ICD 10 CM Index

allergy   L27.2
deprivation    T73.0
specified kind of food NEC   E63.8
lack of   T73.0
Faber''s syndrome (achlorhydric anemia)   D50.9
Fabry (-Anderson)disease   E75.21
Faciocephalalgia, autonomic (see also Neuropathy, peripheral, autonomic)   G90.09
Factor (s)
Fahr disease (of brain)   G23.8
Fahr Volhard disease (of kidney)   I12.-
Failure, failed
aortic (valve)    I35.8
rheumatic   I06.8
biventricular   I50.9
cardiorenal (chronic)    I50.9
hypertensive   I13.2
cardiorespiratory (see also Failure, heart)   R09.2
cerebrovascular   I67.9
cervical dilatation in labor   O62.0
circulation, circulatory (peripheral)    R57.9
newborn   P29.89
dental implant (endosseous)    M27.69
failure of dental prosthesis   M27.63
lack of attached gingiva   M27.62
occlusal trauma (poor prosthetic design)   M27.62
parafunctional habits   M27.62
periodontal infection (peri-implantitis)   M27.62
poor oral hygiene   M27.62
osseointegration   M27.61
complications of systemic disease   M27.61
poor bone quality   M27.61
iatrogenic   M27.61
biological   M27.62
due to complications of systemic disease   M27.62
iatrogenic   M27.62
mechanical   M27.63
pre-integration   M27.61
pre-osseointegration   M27.61
specified NEC   M27.69
descent of head (at term) of pregnancy (mother)   O32.4
engagement of head (term of pregnancy) (mother)   O32.4
erection (penile) (see also Dysfunction, sexual, male, erectile)    N52.9
nonorgqanic   F52.21
examination (s), anxiety concerning   Z55.2
expansion terminal respiratory units (newborn) (primary)   P28.0
forceps NOS (with subsequent cesarean delivery)   O66.5
gain weight (child over 28 days old)    R62.51
adult   R62.7
newborn   P92.6
genital response (male)    F52.21
female   F52.22
heart (acute) (senile) (sudden)    I50.9
arteriosclerotic   I70.90
biventricular   I50.9
combined left-right sided   I50.9
compensated   I50.9
in labor and delivery   O74.2
in pregnancy   O29.12-
postpartum, puerperal   O89.1
delivery (cesarean) (instrumental)   O75.4
congestive (compensated) (decompensated)   I50.9
active   I01.8
inactive or quiescent (with chorea)   I09.81
newborn   P29.0
rheumatic (chronic) (inactive) (with chorea)    I09.81
active or acute    I01.8
with chorea   I02.0
decompensated   I50.9
diastolic (congestive)   I50.30
acute (congestive)    I50.31
and (on) chronic (congestive)   I50.33
chronic (congestive)    I50.32
and (on) acute (congestive)   I50.33
combined with systolic (congestive)    I50.40
acute (congestive)    I50.41
and (on) chronic (congestive)   I50.43
chronic (congestive)    I50.42
and (on) acute (congestive)   I50.43
due to presence of cardiac prosthesis   I97.13-
following cardiac surgery   I97.13-
high output NOS   I50.9
low output (syndrome)NOS   I50.9
newborn   P29.0
peripartum   O90.3
postprocedural   I97.13-
rheumatic (chronic) (inactive)   I09.9
systolic (congestive)   I50.20
acute (congestive)    I50.21
and (on) chronic (congestive)   I50.23
chronic (congestive)    I50.22
and (on) acute (congestive)   I50.23
combined with diastolic (congestive)    I50.40
acute (congestive)    I50.41
and (on) chronic (congestive)   I50.43
chronic (congestive)    I50.42
and (on) acute (congestive)   I50.43
hepatic    K72.90
with coma   K72.91
acute or subacute   K72.00
with coma   K72.01
due to drugs    K71.10
with coma   K71.11
alcoholic (acute) (chronic) (subacute)   K70.40
with coma   K70.41
chronic   K72.10
with coma   K72.11
due to drugs (acute) (subacute) (chronic)    K71.10
with coma   K71.11
due to drugs (acute) (subacute) (chronic)   K71.10
with coma   K71.11
postprocedural   K91.82
hepatorenal   K76.7
induction (of labor)    O61.9
oxytocic drugs   O61.0
prostaglandins   O61.0
instrumental   O61.1
mechanical   O61.1
medical   O61.0
specified NEC   O61.8
surgical   O61.1
intubation during anesthesia    T88.4
in pregnancy   O29.6-
labor and delivery   O74.7
postpartum, puerperal   O89.6
involution, thymus (gland)   E32.0
acute (see also Failure, renal, acute)   N17.9-
diabetic see E08-E13 with   .22
lactation (complete)    O92.3
partial   O92.4
Leydig''s cell, adult   E29.1
menstruation at puberty   N91.0
mitral   I05.8
myocardial, myocardium (see also Failure, heart)    I50.9
chronic (see also Failure, heart, congestive)   I50.9
congestive (see also Failure, heart, congestive)   I50.9
orgasm (female) (psychogenic)    F52.31
male   F52.32
ovarian (primary)    E28.39
iatrogenic   E89.40
asymptomatic   E89.40
symptomatic   E89.41
postprocedural (postablative) (postirradiation) (postsurgical)   E89.40
asymptomatic   E89.40
symptomatic   E89.41
ovulation causing infertility   N97.0
polyglandular, autoimmune   E31.0
tubular necrosis (acute)   N17.0
acute   N17.9
cortical necrosis   N17.1
medullary necrosis   N17.2
tubular necrosis   N17.0
specified NEC   N17.8
chronic   N18.9
congenital   P96.0
end stage (chronic)   N18.6
due to hypertension   I12.0
crushing   T79.5
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.4
labor and delivery (acute)   O90.4
postprocedural   N99.0
respiration, respiratory    J96.90
hypercapnia   J96.92
hypoxia   J96.91
acute   J96.00
hypercapnia   J96.02
hypoxia   J96.01
center   G93.89
acute and (on)chronic   J96.20
hypercapnia   J96.22
hypoxia   J96.21
chronic   J96.10
hypercapnia   J96.12
hypoxia   J96.11
newborn   P28.5
postprocedural (acute)   J95.821
acute and chronic   J95.822
cecum   Q43.3
colon   Q43.3
intestine   Q43.3
kidney   Q63.2
sedation (conscious) (moderate)during procedure    T88.52
history of   Z92.83
vertebra   Q76.49
with scoliosis   Q76.3
seminiferous tubule, adult   E29.1
sexual arousal (male)    F52.21
female   F52.22
testicular endocrine function   E29.1
to thrive (child over 28 days old)    R62.51
adult   R62.7
newborn   P92.6
transplant    T86.92
bone   T86.831
marrow   T86.02
cornea   T86.841
heart   T86.22
with lung (s)   T86.32
intestine   T86.851
kidney   T86.12
liver   T86.42
lung (s)   T86.811
with heart   T86.32
pancreas   T86.891
skin (allograft) (autograft)   T86.821
specified organ or tissue NEC   T86.891
stem cell (peripheral blood) (umbilical cord)   T86.5
trial of labor (with subsequent cesarean delivery)    O66.40
following previous cesarean delivery   O66.41
tubal ligation   N99.89
vacuum extraction NOS (with subsequent cesarean delivery)   O66.5
vasectomy   N99.89
ventouse NOS (with subsequent cesarean delivery)   O66.5
ventricular (see also Failure, heart)    I50.9
left   I50.1
active    I01.8
with chorea   I02.0
inactive or quiescent (with chorea)   I09.81
rheumatic (chronic) (inactive) (with chorea)    I09.81
active or acute    I01.8
with chorea   I02.0
right (see also Failure, heart, congestive)   I50.9
vital centers, newborn   P91.8
Famine (effects of)   T73.0
Fainting (fit) R55
Fallen arches see Deformity, limb, flat foot
Falling, falls (repeated)   R29.6
insufflation   Z31.41
pentalogy   Q21.8
tetrad or tetralogy   Q21.3
triad or trilogy   Q22.3
False see also condition
croup   J38.5
labor (pains)    O47.9
at or after 37 completed weeks of gestation   O47.1
before 37 completed weeks of gestation   O47.0-
passage, urethra (prostatic)   N36.5
pregnancy   F45.8
Family, familial see also condition
disruption    Z63.8
involving divorce or separation   Z63.5
Li-Fraumeni (syndrome)   Z15.01
planning advice   Z30.09
problem    Z63.9
specified NEC   Z63.8
retinoblastoma   C69.2-
Fanconi (-de Toni)(-Debr)syndrome   E72.09
with cystinosis   E72.04
Fanconi''s anemia (congenital pancytopenia)   D61.09
Farber''s disease or syndrome   E75.29
Farcy   A24.0
lung   J67.0
skin   L57.8
Farsightedness see Hypermetropia
Fascia see condition
Fasciculation   R25.3
Fasciitis   M72.9
diffuse (eosinophilic)   M35.4
infective    M72.8
necrotizing   M72.6
necrotizing   M72.6
nodular   M72.4
perirenal (with ureteral obstruction)    N13.5
with infection   N13.6
plantar   M72.2
specified NEC   M72.8
traumatic (old)    M72.8
Fascioliasis   B66.3
Fasciolopsis, fasciolopsiasis (intestinal)   B66.5
Fascioscapulohumeral myopathy   G71.0
Fast pulse   R00.0
in stool   R19.5
knee   M79.4
retropatellar   M79.4
breast   N64.1
mesentery   K65.4
omentum   K65.4
knee   M79.4
Fatigue   R53.83
chronic   R53.82
combat   F43.0
general    R53.83
psychogenic   F48.8
heat (transient)   T67.6
muscle   M62.89
neoplasm-related   R53.0
nervous, neurosis   F48.8
operational   F48.8
psychogenic (general)   F48.8
voice   R49.8
Fatness see Obesity
Fatty see also condition
liver NEC    K76.0
alcoholic   K70.0
nonalcoholic   K76.0
Fauces see condition
Fauchard''s disease (periodontitis) see Periodontitis
Faucitis   J02.9
Favism (anemia)   D55.0
Favus see Dermatophytosis
Fazio-Londe disease or syndrome   G12.1
Fear complex or reaction   F40.9
Fear of see Phobia
Feared complaint unfounded   Z71.1
Febris, febrile see also Fever
flava (see also Fever, yellow)   A95.9
melitensis   A23.0
rubra   A38.9
incontinence   R15.9
smearing   R15.1
soiling   R15.1
urgency   R15.2
Fecalith (impaction)   K56.41
appendix   K38.1
congenital   P76.8
Fede''s disease   K14.0
Feeble rapid pulse due to shock following injury   T79.4
Feeble-minded F70
difficulties   R63.3
problem    R63.3
newborn   P92.9
specified NEC   P92.8
Feeling (of)
foreign body in throat   R09.89
Feer''s disease see Poisoning, mercury
Feet see condition
Feigned illness   Z76.5
Feil-Klippel syndrome (brevicollis)   Q76.1
Feinmesser''s (hidrotic)ectodermal dysplasia   Q82.4
Felinophobia   F40.218
Felon see also Cellulitis, digit
Felty''s syndrome   M05.00
ankle   M05.07-
elbow   M05.02-
foot joint   M05.07-
hand joint   M05.04-
hip   M05.05-
knee   M05.06-
multiple site   M05.09
shoulder   M05.01-
wrist   M05.03-
Female genital cutting status see Female genital mutilation status (FGM)
Female genital mutilation status (FGM)   N90.810
specified NEC   N90.818
type I (clitorectomy status)   N90.811
type II (clitorectomy with excision of labia minora status)   N90.812
type III (infibulation status)   N90.813
type IV   N90.818
Femur, femoral see condition
Fenestration, fenestrated see also Imperfect, closure
aortico-pulmonary   Q21.4
cusps, heart valve NEC    Q24.8
pulmonary   Q22.3
pulmonic cusps   Q22.3
Fernell''s disease (aortic aneurysm)   I71.9
Fertile eunuch syndrome   E23.0
breath   R19.6
sweat   L75.0
Fetishism   F65.0
transvestic   F65.1
Fetus, fetal see also condition
alcohol syndrome (dysmorphic)   Q86.0
compressus   O31.0-
hydantoin syndrome   Q86.1
lung tissue   P28.0
papyraceous   O31.0-
Fever (inanition) (of unknown origin) (persistent) (with chills) (with rigor)   R50.9
abortus   A23.1
African tick-borne   A68.1
mountain (tick)   A93.2
spotted   A77.0
aphthous   B08.8
specified NEC   A93.8
Argentinian hemorrhagic   A96.0
Assam   B55.0
Barmah forest   A92.8
Bartonella   A44.0
bilious, hemoglobinuric   B50.8
blackwater   B50.8
blister   B00.1
Bolivian hemorrhagic   A96.1
Bonvale dam   T73.3
boutonneuse   A77.1
Brazilian purpuric   A48.4
Bullis   A77.0
Bunyamwera   A92.8
Burdwan   B55.0
Bwamba   A92.8
Canton   A75.9
chronic   J31.0
cat-scratch   A28.1
Central Asian hemorrhagic   A98.0
cerebrospinal meningococcal   A39.0
Chagres   B50.9
Chandipura   A92.8
Changuinola   A93.1
Chikungunya (viral) (hemorrhagic)   A92.0
Chitral   A93.1
Colorado tick (virus)   A93.2
Congo virus   A98.0
continued malarial   B50.9
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic   A98.0
sandfly   A93.1
desert   B38.0
drug induced   R50.2
conditions classified elsewhere   R50.81
heat   T67.0
enteric   A01.00
enteroviral exanthematous (Boston exanthem)   A88.0
ephemeral (of unknown origin)   R50.9
epidemic hemorrhagic   A98.5
estivo-autumnal (malarial)   B50.9
famine   A75.0
five day   A79.0
following delivery   O86.4
Fort Bragg   A27.89
gastroenteric   A01.00
Guama (viral)   A92.8
Haverhill   A25.1
hay (allergic)    J30.1
with asthma (bronchial)   J45.909
exacerbation (acute)   J45.901
status asthmaticus   J45.902
allergen other than pollen   J30.89
pollen, any plant or tree   J30.1
heat (effects)   T67.0
hematuric, bilious   B50.8
hemoglobinuric (malarial) (bilious)   B50.8
with renal syndrome   A98.5
arenaviral   A96.9
specified NEC   A96.8
Argentinian   A96.0
Bolivian   A96.1
Central Asian   A98.0
Chikungunya   A92.0
Crimean-Congo   A98.0
epidemic   A98.5
Junin (virus)   A96.0
Korean   A98.5
Kyasanur forest   A98.2
Machupo (virus)   A96.1
mite-borne   A93.8
mosquito-borne   A92.8
Omsk   A98.1
Russian   A98.5
tick-borne NEC   A93.8
specified NEC   A98.8
icterohemorrhagic   A27.0
Indiana   A93.8
infective    B99.9
specified NEC   B99.8
of unknown origin   R50.9
pernicious   B50.9
iodide   R50.2
Japanese river   A75.3
yellow   A95.0
Junin (virus)hemorrhagic   A96.0
Katayama   B65.2
kedani   A75.3
Kenya (tick)   A77.1
Kew Garden   A79.1
Korean hemorrhagic   A98.5
Lassa   A96.2
Lone Star   A77.0
Machupo (virus)hemorrhagic   A96.1
Malta   A23.9
Marseilles   A77.1
Mayaro (viral)   A92.8
Mediterranean (see also Brucellosis)    A23.9
familial   E85.0
tick   A77.1
Meuse   A79.0
Mexican   A75.2
mianeh   A68.1
mosquito-borne (viral)    A92.9
hemorrhagic   A92.8
meaning Rocky Mountain spotted fever   A77.0
tick (American) (Colorado) (viral)   A93.2
Mucambo (viral)   A92.8
mud   A27.9
neutropenic   D70.9
newborn    P81.9
environmental   P81.0
non-exanthematous tick   A93.2
North Asian tick-borne   A77.2
Omsk hemorrhagic   A98.1
O''nyong-nyong (viral)   A92.1
Oropouche (viral)   A93.0
Oroya   A44.0
Panama (malarial)   B50.9
Pappataci   A93.1
paratyphoid    A01.4
A   A01.1
B   A01.2
C   A01.3
periodic (Mediterranean)   E85.0
persistent (of unknown origin)   R50.9
petechial   A39.0
pharyngoconjunctival   B30.2
phlebotomus   A93.1
Piry (virus)   A93.8
Pixuna (viral)   A92.8
Plasmodium ovale   B53.0
polioviral (nonparalytic)   A80.4
Pontiac   A48.2
postimmunization   R50.83
postoperative    R50.82
due to infection   T81.4
posttransfusion   R50.84
postvaccination   R50.83
presenting with conditions classified elsewhere   R50.81
pretibial   A27.89
puerperal   O86.4
quartan (malaria)   B52.9
Queensland (coastal) (tick)   A77.3
quintan   A79.0
rat-bite    A25.9
Spirillum   A25.0
Streptobacillus moniliformis   A25.1
relapsing (Borrelia)    A68.9
Carter''s (Asiatic)   A68.1
Dutton''s (West African)   A68.1
Koch''s   A68.9
louse-borne   A68.0
louse-borne   A68.0
tick-borne   A68.1
Obermeyer''s (European)   A68.0
tick-borne   A68.1
with central nervous system involvement   I02.9
cardiac hypertrophy   I09.89
carditis   I09.9
endocarditis    I09.1
aortic (valve)    I06.9
with mitral (valve)disease   I08.0
mitral (valve)    I05.9
with aortic (valve)disease   I08.0
pulmonary (valve)   I09.89
tricuspid (valve)   I07.8
heart disease NEC   I09.89
heart failure (congestive) (conditions in I509)   I09.81
left ventricular failure (conditions in I501)   I09.81
myocarditis, myocardial degeneration (conditions in I514)   I09.0
pancarditis   I09.9
pericarditis   I09.2
Rift Valley (viral)   A92.4
Rocky Mountain spotted   A77.0
rose   J30.1
Ross River   B33.1
Russian hemorrhagic   A98.5
San Joaquin (Valley)   B38.0
sandfly   A93.1
Sao Paulo   A77.0
scarlet   A38.9
seven day (leptospirosis) (autumnal) (Japanese)    A27.89
shin-bone   A79.0
Songo   A98.5
sore   B00.1
South African tick-bite   A68.1
spirillary   A25.0
spotted    A77.9
American   A77.0
Brazilian   A77.0
cerebrospinal meningitis   A39.0
Colombian   A77.0
australis   A77.3
conorii   A77.1
rickettsii   A77.0
sibirica   A77.2
specified type NEC   A77.8
Ehrlichiosis   A77.40
E chafeensis   A77.41
specified organism NEC   A77.49
Rocky Mountain   A77.0
steroid   R50.2
streptobacillary   A25.1
subtertian   B50.9
Sumatran mite   A75.3
swamp   A27.9
swine   A02.8
sylvatic, yellow   A95.0
Tahyna   B33.8
thermic   T67.0
three-day   A93.1
American mountain   A93.2
Colorado   A93.2
Kemerovo   A93.8
Mediterranean   A77.1
mountain   A93.2
nonexanthematous   A93.2
Quaranfil   A93.8
tick-bite NEC   A93.8
tick-borne (hemorrhagic)NEC   A93.8
trench   A79.0
tsutsugamushi   A75.3
typhogastric   A01.00
typhoid (abortive) (hemorrhagic) (intermittent) (malignant)    A01.00
arthritis   A01.04
heart involvement   A01.02
meningitis   A01.01
osteomyelitis   A01.05
pneumonia   A01.03
specified NEC   A01.09
unknown origin   R50.9
uveoparotid   D86.89
valley   B38.0
Venezuelan equine   A92.2
vesicular stomatitis   A93.8
Volhynian   A79.0
Wesselsbron (viral)   A92.8
African   B50.8
Nile (viral)   A92.30
complications NEC   A92.39
cranial nerve disorders   A92.32
encephalitis   A92.31
encephalomyelitis   A92.31
neurologic manifestation NEC   A92.32
optic neuritis   A92.32
polyradiculitis   A92.32
Wolhynian   A79.0
worm   B83.9
yellow    A95.9
jungle   A95.0
sylvatic   A95.0
urban   A95.1
Zika (viral)   A92.8
atrial or auricular (established)    I48.91
chronic   I48.2
paroxysmal   I48.0
permanent   I48.2
persistent   I48.1
cardiac   I49.8
heart   I49.8
muscular   M62.89
ventricular   I49.01
ball or bodies, pleural (sac)   J94.1
Fibrinogenolysis see Fibrinolysis
Fibrinogenopenia   D68.8
congenital   D68.2
Fibrinolysis (hemorrhagic) (acquired) D65
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.1
intrapartum   O67.0
postpartum   O72.3
Fibrinopenia (hereditary)   D68.2
acquired   D68.4
Fibrinopurulent see condition
Fibrinous see condition
prostate   D29.1
Fibroadenosis, breast (chronic) (cystic) (diffuse) (periodic) (segmental)   N60.2-
Fibroangioma see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
unspecified site   D10.6
Fibrochondrosarcoma see Neoplasm, cartilage, malignant
jaw   M27.49
kidney (congenital)   Q61.8
liver   Q44.6
pancreas   E84.9
kidney (congenital)   Q61.8
Fibroelastosis (cordis) (endocardial) (endomyocardial)   I42.4
Fibroid (tumor) see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
in pregnancy or childbirth    O34.1-
causing obstructed labor   O65.5
uterus   D25.9
Fibrolipoma see Lipoma
Fibroliposarcoma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Fibroma see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
nasopharynx, nasopharyngeal (juvenile)   D10.6
Fibromatosis   M72.9
Dupuytren''s   M72.0
gingival   K06.1
palmar (fascial)   M72.0
plantar (fascial)   M72.2
pseudosarcomatous (proliferative) (subcutaneous)   M72.4
retroperitoneal   D48.3
specified NEC   M72.8
Fibromyalgia   M79.7
Fibromyoma see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
causing obstructed labor   O65.5
Fibromyositis   M79.7
Fibromyxolipoma   D17.9
Fibromyxoma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibromyxosarcoma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Fibro-odontoma, ameloblastic see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Fibro-osteoma see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Fibroplasia, retrolental   H35.17-
Fibropurulent see condition
Fibrosarcoma see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
ameloblastic    C41.1
upper jaw (bone)   C41.0
odontogenic    C41.1
upper jaw (bone)   C41.0
breast   N60.3-
multifocal   M35.5
penis (corpora cavernosa)   N48.6
Fibrosis, fibrotic
adrenal (gland)   E27.8
amnion   O41.8X-
anal papillae   K62.89
bladder    N32.89
capillary (see also Arteriosclerosis)    I70.90
cervix   N88.8
chorion   O41.8X-
corpus cavernosum (sclerosing)   N48.6
cystic (of pancreas)    E84.9
distal intestinal obstruction syndrome   E84.19
fecal impaction   E84.19
intestinal manifestations NEC   E84.19
pulmonary manifestations   E84.0
specified manifestations NEC   E84.8
due to device, implant or graft (see also Complications, by site and type, specified NEC)    T85.82
arterial graft NEC   T82.828
breast (implant)   T85.82
catheter NEC   T85.82
dialysis (renal)    T82.828
intraperitoneal   T85.82
infusion NEC    T82.828
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.82
urinary (indwelling)   T83.82
bone   T84.82
cardiac   T82.827
nervous system (brain) (peripheral nerve) (spinal)   T85.82
urinary   T83.82
fixation, internal (orthopedic)NEC   T84.82
gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus)   T85.82
genital NEC   T83.82
heart NEC   T82.827
joint prosthesis   T84.82
ocular (corneal graft) (orbital implant)NEC   T85.82
orthopedic NEC   T84.82
specified NEC   T85.82
urinary NEC   T83.82
vascular NEC   T82.828
ventricular intracranial shunt   T85.82
ejaculatory duct   N50.8
endomyocardial (tropical)   I42.3
epididymis   N50.8
hepatolienal (portal hypertension)   K76.6
hepatosplenic (portal hypertension)   K76.6
infrapatellar fat pad   M79.4
intrascrotal   N50.8
kidney   N26.9
liver    K74.0
with sclerosis   K74.2
alcoholic   K70.2
lung (atrophic) (chronic) (confluent) (massive) (perialveolar) (peribronchial)    J84.10
bagassosis   J67.1
bauxite   J63.1
berylliosis   J63.2
byssinosis   J66.0
calcicosis   J62.8
chalicosis   J62.8
farmer''s lung   J67.0
ganister disease   J62.8
graphite   J63.3
siderosis   J63.4
silicosis   J62.8
capillary   J84.10
congenital   P27.8
diffuse (idiopathic)   J84.10
chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors (inhalation)   J68.4
interstitial    J84.10
acute   J84.114
talc   J62.0
following radiation   J70.1
idiopathic   J84.112
postinflammatory   J84.10
silicotic   J62.8
lymphatic gland   I89.8
mediastinum (idiopathic)   J98.5
meninges   G96.19
ovary   N83.8
oviduct   N83.8
pancreas   K86.8
penis NEC   N48.6
pericardium   I31.0
perineum, in pregnancy or childbirth    O34.7-
causing obstructed labor   O65.5
pleura   J94.1
popliteal fat pad   M79.4
pulmonary (see also Fibrosis, lung)    J84.10
congenital   P27.8
idiopathic   J84.112
rectal sphincter   K62.89
retroperitoneal, idiopathic (with ureteral obstruction)    N13.5
with infection   N13.6
sclerosing mesenteric (idiopathic)   K65.4
scrotum   N50.8
seminal vesicle   N50.8
skin   L90.5
spermatic cord   N50.8
spleen    D73.89
submucous (oral) (tongue)   K13.5
testis    N44.8
chronic, due to syphilis   A52.76
thymus (gland)   E32.8
tongue, submucous   K13.5
tunica vaginalis   N50.8
uterus (non-neoplastic)   N85.8
vagina   N89.8
vas deferens   N50.8
vein   I87.8
Fibrositis (periarticular)   M79.7
Fibrothorax   J94.1
Fibrotic see Fibrosis
Fibrous see condition
Fibroxanthoma see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibroxanthosarcoma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
disease (icterohemorrhagic leptospirosis)   A27.0
myocarditis (acute)   I40.1
Fifth disease   B08.3
Filaria, filarial, filariasis see Infestation, filarial
Filatov''s disease see Mononucleosis, infectious
File-cutter''s disease see Poisoning, lead
Filling defect
biliary tract   R93.2
bladder   R93.4
duodenum   R93.3
gallbladder   R93.2
gastrointestinal tract   R93.3
intestine   R93.3
kidney   R93.4
stomach   R93.3
ureter   R93.4
Fimbrial cyst   Q50.4
Financial problem affecting care NOS   Z59.9
bankruptcy   Z59.8
foreclosure on loan   Z59.8
Findings, abnormal, inconclusive, without diagnosis see also Abnormal
17-ketosteroids, elevated   R82.5
acetonuria   R82.4
alcohol in blood   R78.0
anisocytosis   R71.8
antenatal screening of mother    O28.9
biochemical   O28.1
chromosomal   O28.5
cytological   O28.2
genetic   O28.5
hematological   O28.0
radiological   O28.4
specified NEC   O28.8
ultrasonic   O28.3
antibody titer, elevated   R76.0
anticardiolipin antibody   R76.0
antiphosphatidylglycerol antibody   R76.0
antiphosphatidylinositol antibody   R76.0
antiphosphatidylserine antibody   R76.0
antiphospholipid antibody   R76.0
bacteriuria   N39.0
bicarbonate   E87.8
bile in urine   R82.2
blood sugar    R73.09
high   R73.9
low (transient)   E16.2
body fluid or substance, specified NEC   R88.8
casts, urine   R82.99
catecholamines   R82.5
cells, urine   R82.99
chloride   E87.8
cholesterol    E78.9
high   E78.0
with high triglycerides   E78.2
chyluria   R82.0
dialysis effluent   R88.0
urine   R82.90
creatinine clearance   R94.4
crystals, urine   R82.99
blood   R78.81
echocardiogram   R93.1
electrolyte level, urinary   R82.99
function study NEC    R94.8
bladder   R94.8
endocrine NEC   R94.7
thyroid   R94.6
kidney   R94.4
liver   R94.5
pancreas   R94.8
placenta   R94.8
pulmonary   R94.2
spleen   R94.8
gallbladder, nonvisualization   R93.2
glucose (tolerance test) (non-fasting)   R73.09
shadow   R93.1
sounds   R01.2
hematinuria   R82.3
hematocrit drop (precipitous)   R71.0
hemoglobinuria   R82.3
high risk   R87.810
low risk   R87.820
high risk   R87.811
low risk   R87.821
in blood (of substance not normally found in blood)    R78.9
addictive drug NEC   R78.4
alcohol (excessive level)   R78.0
cocaine   R78.2
hallucinogen   R78.3
heavy metals (abnormal level)   R78.79
lead   R78.71
lithium (abnormal level)   R78.89
opiate drug   R78.1
psychotropic drug   R78.5
specified substance NEC   R78.89
steroid agent   R78.6
indoleacetic acid, elevated   R82.5
ketonuria   R82.4
lactic acid dehydrogenase (LDH)   R74.0
liver function test   R79.89
mammogram NEC    R92.8
calcification (calculus)   R92.1
inconclusive result (due to dense breasts)   R92.2
microcalcification   R92.0
mediastinal shift   R93.8
melanin, urine   R82.99
myoglobinuria   R82.1
nonvisualization of gallbladder   R93.2
odor of urine NOS   R82.90
Papanicolaou cervix    R87.619
non-atypical endometrial cells   R87.618
pneumoencephalogram   R93.0
poikilocytosis   R71.8
potassium (deficiency)    E87.6
excess   E87.5
PPD   R76.11
radiologic (X-ray)    R93.8
abdomen   R93.5
biliary tract   R93.2
breast   R92.8
gastrointestinal tract   R93.3
genitourinary organs   R93.8
head   R93.0
inconclusive due to excess body fat of patient   R93.9
intrathoracic organs NEC   R93.1
placenta   R93.8
retroperitoneum   R93.5
skin   R93.8
skull   R93.0
subcutaneous tissue   R93.8
red blood cell (count) (morphology) (sickling) (volume)   R71.8
scan NEC    R94.8
bladder   R94.8
bone   R94.8
kidney   R94.4
liver   R93.2
lung   R94.2
pancreas   R94.8
placental   R94.8
spleen   R94.8
thyroid   R94.6
sedimentation rate, elevated   R70.0
SGOT   R74.0
SGPT   R74.0
sodium (deficiency)    E87.1
excess   E87.0
specified body fluid NEC   R88.8
stress test   R94.39
thyroid (function) (metabolic rate) (scan) (uptake)   R94.6
transaminase (level)   R74.0
triglycerides    E78.9
high   E78.1
with high cholesterol   E78.2
tuberculin skin test (without active tuberculosis)   R76.11
urine    R82.90
acetone   R82.4
bacteria   N39.0
bile   R82.2
casts or cells   R82.99
chyle   R82.0
culture positive   R82.7
hemoglobin   R82.3
ketone   R82.4
vanillylmandelic acid (VMA), elevated   R82.5
vectorcardiogram (VCG)   R94.39
ventriculogram   R93.0
white blood cell (count) (differential) (morphology)   D72.9
xerography   R92.8
Finger see condition
Fire, Saint Anthony''s see Erysipelas
pathological (compulsive)   F63.1
Fish hook stomach   K31.89
Fishmeal-worker''s lung   J67.8
Fissure, fissured
anus, anal    K60.2
acute   K60.0
chronic   K60.1
congenital   Q43.8
ear, lobule, congenital   Q17.8
epiglottis (congenital)   Q31.8
larynx    J38.7
congenital   Q31.8
lip    K13.0
nipple    N64.0
lactation   O92.13
pregnancy   O92.11-
puerperium   O92.12
nose   Q30.2
skin   R23.4
tongue (acquired)    K14.5
congenital   Q38.3
Fistula (cutaneous)   L98.8
lymphatic   I89.8
abdomen (wall)    K63.2
bladder   N32.2
intestine NEC   K63.2
ureter   N28.89
uterus   N82.5
abdominorectal   K63.2
abdominosigmoidal   K63.2
abdominothoracic   J86.0
abdominouterine    N82.5
congenital   Q51.7
abdominovesical   N32.2
alveolar process   K04.6
anorectal   K60.5
anus, anal (recurrent) (infectional)    K60.3
congenital   Q43.6
with absence, atresia and stenosis   Q42.2
tuberculous   A18.32
aorta-duodenal   I77.2
appendix, appendicular   K38.3
arteriovenous (acquired) (nonruptured)    I77.0
brain   I67.1
congenital    Q28.2
ruptured   I60.8
ruptured   I60.8
brain    Q28.2
ruptured   I60.8
coronary   Q24.5
pulmonary   Q25.72
coronary   I25.41
congenital   Q24.5
pulmonary   I28.0
congenital   Q25.72
surgically created (for dialysis)   Z99.2
artery   I77.2
congenital   Q18.1
Bartholin''s gland   N82.8
bile duct (common) (hepatic)    K83.3
bladder (sphincter)NEC (see also Fistula, vesico-)    N32.2
into seminal vesicle   N32.2
brain    G93.89
arteriovenous (acquired)   I67.1
congenital   Q28.2
branchial (cleft)   Q18.0
branchiogenous   Q18.0
bronchial   J86.0
bronchocutaneous, bronchomediastinal, bronchopleural, bronchopleuromediastinal (infective)    J86.0
tuberculous NEC   A15.5
bronchoesophageal    J86.0
congenital   Q39.2
with atresia of esophagus   Q39.1
bronchovisceral   J86.0
buccal cavity (infective)   K12.2
cecosigmoidal   K63.2
cecum   K63.2
cerebrospinal (fluid)   G96.0
cervical, lateral   Q18.1
cervicoaural   Q18.1
cervicosigmoidal   N82.4
cervicovesical   N82.1
cervix   N82.8
chest (wall)   J86.0
cholocolic   K82.3
colon   K63.2
colostomy   K94.09
coronary, arteriovenous    I25.41
congenital   Q24.5
costal region   J86.0
cul-de-sac, Douglas''   N82.8
congenital   Q44.5
dental   K04.6
diaphragm   J86.0
duodenum   K31.6
enterocolic   K63.2
enterocutaneous   K63.2
enterouterine    N82.4
congenital   Q51.7
enterovaginal    N82.4
congenital   Q52.2
large intestine   N82.3
small intestine   N82.2
enterovesical   N32.1
epididymis    N50.8
tuberculous   A18.15
esophagobronchial    J86.0
congenital   Q39.2
with atresia of esophagus   Q39.1
esophagocutaneous   K22.8
esophagopleural-cutaneous   J86.0
esophagotracheal    J86.0
congenital   Q39.2
with atresia of esophagus   Q39.1
esophagus    K22.8
congenital   Q39.2
with atresia of esophagus   Q39.1
eyelid   H01.8
fallopian tube, external   N82.5
fecal    K63.2
congenital   Q43.6
from periapical abscess   K04.6
gallbladder    K82.3
gastric   K31.6
gastrocolic    K31.6
congenital   Q40.2
tuberculous   A18.32
gastroenterocolic   K31.6
gastroesophageal   K31.6
gastrojejunal   K31.6
gastrojejunocolic   K31.6
genital tract (female)    N82.9
specified NEC   N82.8
to intestine NEC   N82.4
to skin   N82.5
hepatic artery-portal vein, congenital   Q26.6
hepatopleural   J86.0
hepatopulmonary   J86.0
ileorectal or ileosigmoidal   K63.2
ileovaginal   N82.2
ileovesical   N32.1
ileum   K63.2
in ano    K60.3
tuberculous   A18.32
inner ear (labyrinth) see subcategory   H83.1
intestine NEC   K63.2
intestinocolonic (abdominal)   K63.2
intestinoureteral   N28.89
intestinouterine   N82.4
intestinovaginal    N82.4
large intestine   N82.3
small intestine   N82.2
intestinovesical   N32.1
ischiorectal (fossa)   K61.3
jejunum   K63.2
joint    M25.10
ankle   M25.17-
elbow   M25.12-
foot joint   M25.17-
hand joint   M25.14-
hip   M25.15-
knee   M25.16-
shoulder   M25.11-
specified joint NEC   M25.18
vertebrae   M25.18
wrist   M25.13-
kidney   N28.89
labium (majus) (minus)   N82.8
labyrinth see subcategory   H83.1
lacrimal (gland) (sac)   H04.61-
laryngotracheal, congenital   Q34.8
larynx   J38.7
lip    K13.0
congenital   Q38.0
lumbar, tuberculous   A18.01
lung   J86.0
maxillary   J32.0
medial, face and neck   Q18.8
mediastinal   J86.0
mediastinobronchial   J86.0
mediastinocutaneous   J86.0
middle ear see subcategory   H74.8
mouth   K12.2
nasal    J34.89
nasopharynx   J39.2
nipple   N64.0
nose   J34.89
oral (cutaneous)    K12.2
maxillary   J32.0
oroantral   J32.0
oviduct, external   N82.5
palate (hard)   M27.8
pancreatic   K86.8
pancreaticoduodenal   K86.8
parotid (gland)    K11.4
region   K12.2
penis   N48.89
perianal   K60.3
pericecal   K63.2
perineorectal   K60.4
perineosigmoidal   K63.2
perineum, perineal (with urethral involvement)NEC    N36.0
tuberculous   A18.13
ureter   N28.89
perirectal    K60.4
tuberculous   A18.32
peritoneum   K65.9
pharyngoesophageal   J39.2
pharynx    J39.2
branchial cleft (congenital)   Q18.0
pleura, pleural, pleurocutaneous, pleuroperitoneal    J86.0
tuberculous NEC   A15.6
pleuropericardial   I31.8
portal vein-hepatic artery, congenital   Q26.6
postauricular   H70.81-
postoperative, persistent    T81.83
preauricular (congenital)   Q18.1
prostate   N42.89
pulmonary    J86.0
arteriovenous   I28.0
congenital   Q25.72
pulmonoperitoneal   J86.0
rectolabial   N82.4
rectosigmoid (intercommunicating)   K63.2
rectoureteral   N28.89
rectourethral    N36.0
congenital   Q64.73
rectouterine    N82.4
congenital   Q51.7
rectovaginal    N82.3
congenital   Q52.2
tuberculous   A18.18
rectovesical    N32.1
congenital   Q64.79
rectovesicovaginal   N82.3
rectovulval    N82.4
congenital   Q52.79
rectum (to skin)    K60.4
congenital   Q43.6
with absence, atresia and stenosis   Q42.0
tuberculous   A18.32
renal   N28.89
salivary duct or gland (any)    K11.4
congenital   Q38.4
scrotum (urinary)    N50.8
tuberculous   A18.15
semicircular canals see subcategory   H83.1
sigmoid    K63.2
to bladder   N32.1
skin    L98.8
to genital tract (female)   N82.5
splenocolic   D73.89
stercoral   K63.2
stomach   K31.6
sublingual gland   K11.4
submandibular gland   K11.4
submaxillary (gland)    K11.4
region   K12.2
thoracic    J86.0
duct   I89.8
thoracoabdominal   J86.0
thoracogastric   J86.0
thoracointestinal   J86.0
thorax   J86.0
thyroglossal duct   Q89.2
thyroid   E07.89
trachea, congenital (external) (internal)   Q32.1
tracheoesophageal    J86.0
congenital   Q39.2
with atresia of esophagus   Q39.1
following tracheostomy   J95.04
typhoid   A01.09
umbilicourinary   Q64.8
urachus, congenital   Q64.4
ureter (persistent)   N28.89
ureteroabdominal   N28.89
ureterorectal   N28.89
ureterosigmoido-abdominal   N28.89
ureterovaginal   N82.1
ureterovesical   N32.2
urethra    N36.0
congenital   Q64.79
tuberculous   A18.13
urethroperineal   N36.0
urethroperineovesical   N32.2
urethrorectal    N36.0
congenital   Q64.73
urethroscrotal   N50.8
urethrovaginal   N82.1
urethrovesical   N32.2
urinary (tract) (persistent) (recurrent)   N36.0
uteroabdominal    N82.5
congenital   Q51.7
uteroenteric, uterointestinal    N82.4
congenital   Q51.7
uterorectal    N82.4
congenital   Q51.7
uteroureteric   N82.1
uterourethral   Q51.7
uterovaginal   N82.8
uterovesical    N82.1
congenital   Q51.7
uterus   N82.8
vagina (postpartal) (wall)   N82.8
vaginocutaneous (postpartal)   N82.5
vaginointestinal NEC    N82.4
large intestine   N82.3
small intestine   N82.2
vaginoperineal   N82.5
vasocutaneous, congenital   Q55.7
vesical NEC   N32.2
vesicoabdominal   N32.2
vesicocervicovaginal   N82.1
vesicocolic   N32.1
vesicocutaneous   N32.2
vesicoenteric   N32.1
vesicointestinal   N32.1
vesicometrorectal   N82.4
vesicoperineal   N32.2
vesicorectal    N32.1
congenital   Q64.79
vesicosigmoidal   N32.1
vesicosigmoidovaginal   N82.3
vesicoureteral   N32.2
vesicoureterovaginal   N82.1
vesicourethral   N32.2
vesicourethrorectal   N32.1
vesicouterine    N82.1
congenital   Q51.7
vesicovaginal   N82.0
vulvorectal    N82.4
congenital   Q52.79
Fit   R56.9
hysterical   F44.5
Fitting (and adjustment) (of)
breast   Z44.3
eye   Z44.2
automatic implantable cardiac defibrillator (with synchronous cardiac pacemaker)   Z45.02
brain neuropacemaker    Z46.2
implanted   Z45.42
catheter, non-vascular   Z46.82
colostomy belt   Z46.89
contact lenses   Z46.0
cystostomy device   Z46.6
dentures   Z46.3
device NOS    Z46.9
abdominal   Z46.89
gastrointestinal NEC   Z46.59
implanted NEC   Z45.89
nervous system   Z46.2
orthodontic   Z46.4
orthoptic   Z46.0
orthotic   Z46.89
prosthetic (external)   Z44.9
breast   Z44.3
dental   Z46.3
eye   Z44.2
specified NEC   Z44.8
specified NEC   Z46.89
auditory    Z46.2
nervous system    Z46.2
visual    Z46.2
implanted   Z45.31
urinary   Z46.6
gastric lap band   Z46.51
gastrointestinal appliance NEC   Z46.59
glasses (reading)   Z46.0
hearing aid   Z46.1
ileostomy device   Z46.89
insulin pump   Z46.81
intestinal appliance NEC   Z46.89
myringotomy device (stent) (tube)   Z45.82
neuropacemaker    Z46.2
implanted   Z45.42
non-vascular catheter   Z46.82
orthodontic device   Z46.4
orthopedic device (brace) (cast) (corset) (shoes)   Z46.89
pacemaker (cardiac)    Z45.018
nervous system (brain) (peripheral nerve) (spinal cord)   Z46.2
implanted   Z45.42
pulse generator   Z45.010
portacath (port-a-cath)   Z45.2
prosthesis (external)    Z44.9
breast   Z44.3
dental   Z46.3
eye   Z44.2
specified NEC   Z44.8
spectacles   Z46.0
wheelchair   Z46.89
Fitzhugh-Curtis syndrome
Chlamydia trachomatis   A74.81
Neisseria gonorrhorea (gonococcal peritonitis)   A54.85
Fitz''s syndrome (acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis)   K85.8
larynx   J38.7
vocal cord   J38.3
Flabby ridge   K06.8
Flaccid see also condition
palate, congenital   Q38.5
chest    S22.5
newborn (birth injury)   P13.8
joint (paralytic)    M25.20
ankle   M25.27-
elbow   M25.22-
foot joint   M25.27-
hand joint   M25.24-
hip   M25.25-
knee   M25.26-
shoulder   M25.21-
specified joint NEC   M25.28
wrist   M25.23-
Flajani''s disease see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
Flap, liver   K71.3
Flashbacks (residual to hallucinogen use)   F16.283
pelvis    M95.5
with disproportion (fetopelvic)   O33.0
causing obstructed labor   O65.0
congenital   Q74.2
chest, congenital   Q67.8
congenital (rigid) (spastic (everted))   Q66.5-
rachitic sequelae (late effect)   E64.3
Flatau-Schilder disease   G37.0
Flatback syndrome   M40.30
lumbar region   M40.36
lumbosacral region   M40.37
thoracolumbar region   M40.35
head, femur   M89.8X5
lip (congenital)   Q18.8
nose (congenital)    Q67.4
acquired   M95.0
Flatulence   R14.3
psychogenic   F45.8
Flatus   R14.3
vaginalis   N89.8
Flax-dresser''s disease   J66.1
Flea bite see Injury, bite, by site, superficial, insect
Flecks, glaucomatous (subcapsular) see Cataract, complicated
Fleischer (-Kayser) ring (cornea)   H18.04-
Fleshy mole   O02.0
Flexibilitas cerea see Catalepsy
amputation stump (surgical)   T87.89
deformity, joint (see also Deformity, limb, flexion)    M21.20
hip, congenital   Q65.89
Flexner-Boyd dysentery   A03.2
Flexner''s dysentery   A03.1
Flexure see Flexion
Flint murmur (aortic insufficiency)   I35.1
Floater, vitreous see Opacity, vitreous
gallbladder, congenital   Q44.1
kidney    N28.89
congenital   Q63.8
spleen   D73.89
Flooding   N92.0
Floor see condition
baby syndrome (nonspecific)   P94.2
iris syndrome (intraoperative) (IFIS)   H21.81
nonrheumatic mitral valve syndrome   I34.1
Flu see also Influenza
avian (see also Influenza, due to, identified novel influenza A virus)   J09.X2
bird (see also Influenza, due to, identified novel influenza A virus)   J09.X2
intestinal NEC   A08.4
swine (viruses that normally cause infections in pigs) (see also Influenza, due to, identified novel influenza A virus)   J09.X2
Fluctuating blood pressure   I99.8
abdomen   R18.8
chest   J94.8
loss (acute)    E86.9
hypernatremia   E87.0
hyponatremia   E87.1
overload    E87.70
specified NEC   E87.79
peritoneal cavity   R18.8
pleural cavity   J94.8
retention   R60.9
Flukes NEC see also Infestation, fluke
liver   B66.3
Fluor (vaginalis)   N89.8
trichomonal or due to Trichomonas (vaginalis)   A59.00
dental   K00.3
skeletal    M85.10
ankle   M85.17-
foot   M85.17-
forearm   M85.13-
hand   M85.14-
lower leg   M85.16-
multiple site   M85.19
neck   M85.18
rib   M85.18
shoulder   M85.11-
skull   M85.18
specified site NEC   M85.18
thigh   M85.15-
toe   M85.17-
upper arm   M85.12-
vertebra   M85.18
Flush syndrome   E34.0
Flushing   R23.2
menopausal   N95.1
atrial or auricular    I48.92
atypical   I48.4
type I   I48.3
type II   I48.4
typical   I48.3
heart    I49.8
atrial or auricular   I48.92
atypical   I48.4
type I   I48.3
type II   I48.4
typical   I48.3
ventricular   I49.02
ventricular   I49.02
FNHTR (febrile nonhemolytic transfusion reaction)   R50.84
Focus, Assmann''s see Tuberculosis, pulmonary
Fogo selvagem   L10.3
Foix-Alajouanine syndrome   G95.19
Fold, folds (anomalous) see also Anomaly, by site
epicanthic   Q10.3
heart   Q24.8
Folie deux F24
cervix (nabothian) (ruptured)   N88.8
graafian, ruptured, with hemorrhage   N83.0
nabothian   N88.8
Follicular see condition
Folliculitis (superficial)   L73.9
abscedens et suffodiens   L66.3
cyst   N83.0
decalvans   L66.2
gonococcal (acute) (chronic)   A54.01
keloid, keloidalis   L73.0
pustular   L01.02
ulerythematosa reticulata   L66.4
Folliculome lipidique
female   D27.9
male   D29.20
Flling''s disease   E70.0
Follow-up see Examination, follow-up
Fong''s syndrome (hereditary osteo-onychodysplasia)   Q78.5
Foot see condition
Foramen ovale (nonclosure) (patent) (persistent)   Q21.1
Forbes'' glycogen storage disease   E74.03
Fordyce-Fox disease   L75.2
Fordyce''s disease (mouth)   Q38.6
Forearm see condition
Foreign body
accidentally left following a procedure    T81.509
aspiration   T81.506
adhesions   T81.516
obstruction   T81.526
perforation   T81.536
specified complication NEC   T81.596
cardiac catheterization   T81.505
acute reaction    T81.60
aseptic peritonitis   T81.61
specified NEC   T81.69
adhesions   T81.515
obstruction   T81.525
perforation   T81.535
specified complication NEC   T81.595
acute reaction    T81.60
aseptic peritonitis   T81.61
specified complication NEC   T81.69
adhesions   T81.519
aseptic peritonitis   T81.61
obstruction   T81.529
perforation   T81.539
specified complication NEC   T81.599
endoscopy   T81.504
adhesions   T81.514
obstruction   T81.524
perforation   T81.534
specified complication NEC   T81.594
immunization   T81.503
adhesions   T81.513
obstruction   T81.523
perforation   T81.533
specified complication NEC   T81.593
infusion   T81.501
adhesions   T81.511
obstruction   T81.521
perforation   T81.531
specified complication NEC   T81.591
injection   T81.503
adhesions   T81.513
obstruction   T81.523
perforation   T81.533
specified complication NEC   T81.593
kidney dialysis   T81.502
adhesions   T81.512
obstruction   T81.522
perforation   T81.532
specified complication NEC   T81.592
packing removal   T81.507
acute reaction    T81.60
aseptic peritonitis   T81.61
specified NEC   T81.69
adhesions   T81.517
obstruction   T81.527
perforation   T81.537
specified complication NEC   T81.597
puncture   T81.506
adhesions   T81.516
obstruction   T81.526
perforation   T81.536
specified complication NEC   T81.596
specified procedure NEC   T81.508
acute reaction    T81.60
aseptic peritonitis   T81.61
specified NEC   T81.69
adhesions   T81.518
obstruction   T81.528
perforation   T81.538
specified complication NEC   T81.598
surgical operation   T81.500
acute reaction    T81.60
aseptic peritonitis   T81.61
specified NEC   T81.69
adhesions   T81.510
obstruction   T81.520
perforation   T81.530
specified complication NEC   T81.590
transfusion   T81.501
adhesions   T81.511
obstruction   T81.521
perforation   T81.531
specified complication NEC   T81.591
alimentary tract    T18.9
anus   T18.5
colon   T18.4
mouth   T18.0
multiple sites   T18.8
rectosigmoid (junction)   T18.5
rectum   T18.5
small intestine   T18.3
specified site NEC   T18.8
stomach   T18.2
anterior chamber (eye)   S05.5-
bronchus    T17.508
asphyxiation    T17.500
food (bone) (seed)   T17.520
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.510
specified type NEC   T17.590
injury NEC    T17.508
food (bone) (seed)   T17.528
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.518
specified type NEC   T17.598
ciliary body (eye)   S05.5-
conjunctival sac   T15.1-
cornea   T15.0-
accessory sinus   T17.0
alimentary canal   T18.9
multiple parts   T18.8
specified part NEC   T18.8
alveolar process   T18.0
antrum (Highmore''s)   T17.0
anus   T18.5
appendix   T18.4
bladder   T19.1
buccal cavity   T18.0
cecum   T18.4
cervix (canal) (uteri)   T19.3
colon   T18.4
digestive organ or tract NOS   T18.9
multiple parts   T18.8
specified part NEC   T18.8
duodenum   T18.3
ear (external)   T16.-
eye (external)NOS   T15.9-
specified part NEC   T15.8-
gastrointestinal tract   T18.9
multiple parts   T18.8
specified part NEC   T18.8
genitourinary tract   T19.9
multiple parts   T19.8
specified part NEC   T19.8
gum   T18.0
Highmore''s antrum   T17.0
ileum   T18.3
intestine (small)   T18.3
large   T18.4
large intestine   T18.4
maxillary sinus   T17.0
mouth   T18.0
nasal sinus   T17.0
nose (passage)   T17.1
nostril   T17.1
oral cavity   T18.0
palate   T18.0
penis   T19.4
rectosigmoid (junction)   T18.5
rectum   T18.5
sinus (accessory) (frontal) (maxillary) (nasal)   T17.0
small intestine   T18.3
stomach   T18.2
tongue   T18.0
ureter   T19.8
urethra   T19.0
uterus (any part)   T19.3
vagina   T19.2
vulva   T19.2
esophagus    T18.108
injury NEC    T18.108
food (bone) (seed)   T18.128
gastric contents (vomitus)   T18.118
specified type NEC   T18.198
tracheal compression    T18.100
food (bone) (seed)   T18.120
gastric contents (vomitus)   T18.110
specified type NEC   T18.190
felling of, in throat   R09.89
genitourinary tract    T19.9
bladder   T19.1
multiple parts   T19.8
penis   T19.4
specified site NEC   T19.8
urethra   T19.0
uterus   T19.3
IUD   Z97.5
vagina   T19.2
contraceptive device   Z97.5
vulva   T19.2
skin   L92.3
soft tissue (residual)   M79.5
ingestion, ingested NOS   T18.9
intraocular    S05.5-
old, retained (nonmagnetic)   H44.70-
anterior chamber   H44.71-
ciliary body   H44.72-
iris   H44.72-
lens   H44.73-
magnetic    H44.60-
anterior chamber   H44.61-
ciliary body   H44.62-
iris   H44.62-
lens   H44.63-
posterior wall   H44.64-
specified site NEC   H44.69-
vitreous body   H44.65-
posterior wall   H44.74-
specified site NEC   H44.79-
vitreous body   H44.75-
larynx    T17.308
asphyxiation    T17.300
food (bone) (seed)   T17.320
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.310
specified type NEC   T17.390
injury NEC    T17.308
food (bone) (seed)   T17.328
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.318
specified type NEC   T17.398
ocular muscle    S05.4-
soft tissue (residual)   M79.5
orbit    S05.4-
old, retained   H05.5-
pharynx    T17.208
asphyxiation    T17.200
food (bone) (seed)   T17.220
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.210
specified type NEC   T17.290
injury NEC    T17.208
food (bone) (seed)   T17.228
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.218
specified type NEC   T17.298
respiratory tract    T17.908
asphyxiation    T17.900
food (bone) (seed)   T17.920
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.910
specified type NEC   T17.990
injury NEC    T17.908
food (bone) (seed)   T17.928
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.918
specified type NEC   T17.998
nasal sinus   T17.0
nose   T17.1
nostril   T17.1
specified site NEC   T17.808
asphyxiation    T17.800
food (bone) (seed)   T17.820
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.810
specified type NEC   T17.890
injury NEC    T17.808
food (bone) (seed)   T17.828
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.818
specified type NEC   T17.898
eyelid   H02.819
left    H02.816
lower   H02.815
upper   H02.814
right    H02.813
lower   H02.812
upper   H02.811
soft tissue   M79.5
retina   S05.5-
brow   S00.85
abdomen, abdominal (wall)   S30.851
alveolar process   S00.552
ankle   S90.55-
anus   S30.857
arm (upper)   S40.85-
back, lower   S30.850
breast   S20.15-
buttock   S30.850
cheek   S00.85
internal   S00.552
chin   S00.85
clitoris   S30.854
ear   S00.45-
elbow   S50.35-
epididymis   S30.853
epigastric region   S30.851
epiglottis   S10.15
esophagus, cervical   S10.15
eyelid   S00.25-
face   S00.85
finger (s)   S60.459
index   S60.45-
little   S60.45-
middle   S60.45-
ring   S60.45-
flank   S30.851
foot (except toe(s) alone)   S90.85-
forearm   S50.85-
forehead   S00.85
female   S30.856
male   S30.855
groin   S30.851
gum   S00.552
hand   S60.55-
head   S00.95
lip   S00.551
nose   S00.35
oral cavity   S00.552
scalp   S00.05
specified site NEC   S00.85
hip   S70.25-
inguinal region   S30.851
interscapular region   S20.459
jaw   S00.85
knee   S80.25-
labium (majus) (minus)   S30.854
larynx   S10.15
leg (lower)   S80.85-
lip   S00.551
lower back   S30.850
lumbar region   S30.850
malar region   S00.85
mastoid region   S00.85
mouth   S00.552
nape   S10.85
nasal   S00.35
neck   S10.95
specified site NEC   S10.85
throat   S10.15
nose   S00.35
occipital region   S00.05
oral cavity   S00.552
palate   S00.552
parietal region   S00.05
pelvis   S30.850
penis   S30.852
female   S30.854
male   S30.850
pharynx   S10.15
prepuce   S30.852
pubic region   S30.850
female   S30.856
male   S30.855
sacral region   S30.850
scalp   S00.05
scrotum   S30.853
shoulder   S40.25-
sternal region   S20.359
submaxillary region   S00.85
submental region   S00.85
supraclavicular fossa   S10.85
supraorbital   S00.85
temple   S00.85
temporal region   S00.85
testis   S30.853
thigh   S70.35-
thorax, thoracic (wall)   S20.95
back   S20.45-
front   S20.35-
throat   S10.15
thumb   S60.35-
toe (s) (lesser)   S90.456
great   S90.45-
tongue   S00.552
trachea   S10.15
tunica vaginalis   S30.853
uvula   S00.552
vagina   S30.854
vocal cords   S10.15
vulva   S30.854
wrist   S60.85-
swallowed   T18.9
trachea    T17.408
asphyxiation    T17.400
food (bone) (seed)   T17.420
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.410
specified type NEC   T17.490
injury NEC    T17.408
food (bone) (seed)   T17.428
gastric contents (vomitus)   T17.418
specified type NEC   T17.498
vitreous (humor)   S05.5-
Forestier''s disease (rhizomelic pseudopolyarthritis)   M35.3
colon, congenital   Q43.8
ureter (congenital)   Q62.39
Formication   R20.2
Fort Bragg fever   A27.89
Fossa see also condition
Foster-Kennedy syndrome   H47.14-
scarlatina anginosa   A38.9
Foul breath   R19.6
Foundling   Z76.1
Fournier disease or gangrene   N49.3
female   N76.89
molar   K00.1
Foville''s (peduncular)disease or syndrome   G46.3
Fox (-Fordyce) disease (apocrine miliaria)   L75.2
Fracture, burst see Fracture, traumatic, by site
Fracture, chronic see Fracture, pathological
Fracture, insufficiency see Fracture, pathologic, by site
Fracture, pathological (pathologic) see also Fracture, traumatic   M84.40
ankle   M84.47-
carpus   M84.44-
clavicle   M84.41-
dental implant   M27.63
dental restorative material    K08.539
with loss of material   K08.531
without loss of material   K08.530
neoplastic disease NEC (see also Neoplasm)   M84.50
ankle   M84.57-
carpus   M84.54-
clavicle   M84.51-
femur   M84.55-
fibula   M84.56-
finger   M84.54-
hip   M84.559
humerus   M84.52-
ilium   M84.550
ischium   M84.550
metacarpus   M84.54-
metatarsus   M84.57-
neck   M84.58
pelvis   M84.550
radius   M84.53-
rib   M84.58
scapula   M84.51-
skull   M84.58
specified site NEC   M84.58
tarsus   M84.57-
tibia   M84.56-
toe   M84.57-
ulna   M84.53-
vertebra   M84.58
osteoporosis   M80.80
specified disease NEC   M84.60
ankle   M84.67-
carpus   M84.64-
clavicle   M84.61-
femur   M84.65-
fibula   M84.66-
finger   M84.64-
hip   M84.65-
humerus   M84.62-
ilium   M84.650
ischium   M84.650
metacarpus   M84.64-
metatarsus   M84.67-
neck   M84.68
radius   M84.63-
rib   M84.68
scapula   M84.61-
skull   M84.68
tarsus   M84.67-
tibia   M84.66-
toe   M84.67-
ulna   M84.63-
vertebra   M84.68
femur   M84.45-
fibula   M84.46-
finger   M84.44-
hip   M84.459
humerus   M84.42-
ilium   M84.454
ischium   M84.454
metacarpus   M84.44-
metatarsus   M84.47-
neck   M84.48
pelvis   M84.454
radius   M84.43-
restorative material (dental)    K08.539
with loss of material   K08.531
without loss of material   K08.530
rib   M84.48
scapula   M84.41-
skull   M84.48
tarsus   M84.47-
tibia   M84.46-
toe   M84.47-
ulna   M84.43-
vertebra   M84.48
Fracture, traumatic (abduction) (adduction) (separation) (see also Fracture, pathological)   T14.8
acetabulum    S32.40-
anterior (displaced) (iliopubic)    S32.43-
nondisplaced   S32.436
posterior (displaced) (ilioischial)    S32.443
nondisplaced   S32.44-
dome (displaced)   S32.48-
nondisplaced   S32.48
specified NEC   S32.49-
transverse (displaced)   S32.45-
with associated posterior wall fracture (displaced)    S32.46-
nondisplaced   S32.46-
nondisplaced   S32.45-
anterior (displaced)    S32.41-
nondisplaced   S32.41-
medial (displaced)    S32.47-
nondisplaced   S32.47-
posterior (displaced)    S32.42-
with associated transverse fracture (displaced)    S32.46-
nondisplaced   S32.46-
nondisplaced   S32.42-
ankle    S82.899
bimalleolar (displaced)   S82.84-
nondisplaced   S82.84-
lateral malleolus only (displaced)   S82.6-
nondisplaced   S82.6-
medial malleolus (displaced)   S82.5-
nondisplaced   S82.5-
trimalleolar (displaced)   S82.85-
nondisplaced   S82.85-
basicervical (basal) (femoral)   S72.0
blow-out   S02.3
bone NEC    T14.8
birth injury   P13.9
implant, joint prosthesis or bone plate
carpal bone (s)    S62.10-
capitate (displaced)   S62.13-
nondisplaced   S62.13-
hamate (body) (displaced)   S62.143
hook process (displaced)    S62.15-
nondisplaced   S62.15-
nondisplaced   S62.14-
lunate (displaced)   S62.12-
nondisplaced   S62.12-
navicular   S62.00-
distal pole (displaced)    S62.01-
nondisplaced   S62.01-
middle third (displaced)    S62.02-
nondisplaced   S62.02-
proximal third (displaced)    S62.03-
nondisplaced   S62.03-
pisiform (displaced)   S62.16-
nondisplaced   S62.16-
trapezium (displaced)   S62.17-
nondisplaced   S62.17-
trapezoid (displaced)   S62.18-
nondisplaced   S62.18-
triquetrum (displaced)   S62.11-
nondisplaced   S62.11-
clavicle    S42.00-
acromial end (displaced)   S42.03-
nondisplaced   S42.03-
birth injury   P13.4
shaft (displaced)   S42.02-
nondisplaced   S42.02-
sternal end (anterior) (displaced)   S42.01-
nondisplaced   S42.01-
posterior   S42.01-
coccyx   S32.2
corpus cavernosum penis   S39.840
costochondral cartilage   S23.41
cricoid cartilage   S12.8
dental restorative material    K08.539
with loss of material   K08.531
without loss of material   K08.530
elbow   S42.40-
face bone   S02.92
vertebra   M48.40
cervical region   M48.42
cervicothoracic region   M48.43
lumbar region   M48.46
lumbosacral region   M48.47
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M48.41
sacrococcygeal region   M48.48
thoracic region   M48.44
thoracolumbar region   M48.45
femur, femoral    S72.9-
basicervical (basal)   S72.0
birth injury   P13.2
capital epiphyseal   S79.01-
following insertion of implant, prosthesis or plate   M96.66-
lower end   S72.40-
condyle (displaced)    S72.41-
lateral (displaced)    S72.42-
nondisplaced   S72.42-
medial (displaced)    S72.43-
nondisplaced   S72.43-
nondisplaced   S72.41-
epiphysis (displaced)    S72.44-
nondisplaced   S72.44-
physeal    S79.10-
Type I   S79.11-
Type II   S79.12-
Type III   S79.13-
Type IV   S79.14-
specified NEC   S79.19-
specified NEC   S72.49-
supracondylar (displaced)    S72.45-
with intracondylar extension (displaced)    S72.46-
nondisplaced   S72.46-
nondisplaced   S72.45-
torus   S72.47-
shaft (lower third) (middle third) (upper third)   S72.30-
comminuted (displaced)    S72.35-
nondisplaced   S72.35-
oblique (displaced)    S72.33-
nondisplaced   S72.33-
segmental (displaced)    S72.36-
nondisplaced   S72.36-
specified NEC   S72.39-
spiral (displaced)    S72.34-
nondisplaced   S72.34-
transverse (displaced)    S72.32-
nondisplaced   S72.32-
specified site NEC see subcategory   S72.8
subcapital (displaced)   S72.01-
subtrochanteric (region) (section) (displaced)   S72.2-
nondisplaced   S72.2-
trochanteric   S72.10-
apophyseal (displaced)    S72.13-
nondisplaced   S72.13-
greater trochanter (displaced)    S72.11-
nondisplaced   S72.11-
intertrochanteric (displaced)    S72.14-
nondisplaced   S72.14-
lesser trochanter (displaced)    S72.12-
nondisplaced   S72.12-
upper end   S72.00-
apophyseal (displaced)    S72.13-
nondisplaced   S72.13-
epiphysis (displaced)    S72.02-
nondisplaced   S72.02-
head    S72.05-
articular (displaced)    S72.06-
nondisplaced   S72.06-
specified NEC   S72.09-
intertrochanteric (displaced)    S72.14-
nondisplaced   S72.14-
intracapsular   S72.01-
midcervical (displaced)    S72.03-
nondisplaced   S72.03-
neck    S72.00-
base (displaced)    S72.04-
nondisplaced   S72.04-
specified NEC   S72.09-
physeal    S79.00-
Salter-Harris type I   S79.01-
specified NEC   S79.09-
subcapital (displaced)   S72.01-
subtrochanteric (displaced)    S72.2-
nondisplaced   S72.2-
trochanteric    S72.10-
greater (displaced)    S72.11-
nondisplaced   S72.11-
lesser (displaced)    S72.12-
nondisplaced   S72.12-
fibula (shaft) (styloid)    S82.40-
comminuted (displaced)   S82.45-
nondisplaced   S82.45-
following insertion of implant, prosthesis or plate   M96.67-
lateral malleolus (displaced)   S82.6-
nondisplaced   S82.6-
physeal    S89.30-
Type I   S89.31-
Type II   S89.32-
specified NEC   S89.39-
specified NEC   S82.83-
torus   S82.82-
oblique (displaced)   S82.43-
nondisplaced   S82.43-
segmental (displaced)   S82.46-
nondisplaced   S82.46-
specified NEC   S82.49-
spiral (displaced)   S82.44-
nondisplaced   S82.44-
transverse (displaced)   S82.42-
nondisplaced   S82.42-
physeal    S89.20-
Type I   S89.21-
Type II   S89.22-
specified NEC   S89.29-
specified NEC   S82.83-
torus   S82.81-
finger (except thumb)    S62.60-
distal phalanx (displaced)   S62.63-
nondisplaced   S62.66-
index   S62.60-
distal phalanx (displaced)    S62.63-
nondisplaced   S62.66-
medial phalanx (displaced)    S62.62-
nondisplaced   S62.65-
proximal phalanx (displaced)    S62.61-
nondisplaced   S62.64-
little   S62.60-
distal phalanx (displaced)    S62.63-
nondisplaced   S62.66-
medial phalanx (displaced)    S62.62-
nondisplaced   S62.65-
proximal phalanx (displaced)    S62.61-
nondisplaced   S62.64-
medial phalanx (displaced)   S62.62-
nondisplaced   S62.65-
middle   S62.60-
distal phalanx (displaced)    S62.63-
nondisplaced   S62.66-
medial phalanx (displaced)    S62.62-
nondisplaced   S62.65-
proximal phalanx (displaced)    S62.61-
nondisplaced   S62.64-
proximal phalanx (displaced)   S62.61-
nondisplaced   S62.64-
ring   S62.60-
distal phalanx (displaced)    S62.63-
nondisplaced   S62.66-
medial phalanx (displaced)    S62.62-
nondisplaced   S62.65-
proximal phalanx (displaced)    S62.61-
nondisplaced   S62.64-
humerus    S42.30-
following insertion of implant, prosthesis or plate   M96.62-
lower end   S42.40-
lateral (displaced)    S42.45-
nondisplaced   S42.45-
medial (displaced)    S42.46-
nondisplaced   S42.46-
lateral (displaced)    S42.43-
nondisplaced   S42.43-
medial (displaced)    S42.44-
incarcerated   S42.44-
nondisplaced   S42.44-
physeal    S49.10-
Type I   S49.11-
Type II   S49.12-
Type III   S49.13-
Type IV   S49.14-
specified NEC   S49.19-
specified NEC (displaced)    S42.49-
nondisplaced   S42.49-
supracondylar (simple) (displaced)    S42.41-
comminuted (displaced)    S42.42-
nondisplaced   S42.42-
nondisplaced   S42.41-
torus   S42.48-
transcondylar (displaced)    S42.47-
nondisplaced   S42.47-
shaft   S42.30-
comminuted (displaced)    S42.35-
nondisplaced   S42.35-
greenstick   S42.31-
oblique (displaced)    S42.33-
nondisplaced   S42.33-
segmental (displaced)    S42.36-
nondisplaced   S42.36-
specified NEC   S42.39-
spiral (displaced)    S42.34-
nondisplaced   S42.34-
transverse (displaced)    S42.32-
nondisplaced   S42.32-
upper end   S42.20-
greater tuberosity (displaced)    S42.25-
nondisplaced   S42.25-
lesser tuberosity (displaced)    S42.26-
nondisplaced   S42.26-
physeal    S49.00-
Type I   S49.01-
Type II   S49.02-
Type III   S49.03-
Type IV   S49.04-
specified NEC   S49.09-
specified NEC (displaced)    S42.29-
nondisplaced   S42.29-
surgical neck (displaced)    S42.21-
four-part   S42.24-
nondisplaced   S42.21-
three-part   S42.23-
two-part (displaced)    S42.22-
nondisplaced   S42.22-
torus   S42.27-
following insertion (intraoperative) (postoperative)of orthopedic implant, joint prosthesis or bone plate    M96.69
femur   M96.66-
fibula   M96.67-
humerus   M96.62-
pelvis   M96.65
radius   M96.63-
specified bone NEC   M96.69
tibia   M96.67-
ulna   M96.63-
foot    S92.90-
forearm    S52.9-
fossa (anterior) (middle) (posterior)   S02.19
frontal (bone) (skull)    S02.0
sinus   S02.19
hand    S62.9-
Hill-Sachs   S42.29-
hyoid bone   S12.8
ilium    S32.30-
avulsion (displaced)   S32.31-
nondisplaced   S32.31-
specified NEC   S32.39-
ischium    S32.60-
avulsion (displaced)   S32.61-
nondisplaced   S32.61-
specified NEC   S32.69-
larynx   S12.8
leg (lower)    S82.9-
specified site NEC   S82.89-
lumbosacral spine   S32.9
Maisonneuve''s (displaced)    S82.86-
nondisplaced   S82.86-
malar bone (see also Fracture, maxilla)   S02.400
mandible (lower jaw (bone))    S02.609
alveolus   S02.67
angle (of jaw)   S02.65
body, unspecified   S02.600
condylar process   S02.61
coronoid process   S02.63
ramus, unspecified   S02.64
specified site NEC   S02.69
subcondylar process   S02.62
symphysis   S02.66
manubrium (sterni)    S22.21
dissociation from sternum   S22.23
maxilla, maxillary (bone) (sinus) (superior) (upper jaw)    S02.401
alveolus   S02.42
LeFort I   S02.411
LeFort II   S02.412
LeFort III   S02.413
metacarpal    S62.309
base (displaced)   S62.319
nondisplaced   S62.349
fifth   S62.30-
base (displaced)    S62.31-
nondisplaced   S62.34-
neck (displaced)    S62.33-
nondisplaced   S62.36-
shaft (displaced)    S62.32-
nondisplaced   S62.35-
specified NEC   S62.398
first   S62.20-
base NEC (displaced)    S62.23-
nondisplaced   S62.23-
neck (displaced)    S62.25-
nondisplaced   S62.25-
shaft (displaced)    S62.24-
nondisplaced   S62.24-
specified NEC   S62.29-
fourth   S62.30-
base (displaced)    S62.31-
nondisplaced   S62.34-
neck (displaced)    S62.33-
nondisplaced   S62.36-
shaft (displaced)    S62.32-
nondisplaced   S62.35-
specified NEC   S62.39-
neck (displaced)   S62.33-
nondisplaced   S62.36-
second   S62.30-
base (displaced)    S62.31-
nondisplaced   S62.34-
neck (displaced)    S62.33-
nondisplaced   S62.36-
shaft (displaced)    S62.32-
nondisplaced   S62.35-
specified NEC   S62.39-
shaft (displaced)   S62.32-
nondisplaced   S62.35-
third   S62.30-
base (displaced)    S62.31-
nondisplaced   S62.34-
neck (displaced)    S62.33-
nondisplaced   S62.36-
shaft (displaced)    S62.32-
nondisplaced   S62.35-
specified NEC   S62.39-
specified NEC   S62.399
metatarsal bone    S92.30-
fifth (displaced)   S92.35-
nondisplaced   S92.35-
first (displaced)   S92.31-
nondisplaced   S92.31-
fourth (displaced)   S92.34-
nondisplaced   S92.34-
second (displaced)   S92.32-
nondisplaced   S92.32-
third (displaced)   S92.33-
nondisplaced   S92.33-
nasal (bone(s))   S02.2
neck    S12.9
cervical vertebra   S12.9
fifth (displaced)    S12.400
nondisplaced   S12.401
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.490
nondisplaced   S12.491
first (displaced)    S12.000
burst (stable)    S12.01
unstable   S12.02
lateral mass (displaced)    S12.040
nondisplaced   S12.041
nondisplaced   S12.001
posterior arch (displaced)    S12.030
nondisplaced   S12.031
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.090
nondisplaced   S12.091
fourth (displaced)    S12.300
nondisplaced   S12.301
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.390
nondisplaced   S12.391
second (displaced)    S12.100
nondisplaced   S12.101
dens (anterior) (displaced) (type II)    S12.110
nondisplaced   S12.112
posterior   S12.111
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.120
nondisplaced    S12.121
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.190
nondisplaced   S12.191
seventh (displaced)    S12.600
nondisplaced   S12.601
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.690
displaced   S12.691
sixth (displaced)    S12.500
nondisplaced   S12.501
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.590
displaced   S12.591
third (displaced)    S12.200
nondisplaced   S12.201
specified type NEC (displaced)    S12.290
displaced   S12.291
hyoid bone   S12.8
larynx   S12.8
specified site NEC   S12.8
thyroid cartilage   S12.8
trachea   S12.8
nose, nasal (bone) (septum)   S02.2
orbit, orbital (bone) (region)    S02.8
floor (blow-out)   S02.3
roof   S02.19
palate   S02.8
parietal bone (skull)   S02.0
patella    S82.00-
comminuted (displaced)   S82.04-
nondisplaced   S82.04-
longitudinal (displaced)   S82.02-
nondisplaced   S82.02-
osteochondral (displaced)   S82.01-
nondisplaced   S82.01-
specified NEC   S82.09-
transverse (displaced)   S82.03-
nondisplaced   S82.03-
pelvis, pelvic (bone)    S32.9
following insertion of implant, prosthesis or plate   M96.65
without disruption of pelvic ring (circle)   S32.82
specified site NEC   S32.89
pubis    S32.50-
specified site NEC   S32.59-
superior rim   S32.51-
radius    S52.9-
following insertion of implant, prosthesis or plate   M96.63-
lower end   S52.50-
extraarticular NEC   S52.55-
intraarticular NEC   S52.57-
physeal    S59.20-
Type I   S59.21-
Type II   S59.22-
Type III   S59.23-
Type IV   S59.24-
specified NEC   S59.29-
specified NEC   S52.59-
styloid process (displaced)    S52.51-
nondisplaced   S52.51-
torus   S52.52-
shaft   S52.30-
bent bone   S52.38-
comminuted (displaced)    S52.35-
nondisplaced   S52.35-
greenstick   S52.31-
oblique (displaced)    S52.33-
nondisplaced   S52.33-
segmental (displaced)    S52.36-
nondisplaced   S52.36-
specified NEC   S52.39-
spiral (displaced)    S52.34-
nondisplaced   S52.34-
transverse (displaced)    S52.32-
nondisplaced   S52.32-
upper end   S52.10-
head (displaced)    S52.12-
nondisplaced   S52.12-
neck (displaced)    S52.13-
nondisplaced   S52.13-
specified NEC   S52.18-
physeal    S59.10-
Type I   S59.11-
Type II   S59.12-
Type III   S59.13-
Type IV   S59.14-
specified NEC   S59.19-
torus   S52.11-
restorative material (dental)    K08.539
with loss of material   K08.531
without loss of material   K08.530
rib    S22.3-
multiple   S22.4-
sacrum    S32.10
specified NEC   S32.19
1   S32.14
2   S32.15
3   S32.16
4   S32.17
I    S32.119
displaced (minimally)    S32.111
severely   S32.112
nondisplaced   S32.110
II    S32.129
displaced (minimally)    S32.121
severely   S32.122
nondisplaced   S32.120
III    S32.139
displaced (minimally)    S32.131
severely   S32.132
nondisplaced   S32.130
scapula    S42.10-
acromial process (displaced)   S42.12-
nondisplaced   S42.12-
body (displaced)   S42.11-
nondisplaced   S42.11-
coracoid process (displaced)   S42.13-
nondisplaced   S42.13-
glenoid cavity (displaced)   S42.14-
nondisplaced   S42.14-
neck (displaced)   S42.15-
nondisplaced   S42.15-
specified NEC   S42.19-
shoulder (girdle)    S42.9-
sinus (ethmoid) (frontal)   S02.19
skull    S02.91
base   S02.10
occiput    S02.119
condyle    S02.113
type I   S02.110
type II   S02.111
type III   S02.112
specified NEC   S02.118
specified NEC   S02.19
birth injury   P13.0
frontal bone   S02.0
parietal bone   S02.0
specified site NEC   S02.8
temporal bone   S02.19
vault   S02.0
sphenoid (bone) (sinus)   S02.19
sternum    S22.20
body   S22.22
manubrium   S22.21
xiphoid (process)   S22.24
stress    M84.30
ankle   M84.37-
carpus   M84.34-
clavicle   M84.31-
femoral neck   M84.359
femur   M84.35-
fibula   M84.36-
finger   M84.34-
hip   M84.359
humerus   M84.32-
ilium   M84.350
ischium   M84.350
metacarpus   M84.34-
metatarsus   M84.37-
pelvis   M84.350
radius   M84.33-
rib   M84.38
scapula   M84.31-
skull   M84.38
tarsus   M84.37-
tibia   M84.36-
toe   M84.37-
ulna   M84.33-
tarsal bone (s)    S92.20-
calcaneus   S92.00-
anterior process (displaced)    S92.02-
nondisplaced   S92.02-
body (displaced)    S92.01-
nondisplaced   S92.01-
extraarticular NEC (displaced)    S92.05-
nondisplaced   S92.05-
intraarticular (displaced)    S92.06-
nondisplaced   S92.06-
tuberosity (displaced)    S92.04-
avulsion (displaced)    S92.03-
nondisplaced   S92.03-
nondisplaced   S92.04-
cuboid (displaced)   S92.21-
nondisplaced   S92.21-
intermediate (displaced)    S92.23-
nondisplaced   S92.23-
lateral (displaced)    S92.22-
nondisplaced   S92.22-
medial (displaced)    S92.24-
nondisplaced   S92.24-
navicular (displaced)   S92.25-
nondisplaced   S92.25-
talus   S92.10-
avulsion (displaced)    S92.15-
nondisplaced   S92.15-
body (displaced)    S92.12-
nondisplaced   S92.12-
dome (displaced)    S92.14-
nondisplaced   S92.14-
head (displaced)    S92.12-
nondisplaced   S92.12-
lateral process (displaced)    S92.14-
nondisplaced   S92.14-
neck (displaced)    S92.11-
nondisplaced   S92.11-
posterior process (displaced)    S92.13-
nondisplaced   S92.13-
specified NEC   S92.19-
temporal bone (styloid)   S02.19
thorax (bony)    S22.9
rib   S22.3-
multiple    S22.4-
sternum   S22.20
body   S22.22
manubrium   S22.21
xiphoid process   S22.24
vertebra (displaced)   S22.009
burst (stable)    S22.001
unstable   S22.002
eighth    S22.069
burst (stable)    S22.061
unstable   S22.062
specified type NEC   S22.068
wedge compression   S22.060
eleventh    S22.089
burst (stable)    S22.081
unstable   S22.082
specified type NEC   S22.088
wedge compression   S22.080
fifth    S22.059
burst (stable)    S22.051
unstable   S22.052
specified type NEC   S22.058
wedge compression   S22.050
first    S22.019
burst (stable)    S22.011
unstable   S22.012
specified type NEC   S22.018
wedge compression   S22.010
fourth    S22.049
burst (stable)    S22.041
unstable   S22.042
specified type NEC   S22.048
wedge compression   S22.040
ninth    S22.079
burst (stable)    S22.071
unstable   S22.072
specified type NEC   S22.078
wedge compression   S22.070
nondisplaced   S22.001
second    S22.029
burst (stable)    S22.021
unstable   S22.022
specified type NEC   S22.028
wedge compression   S22.020
seventh    S22.069
burst (stable)    S22.061
unstable   S22.062
specified type NEC   S22.068
wedge compression   S22.060
sixth    S22.059
burst (stable)    S22.051
unstable   S22.052
specified type NEC   S22.058
wedge compression   S22.050
specified type NEC   S22.008
tenth    S22.079
burst (stable)    S22.071
unstable   S22.072
specified type NEC   S22.078
wedge compression   S22.070
third    S22.039
burst (stable)    S22.031
unstable   S22.032
specified type NEC   S22.038
wedge compression   S22.030
twelfth    S22.089
burst (stable)    S22.081
unstable   S22.082
specified type NEC   S22.088
wedge compression   S22.080
wedge compression   S22.000
thumb    S62.50-
distal phalanx (displaced)   S62.52-
nondisplaced   S62.52-
proximal phalanx (displaced)   S62.51-
nondisplaced   S62.51-
thyroid cartilage   S12.8
tibia (shaft)    S82.20-
comminuted (displaced)   S82.25-
nondisplaced   S82.25-
following insertion of implant, prosthesis or plate   M96.67-
lower end   S82.30-
physeal    S89.10-
Type I   S89.11-
Type II   S89.12-
Type III   S89.13-
Type IV   S89.14-
specified NEC   S89.19-
pilon (displaced)    S82.87-
nondisplaced   S82.87-
specified NEC   S82.39-
torus   S82.31-
oblique (displaced)   S82.23-
nondisplaced   S82.23-
segmental (displaced)   S82.26-
nondisplaced   S82.26-
specified NEC   S82.29-
spiral (displaced)   S82.24-
nondisplaced   S82.24-
transverse (displaced)   S82.22-
nondisplaced   S82.22-
upper end   S82.10-
bicondylar (displaced)    S82.14-
nondisplaced   S82.14-
lateral condyle (displaced)    S82.12-
nondisplaced   S82.12-
medial condyle (displaced)    S82.13-
nondisplaced   S82.13-
physeal    S89.00-
Type I   S89.01-
Type II   S89.02-
Type III   S89.03-
Type IV   S89.04-
specified NEC   S89.09-
spine (displaced)    S82.11-
nondisplaced   S82.11-
torus   S82.16-
specified NEC   S82.19-
tuberosity (displaced)    S82.15-
nondisplaced   S82.15-
toe    S92.91-
great (displaced)   S92.40-
distal phalanx (displaced)    S92.42-
nondisplaced   S92.42-
nondisplaced   S92.40-
proximal phalanx (displaced)    S92.41-
nondisplaced   S92.41-
specified NEC   S92.49-
lesser (displaced)   S92.50-
distal phalanx (displaced)    S92.53-
nondisplaced   S92.53-
medial phalanx (displaced)    S92.52-
nondisplaced   S92.52-
nondisplaced   S92.50-
proximal phalanx (displaced)    S92.51-
nondisplaced   S92.51-
specified NEC   S92.59-
tooth (root)   S02.5
trachea (cartilage)   S12.8
ulna (shaft)    S52.20-
bent bone   S52.28-
following insertion of implant, prosthesis or plate   M96.63-
head   S52.00-
lower end   S52.60-
physeal    S59.00-
Type I   S59.01-
Type II   S59.02-
Type III   S59.03-
Type IV   S59.04-
specified NEC   S59.09-
specified NEC   S52.69-
styloid process (displaced)    S52.61-
nondisplaced   S52.61-
torus   S52.62-
shaft   S52.20-
comminuted (displaced)    S52.25-
nondisplaced   S52.25-
greenstick   S52.21-
oblique (displaced)    S52.23-
nondisplaced   S52.23-
segmental (displaced)    S52.26-
nondisplaced   S52.26-
specified NEC   S52.29-
spiral (displaced)    S52.24-
nondisplaced   S52.24-
transverse (displaced)    S52.22-
nondisplaced   S52.22-
upper end   S52.00-
coronoid process (displaced)    S52.04-
nondisplaced   S52.04-
olecranon process (displaced)    S52.02-
with intraarticular extension   S52.03-
nondisplaced    S52.02-
with intraarticular extension   S52.03-
specified NEC   S52.09-
torus   S52.01-
vault of skull   S02.0
cervical (teardrop)   S12.9
chronic   M84.48
coccyx   S32.2
lumbar   S32.009
burst (stable)    S32.001
unstable   S32.002
fifth    S32.059
burst (stable)    S32.051
unstable   S32.052
specified type NEC   S32.058
wedge compression   S32.050
first    S32.019
burst (stable)    S32.011
unstable   S32.012
specified type NEC   S32.018
wedge compression   S32.010
fourth    S32.049
burst (stable)    S32.041
unstable   S32.042
specified type NEC   S32.048
wedge compression   S32.040
second    S32.029
burst (stable)    S32.021
unstable   S32.022
specified type NEC   S32.028
wedge compression   S32.020
specified type NEC   S32.008
third    S32.039
burst (stable)    S32.031
unstable   S32.032
specified type NEC   S32.038
wedge compression   S32.030
wedge compression   S32.000
newborn (birth injury)   P11.5
sacrum   S32.10
specified NEC   S32.19
1   S32.14
2   S32.15
3   S32.16
4   S32.17
I    S32.119
displaced (minimally)    S32.111
severely    S32.112
nondisplaced   S32.110
II    S32.129
displaced (minimally)    S32.121
severely    S32.122
nondisplaced   S32.120
III    S32.139
displaced (minimally)    S32.131
severely    S32.132
nondisplaced   S32.130
vertex   S02.0
vomer (bone)   S02.2
wrist    S62.10-
xiphisternum, xiphoid (process)   S22.24
zygoma   S02.402
gummatous   A66.4
of early yaws   A66.2
Fragile, fragility
autosomal site   Q95.5
bone, congenital (with blue sclera)   Q78.0
capillary (hereditary)   D69.8
hair   L67.8
nails   L60.3
non-sex chromosome site   Q95.5
X chromosome   Q99.2
crinium   L67.8
ossium (with blue sclerae) (hereditary)   Q78.0
unguium    L60.3
congenital   Q84.6
Fragments, cataract (lens), following cataract surgery   H59.02-
Frailty (frail) R54
mental   R41.81
Frambesia, frambesial (tropica) see also Yaws
initial lesion or ulcer   A66.0
primary   A66.0
Frambesioma   A66.1
Franceschetti-Klein (-Wildervanck)disease or syndrome   Q75.4
Francis'' disease see Tularemia
Franklin disease   C88.2
Frank''s essential thrombocytopenia   D69.3
Fraser''s syndrome   Q87.0
Freckle (s)   L81.2
retinal   D49.81
Frederickson''s hyperlipoproteinemia, type
I and V   E78.3
IIA   E78.0
IIB and III   E78.2
IV   E78.1
Freeman Sheldon syndrome   Q87.0
Freezing (see also Effect, adverse, cold)   T69.9
Freiberg''s disease (infraction of metatarsal head or osteochondrosis) see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, metatarsus
Frei''s disease A55
Fremitus, friction, cardiac   R01.2
Frenum, frenulum
external os   Q51.828
tongue (shortening) (congenital)   Q38.1
Frequency micturition (nocturnal)   R35.0
psychogenic   F45.8
Frey''s syndrome
auriculotemporal   G50.8
hyperhidrosis   L74.52
fremitus, cardiac   R01.2
precordial   R01.2
sounds, chest   R09.89
Friderichsen-Waterhouse syndrome or disease   A39.1
Friedlnder''s B (bacillus)NEC (see also condition)   A49.8
ataxia   G11.1
combined systemic disease   G11.1
facial hemihypertrophy   Q67.4
sclerosis (cerebellum) (spinal cord)   G11.1
Frigidity   F52.22
Frhlich''s syndrome   E23.6
Frontal see also condition
lobe syndrome   F07.0
Frostbite (superficial)   T33.90
tissue necrosis   T34.90
abdominal wall    T33.3
with tissue necrosis   T34.3
ankle    T33.81-
with tissue necrosis   T34.81-
arm    T33.4-
with tissue necrosis   T34.4-
ear    T33.01-
with tissue necrosis   T34.01-
face    T33.09
with tissue necrosis   T34.09
finger    T33.53-
with tissue necrosis   T34.53-
foot    T33.82-
with tissue necrosis   T34.82-
hand    T33.52-
with tissue necrosis   T34.52-
head    T33.09
with tissue necrosis   T34.09
hip (and thigh)    T33.6-
with tissue necrosis   T34.6-
knee    T33.7-
with tissue necrosis   T34.7-
leg    T33.9-
with tissue necrosis   T34.9-
lower   T33.7-
with tissue necrosis   T34.7-
lower   T33.99
with tissue necrosis   T34.99
neck    T33.1
with tissue necrosis   T34.1
nose    T33.02
with tissue necrosis   T34.02
pelvis    T33.3
with tissue necrosis   T34.3
specified site NEC    T33.99
with tissue necrosis   T34.99
thorax    T33.2
with tissue necrosis   T34.2
toes    T33.83-
with tissue necrosis   T34.83-
trunk    T33.99
with tissue necrosis   T34.99
wrist    T33.51-
with tissue necrosis   T34.51-
Frotteurism   F65.81
Frozen (see also Effect, adverse, cold)   T69.9
pelvis (female)    N94.89
male   K66.8
Fructokinase deficiency   E74.11
Fructose 1,6 diphosphatase deficiency   E74.19
Fructosemia (benign) (essential)   E74.12
Fructosuria (benign) (essential)   E74.11
black spot (myopic)   H44.2-
dystrophy (corneal endothelium)   H18.51
Fucosidosis   E77.1
Fugue   R68.89
dissociative   F44.1
hysterical (dissociative)   F44.1
reaction to exceptional stress (transient)   F43.0
Fulminant, fulminating see condition
Functional see also condition
bleeding (uterus)   N93.8
Functioning, intellectual, borderline   R41.83
Fundus see condition
Fungemia NOS B49
Fungus, fungous
cerebral   G93.89
Funiculitis (acute) (chronic) (endemic)   N49.1
gonococcal (acute) (chronic)   A54.23
tuberculous   A18.15
breast (acquired)    M95.4
congenital   Q67.6
sequelae (late effect)of rickets   E64.3
chest (acquired)    M95.4
congenital   Q67.6
sequelae (late effect)of rickets   E64.3
pelvis (acquired)    M95.5
with disproportion (fetopelvic)   O33.3
causing obstructed labor   O65.3
congenital   Q74.2
FUO (fever of unknown origin)   R50.9
Furfur   L21.0
microsporon   B36.0
Furrier''s lung   J67.8
Furrowed   K14.5
nail (s) (transverse)    L60.4
congenital   Q84.6
tongue    K14.5
congenital   Q38.3
Furuncle   L02.92
abdominal wall   L02.221
anus   K61.0
axilla (region)   L02.42-
back (any part)   L02.222
buttock   L02.32
cheek (external)   L02.02
chest wall   L02.223
chin   L02.02
corpus cavernosum   N48.21
face   L02.02
flank   L02.221
foot   L02.62-
forehead   L02.02
gluteal (region)   L02.32
groin   L02.224
hand   L02.52-
head    L02.821
face   L02.02
labium (majus) (minus)   N76.4
lower limb   L02.42-
malignant   A22.0
mouth   K12.2
navel   L02.226
neck   L02.12
nose   J34.0
partes posteriores   L02.32
pectoral region   L02.223
penis   N48.21
perineum   L02.225
scalp   L02.821
seminal vesicle   N49.0
specified site NEC   L02.828
submandibular   K12.2
temple (region)   L02.02
trunk    L02.229
abdominal wall   L02.221
back   L02.222
chest wall   L02.223
groin   L02.224
perineum   L02.225
umbilicus   L02.226
umbilicus   L02.226
upper limb   L02.42-
vulva   N76.4
Furunculosis see Furuncle
Fused see Fusion, fused
Fusion, fused (congenital)
astragaloscaphoid   Q74.2
atria   Q21.1
auditory canal   Q16.1
auricles, heart   Q21.1
binocular with defective stereopsis   H53.32
bone   Q79.8
cervical spine   M43.22
choanal   Q30.0
commissure, mitral valve   Q23.2
cusps, heart valve NEC    Q24.8
mitral   Q23.2
pulmonary   Q22.1
tricuspid   Q22.4
ear ossicles   Q16.3
fingers   Q70.0-
hymen   Q52.3
congenital   Q74.8
kidneys (incomplete)   Q63.1
labium (majus) (minus)   Q52.5
larynx and trachea   Q34.8
limb, congenital    Q74.8
lower   Q74.2
upper   Q74.0
lobes, lung   Q33.8
lumbosacral (acquired)    M43.27
arthrodesis status   Z98.1
congenital   Q76.49
postprocedural status   Z98.1
nares, nose, nasal, nostril (s)   Q30.0
ossicles    Q79.9
auditory   Q16.3
pulmonic cusps   Q22.1
ribs   Q76.6
sacroiliac (joint) (acquired)    M43.28
arthrodesis status   Z98.1
congenital   Q74.2
postprocedural status   Z98.1
spine (acquired)NEC    M43.20
arthrodesis status   Z98.1
cervical region   M43.22
cervicothoracic region   M43.23
congenital   Q76.49
lumbar   M43.26
lumbosacral region   M43.27
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M43.21
postoperative status   Z98.1
sacrococcygeal region   M43.28
thoracic region   M43.24
thoracolumbar region   M43.25
sublingual duct with submaxillary duct at opening in mouth   Q38.4
testes   Q55.1
toes   Q70.2-
tooth, teeth   K00.2
trachea and esophagus   Q39.8
twins   Q89.4
vagina   Q52.4
ventricles, heart   Q21.0
vulva   Q52.5
Fusospirillosis (mouth) (tongue) (tonsil)   A69.1
Fussy baby   R68.12