birth (see also Birth, injury)   P15.9
bladder (sphincter)    S37.20
at delivery   O71.5
contusion   S37.22
laceration   S37.23
obstetrical trauma   O71.5
specified type NEC   S37.29
blast (air) (hydraulic) (immersion) (underwater)NEC    T14.8
ear (primary)   S09.31-
secondary   S09.39-
generalized   T70.8
multiple body organs   T70.8
peritoneum   S36.81
rectum   S36.61
retroperitoneum   S36.898
small intestine   S36.419
duodenum   S36.410
specified site NEC   S36.418
intra-abdominal organ NEC   S36.898
pelvic organ NEC   S37.899
blood vessel NEC    T14.8
abdomen   S35.9-
laceration   S35.91
specified vessel NEC   S35.8X-
arm (upper)NEC   S45.90-
laceration   S45.91-
site NEC    S45.80-
laceration   S45.81-
specified type NEC   S45.89-
type NEC   S45.99-
superficial vein    S45.30-
laceration   S45.31-
specified type NEC   S45.39-
artery    S45.00-
laceration   S45.01-
specified type NEC   S45.09-
vein    S45.20-
laceration   S45.21-
specified type NEC   S45.29-
artery    S45.10-
laceration   S45.11-
specified type NEC   S45.19-
vein    S45.20-
laceration   S45.219
specified type NEC   S45.29-
carotid artery (common) (external) (internal, extracranial)   S15.00-
internal, intracranial   S06.8-
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S15.01-
major   S15.02-
specified type NEC   S15.09-
celiac artery   S35.219
branch    S35.299
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S35.291
major   S35.292
specified NEC   S35.298
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S35.211
major   S35.212
specified type NEC   S35.218
artery (foot)    S95.00-
laceration   S95.01-
specified type NEC   S95.09-
vein (foot)    S95.20-
laceration   S95.21-
specified type NEC   S95.29-
artery (common) (superficial)    S75.00-
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S75.01-
major   S75.02-
specified type NEC   S75.09-
vein (hip level) (thigh level)    S75.10-
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S75.11-
major   S75.12-
specified type NEC   S75.19-
finger   S65.50-
index    S65.50-
laceration   S65.51-
specified type NEC   S65.59-
laceration   S65.51-
little    S65.50-
laceration   S65.51-
specified type NEC   S65.59-
middle    S65.50-
laceration   S65.51-
specified type NEC   S65.59-
specified type NEC   S65.59-
foot   S95.90-
laceration   S95.91-
site NEC    S95.80-
laceration   S95.81-
specified type NEC   S95.89-
specified type NEC   S95.99-
forearm   S55.90-
laceration   S55.91-
site NEC    S55.80-
laceration   S55.81-
specified type NEC   S55.89-
type NEC   S55.99-
vein    S55.20-
laceration   S55.21-
specified type NEC   S55.29-
greater saphenous vein (lower leg level)   S85.30-
hip (and thigh)level    S75.20-
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S75.21-
major   S75.22-
specified type NEC   S75.29-
laceration   S85.31-
specified type NEC   S85.39-
hand (level)   S65.90-
laceration   S65.91-
site NEC    S65.80-
laceration   S65.81-
specified type NEC   S65.89-
type NEC   S65.99-
head   S09.0
multiple   S09.0
hip   S75.90-
laceration   S75.91-
site NEC    S75.80-
laceration   S75.81-
specified type NEC   S75.89-
type NEC   S75.99-
iliac   S35.5-
artery   S35.51-
specified vessel NEC   S35.5-
vein   S35.51-
jugular vein (external)   S15.20-
internal    S15.30-
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S15.31-
major   S15.32-
specified type NEC   S15.39-
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S15.21-
major   S15.22-
specified type NEC   S15.29-
leg (level) (lower)   S85.90-
laceration   S85.91-
site NEC    S85.80-
laceration   S85.81-
specified type NEC   S85.89-
type NEC   S85.99-
lesser saphenous vein (lower leg level)   S85.40-
laceration   S85.41-
specified type NEC   S85.49-
neck   S15.9
specified site NEC   S15.8
ovarian (artery) (vein) see subcategory   S35.8
palmar arch (superficial)   S65.20-
deep    S65.30-
laceration   S65.31-
specified type NEC   S65.39-
laceration   S65.21-
specified type NEC   S65.29-
peroneal artery   S85.20-
laceration   S85.21-
specified type NEC   S85.29-
plantar artery (deep) (foot)   S95.10-
laceration   S95.11-
specified type NEC   S95.19-
artery    S85.00-
laceration   S85.01-
specified type NEC   S85.09-
vein    S85.50-
laceration   S85.51-
specified type NEC   S85.59-
portal vein   S35.319
laceration   S35.311
specified type NEC   S35.318
radial artery (forearm level)   S55.10-
hand and wrist (level)    S65.10-
laceration   S65.11-
specified type NEC   S65.19-
laceration   S55.11-
specified type NEC   S55.19-
artery    S35.40-
laceration   S35.41-
specified NEC   S35.49-
vein    S35.40-
laceration   S35.41-
specified NEC   S35.49-
specified NEC   T14.8
vein    S35.329
laceration   S35.321
specified NEC   S35.328
thoracic   S25.90
aorta    S25.00
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S25.01
major   S25.02
specified type NEC   S25.09
artery    S25.10-
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S25.11-
major    S25.12-
specified type NEC   S25.19-
vein    S25.30-
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S25.31-
major    S25.32-
specified type NEC   S25.39-
intercostal    S25.50-
laceration   S25.51-
specified type NEC   S25.59-
laceration   S25.91
pulmonary    S25.40-
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S25.41-
major   S25.42-
specified type NEC   S25.49-
site NEC    S25.80-
laceration   S25.81-
specified type NEC   S25.89-
type NEC   S25.99
vena cava (superior)    S25.20
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S25.21
major   S25.22
specified type NEC   S25.29
thumb   S65.40-
laceration   S65.41-
specified type NEC   S65.49-
tibial artery   S85.10-
anterior    S85.13-
laceration   S85.14-
specified injury NEC   S85.15-
laceration   S85.11-
posterior    S85.16-
laceration   S85.17-
specified injury NEC   S85.18-
specified injury NEC   S85.12-
ulnar artery (forearm level)   S55.00-
hand and wrist (level)    S65.00-
laceration   S65.01-
specified type NEC   S65.09-
laceration   S55.01-
specified type NEC   S55.09-
uterine   S35.5-
artery   S35.53-
vein   S35.53-
vertebral artery   S15.10-
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S15.11-
major   S15.12-
specified type NEC   S15.19-
brachial plexus    S14.3
newborn   P14.3
brain (traumatic)    S06.9-
diffuse (axonal)   S06.2X-
focal   S06.30-
brainstem   S06.38-
breast NOS   S29.9
brow   S09.90
buttock   S39.92
canthus, eye   S05.90
cauda equina   S34.3
cheek (wall)   S09.93
maternal NEC   O71.9
chin   S09.93
clitoris   S39.94
complicating delivery   O71.6
spermatic (pelvic region)   S37.898
scrotal region   S39.848
costal region NEC   S29.9
costochondral NEC   S29.9
delivery (newborn)    P15.9
maternal NEC   O71.9
ear (auricle) (external) (canal)    S09.91
middle   S09.30-
specified NEC   S09.39-
elbow    S59.90-
specified NEC   S59.80-
epididymis   S39.94
epigastric region   S39.91
epiglottis NEC   S19.89
cervical NEC   S19.85
eustachian tube   S09.30-
eye    S05.9-
avulsion   S05.7-
conjunctiva   S05.0-
abrasion   S05.0-
laceration   S05.3-
with prolapse   S05.2-
lacrimal apparatus   S05.8X-
orbit penetration   S05.4-
specified site NEC   S05.8X-
eyeball    S05.8X-
contusion   S05.1-
penetrating   S05.6-
foreign body   S05.5-
prolapse or loss of intraocular tissue   S05.2-
without prolapse or loss of intraocular tissue   S05.3-
specified type NEC   S05.8-
eyebrow   S09.93
eyelid    S09.93
face   S09.93
fallopian tube    S37.509
bilateral   S37.502
blast injury   S37.512
contusion   S37.522
laceration   S37.532
specified type NEC   S37.592
blast injury (primary)   S37.519
bilateral   S37.512
unilateral   S37.511
contusion   S37.529
bilateral   S37.522
unilateral   S37.521
laceration   S37.539
bilateral   S37.532
unilateral   S37.531
specified type NEC   S37.599
bilateral   S37.592
unilateral   S37.591
unilateral   S37.501
blast injury   S37.511
contusion   S37.521
laceration   S37.531
specified type NEC   S37.591
finger (nail)    S69.9-
specified NEC   S69.8-
foot    S99.92-
specified type NEC   S99.82-
forceps NOS   P15.9
forearm    S59.91-
specified NEC   S59.81-
forehead   S09.90
gallbladder    S36.129
contusion   S36.122
laceration   S36.123
specified NEC   S36.128
with open wound into abdominal cavity   S36.61
external   S39.94
specified NEC   S39.848
internal   S37.90
obstetrical trauma   O71.9
salivary   S09.90
thyroid NEC   S19.84
globe (eye)    S05.90
specified NEC   S05.8X-
gum   S09.90
hand    S69.9-
specified NEC   S69.8-
head    S09.90
with loss of consciousness   S06.9-
specified NEC   S09.8
heart    S26.90
with hemopericardium   S26.00
contusion   S26.01
laceration (mild)    S26.020
moderate   S26.021
major   S26.022
specified type NEC   S26.09
contusion   S26.91
laceration   S26.92
specified type NEC   S26.99
without hemopericardium   S26.10
contusion   S26.11
laceration   S26.12
specified type NEC   S26.19
hip    S79.91-
specified NEC   S79.81-
hymen   S39.94
iliac region   S39.91
obstetrical   O71.9
bladder   O71.5
cervix   O71.3
high vaginal   O71.4
perineal NOS   O70.9
urethra   O71.5
uterus    O71.5
with rupture or perforation   O71.1
internal    T14.8
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
obstetrical trauma   O71.5
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
obstetrical trauma   O71.3
pelvis, pelvic (organ)   S37.90
following ectopic or molar pregnancy (subsequent episode)   O08.6
obstetrical trauma NEC    O71.5
rupture or perforation   O71.1
specified NEC   S39.83
urethra (sphincter)following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
large   S36.509
ascending (right)    S36.500
blast injury (primary)    S36.510
secondary   S36.590
contusion   S36.520
laceration   S36.530
specified type NEC   S36.590
blast injury (primary)    S36.519
ascending (right)   S36.510
descending (left)   S36.512
rectum   S36.61
sigmoid   S36.513
specified site NEC   S36.518
transverse   S36.511
contusion    S36.529
ascending (right)   S36.520
descending (left)   S36.522
rectum   S36.62
sigmoid   S36.523
specified site NEC   S36.528
transverse   S36.521
descending (left)    S36.502
blast injury (primary)    S36.512
secondary   S36.592
contusion   S36.522
laceration   S36.532
specified type NEC   S36.592
laceration    S36.539
ascending (right)   S36.530
descending (left)   S36.532
rectum   S36.63
sigmoid   S36.533
specified site NEC   S36.538
transverse   S36.531
rectum    S36.60
blast injury (primary)    S36.61
secondary   S36.69
contusion   S36.62
laceration   S36.63
specified type NEC   S36.69
sigmoid    S36.503
blast injury (primary)    S36.513
secondary   S36.593
contusion   S36.523
laceration   S36.533
specified type NEC   S36.593
site NEC    S36.508
blast injury (primary)    S36.518
secondary    S36.598
contusion   S36.528
laceration   S36.538
specified type NEC   S36.598
type NEC    S36.599
ascending (right)   S36.590
descending (left)   S36.592
rectum   S36.69
sigmoid   S36.593
specified site NEC   S36.598
transverse   S36.591
transverse    S36.501
blast injury (primary)    S36.511
secondary   S36.591
contusion   S36.521
laceration   S36.531
specified type NEC   S36.591
small   S36.409
blast injury (primary)    S36.419
duodenum   S36.410
secondary    S36.499
duodenum   S36.490
specified site NEC   S36.498
specified site NEC   S36.418
contusion    S36.429
duodenum   S36.420
specified site NEC   S36.428
duodenum    S36.400
blast injury (primary)    S36.410
secondary   S36.490
contusion   S36.420
laceration   S36.430
specified NEC   S36.490
laceration    S36.439
duodenum   S36.430
specified site NEC   S36.438
type NEC    S36.499
duodenum   S36.490
specified site NEC   S36.498
site NEC   S36.408
intra-abdominal    S36.90
contusion   S36.92
laceration   S36.93
pelvic NOS   S37.90
site NEC    S36.899
contusion   S36.892
laceration   S36.893
specified type NEC   S36.898
type NEC   S36.99
pelvic    S37.90
site NEC    S37.899
specified type NEC    S37.898
type NEC   S37.99
intracranial (traumatic)    S06.9-
cerebral edema, traumatic   S06.1X-
diffuse   S06.1X-
focal   S06.1X-
diffuse (axonal)   S06.2X-
epidural hemorrhage (traumatic)   S06.4X-
focal brain injury   S06.30-
intracerebral hemorrhage, traumatic   S06.36-
left side   S06.35-
right side   S06.34-
subarachnoid hemorrhage, traumatic   S06.6X-
subdural hemorrhage, traumatic   S06.5X-
intrathoracic    S27.9
bronchus   S27.409
bilateral   S27.402
blast injury (primary)    S27.419
bilateral   S27.412
unilateral   S27.411
contusion    S27.429
bilateral   S27.422
unilateral   S27.421
laceration    S27.439
bilateral   S27.432
unilateral   S27.431
specified type NEC    S27.499
bilateral   S27.492
unilateral   S27.491
unilateral   S27.401
diaphragm   S27.809
contusion   S27.802
laceration   S27.803
specified type NEC   S27.808
esophagus (thoracic)   S27.819
contusion   S27.812
laceration   S27.813
specified type NEC   S27.818
hemopneumothorax   S27.2
hemothorax   S27.1
lung   S27.309
aspiration   J69.0
bilateral   S27.302
blast injury (primary)    S27.319
bilateral   S27.312
unilateral   S27.311
contusion    S27.329
bilateral   S27.322
unilateral   S27.321
laceration    S27.339
bilateral   S27.332
unilateral   S27.331
specified type NEC    S27.399
bilateral   S27.392
unilateral   S27.391
unilateral   S27.301
pleura   S27.60
laceration   S27.63
specified type NEC   S27.69
pneumothorax   S27.0
specified organ NEC   S27.899
contusion   S27.892
laceration   S27.893
specified type NEC   S27.898
trachea, thoracic   S27.50
blast (primary)   S27.51
contusion   S27.52
laceration   S27.53
specified type NEC   S27.59
jaw   S09.93
joint NOS    T14.8
kidney    S37.00-
acute (nontraumatic)   N17.9
specified NEC   S37.09-
knee    S89.9-
specified NEC   S89.8-
labium (majus) (minus)   S39.94
labyrinth, ear   S09.30-
larynx NEC   S19.81
leg (lower)    S89.9-
specified NEC   S89.8-
limb NEC   T14.8
lip   S09.93
liver    S36.119
contusion   S36.112
laceration   S36.113
major (stellate)   S36.116
minor   S36.114
moderate   S36.115
specified NEC   S36.118
lower back    S39.92
specified NEC   S39.82
lumbar, lumbosacral (region)    S39.92
lumbosacral plexus   S34.4
aspiration   J69.0
transfusion-related (TRALI)   J95.84
malar region   S09.93
mastoid region   S09.90
maxilla   S09.93
branch    S35.299
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S35.291
major   S35.292
specified NEC   S35.298
inferior    S35.239
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S35.231
major   S35.232
specified NEC   S35.238
superior    S35.229
laceration (minor) (superficial)    S35.221
major   S35.222
specified NEC   S35.228
inferior    S35.349
laceration   S35.341
specified NEC   S35.348
superior    S35.339
laceration   S35.331
specified NEC   S35.338
middle ear   S09.30-
midthoracic region NOS   S29.9
mouth   S09.93
abdomen   S39.001
laceration   S39.021
specified type NEC   S39.091
strain   S39.011
thigh    S76.20-
laceration   S76.22-
specified type NEC   S76.29-
strain   S76.21-
anterior muscle group, at leg level (lower)   S86.20-
laceration   S86.22-
specified type NEC   S86.29-
strain   S86.21-
biceps (parts NEC)   S46.20-
laceration   S46.22-
long head    S46.10-
laceration   S46.12-
strain   S46.11-
specified type NEC   S46.19-
specified type NEC   S46.29-
strain   S46.21-
extensor (forearm level)    S56.40-
hand level    S66.309
laceration   S66.329
specified type NEC   S66.399
strain   S66.319
laceration   S56.429
specified type NEC   S56.499
strain   S56.419
flexor (forearm level)    S56.10-
hand level    S66.109
laceration   S66.129
specified type NEC   S66.199
strain   S66.119
laceration   S56.129
specified type NEC   S56.199
strain   S56.119
intrinsic    S66.509
laceration   S66.529
specified type NEC   S66.599
strain   S66.519
hand level    S66.308
laceration    S66.32-
specified type NEC    S66.39-
strain    S66.31-
specified type NEC   S56.492-
hand level    S66.108
laceration    S66.12-
specified type NEC    S66.19-
strain    S66.11-
specified type NEC   S56.19-
strain   S56.11-
intrinsic    S66.50-
laceration   S66.52-
specified type NEC   S66.59-
strain   S66.51-
hand level    S66.30-
laceration    S66.32-
specified type NEC    S66.39-
strain    S66.31-
laceration   S56.42-
specified type NEC   S56.49-
strain   S56.41-
hand level    S66.10-
laceration    S66.12-
specified type NEC    S66.19-
strain    S66.11-
laceration   S56.12-
specified type NEC   S56.19-
strain   S56.11-
intrinsic    S66.50-
laceration   S66.52-
specified type NEC   S66.59-
strain   S66.51-
hand level    S66.30-
laceration    S66.32-
specified type NEC    S66.39-
strain    S66.31-
laceration   S56.42-
specified type NEC   S56.49-
strain   S56.41-
hand level    S66.10-
laceration    S66.12-
specified type NEC    S66.19-
strain    S66.11-
laceration   S56.12-
specified type NEC   S56.19-
strain   S56.11-
intrinsic    S66.50-
laceration   S66.52-
specified type NEC   S66.59-
strain   S66.51-
hand level    S66.30-
laceration    S66.32-
specified type NEC    S66.39-
strain    S66.31-
laceration   S56.42-
specified type NEC   S56.49-
strain   S56.41-
hand level    S66.10-
laceration    S66.12-
specified type NEC    S66.19-
strain    S66.11-
laceration   S56.12-
specified type NEC   S56.19-
strain   S56.11-
intrinsic    S66.50-
laceration   S66.52-
specified type NEC   S66.59-
strain   S66.51-
foot   S96.90-
intrinsic    S96.20-
laceration   S96.22-
specified type NEC   S96.29-
strain   S96.21-
laceration   S96.92-
site NEC    S96.80-
laceration   S96.82-
specified type NEC   S96.89-
strain   S96.81-
type NEC   S96.99-
strain   S96.91-
forearm (level)   S56.90-
extensor    S56.50-
laceration   S56.52-
specified type NEC   S56.59-
strain   S56.51-
flexor    S56.20-
laceration   S56.22-
specified type NEC   S56.29-
strain   S56.21-
laceration   S56.92-
specified    S56.99-
site NEC    S56.80-
laceration   S56.82-
strain   S56.81-
type NEC   S56.89-
strain   S56.91-
hand (level)   S66.90-
laceration   S66.92-
site NEC    S66.80-
laceration   S66.82-
specified type NEC   S66.89-
strain   S66.81-
type NEC   S66.99-
strain   S66.91-
head   S09.10
laceration   S09.12
specified type NEC   S09.19
strain   S09.11
hip NEC   S76.00-
laceration   S76.02-
specified type NEC   S76.09-
strain   S76.01-
leg (level) (lower)   S86.90-
laceration   S86.92-
site NEC    S86.80-
laceration   S86.82-
specified type NEC   S86.89-
strain   S86.81-
type NEC   S86.99-
strain   S86.91-
lower back   S39.002
laceration   S39.022
specified type NEC   S39.092
strain   S39.012
neck (level)   S16.9
laceration   S16.2
specified type NEC   S16.8
strain   S16.1
pelvis   S39.003
laceration   S39.023
specified type NEC   S39.093
strain   S39.013
peroneal muscle group, at leg level (lower)   S86.30-
laceration   S86.32-
specified type NEC   S86.39-
strain   S86.31-
leg level (lower)    S86.10-
laceration   S86.12-
specified type NEC   S86.19-
strain   S86.11-
thigh level    S76.30-
laceration   S76.32-
specified type NEC   S76.39-
strain   S76.31-
quadriceps (thigh)   S76.10-
laceration   S76.12-
specified type NEC   S76.19-
strain   S76.11-
shoulder   S46.90-
laceration   S46.92-
specified site NEC    S46.80-
laceration   S46.82-
strain   S46.81-
specified type NEC   S46.89-
strain   S46.91-
specified type NEC   S46.99-
thigh NEC (level)   S76.90-
laceration   S76.92-
site NEC    S76.80-
laceration   S76.82-
specified type NEC   S76.89-
strain   S76.81-
type NEC   S76.99-
strain   S76.91-
thorax (level)   S29.009
back wall   S29.002
front wall   S29.001
laceration    S29.029
back wall   S29.022
front wall   S29.021
specified type NEC    S29.099
back wall   S29.092
front wall   S29.091
strain    S29.019
back wall   S29.012
front wall   S29.011
abductor (forearm level)    S56.30-
laceration   S56.32-
specified type NEC   S56.39-
strain   S56.31-
extensor (forearm level)    S56.30-
hand level    S66.20-
laceration   S66.22-
specified type NEC   S66.29-
strain   S66.21-
laceration   S56.32-
specified type NEC   S56.39-
strain   S56.31-
flexor (forearm level)    S56.00-
hand level    S66.00-
laceration   S66.02-
specified type NEC   S66.09-
strain   S66.01-
laceration   S56.02-
specified type NEC   S56.09-
strain   S56.01-
intrinsic    S66.40-
laceration   S66.42-
specified type NEC   S66.49-
strain   S66.41-
extensor, long    S96.10-
laceration   S96.12-
specified type NEC   S96.19-
strain   S96.11-
flexor, long    S96.00-
laceration   S96.02-
specified type NEC   S96.09-
strain   S96.01-
triceps   S46.30-
laceration   S46.32-
specified type NEC   S46.39-
strain   S46.31-
nasal (septum) (sinus)   S09.92
nasopharynx   S09.92
neck    S19.9
specified NEC   S19.80
specified site NEC   S19.89
nerve NEC    T14.8
abdomen   S34.9
peripheral   S34.6
specified site NEC   S34.8
abducens   S04.4-
contusion   S04.4-
laceration   S04.4-
specified type NEC   S04.4-
accessory   S04.7-
contusion   S04.7-
laceration   S04.7-
specified type NEC   S04.7-
acoustic   S04.6-
contusion   S04.6-
laceration   S04.6-
specified type NEC   S04.6-
ankle   S94.9-
cutaneous sensory   S94.3-
specified site NEC see subcategory   S94.8
arm (upper)   S44.9-
specified site NEC see subcategory   S44.8
axillary   S44.3-
cervical sympathetic   S14.5
cranial   S04.9
contusion   S04.9
laceration   S04.9
nerve NEC    S04.89-
contusion   S04.89-
laceration   S04.89-
specified type NEC   S04.89-
type NEC   S04.9
ankle (level)   S94.3-
arm (upper) (level)   S44.5-
forearm (level)   S54.3-
hip (level)   S74.2-
leg (lower level)   S84.2-
finger    S64.4-
index   S64.49-
little   S64.49-
middle   S64.49-
ring   S64.49-
thumb   S64.3-
facial   S04.5-
contusion   S04.5-
laceration   S04.5-
newborn   P11.3
specified type NEC   S04.5-
femoral (hip level) (thigh level)   S74.1-
foot   S94.9-
cutaneous sensory   S94.3-
deep peroneal   S94.2-
lateral plantar   S94.0-
medial plantar   S94.1-
specified site NEC see subcategory   S94.8
forearm (level)   S54.9-
specified site NEC see subcategory   S54.8
glossopharyngeal   S04.89-
specified type NEC   S04.89-
hand   S64.9-
specified NEC see subcategory   S64.8
hip (level)   S74.9-
specified site NEC see subcategory   S74.8
hypoglossal   S04.89-
specified type NEC   S04.89-
lateral plantar   S94.0-
leg (lower)   S84.9-
specified site NEC see subcategory   S84.8
sympathetic   S34.5
medial plantar   S94.1-
median (forearm level)   S54.1-
hand (level)   S64.1-
upper arm (level)   S44.1-
musculocutaneous   S44.4-
neck   S14.9
peripheral   S14.4
specified site NEC   S14.8
sympathetic   S14.5
oculomotor   S04.1-
contusion   S04.1-
laceration   S04.1-
specified type NEC   S04.1-
olfactory   S04.81-
specified type NEC   S04.81-
optic   S04.01-
contusion   S04.01-
laceration   S04.01-
specified type NEC   S04.01-
peripheral NEC   T14.8
specified NEC   T14.8
peroneal (lower leg level)   S84.1-
foot   S94.2-
radial (forearm level)   S54.2-
hand (level)   S64.2-
upper arm (level)   S44.2-
sciatic (hip level) (thigh level)   S74.0-
cervical   S14.2
dorsal   S24.2
lumbar   S34.21
sacral   S34.22
thorax   S24.9
peripheral   S24.3
specified site NEC   S24.8
sympathetic   S24.4
tibial (lower leg level) (posterior)   S84.0-
trigeminal   S04.3-
contusion   S04.3-
laceration   S04.3-
specified type NEC   S04.3-
trochlear   S04.2-
contusion   S04.2-
laceration   S04.2-
specified type NEC   S04.2-
ulnar (forearm level)   S54.0-
arm (upper) (level)   S44.0-
hand (level)   S64.0-
vagus   S04.89-
specified type NEC   S04.89-
nose (septum)   S09.92
obstetrical    O71.9
specified NEC   O71.89
occipital (region) (scalp)    S09.90
optic chiasm   S04.02
optic radiation   S04.03-
optic tract and pathways   S04.03-
ovary, ovarian    S37.409
bilateral   S37.402
contusion   S37.422
laceration   S37.432
specified type NEC   S37.492
contusion   S37.429
bilateral   S37.422
unilateral   S37.421
laceration   S37.439
bilateral   S37.432
unilateral   S37.431
specified type NEC   S37.499
bilateral   S37.492
unilateral   S37.491
unilateral   S37.401
contusion   S37.421
laceration   S37.431
specified type NEC   S37.491
palate (hard) (soft)   S09.93
pancreas    S36.209
body   S36.201
contusion   S36.221
laceration    S36.231
major   S36.261
minor   S36.241
moderate   S36.251
specified type NEC   S36.291
contusion   S36.229
head   S36.200
contusion   S36.220
laceration    S36.230
major   S36.260
minor   S36.240
moderate   S36.250
specified type NEC   S36.290
laceration   S36.239
major   S36.269
minor   S36.249
moderate   S36.259
specified type NEC   S36.299
tail   S36.202
contusion   S36.222
laceration    S36.232
major   S36.262
minor   S36.242
moderate   S36.252
specified type NEC   S36.292
parietal (region) (scalp)    S09.90
patellar ligament (tendon)    S76.10-
laceration   S76.12-
specified NEC   S76.19-
strain   S76.11-
pelvis, pelvic (floor)    S39.93
complicating delivery   O70.1
joint or ligament, complicating delivery   O71.6
organ   S37.90
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
contusion   S37.92
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
laceration   S37.93
obstetrical trauma NEC   O71.5
site NEC    S37.899
contusion   S37.892
laceration   S37.893
specified type NEC   S37.898
type NEC   S37.99
specified NEC   S39.83
penis   S39.94
perineum   S39.94
peritoneum    S36.81
laceration   S36.893
complicating delivery   O71.82
pharynx NEC   S19.85
postcardiac surgery (syndrome)   I97.0
prepuce   S39.94
prostate    S37.829
contusion   S37.822
laceration   S37.823
specified type NEC   S37.828
pubic region   S39.94
pudendum   S39.94
rectovaginal septum NEC   S39.83
rotator cuff (muscle(s)) (tendon(s))    S46.00-
laceration   S46.02-
specified type NEC   S46.09-
strain   S46.01-
salivary duct or gland   S09.93
scalp    S09.90
newborn (birth injury)   P12.9
due to monitoring (electrode) (sampling incision)   P12.4
specified NEC    P12.89
caput succedaneum   P12.81
scrotum   S39.94
shoulder    S49.9-
specified type NEC   S49.8-
nasal   S09.92
skeleton, birth injury    P13.9
specified part NEC   P13.8
skin NEC    T14.8
skull NEC   S09.90
specified NEC   T14.8
spermatic cord (pelvic region)    S37.898
scrotal region   S39.848
cervical (neck)   S14.109
anterior cord syndrome    S14.139
C1 level   S14.131
C2 level   S14.132
C3 level   S14.133
C4 level   S14.134
C5 level   S14.135
C6 level   S14.136
C7 level   S14.137
C8 level   S14.138
Brown-Squard syndrome    S14.149
C1 level   S14.141
C2 level   S14.142
C3 level   S14.143
C4 level   S14.144
C5 level   S14.145
C6 level   S14.146
C7 level   S14.147
C8 level   S14.148
C1 level   S14.101
C2 level   S14.102
C3 level   S14.103
C4 level   S14.104
C5 level   S14.105
C6 level   S14.106
C7 level   S14.107
C8 level   S14.108
central cord syndrome    S14.129
C1 level   S14.121
C2 level   S14.122
C3 level   S14.123
C4 level   S14.124
C5 level   S14.125
C6 level   S14.126
C7 level   S14.127
C8 level   S14.128
complete lesion    S14.119
C1 level   S14.111
C2 level   S14.112
C3 level   S14.113
C4 level   S14.114
C5 level   S14.115
C6 level   S14.116
C7 level   S14.117
C8 level   S14.118
concussion   S14.0
edema   S14.0
incomplete lesion specified NEC    S14.159
C1 level   S14.151
C2 level   S14.152
C3 level   S14.153
C4 level   S14.154
C5 level   S14.155
C6 level   S14.156
C7 level   S14.157
C8 level   S14.158
posterior cord syndrome    S14.159
C1 level   S14.151
C2 level   S14.152
C3 level   S14.153
C4 level   S14.154
C5 level   S14.155
C6 level   S14.156
C7 level   S14.157
C8 level   S14.158
lumbar   S34.109
complete lesion    S34.119
L1 level   S34.111
L2 level   S34.112
L3 level   S34.113
L4 level   S34.114
L5 level   S34.115
concussion   S34.01
edema   S34.01
incomplete lesion    S34.129
L1 level   S34.121
L2 level   S34.122
L3 level   S34.123
L4 level   S34.124
L5 level   S34.125
L1 level   S34.101
L2 level   S34.102
L3 level   S34.103
L4 level   S34.104
L5 level   S34.105
lumbar   S34.21
sacral   S34.22
sacral   S34.139
complete lesion   S34.131
incomplete lesion   S34.132
thoracic   S24.109
anterior cord syndrome    S24.139
T1 level   S24.131
T2-T6 level   S24.132
T7-T10 level   S24.133
T11-T12 level   S24.134
Brown-Squard syndrome    S24.149
T1 level   S24.141
T2-T6 level   S24.142
T7-T10 level   S24.143
T11-T12 level   S24.144
complete lesion    S24.119
T1 level   S24.111
T2-T6 level   S24.112
T7-T10 level   S24.113
T11-T12 level   S24.114
concussion   S24.0
edema   S24.0
incomplete lesion specified NEC    S24.159
T1 level   S24.151
T2-T6 level   S24.152
T7-T10 level   S24.153
T11-T12 level   S24.154
posterior cord syndrome    S24.159
T1 level   S24.151
T2-T6 level   S24.152
T7-T10 level   S24.153
T11-T12 level   S24.154
T1 level   S24.101
T2-T6 level   S24.102
T7-T10 level   S24.103
T11-T12 level   S24.104
spleen    S36.00
contusion   S36.029
major   S36.021
minor   S36.020
laceration   S36.039
major (massive) (stellate)   S36.032
moderate   S36.031
superficial (capsular) (minor)   S36.030
specified type NEC   S36.09
sternal region   S29.9
stomach    S36.30
contusion   S36.32
laceration   S36.33
specified type NEC   S36.39
subcutaneous NEC   T14.8
submaxillary region   S09.93
submental region   S09.93
superficial NEC    T14.8
abdomen, abdominal (wall)   S30.92
abrasion   S30.811
bite    S30.871
insect   S30.861
contusion   S30.1
external constriction   S30.841
foreign body   S30.851
ankle   S90.91-
anus   S30.98
arm (upper)   S40.92-
lower    S30.91
abrasion   S30.810
contusion   S30.0
external constriction   S30.840
bite NEC    S30.870
insect    S30.860
foreign body   S30.850
breast   S20.10-
buttock   S30.91
clitoris   S30.95
ear (auricle) (canal) (external)   S00.40-
elbow   S50.90-
epididymis   S30.94
epigastric region   S30.92
extremity NEC   T14.8
eyelid   S00.20-
finger (s)   S60.949
index   S60.94-
little   S60.94-
middle   S60.94-
ring   S60.94-
flank   S30.92
foot   S90.92-
forearm   S50.91-
female   S30.97
male   S30.96
groin   S30.92
hand   S60.92-
head   S00.90
nose   S00.30
oral cavity   S00.502
scalp   S00.00
specified site NEC   S00.80
hip   S70.91-
knee   S80.91-
labium (majus) (minus)   S30.95
leg (lower)   S80.92-
limb NEC   T14.8
lip   S00.501
lower back   S30.91
lumbar region   S30.91
muscle NEC   T14.8
nail NEC   T14.8
neck   S10.90
specified site NEC   S10.80
nose (septum)   S00.30
oral cavity   S00.502
pelvis   S30.91
penis   S30.93
female   S30.95
male   S30.91
periocular area   S00.20-
prepuce   S30.93
pubic region   S30.91
female   S30.97
male   S30.96
sacral region   S30.91
scalp   S00.00
scrotum   S30.94
shoulder   S40.91-
skin NEC   T14.8
subcutaneous NEC   T14.8
testis   S30.94
thigh   S70.92-
thorax, thoracic (wall)   S20.90
back   S20.40-
front   S20.30-
throat   S10.10
abrasion   S10.11
bite    S10.17
insect   S10.16
blister   S10.12
contusion   S10.0
external constriction   S10.14
foreign body   S10.15
thumb   S60.93-
specified type NEC   S60.39-
toe (s)   S90.93-
great   S90.93-
trachea   S10.10
tunica vaginalis   S30.94
vagina   S30.95
vulva   S30.95
wrist   S60.91-
supraorbital   S09.93
temple   S09.90
temporal region   S09.90
testis   S39.94
thigh    S79.92-
specified NEC   S79.82-
thorax, thoracic    S29.9
external (wall)   S29.9
specified NEC   S29.8
throat (see also Injury, neck)   S19.9
thumb    S69.9-
specified NEC   S69.8-
thyroid (gland)NEC   S19.84
toe    S99.92-
specified type NEC   S99.82-
tongue   S09.93
tonsil   S09.93
tooth   S09.93
trachea (cervical)NEC    S19.82
transfusion-related acute lung (TRALI)   J95.84
tunica vaginalis   S39.94
ureter    S37.10
contusion   S37.12
laceration   S37.13
specified type NEC   S37.19
urethra (sphincter)    S37.30
at delivery   O71.5
contusion   S37.32
laceration   S37.33
specified type NEC   S37.39
urinary organ    S37.90
contusion   S37.92
laceration   S37.93
site NEC    S37.899
contusion   S37.892
laceration   S37.893
specified type NEC   S37.898
type NEC   S37.99
uterus, uterine    S37.60
with ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.6
contusion   S37.62
laceration   S37.63
cervix at delivery   O71.3
specified type NEC   S37.69
uvula   S09.93
vagina    S39.93
abrasion   S30.814
bite   S31.45
insect   S30.864
superficial NEC   S30.874
contusion   S30.23
crush   S38.03
external constriction  &n