ICD 10 CM Index

Gain in weight (abnormal) (excessive) see also Weight, gain
Gaisbck''s disease (polycythemia hypertonica)   D75.1
Gait abnormality   R26.9
ataxic   R26.0
falling   R29.6
hysterical (ataxic) (staggering)   F44.4
paralytic   R26.1
spastic   R26.1
specified type NEC   R26.89
staggering   R26.0
unsteadiness   R26.81
walking difficulty NEC   R26.2
Galactocele (breast)   N64.89
puerperal, postpartum   O92.79
Galactokinase deficiency   E74.29
Galactophoritis N61
gestational, puerperal, postpartum   O91.2-
Galactorrhea   O92.6
not associated with childbirth   N64.3
Galactosemia (classic) (congenital)   E74.21
Galactosuria   E74.29
Galacturia   R82.0
schistosomiasis (bilharziasis)   B65.0
Galeazzi''s fracture   S52.37-
Galen''s vein see condition
Galeophobia   F40.218
Gall duct see condition
Gallbladder see also condition
acute   K81.0
Gallop rhythm   R00.8
Gallstone (colic) (cystic duct) (gallbladder) (impacted) (multiple) see also Calculus, gallbladder
causing intestinal obstruction   K56.3
specified NEC    K80.80
with obstruction   K80.81
Gambling   Z72.6
pathological (compulsive)   F63.0
Gammopathy (of undetermined significance MGUS)   D47.2
associated with lymphoplasmacytic dyscrasia   D47.2
monoclonal   D47.2
polyclonal   D89.0
Gamna''s disease (siderotic splenomegaly)   D73.1
Gamophobia   F40.298
Gampsodactylia (congenital)   Q66.7
Gamstorp''s disease (adynamia episodica hereditaria)   G72.3
Gandy-Nanta disease (siderotic splenomegaly)   D73.1
membership offenses   Z72.810
Gangliocytoma   D36.10
Ganglioglioma see Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Ganglion (compound) (diffuse) (joint) (tendon (sheath))   M67.40
ankle   M67.47-
foot   M67.47-
forearm   M67.43-
hand   M67.44-
lower leg   M67.46-
multiple sites   M67.49
of yaws (early) (late)   A66.6
pelvic region   M67.45-
shoulder region   M67.41-
specified site NEC   M67.48
thigh region   M67.45-
tuberculous   A18.09
upper arm   M67.42-
wrist   M67.43-
Ganglioneuroblastoma see Neoplasm, nerve, malignant
Ganglioneuroma   D36.10
Ganglioneuromatosis   D36.10
gasserian (postherpetic) (postzoster)   B02.21
geniculate    G51.1
newborn (birth injury)   P11.3
postherpetic, postzoster   B02.21
herpes zoster   B02.21
postherpetic geniculate   B02.21
Gangliosidosis   E75.10
GM1   E75.19
GM2    E75.00
other specified   E75.09
Sandhoff disease   E75.01
Tay-Sachs disease   E75.02
GM3   E75.19
mucolipidosis IV   E75.11
Gangosa   A66.5
Gangrene, gangrenous (connective tissue) (dropsical) (dry) (moist) (skin) (ulcer) (see also Necrosis) I96
alveolar   M27.3
appendix    K35.80
perforation or rupture   K35.2
peritoneal abscess   K35.3
peritonitis NEC    K35.3
generalized (with perforation or rupture)   K35.2
localized (with perforation or rupture)   K35.3
Bacillus welchii   A48.0
Clostridium perfringens or welchii   A48.0
cornea   H18.89-
corpora cavernosa    N48.29
noninfective   N48.89
epididymis (infectional)   N45.1
Fournier    N49.3
female   N76.89
fusospirochetal   A69.0
gas (bacillus)    A48.0
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
glossitis   K14.0
intestine, intestinal (hemorrhagic) (massive)    K55.0
mesenteric embolism   K55.0
laryngitis   J04.0
lung    J85.0
spirochetal   A69.8
lymphangitis   I89.1
mesentery    K55.0
embolism   K55.0
mouth   A69.0
pancreas   K85.9
penis    N48.29
noninfective   N48.89
Vincent''s   A69.1
presenile   I73.1
pulmonary   J85.0
pulpal (dental)   K04.1
Raynaud''s (symmetric gangrene)   I73.01
retropharyngeal   J39.2
scrotum    N49.3
noninfective   N50.8
spermatic cord    N49.1
noninfective   N50.8
spirochetal NEC   A69.8
stomatitis   A69.0
symmetrical   I73.01
testis (infectional)    N45.2
noninfective   N44.8
diphtheritic   A36.0
Vincent''s   A69.1
thyroid (gland)   E07.89
tooth (pulp)   K04.1
tunica vaginalis    N49.1
noninfective   N50.8
uvulitis   K12.2
vas deferens    N49.1
noninfective   N50.8
vulva   N76.89
Ganister disease   J62.8
Ganser''s syndrome (hysterical)   F44.89
Gardner-Diamond syndrome (autoerythrocyte sensitization)   D69.2
Gargoylism   E76.01
Garr''s disease, osteitis (sclerosing), osteomyelitis see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
Garrod''s pad, knuckle   M72.1
Gartner''s duct
cyst   Q52.4
persistent   Q50.6
Gas   R14.3
excessive   R14.0
gangrene    A48.0
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
on stomach   R14.0
pains   R14.1
Gastralgia see also Pain, abdominal
Gastrectasis   K31.0
psychogenic   F45.8
Gastric see condition
pancreas   C25.4
unspecified site   C25.4
unspecified site   D37.9
Gastritis (simple)   K29.70
with bleeding   K29.71
acute (erosive)    K29.00
with bleeding   K29.01
alcoholic    K29.20
with bleeding   K29.21
allergic    K29.60
with bleeding   K29.61
atrophic (chronic)    K29.40
with bleeding   K29.41
chronic (antral) (fundal)    K29.50
with bleeding   K29.51
atrophic   K29.40
with bleeding   K29.41
superficial   K29.30
with bleeding   K29.31
dietary counseling and surveillance   Z71.3
due to diet deficiency   E63.9
eosinophilic   K52.81
giant hypertrophic    K29.60
with bleeding   K29.61
granulomatous    K29.60
with bleeding   K29.61
hypertrophic (mucosa)    K29.60
with bleeding   K29.61
spastic    K29.60
with bleeding   K29.61
specified NEC    K29.60
with bleeding   K29.61
superficial chronic    K29.30
with bleeding   K29.31
tuberculous   A18.83
viral NEC   A08.4
Gastrocarcinoma see Neoplasm, malignant, stomach
Gastrocolic see condition
Gastrodisciasis, gastrodiscoidiasis   B66.8
Gastroduodenitis   K29.90
with bleeding   K29.91
virus, viral    A08.4
specified type NEC   A08.39
Gastrodynia see Pain, abdominal
Gastroenteritis (acute) (chronic) (noninfectious) (see also Enteritis)   K52.9
noninfectious    K52.9
specified NEC   K52.89
allergic   K52.2
dietetic   K52.2
drug-induced   K52.1
Cryptosporidium   A07.2
drugs   K52.1
radiation   K52.0
eosinophilic   K52.81
food hypersensitivity   K52.2
rotaviral   A08.0
Salmonella   A02.0
toxic   K52.1
viral NEC    A08.4
acute infectious   A08.39
type Norwalk   A08.11
infantile (acute)   A08.39
Norwalk agent   A08.11
rotaviral   A08.0
severe of infants   A08.39
specified type NEC   A08.39
Gastroenteropathy (see also Gastroenteritis)   K52.9
acute, due to Norwalk agent   A08.11
acute, due to Norovirus   A08.11
Gastroenteroptosis   K63.4
Gastrointestinal see condition
Gastrojejunal see condition
Gastrojejunitis (see also Enteritis)   K52.9
Gastrojejunocolic see condition
Gastroliths   K31.89
Gastromalacia   K31.89
Gastroparalysis   K31.84
Gastroparesis   K31.84
Gastropathy   K31.9
congestive portal   K31.89
erythematous   K29.70
exudative   K90.89
portal hypertensive   K31.89
Gastroptosis   K31.89
Gastrorrhagia   K92.2
psychogenic   F45.8
Gastroschisis (congenital)   Q79.3
Gastrospasm (neurogenic) (reflex)   K31.89
neurotic   F45.8
psychogenic   F45.8
Gastrostaxis see Gastritis, with bleeding
Gastrostenosis   K31.89
attention to   Z43.1
status   Z93.1
Gastrosuccorrhea (continuous) (intermittent)   K31.89
neurotic   F45.8
psychogenic   F45.8
Gatophobia   F40.218
Gaucher''s disease or splenomegaly (adult) (infantile)   E75.22
Gee (-Herter)(-Thaysen) disease (nontropical sprue)   K90.0
Glineau''s syndrome   G47.419
with cataplexy   G47.411
Gemination, tooth, teeth   K00.2
unspecified site   C71.9
General, generalized see condition
cystic fibrosis   Z14.1
hemophilia A (asymptomatic)   Z14.01
symptomatic   Z14.02
specified NEC   Z14.8
susceptibility to disease NEC    Z15.89
malignant neoplasm   Z15.09
breast   Z15.01
endometrium   Z15.04
ovary   Z15.02
prostate   Z15.03
specified NEC   Z15.09
multiple endocrine neoplasia   Z15.81
Genital see condition
Genito-anorectal syndrome A55
Genitourinary system see condition
congenital   Q74.1
congenital   Q74.1
sequelae (late effect)of rickets   E64.3
congenital   Q74.1
sequelae (late effect)of rickets   E64.3
rachitic (old)   E64.3
congenital   Q68.2
sequelae (late effect)of rickets   E64.3
valgum (acquired) (knock-knee)    M21.06-
congenital   Q74.1
sequelae (late effect)of rickets   E64.3
varum (acquired) (bowleg)    M21.16-
congenital   Q74.1
sequelae (late effect)of rickets   E64.3
Geographic tongue   K14.1
Geophagia see Pica
Geotrichosis   B48.3
stomatitis   B48.3
Gephyrophobia   F40.242
Gerbode defect   Q21.0
GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)   K21.9
disease (erythromelalgia)   I73.81
syndrome (vocal cord paralysis)    J38.00
bilateral   J38.02
unilateral   J38.01
German measles see also Rubella
exposure to   Z20.4
Germinoblastoma (diffuse)   C85.9-
follicular   C82.9-
Germinoma see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Gerontoxon see Degeneration, cornea, senile
Gerstmann-Strussler-Scheinker syndrome (GSS)   A81.82
Gerstmann''s syndrome   R48.8
developmental   F81.2
Gestation (period) see also Pregnancy
multiple    O30.9-
mammary abscess   O91.11-
purulent mastitis   O91.11-
subareolar abscess   O91.11-
Ghon tubercle, primary infection   A15.7
teeth   K00.4
vessels (cornea)   H16.41-
Ghoul hand   A66.3
Gianotti-Crosti disease   L44.4
epulis   K06.8
peripheral granuloma   K06.8
esophagus, congenital   Q39.5
kidney, congenital   Q63.3
urticaria    T78.3
hereditary   D84.1
Giardiasis   A07.1
Gibert''s disease or pityriasis L42
Giddiness R42
hysterical   F44.89
psychogenic   F45.8
Gierke''s disease (glycogenosis I)   E74.01
Gigantism (cerebral) (hypophyseal) (pituitary)   E22.0
constitutional   E34.4
Gilbert''s disease or syndrome   E80.4
Gilchrist''s disease   B40.9
Gilford-Hutchinson disease   E34.8
Gilles de la Tourette''s disease or syndrome (motor-verbal tic)   F95.2
Gingivitis   K05.10
acute (catarrhal)    K05.00
necrotizing   A69.1
nonplaque induced   K05.01
plaque induced   K05.00
chronic (desquamative) (hyperplastic) (simple marginal) (ulcerative)    K05.10
nonplaque induced   K05.11
plaque induced   K05.10
necrotizing ulcerative (acute)   A69.1
acute necrotizing   A69.1
Vincent''s   A69.1
Gingivoglossitis   K14.0
Gingivopericementitis see Periodontitis
Gingivosis see Gingivitis, chronic
Gingivostomatitis   K05.10
herpesviral   B00.2
necrotizing ulcerative (acute)   A69.1
Gland, glandular see condition
Glanders   A24.0
Glanzmann (-Naegeli)disease or thrombasthenia   D69.1
Glasgow coma scale
3-8   R40.243
9-12   R40.242
13-15   R40.241
Glass-blower''s disease (cataract) see Cataract, specified NEC
Glaucoma   H40.9
increased episcleral venous pressure   H40.81-
absolute   H44.51-
angle-closure (primary)    H40.20-
acute (attack) (crisis)   H40.21-
chronic   H40.22-
intermittent   H40.23-
residual stage   H40.24-
borderline   H40.00-
childhood   Q15.0
congenital   Q15.0
hypersecretion   H40.82-
onchocerciasis   B73.02
infantile   Q15.0
malignant   H40.83-
newborn   Q15.0
open angle    H40.10-
primary   H40.11-
capsular (with pseudoexfoliation of lens)   H40.14-
low-tension   H40.12-
pigmentary   H40.13-
residual stage   H40.15-
secondary (to)    H40.5-
drugs   H40.6-
inflammation   H40.4-
trauma   H40.3-
simple (chronic)   H40.11
simplex   H40.11
specified type NEC   H40.89
suspect   H40.00-
syphilitic   A52.71
newborn (birth injury)   P15.3
tuberculous   A18.59
Glaucomatous flecks (subcapsular) see Cataract, complicated
Glazed tongue   K14.4
Gleet (gonococcal)   A54.01
Glnard''s disease   K63.4
Glioblastoma (multiforme)
unspecified site   C71.9
unspecified site   C71.9
unspecified site   C71.9
Glioma (malignant)
unspecified site   C71.9
unspecified site   C71.9
nose   Q30.8
subependymal    D43.2
unspecified site   D43.2
unspecified site   C71.9
Gliomatosis cerebri   C71.0
Glioneuroma see Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
unspecified site   C71.9
Gliosis (cerebral)   G93.89
spinal   G95.89
Glisson''s disease see Rickets
Globinuria   R82.3
Globus (hystericus)   F45.8
Glomangioma   D18.00
intra-abdominal   D18.03
intracranial   D18.02
skin   D18.01
specified site NEC   D18.09
Glomangiomyoma   D18.00
intra-abdominal   D18.03
intracranial   D18.02
skin   D18.01
specified site NEC   D18.09
Glomangiosarcoma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
disease in syphilis   A52.75
Glomerulitis see Glomerulonephritis
Glomerulonephritis (see also Nephritis)   N05.9
minimal change   N05.0
minor glomerular abnormality   N05.0
acute   N00.9
chronic   N03.9
crescentic (diffuse)NEC (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 7)   N05.7
dense deposit (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 6)   N05.6
crescentic (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 7)   N05.7
endocapillary proliferative (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 4)   N05.4
membranous (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 2)   N05.2
mesangial proliferative (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 3)   N05.3
mesangiocapillary (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 5)   N05.5
sclerosing   N05.8
endocapillary proliferative (diffuse)NEC (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 4)   N05.4
extracapillary NEC (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 7)   N05.7
focal (and segmental) (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 1)   N05.1
immune complex (circulating)NEC   N05.8
Goodpasture''s syndrome   M31.0
hemolytic-uremic syndrome   D59.3
Plasmodium malariae   B52.0
systemic lupus erythematosus   M32.14
typhoid fever   A01.09
Wegener''s granulomatosis   M31.31
latent or quiescent   N03.9
membranoproliferative (diffuse)(type 1 or 3) (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 5)    N05.5
dense deposit (type 2)NEC (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 6)   N05.6
membranous (diffuse)NEC (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 2)   N05.2
proliferative (diffuse)NEC (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 3)   N05.3
mesangiocapillary (diffuse)NEC (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 5)   N05.5
necrotic, necrotizing NEC (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 8)   N05.8
poststreptococcal NEC    N05.9
acute   N00.9
chronic   N03.9
rapidly progressive   N01.9
proliferative NEC (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 8)    N05.8
diffuse (lupus)   M32.14
rapidly progressive   N01.9
sclerosing, diffuse   N05.8
specified pathology NEC (see also N00-N07 with fourth character 8)   N05.8
subacute   N01.9
Glomerulopathy see Glomerulonephritis
Glomerulosclerosis see also Sclerosis, renal
Glossagra   K14.6
Glossalgia   K14.6
Glossitis (chronic superficial) (gangrenous) (Moeller''s)   K14.0
areata exfoliativa   K14.1
atrophic   K14.4
benign migratory   K14.1
cortical superficial, sclerotic   K14.0
Hunter''s   D51.0
interstitial, sclerous   K14.0
median rhomboid   K14.2
superficial, chronic   K14.0
Glossocele   K14.8
Glossodynia   K14.6
exfoliativa   K14.4
Glossoncus   K14.8
Glossopathy   K14.9
Glossophytia   K14.3
Glossoplegia   K14.8
Glossoptosis   K14.8
Glossopyrosis   K14.6
Glossotrichia   K14.3
Glossy skin   L90.8
Glottis see condition
Glottitis (see also Laryngitis)   J04.0
benign   D13.7
malignant   C25.4
uncertain behavior   D37.8
benign   D13.7
malignant   C25.4
uncertain behavior   D37.8
Glucoglycinuria   E72.51
Glucose-galactose malabsorption   E74.39
Glutaric aciduria   E72.3
Glycinemia   E72.51
Glycinuria (renal) (with ketosis)   E72.09
Glycogenosis (diffuse) (generalized) see also Disease, glycogen storage
pulmonary interstitial   J84.842
Glycopenia   E16.2
Glycosuria R81
renal   E74.8
Gnathostoma spinigerum (infection) (infestation), gnathostomiasis (wandering swelling)   B83.1
Goiter (plunging) (substernal)   E04.9
lymphadenoid   E06.3
congenital (nontoxic)    E03.0
diffuse   E03.0
parenchymatous   E03.0
transitory, with normal functioning   P72.0
cystic    E04.2
due to iodine-deficiency   E01.1
enzyme defect in synthesis of thyroid hormone   E07.1
iodine-deficiency (endemic)   E01.2
dyshormonogenetic (familial)   E07.1
endemic (iodine-deficiency)    E01.2
diffuse   E01.0
multinodular   E01.1
iodine-deficiency (endemic)    E01.2
diffuse   E01.0
multinodular   E01.1
nodular   E01.1
lingual   Q89.2
multinodular (cystic) (nontoxic)    E04.2
toxic or with hyperthyroidism   E05.20
with thyroid storm   E05.21
neonatal NEC   P72.0
nodular (nontoxic) (due to)    E04.9
hyperthyroidism    E05.20
with thyroid storm   E05.21
thyrotoxicosis    E05.20
with thyroid storm   E05.21
endemic   E01.1
iodine-deficiency   E01.1
sporadic   E04.9
toxic   E05.20
with thyroid storm   E05.21
nontoxic    E04.9
diffuse (colloid)   E04.0
multinodular   E04.2
simple   E04.0
specified NEC   E04.8
uninodular   E04.1
simple   E04.0
uninodular (nontoxic)    E04.1
toxic or with hyperthyroidism   E05.10
with thyroid storm   E05.11
Goiter-deafness syndrome   E07.1
Goldberg syndrome   Q89.8
Goldberg-Maxwell syndrome   E34.51
Goldblatt''s hypertension or kidney   I70.1
Goldenhar (-Gorlin)syndrome   Q87.0
Goldflam-Erb disease or syndrome   G70.00
with exacerbation (acute)   G70.01
in crisis   G70.01
Goldscheider''s disease   Q81.8
Goldstein''s disease (familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia)   I78.0
Golfer''s elbow see Epicondylitis, medial
female   D39.10
male   D40.10
Gonecystitis see Vesiculitis
Gongylonemiasis   B83.8
Goniosynechiae see Adhesions, iris, goniosynechiae
Gonococcemia   A54.86
Gonococcus, gonococcal (disease) (infection) (see also condition)   A54.9
anus   A54.6
bursa, bursitis   A54.49
conjunctiva, conjunctivitis (neonatorum)   A54.31
endocardium   A54.83
eye    A54.30
conjunctivitis   A54.31
iridocyclitis   A54.32
keratitis   A54.33
newborn   A54.31
other specified   A54.39
fallopian tubes (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
lower   A54.00
with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral)   A54.1
upper (see also condition)   A54.29
heart   A54.83
iridocyclitis   A54.32
joint   A54.42
lymphatic (gland) (node)   A54.89
meninges, meningitis   A54.81
musculoskeletal    A54.40
arthritis   A54.42
osteomyelitis   A54.43
other specified   A54.49
spondylopathy   A54.41
pelviperitonitis   A54.24
pelvis (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
pharynx   A54.5
proctitis   A54.6
pyosalpinx (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
rectum   A54.6
skin   A54.89
specified site NEC   A54.89
tendon sheath   A54.49
throat   A54.5
urethra (acute) (chronic)    A54.01
with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral)   A54.1
vulva (acute) (chronic)   A54.02
female   D39.10
male   D40.10
Gonorrhea (acute) (chronic)   A54.9
Bartholin''s gland (acute) (chronic) (purulent)    A54.02
with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral)   A54.1
bladder   A54.01
cervix   A54.03
conjunctiva, conjunctivitis (neonatorum)   A54.31
contact   Z20.2
Cowper''s gland (with abscess)   A54.1
exposure to   Z20.2
fallopian tube (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
kidney (acute) (chronic)   A54.21
lower genitourinary tract    A54.00
with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral)   A54.1
ovary (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
pelvis (acute) (chronic)    A54.24
female pelvic inflammatory disease   A54.24
penis   A54.09
prostate (acute) (chronic)   A54.22
seminal vesicle (acute) (chronic)   A54.23
specified site not listed (see also Gonococcus)   A54.89
spermatic cord (acute) (chronic)   A54.23
urethra    A54.01
with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral)   A54.1
vagina   A54.02
vas deferens (acute) (chronic)   A54.23
vulva   A54.02
Goodall''s disease   A08.19
Goodpasture''s syndrome   M31.0
Gopalan''s syndrome (burning feet)   E53.0
Gorlin-Chaudry-Moss syndrome   Q87.0
Gottron''s papules   L94.4
Gougerot''s syndrome (trisymptomatic)   L81.7
Gougerot-Blum syndrome (pigmented purpuric lichenoid dermatitis)   L81.7
Gougerot-Carteaud disease or syndrome (confluent reticulate papillomatosis) L83
Gouley''s syndrome (constrictive pericarditis)   I31.1
Goundou   A66.6
Gout, gouty (acute) (attack) (flare) (see also Gout, chronic)   M10.9
drug-induced    M10.20
ankle   M10.27-
elbow   M10.22-
foot joint   M10.27-
hand joint   M10.24-
hip   M10.25-
knee   M10.26-
multiple site   M10.29
shoulder   M10.21-
vertebrae   M10.28
wrist   M10.23-
idiopathic    M10.00
ankle   M10.07-
elbow   M10.02-
foot joint   M10.07-
hand joint   M10.04-
hip   M10.05-
knee   M10.06-
multiple site   M10.09
shoulder   M10.01-
vertebrae   M10.08
wrist   M10.03-
in (due to)renal impairment    M10.30
ankle   M10.37-
elbow   M10.32-
foot joint   M10.37-
hand joint   M10.34-
hip   M10.35-
knee   M10.36-
multiple site   M10.39
shoulder   M10.31-
vertebrae   M10.38
wrist   M10.33-
lead-induced    M10.10
ankle   M10.17-
elbow   M10.12-
foot joint   M10.17-
hand joint   M10.14-
hip   M10.15-
knee   M10.16-
multiple site   M10.19
shoulder   M10.11-
vertebrae   M10.18
wrist   M10.13-
secondary NEC    M10.40
ankle   M10.47-
elbow   M10.42-
foot joint   M10.47-
hand joint   M10.44-
hip   M10.45-
knee   M10.46-
multiple site   M10.49
shoulder   M10.41-
vertebrae   M10.48
wrist   M10.43-
syphilitic (see also subcategory M148-)   A52.77
Gout, chronic (see also Gout, gouty)   M1A.9
drug-induced    M1A.20
ankle   M1A.27-
elbow   M1A.22-
foot joint   M1A.27-
hand joint   M1A.24-
hip   M1A.25-
knee   M1A.26-
multiple site   M1A.29-
shoulder   M1A.21-
vertebrae   M1A.28
wrist   M1A.23-
idiopathic    M1A.00
ankle   M1A.07-
elbow   M1A.02-
foot joint   M1A.07-
hand joint   M1A.04-
hip   M1A.05-
knee   M1A.06-
multiple site   M1A.09
shoulder   M1A.01-
vertebrae   M1A.08
wrist   M1A.03-
in (due to)renal impairment    M1A.30
ankle   M1A.37-
elbow   M1A.32-
foot joint   M1A.37-
hand joint   M1A.34-
hip   M1A.35-
knee   M1A.36-
multiple site   M1A.39
shoulder   M1A.31-
vertebrae   M1A.38
wrist   M1A.33-
lead-induced    M1A.10
ankle   M1A.17-
elbow   M1A.12-
foot joint   M1A.17-
hand joint   M1A.14-
hip   M1A.15-
knee   M1A.16-
multiple site   M1A.19
shoulder   M1A.11-
vertebrae   M1A.18
wrist   M1A.13-
secondary NEC    M1A.40
ankle   M1A.47-
elbow   M1A.42-
foot joint   M1A.47-
hand joint   M1A.44-
hip   M1A.45-
knee   M1A.46-
multiple site   M1A.49
shoulder   M1A.41-
vertebrae   M1A.48
wrist   M1A.43-
syphilitic (see also subcategory M148-)   A52.77
tophi   M1A.9
muscular dystrophy   G71.0
Gradenigo''s syndrome see Otitis, media, suppurative, acute
Graefe''s disease see Strabismus, paralytic, ophthalmoplegia, progressive
Graft-versus-host disease   D89.813
acute   D89.810
acute on chronic   D89.812
chronic   D89.811
Grainhandler''s disease or lung   J67.8
Grain mite (itch)   B88.0
Grand mal see Epilepsy, generalized, specified NEC
Grand multipara status only (not pregnant)   Z64.1
Granite worker''s lung   J62.8
Granular see also condition
inflammation, pharynx   J31.2
liver   K74.69
Granulation tissue (abnormal) (excessive)   L92.9
Granulocytopenia (primary) (malignant) see Agranulocytosis
Granuloma   L92.9
abdomen    K66.8
from residual foreign body   L92.3
pyogenicum   L98.0
actinic   L57.5
annulare (perforating)   L92.0
apical   K04.5
beryllium (skin)   L92.3
eosinophilic   C96.6
lung   C96.6
brain (any site)    G06.0
candidal (cutaneous)   B37.2
cerebral (any site)   G06.0
coccidioidal (primary) (progressive)    B38.7
lung   B38.1
meninges   B38.4
colon   K63.89
conjunctiva   H11.22-
dental   K04.5
eosinophilic    C96.6
bone   C96.6
lung   C96.6
oral mucosa   K13.4
skin   L92.2
eyelid   H01.8
facial (e)   L92.2
foreign body (in soft tissue)NEC    M60.20
ankle   M60.27-
foot   M60.27-
forearm   M60.23-
hand   M60.24-
lower leg   M60.26-
pelvic region   M60.25-
shoulder region   M60.21-
skin   L92.3
specified site NEC   M60.28
subcutaneous tissue   L92.3
thigh   M60.25-
upper arm   M60.22-
gangraenescens   M31.2
giant cell (central) (reparative) (jaw)    M27.1
gingiva (peripheral)   K06.8
gland (lymph)   I88.8
hepatic NEC    K75.3
sarcoidosis   D86.89
Hodgkin   C81.9
ileum   K63.89
infectious    B99.9
specified NEC   B99.8
intestine NEC   K63.89
intracranial (any site)   G06.0
intraspinal (any part)   G06.1
jaw (bone) (central)    M27.1
reparative giant cell   M27.1
kidney (see also Infection, kidney)   N15.8
lacrimal   H04.81-
larynx   J38.7
lethal midline (faciale(e))   M31.2
coccidioidal   B38.1
eosinophilic   C96.6
Majocchi''s   B35.8
malignant (facial(e))   M31.2
mandible (central)   M27.1
midline (lethal)   M31.2
monilial (cutaneous)   B37.2
operation wound    T81.89
stitch   T81.89
oral mucosa   K13.4
orbit, orbital   H05.11-
paracoccidioidal   B41.8
periapical   K04.5
peritoneum    K66.8
prostate   N42.89
pulp, internal (tooth)   K03.3
pyogenic, pyogenicum (of) (skin)    L98.0
gingiva   K06.8
maxillary alveolar ridge   K04.5
oral mucosa   K13.4
rectum   K62.89
reticulohistiocytic   D76.3
rubrum nasi   L74.8
septic (skin)   L98.0
silica (skin)   L92.3
skin    L92.9
from residual foreign body   L92.3
pyogenicum   L98.0
syphilitic (epidural)   A52.19
tuberculous   A18.01
stitch (postoperative)   T81.89
suppurative (skin)   L98.0
swimming pool   A31.1
telangiectaticum (skin)   L98.0
tracheostomy   J95.09
trichophyticum   B35.8
tropicum   A66.4
umbilicus   L92.9
urethra   N36.8
vocal cord   J38.3
Granulomatosis   L92.9
lymphoid   C83.8-
miliary (listerial)   A32.89
necrotizing, respiratory   M31.30
specified NEC   L92.8
Wegener''s    M31.30
with renal involvement   M31.31
Granulomatous tissue (abnormal) (excessive)   L92.9
Granulosis rubra nasi   L74.8
Graphite fibrosis (of lung)   J63.3
Graphospasm   F48.8
organic   G25.89
Grating scapula   M89.8X1
Gravel (urinary) see Calculus, urinary
Graves'' disease see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter
Gravis see condition
Grawitz tumor   C64.-
Gray syndrome (newborn)   P93.0
Grayness, hair (premature)   L67.1
congenital   Q84.2
Green sickness   D50.8
Greenfield''s disease
concentric sclerosis (encephalitis periaxialis concentrica)   G37.5
metachromatic leukodystrophy   E75.25
Grey syndrome (newborn)   P93.0
Grief   F43.21
prolonged   F43.29
reaction (see also Disorder, adjustment)   F43.20
Griesinger''s disease   B76.9
Grinder''s lung or pneumoconiosis   J62.8
Grinding, teeth
psychogenic   F45.8
sleep related   G47.63
Dabney''s   B33.0
devil''s   B33.0
Grippe, grippal see also Influenza
summer, of Italy   A93.1
Grisel''s disease   M43.6
Groin see condition
Grooved tongue   K14.5
Ground itch   B76.9
Grover''s disease or syndrome   L11.1
Growing pains, children   R29.898
Growth (fungoid) (neoplastic) (new) see also Neoplasm
adenoid (vegetative)   J35.8
rapid, childhood   Z00.2
Gruby''s disease   B35.0
Gubler-Millard paralysis or syndrome   G46.3
Guerin-Stern syndrome   Q74.3
Guidance, insufficient anterior (occlusal)   M26.54
Guillain-Barr disease or syndrome   G61.0
sequelae   G65.0
Guinea worms (infection) (infestation) B72
Guinon''s disease (motor-verbal tic)   F95.2
Gull''s disease   E03.4
Gum see condition
Gumboil   K04.7
with sinus   K04.6
Gumma (syphilitic)   A52.79
artery    A52.09
cerebral   A52.04
bone    A52.77
of yaws (late)   A66.6
brain   A52.19
cauda equina   A52.19
central nervous system   A52.3
ciliary body   A52.71
congenital   A50.59
eyelid   A52.71
heart   A52.06
intracranial   A52.19
iris   A52.71
kidney   A52.75
larynx   A52.73
leptomeninges   A52.19
liver   A52.74
meninges   A52.19
myocardium   A52.06
nasopharynx   A52.73
neurosyphilitic   A52.3
nose   A52.73
orbit   A52.71
palate (soft)   A52.79
penis   A52.76
pericardium   A52.06
pharynx   A52.73
pituitary   A52.79
scrofulous (tuberculous)   A18.4
skin   A52.79
specified site NEC   A52.79
spinal cord   A52.19
tongue   A52.79
tonsil   A52.73
trachea   A52.73
tuberculous   A18.4
ulcerative due to yaws   A66.4
ureter   A52.75
yaws    A66.4
bone   A66.6
Gunn''s syndrome   Q07.8
Gunshot wound see also Wound, open
Gynandrism   Q56.0
female   D39.10
male   D40.10
Gynecological examination (periodic) (routine)   Z01.419
with abnormal findings   Z01.411
Gynecomastia N62
Gynephobia   F40.291
Gyrate scalp   Q82.8