ICD 10 CM Index

Eales'' disease   H35.06-
Ear see also condition
piercing   Z41.3
tropical   B36.8
wax (impacted)    H61.20
left   H61.22
with right   H61.23
right   H61.21
with left   H61.23
Earache see subcategory   H92.0
Early satiety   R68.81
Eaton-Lambert syndrome see Syndrome, Lambert-Eaton
Eberth''s disease (typhoid fever)   A01.00
Ebola virus disease   A98.4
Ebstein''s anomaly or syndrome (heart)   Q22.5
Eccentro-osteochondrodysplasia   E76.29
Ecchondroma see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Ecchondrosis   D48.0
Ecchymosis R58
newborn   P54.5
spontaneous   R23.3
Echinococciasis see Echinococcus
Echinococcosis see Echinococcus
Echinococcus (infection)   B67.90
granulosus    B67.4
bone   B67.2
liver   B67.0
lung   B67.1
multiple sites   B67.32
specified site NEC   B67.39
liver NOS    B67.8
granulosus   B67.0
multilocularis   B67.5
lung NEC    B67.99
granulosus   B67.1
multilocularis   B67.69
multilocularis    B67.7
liver   B67.5
multiple sites   B67.61
specified site NEC   B67.69
specified site NEC    B67.99
granulosus   B67.39
multilocularis   B67.69
thyroid NEC    B67.99
Echinorhynchiasis   B83.8
Echinostomiasis   B66.8
Echolalia   R48.8
Echovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.12
Eclampsia, eclamptic (coma) (convulsions) (delirium) (with hypertension)NEC   O15.9
during labor and delivery   O15.1
postpartum   O15.2
pregnancy   O15.0-
puerperal   O15.2
Economic circumstances affecting care   Z59.9
Economo''s disease   A85.8
Ectasia, ectasis
annuloaortic   I35.8
aorta    I77.819
abdominal   I77.811
thoracic   I77.810
thoracoabdominal   I77.812
capillary   I78.8
cornea   H18.71-
gastric antral vascular (GAVE)    K31.819
with hemorrhage   K31.811
without hemorrhage   K31.819
mammary duct   N60.4-
salivary gland (duct)   K11.8
Ecthyma   L08.0
contagiosum   B08.02
gangrenosum   L08.0
infectiosum   B08.02
Ectocardia   Q24.8
Ectodermal dysplasia (anhidrotic)   Q82.4
Ectodermosis erosiva pluriorificialis   L51.1
Ectopic, ectopia (congenital)
abdominal viscera    Q45.8
due to defect in anterior abdominal wall   Q79.59
ACTH syndrome   E24.3
adrenal gland   Q89.1
anus   Q43.5
atrial beats   I49.1
beats    I49.49
atrial   I49.1
ventricular   I49.3
bladder   Q64.10
bone and cartilage in lung   Q33.5
brain   Q04.8
breast tissue   Q83.8
cardiac   Q24.8
cerebral   Q04.8
cordis   Q24.8
gastric mucosa   Q40.2
heart   Q24.8
hormone secretion NEC   E34.2
kidney (crossed) (pelvis)   Q63.2
lens, lentis   Q12.1
pancreas   Q45.3
renal   Q63.2
sebaceous glands of mouth   Q38.6
spleen   Q89.09
testis    Q53.00
bilateral   Q53.02
unilateral   Q53.01
thyroid   Q89.2
tissue in lung   Q33.5
ureter   Q62.63
ventricular beats   I49.3
vesicae   Q64.10
Ectromelia   Q73.8
Ectropion   H02.109
congenital   Q10.1
eyelid (paralytic)    H02.109
cicatricial   H02.119
left    H02.116
lower   H02.115
upper   H02.114
right    H02.113
lower   H02.112
upper   H02.111
congenital   Q10.1
left   H02.106
lower   H02.105
upper   H02.104
mechanical   H02.129
left    H02.126
lower   H02.125
upper   H02.124
right    H02.123
lower   H02.122
upper   H02.121
right   H02.103
lower   H02.102
upper   H02.101
senile   H02.139
left    H02.136
lower   H02.135
upper   H02.134
right    H02.133
lower   H02.132
upper   H02.131
spastic   H02.149
left    H02.146
lower   H02.145
upper   H02.144
right    H02.143
lower   H02.142
upper   H02.141
iris   H21.89
lip (acquired)    K13.0
congenital   Q38.0
urethra   N36.8
uvea   H21.89
Eczema (acute) (chronic) (erythematous) (fissum) (rubrum) (squamous) (see also Dermatitis)   L30.9
dyshydrotic   L30.1
flexural   L20.82
herpeticum   B00.0
hypertrophicum   L28.0
impetiginous   L01.1
infantile (due to any substance)    L20.83
intertriginous   L21.1
seborrheic   L21.1
intertriginous NEC    L30.4
infantile   L21.1
intrinsic (allergic)   L20.84
lichenified NEC   L28.0
marginatum (hebrae)   B35.6
pustular   L30.3
vaccination, vaccinatum   T88.1
Eczematid   L30.2
Eddowes (-Spurway)syndrome   Q78.0
Edema, edematous (infectious) (pitting) (toxic)   R60.9
allergic   T78.3
amputation stump (surgical) (sequelae (late effect))   T87.89
angioneurotic (allergic) (any site) (with urticaria)    T78.3
hereditary   D84.1
angiospastic   I73.9
Berlin''s (traumatic)   S05.8X-
brain (cytotoxic) (vasogenic)    G93.6
due to birth injury   P11.0
newborn (anoxia or hypoxia)   P52.4
birth injury   P11.0
cervix (uteri) (acute)    N88.8
puerperal, postpartum   O90.89
chronic hereditary   Q82.0
circumscribed, acute    T78.3
hereditary   D84.1
conjunctiva   H11.42-
cornea    H18.2-
idiopathic   H18.22-
secondary   H18.23-
due to contact lens   H18.21-
lymphatic obstruction   I89.0
salt retention   E87.0
essential, acute    T78.3
hereditary   D84.1
eyelid NEC    H02.849
left   H02.846
lower   H02.845
upper   H02.844
right   H02.843
lower   H02.842
upper   H02.841
familial, hereditary   Q82.0
generalized   R60.1
glottis, glottic, glottidis (obstructive) (passive)    J38.4
allergic   T78.3
hereditary   D84.1
heat   T67.7
hereditary   Q82.0
intracranial   G93.6
iris   H21.89
legs    R60.0
due to venous obstruction   I87.1
hereditary   Q82.0
localized    R60.0
due to venous obstruction   I87.1
lung    J81.1
acute   J81.0
chemical (acute)   J68.1
chronic   J68.1
chronic   J81.1
chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors (inhalation)   J68.1
external agent    J70.9
specified NEC   J70.8
radiation   J70.1
chemicals, fumes or vapors (inhalation)   J68.1
external agent    J70.9
specified NEC   J70.8
high altitude   T70.29
near drowning   T75.1
radiation   J70.0
meaning failure, left ventricle   I50.1
lymphatic    I89.0
due to mastectomy   I97.2
macula    H35.81
Milroy''s   Q82.0
nasopharynx   J39.2
newborn    P83.30
specified NEC   P83.39
orbit   H05.22-
pancreas   K86.8
penis   N48.89
periodic    T78.3
hereditary   D84.1
pharynx   J39.2
Quincke''s    T78.3
hereditary   D84.1
retina    H35.81
salt   E87.0
scrotum   N50.8
seminal vesicle   N50.8
spermatic cord   N50.8
spinal (cord) (vascular) (nontraumatic)   G95.19
testis   N44.8
tunica vaginalis   N50.8
vas deferens   N50.8
vulva (acute)   N90.89
Edentulism see Absence, teeth, acquired
Edsall''s disease   T67.2
Educational handicap   Z55.9
specified NEC   Z55.8
Edward''s syndrome see Trisomy, 18
Effect, adverse
abnormal gravitational (G)forces or states   T75.81
air pressure    T70.9
specified NEC   T70.8
anesthesia (see also Anesthesia)    T88.59
in labor and delivery   O74.9
in pregnancy NEC   O29.3-
in labor and delivery   O74.4
postpartum, puerperal   O89.3
postpartum, puerperal   O89.9
specified NEC   T88.59
in labor and delivery   O74.8
postpartum, puerperal   O89.8
spinal and epidural   T88.59
headache    T88.59
in labor and delivery   O74.5
postpartum, puerperal   O89.4
in labor and delivery   O74.6
postpartum, puerperal   O89.5
atmospheric pressure    T70.9
due to explosion   T70.8
high   T70.3
specified effect NEC   T70.8
cold (temperature) (weather)    T69.9
chilblains   T69.1
specified effect NEC   T69.8
drugs and medicaments    T88.7
electric current, electricity (shock)    T75.4
exertion (excessive)   T73.3
external cause NEC   T75.89
foodstuffs    T78.1
gases, fumes, or vapors    T59.9-
high altitude NEC    T70.29
anoxia   T70.29
ears   T70.0
sinuses   T70.1
polycythemia   D75.1
high pressure fluids   T70.4
hunger   T73.0
dermatitis or eczema   L59.8
medical care    T88.9
specified NEC   T88.8
motion   T75.3
noise, on inner ear see subcategory   H83.3
psychosocial, of work environment   Z56.5
fibrosis of lung   J70.1
pneumonitis   J70.0
acute   J70.0
chronic   J70.1
skin   L59.9
reduced temperature    T69.9
specified effect NEC   T69.8
serum NEC (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
specified NEC    T78.8
external cause NEC   T75.89
submersion   T75.1
thirst   T73.1
acute   L56.8
water pressure NEC    T70.9
specified NEC   T70.8
weightlessness   T75.82
work environment   Z56.5
Effect (s) (of) (from) see Effect, adverse NEC
Effects, late see Sequelae
anagen   L65.1
telogen   L65.0
Effort syndrome (psychogenic)   F45.8
brain (serous)   G93.6
cerebral   G93.6
vessel   G93.6
chylous, chyliform (pleura)   J94.0
intracranial   G93.6
joint    M25.40
ankle   M25.47-
elbow   M25.42-
foot joint   M25.47-
hand joint   M25.44-
hip   M25.45-
knee   M25.46-
shoulder   M25.41-
specified joint NEC   M25.48
wrist   M25.43-
malignant pleural   J91.0
pericardium, pericardial (noninflammatory)    I31.3
peritoneal (chronic)   R18.8
chylous, chyliform   J94.0
due to systemic lupus erythematosis   M32.13
malignant   J91.0
newborn   P28.89
tuberculous NEC   A15.6
primary (progressive)   A15.7
Egg shell nails   L60.3
congenital   Q84.6
Egyptian splenomegaly   B65.1
Ehrlichiosis   A77.40
E chafeensis   A77.41
E sennetsu   A79.81
specified organism NEC   A77.49
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome   Q79.6
Eichstedt''s disease   B36.0
complex or syndrome   I27.89
defect   Q21.8
painful   N53.12
premature   F52.4
retarded   N53.11
retrograde   N53.14
semen, painful    N53.12
psychogenic   F52.6
Ekbom''s syndrome (restless legs)   G25.81
Ekman''s syndrome (brittle bones and blue sclera)   Q78.0
Elastic skin   Q82.8
acquired   L57.4
Elastofibroma see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Elastoma (juvenile)   Q82.8
Miescher''s   L87.2
Elastomyofibrosis   I42.4
actinic, solar   L57.8
atrophicans (senile)   L57.4
perforans serpiginosa   L87.2
senilis   L57.4
Elbow see condition
Electric current, electricity, effects (concussion) (fatal) (nonfatal) (shock)   T75.4
Electric feet syndrome   E53.8
Electrocution   T75.4
from electroshock gun (taser)   T75.4
Electrolyte imbalance   E87.8
ectopic pregnancy   O08.5
molar pregnancy   O08.5
Elephantiasis (nonfilarial)   I89.0
streptococcal   I89.0
bancroftian   B74.0
congenital (any site) (hereditary)   Q82.0
Brugia (malayi)   B74.1
timori   B74.2
mastectomy   I97.2
Wuchereria (bancrofti)   B74.0
eyelid    H02.859
left   H02.856
lower   H02.855
upper   H02.854
right   H02.853
lower   H02.852
upper   H02.851
glandular   I89.0
graecorum   A30.9
lymphangiectatic   I89.0
lymphatic vessel    I89.0
due to mastectomy   I97.2
scrotum (nonfilarial)   I89.0
surgical    I97.89
postmastectomy   I97.2
telangiectodes   I89.0
vulva (nonfilarial)   N90.89
Elevated, elevation
antibody titer   R76.0
basal metabolic rate   R94.8
reading (incidental) (isolated) (nonspecific), no diagnosis of hypertension   R03.0
blood sugar   R73.9
body temperature (of unknown origin)   R50.9
C-reactive protein (CRP)   R79.82
cancer antigen 125 CA 125   R97.1
carcinoembryonic antigen CEA   R97.0
cholesterol    E78.0
with high triglycerides   E78.2
conjugate, eye   H51.0
diaphragm, congenital   Q79.1
erythrocyte sedimentation rate   R70.0
fasting glucose   R73.01
fasting triglycerides   E78.1
glucose tolerance (oral)   R73.02
immunoglobulin level   R76.8
indoleacetic acid   R82.5
lactic acid dehydrogenase (LDH)level   R74.0
leukocytes   D72.829
lipoprotein a level   E78.8
study   R94.5
test   R79.89
alkaline phosphatase   R74.8
aminotransferase   R74.0
hepatic enzyme   R74.8
lactate dehydrogenase   R74.0
lymphocytes   D72.820
prostate specific antigen PSA   R97.2
scapula, congenital   Q74.0
sedimentation rate   R70.0
SGOT   R74.0
SGPT   R74.0
transaminase level   R74.0
triglycerides    E78.1
with high cholesterol   E78.2
tumor associated antigens TAA NEC   R97.8
tumor specific antigens TSA NEC   R97.8
catecholamine   R82.5
indoleacetic acid   R82.5
17-ketosteroids   R82.5
steroids   R82.5
vanillylmandelic acid (VMA)   R82.5
venous pressure   I87.8
white blood cell count    D72.829
specified NEC   D72.828
Elliptocytosis (congenital) (hereditary)   D58.1
Hb C (disease)   D58.1
hemoglobin disease   D58.1
sickle-cell (disease)    D57.8-
trait   D57.3
Ellison-Zollinger syndrome   E16.4
Ellis-van Creveld syndrome (chondroectodermal dysplasia)   Q77.6
Elongated, elongation (congenital) see also Distortion
bone   Q79.9
cervix (uteri)    Q51.828
acquired   N88.4
hypertrophic   N88.4
colon   Q43.8
common bile duct   Q44.5
cystic duct   Q44.5
frenulum, penis   Q55.69
labia minora (acquired)   N90.6
ligamentum patellae   Q74.1
petiolus (epiglottidis)   Q31.8
tooth, teeth   K00.2
uvula   Q38.6
Eltor cholera   A00.1
Emaciation (due to malnutrition) E41
Embadomoniasis   A07.8
Embedded tooth, teeth   K01.0
root only   K08.3
Embolic see condition
Embolism (multiple) (paradoxical)   I74.9
air (any site) (traumatic)    T79.0
ectopic pregnancy   O08.2
infusion, therapeutic injection or transfusion   T80.0
molar pregnancy   O08.2
artery    T81.719
mesenteric   T81.710
renal   T81.711
specified NEC   T81.718
vein   T81.72
ectopic pregnancy   O08.2
molar pregnancy   O08.2
aorta, aortic    I74.10
abdominal   I74.09
saddle   I74.01
bifurcation   I74.09
saddle   I74.01
thoracic   I74.11
artery    I74.9
auditory, internal   I65.8
cerebellar (anterior inferior) (posterior inferior) (superior)   I66.3
choroidal (anterior)   I66.8
communicating posterior   I66.8
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
extremity   I74.4
lower   I74.3
upper   I74.2
hypophyseal   I66.8
iliac   I74.5
limb   I74.4
lower   I74.3
upper   I74.2
mesenteric (with gangrene)   K55.0
peripheral   I74.4
pontine   I66.8
renal   N28.0
specified NEC   I74.8
basilar (artery)   I65.1
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.2
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.2
capillary   I78.8
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
arterial graft NEC   T82.818
breast (implant)   T85.81
catheter NEC   T85.81
dialysis (renal)    T82.818
intraperitoneal   T85.81
infusion NEC    T82.818
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.81
urinary (indwelling)   T83.81
bone   T84.81
cardiac   T82.817
nervous system (brain) (peripheral nerve) (spinal)   T85.81
urinary   T83.81
fixation, internal (orthopedic)NEC   T84.81
gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus)   T85.81
genital NEC   T83.81
heart (graft) (valve)   T82.817
joint prosthesis   T84.81
ocular (corneal graft) (orbital implant)   T85.81
orthopedic (bone graft)NEC   T86.838
specified NEC   T85.81
urinary (graft)NEC   T83.81
vascular NEC   T82.818
ventricular intracranial shunt   T85.81
arterial   I74.3
upper   I74.2
eye   H34.9
fat (cerebral) (pulmonary) (systemic)    T79.1
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.2
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.2
air   T80.0
not resulting in infarction   I24.0
hepatic (vein)   I82.0
intestine (artery) (vein) (with gangrene)   K55.0
nonpyogenic   I67.6
nonpyogenic   G95.19
kidney (artery)   N28.0
arterial   I74.3
meninges   I66.8
mesenteric (artery) (vein) (with gangrene)   K55.0
childbirth   O88.82
air   O88.02
amniotic fluid   O88.12
blood clot   O88.22
fat   O88.82
pyemic   O88.32
septic   O88.32
specified type NEC   O88.82
pregnancy   O88.81-
air   O88.01-
amniotic fluid   O88.11-
blood clot   O88.21-
fat   O88.81-
pyemic   O88.31-
septic   O88.31-
specified type NEC   O88.81-
puerperal   O88.83
air   O88.03
amniotic fluid   O88.13
blood clot   O88.23
fat   O88.83
pyemic   O88.33
septic   O88.33
specified type NEC   O88.83
penis   N48.81
peripheral artery NOS   I74.4
pituitary   E23.6
popliteal (artery)   I74.3
artery   T81.719
mesenteric   T81.710
renal   T81.711
specified NEC   T81.718
vein   T81.72
pulmonary (acute) (artery) (vein)    I26.99
with acute cor pulmonale   I26.09
chronic   I27.82
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.2
healed or old   Z86.711
personal history of   Z86.711
saddle   I26.92
with acute cor pulmonale   I26.02
septic   I26.90
with acute cor pulmonale   I26.01
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.2
Hemophilus influenzae   A41.3
pneumococcal   A40.3
specified organism NEC   A41.89
staphylococcal   A41.2
streptococcal   A40.9
renal (artery)    N28.0
vein   I82.3
abdominal aorta   I74.01
pulmonary artery   I26.92
with acute cor pulmonale   I26.02
spinal cord    G95.19
pyogenic origin   G06.1
spleen, splenic (artery)   I74.8
upper extremity   I74.2
vein (acute)    I82.90
antecubital   I82.61-
chronic   I82.71-
axillary   I82.A1-
chronic   I82.A2-
basilic   I82.61-
chronic   I82.71-
brachial   I82.62-
chronic   I82.72-
brachiocephalic (innominate)   I82.290
chronic   I82.291
cephalic   I82.61-
chronic   I82.71-
chronic   I82.91
deep (DVT)   I82.40-
calf    I82.4Z-
chronic   I82.5Z-
lower leg    I82.4Z-
chronic   I82.5Z-
thigh    I82.4Y-
chronic   I82.5Y-
upper leg    I82.4Y
chronic   I82.5y--
femoral   I82.41-
chronic   I82.51-
iliac (iliofemoral)   I82.42-
chronic   I82.52-
innominate   I82.290
chronic   I82.291
internal jugular   I82.C1-
chronic   I82.C2-
deep    I82.40-
chronic   I82.50-
specified NEC    I82.49-
chronic NEC   I82.59-
deep   I82.4Z-
deep    I82.4Y-
chronic   I82.5Y-
superficial   I82.81-
popliteal   I82.43-
chronic   I82.53-
radial   I82.62-
chronic   I82.72-
renal   I82.3
saphenous (greater) (lesser)   I82.81-
specified NEC   I82.890
chronic NEC   I82.891
subclavian   I82.B1-
chronic   I82.B2-
thoracic NEC   I82.290
chronic   I82.291
tibial   I82.44-
chronic   I82.54-
ulnar   I82.62-
chronic   I82.72-
upper extremity   I82.60-
chronic   I82.70-
deep    I82.62-
chronic   I82.72-
superficial    I82.61-
chronic   I82.71-
inferior (acute)   I82.220
chronic   I82.221
superior (acute)   I82.210
chronic   I82.211
Enamel pearls   K00.2
Embolus see Embolism
Embryoma see also Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
kidney   C64.-
liver   C22.0
kidney   C64.-
liver   C22.0
testis   C62.9-
descended (scrotal)   C62.1-
undescended   C62.0-
testis    C62.9-
descended (scrotal)   C62.1-
undescended   C62.0-
circulation   Q28.9
heart   Q28.9
vas deferens   Q55.4
Embryopathia NOS   Q89.9
Embryotoxon   Q13.4
Emesis see Vomiting
Emotional lability   R45.86
Emotionality, pathological   F60.3
Emotogenic disease see Disorder, psychogenic
Emphysema (atrophic) (bullous) (chronic) (interlobular) (lung) (obstructive) (pulmonary) (senile) (vesicular)   J43.9
cellular tissue (traumatic)    T79.7
surgical   T81.82
centrilobular   J43.2
compensatory   J98.3
congenital (interstitial)   P25.0
conjunctiva   H11.89
connective tissue (traumatic)    T79.7
surgical   T81.82
due to chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors   J68.4
surgical   T81.82
traumatic   T79.7
interstitial    J98.2
congenital   P25.0
perinatal period   P25.0
laminated tissue    T79.7
surgical   T81.82
mediastinal    J98.2
newborn   P25.2
panacinar   J43.1
panlobular   J43.1
specified NEC   J43.8
subcutaneous (traumatic)    T79.7
nontraumatic   J98.2
postprocedural   T81.82
surgical   T81.82
surgical   T81.82
thymus (gland) (congenital)   E32.8
traumatic (subcutaneous)   T79.7
unilateral   J43.0
Enameloma   K00.2
Empty nest syndrome   Z60.0
Empyema (acute) (chest) (double) (pleura) (supradiaphragmatic) (thorax)   J86.9
with fistula   J86.0
gallbladder   K81.0
maxilla, maxillary    M27.2
tuberculous   A15.6
En coup de sabre lesion   L94.1
Enanthema, viral B09
Encephalitis (chronic) (hemorrhagic) (idiopathic) (nonepidemic) (spurious) (subacute)   G04.90
disseminated   G04.00
infectious   G04.01
noninfectious   G04.81
postimmunization (postvaccination)   G04.02
postinfectious   G04.01
inclusion body   A85.8
necrotizing hemorrhagic   G04.30
postimmunization   G04.32
postinfectious   G04.31
specified NEC   G04.39
arboviral, arbovirus NEC   A85.2
arthropod-borne NEC (viral)   A85.2
Australian   A83.4
California (virus)   A83.5
Central European (tick-borne)   A84.1
Czechoslovakian   A84.1
Dawson''s (inclusion body)   A81.1
diffuse sclerosing   A81.1
disseminated, acute   G04.00
cat scratch disease   A28.1
smallpox inoculation   G04.02
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)disease B20   G05.3
Eastern equine   A83.2
equine (acute) (infectious) (viral)    A83.9
Eastern   A83.2
Venezuelan   A92.2
Western   A83.1
Far Eastern (tick-borne)   A84.0
following vaccination or other immunization procedure   G04.02
herpes zoster   B02.0
herpesviral    B00.4
due to herpesvirus 6   B10.01
due to herpesvirus 7   B10.09
specified NEC   B10.09
Ilheus (virus)   A83.8
inclusion body   A81.1
actinomycosis   A42.82
adenovirus   A85.1
Chagas'' disease (chronic)   B57.42
cytomegalovirus   B25.8
enterovirus   A85.0
herpes (simplex)virus   B00.4
due to herpesvirus 6   B10.01
due to herpesvirus 7   B10.09
specified NEC   B10.09
listeriosis   A32.12
measles   B05.0
mumps   B26.2
naegleriasis   B60.2
rubella   B06.01
congenital   A50.42
late   A52.14
systemic lupus erythematosus   M32.19
toxoplasmosis (acquired)   B58.2
congenital   P37.1
tuberculosis   A17.82
zoster   B02.0
African trypanosomiasis B569   G05.3
infectious disease NEC B99   G05.3
parasitic disease NEC B89   G05.3
poliovirus A809   G05.3
Japanese (B type)   A83.0
La Crosse   A83.5
lethargica (acute) (infectious)   A85.8
louping ill   A84.8
lupus erythematosus, systemic   M32.19
lymphatica   A87.2
Mengo   A85.8
meningococcal   A39.81
Murray Valley   A83.4
parasitic NOS   B71.9
periaxial   G37.0
periaxialis (concentrica) (diffuse)   G37.5
postchickenpox   B01.11
postimmunization   G04.02
postinfectious NEC   G04.01
postmeasles   B05.0
postvaccinal   G04.02
postvaricella   B01.11
Powassan   A84.8
Rasmussen   G04.81
Rio Bravo   A85.8
autumnal   A83.0
spring-summer (taiga)   A84.0
specified NEC   G04.81
St Louis   A83.3
subacute sclerosing   A81.1
summer   A83.0
suppurative   G04.81
tick-borne   A84.9
Torula, torular (cryptococcal)   B45.1
B   A83.0
C   A83.3
van Bogaert''s   A81.1
Venezuelan equine   A92.2
Vienna   A85.8
arthropod-borne NEC   A85.2
mosquito-borne    A83.9
Australian X disease   A83.4
California virus   A83.5
Eastern equine   A83.2
Japanese (B type)   A83.0
Murray Valley   A83.4
specified NEC   A83.8
St Louis   A83.3
type B   A83.0
type C   A83.3
Western equine   A83.1
tick-borne    A84.9
biundulant   A84.1
central European   A84.1
Czechoslovakian   A84.1
diphasic meningoencephalitis   A84.1
Far Eastern   A84.0
Russian spring-summer (taiga)   A84.0
specified NEC   A84.8
specified type NEC   A85.8
Western equine   A83.1
otitic NEC H6640   G05.3
trichinosis B75   G05.3
Encephalocele   Q01.9
frontal   Q01.0
nasofrontal   Q01.1
occipital   Q01.2
specified NEC   Q01.8
Encephalocystocele see Encephalocele
Encephaloduroarteriomyosynangiosis (EDAMS)   I67.5
Encephalomalacia (brain) (cerebellar) (cerebral) see Softening, brain
Encephalomeningitis see Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomeningocele see Encephalocele
Encephalomeningomyelitis see Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomyelitis (see also Encephalitis)   G04.90
acute disseminated    G04.00
infectious   G04.01
noninfectious   G04.81
postimmunization   G04.02
postinfectious   G04.01
acute necrotizing hemorrhagic    G04.30
postimmunization   G04.32
postinfectious   G04.31
specified NEC   G04.39
benign myalgic   G93.3
equine    A83.9
Eastern   A83.2
Venezuelan   A92.2
Western   A83.1
in diseases classified elsewhere   G05.3
myalgic, benign   G93.3
postchickenpox   B01.11
postinfectious NEC   G04.01
postmeasles   B05.0
postvaccinal   G04.02
postvaricella   B01.11
rubella   B06.01
specified NEC   G04.81
Venezuelan equine   A92.2
Encephalomyelocele see Encephalocele
Encephalomyelomeningitis see Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomyelopathy   G96.9
Encephalomyeloradiculitis (acute)   G61.0
Encephalomyeloradiculoneuritis (acute) (Guillain-Barr)   G61.0
Encephalomyeloradiculopathy   G96.9
Engman''s disease   L30.3
Encephalopathia hyperbilirubinemica, newborn   P57.9
due to isoimmunization (conditions in P55)   P57.0
Encephalopathy (acute)   G93.40
acute necrotizing hemorrhagic    G04.30
postimmunization   G04.32
postinfectious   G04.31
specified NEC   G04.39
alcoholic   G31.2
arteriosclerotic   I67.2
centrolobar progressive (Schilder)   G37.0
congenital   Q07.9
degenerative, in specified disease NEC   G32.89
demyelinating callosal   G37.1
hyperbilirubinemic, newborn    P57.9
due to isoimmunization (conditions in P55)   P57.0
hypertensive   I67.4
hypoglycemic   E16.2
hypoxic ischemic    P91.60
mild   P91.61
moderate   P91.62
severe   P91.63
birth injury   P11.1
serum (see also Reaction, serum)   T80.69
syphilis   A52.17
trauma (postconcussional)   F07.81
vaccination   G04.02
lack of vitamin (see also Deficiency, vitamin) E569   G32.89
neoplastic disease (see also Neoplasm) D499   G13.1
metabolic    G93.41
necrotizing, subacute (Leigh)   G31.82
postcontusional    F07.81
postradiation   G93.89
septic   G93.41
specified NEC   G93.49
spongioform, subacute (viral)   A81.09
traumatic (postconcussional)    F07.81
Wernicke''s   E51.2
pellagrous E52   G32.89
vitamin B deficiency NEC E539    G32.89
vitamin B1   E51.2
breast    N64.59
newborn   P83.4
puerperal, postpartum   O92.79
stomach   K31.89
Encephalorrhagia see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
Encephalosis, posttraumatic   F07.81
Enchondroma see also Neoplasm, bone, benign
Enchondromatosis (cartilaginous) (multiple)   Q78.4
Encopresis   R15.9
functional   F98.1
nonorganic origin   F98.1
psychogenic   F98.1
Encounter (with health service) (for)   Z76.89
breast implant   Z45.81
implanted device NEC   Z45.89
myringotomy device (stent) (tube)   Z45.82
administrative purpose only    Z02.9
adoption   Z02.82
armed forces   Z02.3
disability determination   Z02.71
driving license   Z02.4
employment   Z02.1
insurance   Z02.6
medical certificate NEC   Z02.79
paternity testing   Z02.81
residential institution admission   Z02.2
school admission   Z02.0
sports   Z02.5
specified reason NEC   Z02.89
assisted reproductive fertility procedure cycle   Z31.83
blood typing    Z01.83
Rh typing   Z01.83
breast augmentation or reduction   Z41.1
breast implant exchange (different material) (different size)   Z45.81
breast reconstruction following mastectomy   Z42.1
chemotherapy for neoplasm   Z51.11
colonoscopy, screening   Z12.11
ear piercing   Z41.3
expectant parent (s) (adoptive)pre-birth pediatrician visit   Z76.81
fertility preservation procedure (prior to cancer therapy) (prior to removal of gonads)   Z31.84
counseling   Z31.5
hearing conservation and treatment   Z01.12
immunotherapy for neoplasm   Z51.12
in vitro fertilization cycle   Z31.83
childbirth   Z32.2
child care (postpartal) (prenatal)   Z32.3
procreative   Z31.61
to avoid pregnancy   Z30.02
insulin pump titration   Z46.81
hip   Z47.32
knee   Z47.33
shoulder   Z47.31
laboratory (as part of a general medical examination)    Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
perpetrator   Z69.82
victim   Z69.81
perpetrator   Z69.021
victim   Z69.020
perpetrator   Z69.011
victim   Z69.010
perpetrator   Z69.12
victim   Z69.11
anthrax   Z03.810
biological agent NEC   Z03.818
pediatrician visit, by expectant parent (s) (adoptive)   Z76.81
plastic and reconstructive surgery following medical procedure or healed injury NEC   Z42.8
test   Z32.00
result negative   Z32.02
result positive   Z32.01
radiation therapy (antineoplastic)   Z51.0
radiological (as part of a general medical examination)    Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
reconstructive surgery following medical procedure or healed injury NEC   Z42.8
arm    Z44.00-
complete   Z44.01-
partial   Z44.02-
eye   Z44.2-
leg    Z44.10-
complete   Z44.11-
partial   Z44.12-
breast implant   Z45.81
tissue expander (without synchronous insertion of permanent implant)   Z45.81
device   Z46.9
specified NEC   Z46.89
prosthesis, prosthetic device    Z44.9
breast   Z44.3-
specified NEC   Z44.8
implanted device NEC   Z45.89
insulin pump   Z46.81
internal fixation device   Z47.2
myringotomy device (stent) (tube)   Z45.82
nervous system device NEC   Z46.2
brain neuropacemaker   Z46.2
visual substitution device    Z46.2
implanted   Z45.31
non-vascular catheter   Z46.82
orthodontic device   Z46.4
ureteral   Z46.6
urinary device   Z46.6
repeat cervical smear to confirm findings of recent normal smear following initial abnormal smear   Z01.42
respirator ventilator use during power failure   Z99.12
Rh typing   Z01.83
specified NEC   Z76.89
sterilization   Z30.2
amniotic cavity and membrane   Z03.71
cervical shortening   Z03.75
fetal anomaly   Z03.73
fetal growth   Z03.74
maternal and fetal conditions NEC   Z03.79
oligohydramnios   Z03.71
placental problem   Z03.72
polyhydramnios   Z03.71
anthrax   Z03.810
biological agents NEC   Z03.818
termination of pregnancy, elective   Z33.2
therapeutic drug level monitoring   Z51.81
titration, insulin pump   Z46.81
to determine fetal viability of pregnancy   O36.80
insulin pump   Z46.81
X-ray of chest (as part of a general medical examination)    Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
Encystment see Cyst
Endarteritis (bacterial, subacute) (infective)   I77.6
brain   I67.7
cerebral or cerebrospinal   I67.7
pulmonary   I28.8
pulmonary   I28.8
syphilitic    A52.09
brain or cerebral   A52.04
congenital A5054   I79.8
tuberculous   A18.89
Endemic see condition
Endocarditis (chronic) (marantic) (nonbacterial) (thrombotic) (valvular) I38
inactive or quiescent (with chorea)   I09.1
acute or subacute    I33.9
infective   I33.0
rheumatic (aortic) (mitral) (pulmonary) (tricuspid)   I01.1
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
aortic (heart) (nonrheumatic) (valve)    I35.8
mitral disease    I08.0
with tricuspid (valve)disease   I08.3
active or acute    I01.1
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
inactive or quiescent (with chorea)   I06.9
tricuspid (valve)disease    I08.2
with mitral (valve)disease   I08.3
acute or subacute   I33.9
arteriosclerotic   I35.8
rheumatic   I06.9
with mitral disease    I08.0
with tricuspid (valve)disease   I08.3
active or acute    I01.1
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
active or acute    I01.1
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
specified NEC   I06.8
specified cause NEC   I35.8
syphilitic   A52.03
atypical verrucous (Libman-Sacks)   M32.11
bacterial (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
candidal   B37.6
congenital   Q24.8
constrictive   I33.0
Coxsackie   B33.21
prosthetic cardiac valve   T82.6
Serratia marcescens   I33.0
typhoid (fever)   A01.02
gonococcal   A54.83
infectious or infective (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
lenta (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
Libman-Sacks   M32.11
listerial   A32.82
Lffler''s   I42.3
malignant (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
meningococcal   A39.51
mitral (chronic) (double) (fibroid) (heart) (inactive) (valve) (with chorea)    I05.9
aortic (valve)disease    I08.0
with tricuspid (valve)disease   I08.3
active or acute    I01.1
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
inactive or quiescent (with chorea)   I05.9
tricuspid (valve)disease    I08.1
with aortic (valve)disease   I08.3
active or acute   I01.1
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
bacterial   I33.0
arteriosclerotic   I34.8
nonrheumatic   I34.8
acute or subacute   I33.9
specified NEC   I05.8
monilial   B37.6
multiple valves    I08.9
specified disorders   I08.8
mycotic (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
pneumococcal (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
pulmonary (chronic) (heart) (valve)    I37.8
inactive or quiescent (with chorea)    I09.89
with aortic, mitral or tricuspid disease   I08.8
acute or subacute   I33.9
rheumatic    I01.1
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
arteriosclerotic   I37.8
congenital   Q22.2
rheumatic (chronic) (inactive) (with chorea)   I09.89
active or acute    I01.1
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
syphilitic   A52.03
purulent (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
rheumatic (chronic) (inactive) (with chorea)    I09.1
active or acute (aortic) (mitral) (pulmonary) (tricuspid)   I01.1
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
septic (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
streptococcal (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
suppurative (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
syphilitic   A52.03
toxic   I33.9
tricuspid (chronic) (heart) (inactive) (rheumatic) (valve) (with chorea)    I07.9
aortic (valve)disease    I08.2
mitral (valve)disease   I08.3
mitral (valve)disease    I08.1
aortic (valve)disease   I08.3
inactive or quiescent (with chorea)   I07.8
active or acute   I01.1
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham''s)   I02.0
arteriosclerotic   I36.8
nonrheumatic   I36.8
acute or subacute   I33.9
specified cause, except rheumatic   I36.8
typhoid   A01.02
ulcerative (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
vegetative (acute) (any valve) (subacute)   I33.0
verrucous (atypical) (nonbacterial) (nonrheumatic)   M32.11
Endocardium, endocardial see also condition
cushion defect   Q21.2
Endocervicitis see also Cervicitis
due to intrauterine (contraceptive)device   T83.6
Endocrine see condition
Endocrinopathy, pluriglandular   E31.9
overfill   M27.52
underfill   M27.53
Endodontitis   K04.0
Endomastoiditis see Mastoiditis
Endometrioma   N80.9
Endometriosis   N80.9
appendix   N80.5
bladder   N80.8
bowel   N80.5
broad ligament   N80.3
cervix   N80.0
colon   N80.5
cul-de-sac (Douglas'')   N80.3
exocervix   N80.0
fallopian tube   N80.2
female genital organ NEC   N80.8
gallbladder   N80.8
in scar of skin   N80.6
internal   N80.0
intestine   N80.5
lung   N80.8
myometrium   N80.0
ovary   N80.1
parametrium   N80.3
pelvic peritoneum   N80.3
peritoneal (pelvic)   N80.3
rectovaginal septum   N80.4
rectum   N80.5
round ligament   N80.3
skin (scar)   N80.6
specified site NEC   N80.8
stromal   D39.0
umbilicus   N80.8
uterus (internal)   N80.0
vagina   N80.4
vulva   N80.8
Endometritis (decidual) (nonspecific) (purulent) (senile) (atrophic) (suppurative)   N71.9
with ectopic pregnancy   O08.0
acute   N71.0
blenorrhagic (gonococcal) (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
chlamydial   A56.11
chronic   N71.1
ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.0
gonococcal, gonorrheal (acute) (chronic)   A54.24
hyperplastic (see also Hyperplasia, endometrial)    N85.00-
puerperal, postpartum, childbirth   O86.12
subacute   N71.0
tuberculous   A18.17
Endometrium see condition
Endomyocardiopathy, South African   I42.3
Endomyocarditis see Endocarditis
Endomyofibrosis   I42.3
Endomyometritis see Endometritis
Endopericarditis see Endocarditis
Endoperineuritis see Disorder, nerve
Endophlebitis see Phlebitis
Endophthalmia see Endophthalmitis, purulent
Endophthalmitis (acute) (infective) (metastatic) (subacute)   H44.009
gonorrheal   A54.39
cysticercosis   B69.1
onchocerciasis   B73.01
toxocariasis   B83.0
parasitic   H44.12-
purulent    H44.00-
vitreous abscess   H44.02-
specified NEC   H44.19
Endosalpingioma   D28.2
Endosalpingiosis   N94.89
Endosteitis see Osteomyelitis
Endothelioma, bone see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Endotheliosis (hemorrhagic infectional)   D69.8
Endotrachelitis see Cervicitis
Engelmann (-Camurati)syndrome   Q78.3
English disease see Rickets
Enlargement, enlarged see also Hypertrophy
adenoids    J35.2
with tonsils   J35.3
alveolar ridge    K08.8
apertures of diaphragm (congenital)   Q79.1
gingival   K06.1
lacrimal gland, chronic   H04.03-
lymph gland or node    R59.9
generalized   R59.1
localized   R59.0
orbit   H05.34-
parathyroid (gland)   E21.0
pituitary fossa   R93.0
prostate    N40.0
with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)   N40.1
without lower urinary tract symtpoms (LUTS)   N40.0
sella turcica   R93.0
thymus (gland) (congenital)   E32.0
tongue   K14.8
tonsils    J35.1
with adenoids   J35.3
uterus   N85.2
Enophthalmos   H05.40-
orbital tissue atrophy   H05.41-
trauma or surgery   H05.42-
Enostosis   M27.8
Entamebic, entamebiasis see Amebiasis
umbilical cord (s)    O69.2
with compression   O69.2
without compression   O69.82
around neck (with compression)   O69.1
without compression   O69.81
of twins in monoamniotic sac   O69.2
Enteralgia see Pain, abdominal
Enteric see condition
Enteritis (acute) (diarrheal) (hemorrhagic) (noninfective) (septic)   K52.9
norovirus   A08.11
adenovirus   A08.2
aertrycke infection   A02.0
allergic   K52.2
amebic (acute)    A06.0
chronic   A06.1
nondysenteric   A06.2
nondysenteric   A06.2
astrovirus   A08.32
bacillary NOS   A03.9
bacterial    A04.9
specified NEC   A04.8
calicivirus   A08.31
candidal   B37.82
Chilomastix   A07.8
choleriformis   A00.1
chronic (noninfectious)    K52.9
botulinum (food poisoning)   A05.1
difficile   A04.7
coccidial   A07.3
coxsackie virus   A08.39
dietetic   K52.2
drug-induced   K52.1
astrovirus   A08.32
calicivirus   A08.31
coxsackie virus   A08.39
drugs   K52.1
echovirus   A08.39
enterovirus NEC   A08.39
food hypersensitivity   K52.2
torovirus   A08.39
Yersinia enterocolitica   A04.6
echovirus   A08.39
eltor   A00.1
enterovirus NEC   A08.39
eosinophilic   K52.81
fulminant   K55.0
giardial   A07.1
adenovirus   A08.2
Aerobacter aerogenes   A04.8
Arizona (bacillus)   A02.0
bacteria NOS    A04.9
specified NEC   A04.8
Campylobacter   A04.5
Clostridium difficile   A04.7
Clostridium perfringens   A04.8
Enterobacter aerogenes   A04.8
enterovirus   A08.39
Escherichia coli    A04.4
enteroaggregative   A04.4
enterohemorrhagic   A04.3
enteroinvasive   A04.2
enteropathogenic   A04.0
enterotoxigenic   A04.1
specified NEC   A04.4
bacteria NEC   A04.8
virus NEC   A08.39
Staphylococcus   A04.8
virus NEC    A08.4
specified type NEC   A08.39
Yersinia enterocolitica   A04.6
specified organism NEC   A08.8
ischemic    K55.9
acute   K55.0
chronic   K55.1
microsporidial   A07.8
necroticans   A05.2
noninfectious   K52.9
parasitic NEC   B82.9
protozoal    A07.9
specified NEC   A07.8
radiation   K52.0
regional (of)    K50.90
complication    K50.919
abscess   K50.914
fistula   K50.913
intestinal obstruction   K50.912
rectal bleeding   K50.911
specified complication NEC   K50.918
large intestine (colon) (rectum)   K50.10
complication    K50.119
abscess   K50.114
fistula   K50.113
intestinal obstruction   K50.112
rectal bleeding   K50.111
small intestine (duodenum) (ileum) (jejunum)involvement    K50.80
complication    K50.819
abscess    K50.814
fistula    K50.813
intestinal obstruction    K50.812
rectal bleeding    K50.811
specified complication NEC    K50.818
specified complication NEC   K50.118
small intestine (duodenum) (ileum) (jejunum)   K50.00
complication    K50.019
abscess   K50.014
fistula   K50.013
intestinal obstruction   K50.012
large intestine (colon) (rectum)involvement    K50.80
complication    K50.819
abscess    K50.814
fistula    K50.813
intestinal obstruction    K50.812
rectal bleeding    K50.811
specified complication NEC   K50.818
Gastroesophageal laceration- hemorrhage syndrome    K22.6
Maculae ceruleae --    B85.1
STEMI (see also - Infarct, myocardium, ST elevation)    I21.3
rectal bleeding   K50.011
specified complication NEC   K50.018
rotaviral   A08.0
Salmonella, salmonellosis (arizonae) (cholerae-suis) (enteritidis) (typhimurium)   A02.0
small round structured NEC   A08.19
staphylococcal    A04.8
due to food   A05.0
torovirus   A08.39
toxic NEC    K52.1
due to Clostridium difficile   A04.7
trichomonal   A07.8
tuberculous   A18.32
typhosa   A01.00
viral    A08.4
adenovirus   A08.2
enterovirus   A08.39
Rotavirus   A08.0
small round structured NEC   A08.19
specified NEC   A08.39
virus specified NEC   A08.39
Enterobiasis B80
Enterobius vermicularis (infection) (infestation) B80
Enterocele see also Hernia, abdomen
pelvic, pelvis (acquired) (congenital)   N81.5
vagina, vaginal (acquired) (congenital)NEC   N81.5
Enterocolitis (see also Enteritis)   K52.9
due to Clostridium difficile   A04.7
fulminant ischemic   K55.0
hemorrhagic (acute)    K55.0
chronic   K55.1
ischemic   K55.9
due to Clostridium difficile   A04.7
in newborn   P77.9
stage 1 (without pneumatosis, without perforation)   P77.1
stage 2 (with pneumatosis, without perforation)   P77.2
stage 3 (with pneumatosis, with perforation)   P77.3
noninfectious    K52.9
pseudomembranous (newborn)   A04.7
radiation    K52.0
Enterogastritis see Enteritis
Enteropathy   K63.9
gluten-sensitive   K90.0
hemorrhagic, terminal   K55.0
protein-losing   K90.4
Enteroperitonitis see Peritonitis
Enteroptosis   K63.4
Enterorrhagia   K92.2
Enterospasm see also Syndrome, irritable, bowel
psychogenic   F45.8
Enterostenosis see also Obstruction, intestine   K56.69
status   Z93.4
Enterovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B97.10
coxsackievirus   B97.11
echovirus   B97.12
other specified   B97.19
Enthesopathy (peripheral)   M77.9
ankle and tarsus    M77.9
anterior tibial syndrome   M76.81-
elbow region    M77.8
foot NEC    M77.9
specified type NEC   M77.5-
forearm   M77.9
hand   M77.9
lower limb (excluding foot)    M76.9
anterior tibial syndrome   M76.81-
posterior tibial syndrome   M76.82-
shoulder   M77.9
specified type NEC   M76.89-
multiple sites   M77.9
pelvis   M77.9
posterior tibial syndrome   M76.82-
specified site NEC   M77.9
specified type NEC   M77.8
spinal    M46.00
cervical region   M46.02
cervicothoracic region   M46.03
lumbar region   M46.06
lumbosacral region   M46.07
multiple sites   M46.09
occipito-atlanto-axial region   M46.01
sacrococcygeal region   M46.08
thoracic region   M46.04
thoracolumbar region   M46.05
upper arm   M77.9
wrist and carpus NEC    M77.8
Entomophobia   F40.218
Entomophthoromycosis   B46.8
Entrance, air into vein see Embolism, air
Entrapment, nerve see Neuropathy, entrapment
Entropion (eyelid) (paralytic)   H02.009
cicatricial    H02.019
left   H02.016
lower   H02.015
upper   H02.014
right   H02.013
lower   H02.012
upper   H02.011
congenital   Q10.2
left    H02.006
lower   H02.005
upper   H02.004
mechanical    H02.029
left   H02.026
lower   H02.025
upper   H02.024
right   H02.023
lower   H02.022
upper   H02.021
right    H02.003
lower   H02.002
upper   H02.001
senile    H02.039
left   H02.036
lower   H02.035
upper   H02.034
right   H02.033
lower   H02.032
upper   H02.031
spastic    H02.049
left   H02.046
lower   H02.045
upper   H02.044
right   H02.043
lower   H02.042
upper   H02.041
Enucleated eye (traumatic, current)   S05.7-
Enuresis R32
functional   F98.0
habit disturbance   F98.0
nocturnal    N39.44
psychogenic   F98.0
nonorganic origin   F98.0
psychogenic   F98.0
Eosinopenia see Agranulocytosis
Eosinophilia (allergic) (hereditary) (idiopathic) (secondary)   D72.1
angiolymphoid hyperplasia (ALHE)   D18.01
Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome   M35.8
Ependymitis (acute) (cerebral) (chronic) (granular) see Encephalomyelitis
unspecified site   C71.9
Ependymoma (epithelial) (malignant)
unspecified site   C71.9
unspecified site   D33.2
myxopapillary    D43.2
unspecified site   D43.2
papillary    D43.2
unspecified site   D43.2
unspecified site   C71.9
Ependymopathy   G93.89
Ephelis, ephelides   L81.2
Epiblepharon (congenital)   Q10.3
Epicanthus, epicanthic fold (eyelid) (congenital)   Q10.3
Epicondylitis (elbow)
lateral   M77.1-
medial   M77.0-
Epicystitis see Cystitis
Epidemic see condition
Epidermidalization, cervix see Dysplasia, cervix
Epidermis, epidermal see condition
Epidermodysplasia verruciformis   B07.8
bullosa (congenital)    Q81.9
acquired   L12.30
drug-induced   L12.31
specified cause NEC   L12.35
dystrophica   Q81.2
letalis   Q81.1
simplex   Q81.0
specified NEC   Q81.8
necroticans combustiformis    L51.2
Epidermophytid see Dermatophytosis
Epidermophytosis (infected) see Dermatophytosis
Epididymis see condition
Epididymitis (acute) (nonvenereal) (recurrent) (residual)   N45.1
with orchitis   N45.3
blennorrhagic (gonococcal)   A54.23
caseous (tuberculous)   A18.15
chlamydial   A56.19
gonococcal   A54.23
syphilitic   A52.76
tuberculous   A18.15
Epididymo-orchitis (see also Epididymitis)   N45.3
Epidural see condition
Epigastrium, epigastric see condition
Epigastrocele see Hernia, ventral
Epiglottis see condition
Epiglottitis, epiglottiditis (acute)   J05.10
with obstruction   J05.11
chronic   J37.0
Epignathus   Q89.4
Epilepsia partialis continua (see also Kozhevnikof''s epilepsy)   G40.1-
Epilepsy, epileptic, epilepsia (attack) (cerebral) (convulsion) (fit) (seizure)   G40.909
treatment resistant, refractory (medically)and poorly controlled
benign myoclonic in infancy   G40.80-
absence   G40.A09
intractable    G40.A19
with status epilepticus   G40.A11
without status epilepticus   G40.A19
not intractable    G40.A09
with status epilepticus   G40.A01
without status epilepticus   G40.A09
cysticercosis   B69.0
deterioration (mental)   F06.8
due to syphilis   A52.19
idiopathic   G40.309
intractable    G40.319
with status epilepticus   G40.311
without status epilepticus   G40.319
not intractable    G40.309
with status epilepticus   G40.301
without status epilepticus   G40.309
specified NEC   G40.409
intractable    G40.419
with status epilepticus   G40.411
without status epilepticus   G40.419
not intractable    G40.409
with status epilepticus   G40.401
without status epilepticus   G40.409
intractable    G40.919
with status epilepticus   G40.911
without status epilepticus   G40.919
juvenile absence    G40.A09
intractable   G40.A19
with status epilepticus   G40.A11
without status epilepticus   G40.A19
not intractable   G40.A09
with status epilepticus   G40.A01
without status epilepticus   G40.A09
juvenile myoclonic    G40.B09
intractable   G40.B19
with status epilepticus   G40.B11
without status epilepticus   G40.B19
not intractable   G40.B09
with status epilepticus   G40.B01
without status epilepticus   G40.B09
idiopathic   G40.009
with seizures of localized onset    G40.009
intractable    G40.019
with status epilepticus   G40.011
without status epilepticus   G40.019
not intractable    G40.009
with status epilepticus   G40.001
without status epilepticus   G40.009
with complex partial seizures    G40.209
intractable    G40.219
with status epilepticus   G40.211
without status epilepticus   G40.219
not intractable    G40.209
with status epilepticus   G40.201
without status epilepticus   G40.209
with simple partial seizures    G40.109
intractable    G40.119
with status epilepticus   G40.111
without status epilepticus   G40.119
not intractable    G40.109
with status epilepticus   G40.101
without status epilepticus   G40.109
not intractable    G40.909
with status epilepticus   G40.901
without status epilepticus   G40.909
partialis continua (see also Kozhevnikof''s epilepsy)   G40.1-
alcohol   G40.509
not intractable    G40.509
with status epilepticus   G40.501
without status epliepticus   G40.509
drugs   G40.509
not intractable    G40.509
with status epilepticus   G40.501
without status epliepticus   G40.509
external causes   G40.509
not intractable    G40.509
with status epilepticus   G40.501
without status epliepticus   G40.509
hormonal changes   G40.509
not intractable    G40.509
with status epilepticus   G40.501
without status epliepticus   G40.509
sleep deprivation   G40.509
not intractable    G40.509
with status epilepticus   G40.501
without status epliepticus   G40.509
stress   G40.509
not intractable    G40.509
with status epilepticus   G40.501
without status epliepticus   G40.509
spasms    G40.822
intractable   G40.824
with status epilepticus   G40.823
without status epilepticus   G40.824
not intractable   G40.822
with status epilepticus   G40.821
without status epilepticus   G40.822
specified NEC    G40.802
intractable   G40.804
with status epilepticus   G40.803
without status epilepticus   G40.804
not intractable   G40.802
with status epilepticus   G40.801
without status epilepticus   G40.802
idiopathic    G40.309
intractable    G40.319
with status epilepticus   G40.311
without status epilepticus   G40.319
not intractable    G40.309
with status epilepticus   G40.301
without status epilepticus   G40.309
specified NEC    G40.409
intractable    G40.419
with status epilepticus   G40.411
without status epilepticus   G40.419
not intractable    G40.409
with status epilepticus   G40.401
without status epilepticus   G40.409
idiopathic    G40.009
with seizures of localized onset    G40.009
intractable    G40.019
with status epilepticus    G40.011
without status epilepticus    G40.019
not intractable    G40.009
with status epilepticus    G40.001
without status epilepticus    G40.009
with complex partial seizures    G40.209
intractable    G40.219
with status epilepticus    G40.211
without status epilepticus    G40.219
not intractable    G40.209
with status epilepticus    G40.201
without status epilepticus    G40.209
with simple partial seizures    G40.109
intractable    G40.119
with status epilepticus    G40.111
without status epilepticus    G40.119
not intractable    G40.109
with status epilepticus    G40.101
without status epilepticus    G40.109
specified NEC   G40.802
intractable    G40.804
with status epilepticus   G40.803
without status epilepticus   G40.804
not intractable    G40.802
with status epilepticus   G40.801
without status epilepticus   G40.802
Equinia   A24.0
Epiloia   Q85.1
Epimenorrhea   N92.0
Epipharyngitis see Nasopharyngitis
Epiphora   H04.20-
excess lacrimation   H04.21-
insufficient drainage   H04.22-
Epiphyseal arrest see Arrest, epiphyseal
Epiphyseolysis, epiphysiolysis see Osteochondropathy
Epiphysitis see also Osteochondropathy
juvenile   M92.9
syphilitic (congenital)   A50.02
Epiplocele see Hernia, abdomen
Epiploitis see Peritonitis
Epiplosarcomphalocele see Hernia, umbilicus
Episcleritis (suppurative)   H15.10-
syphilis   A52.71
tuberculosis   A18.51
nodular   H15.12-
periodica fugax    H15.11-
syphilitic (late)   A52.71
tuberculous   A18.51
depersonalization (in neurotic state)   F48.1
depressive    F32.9
major   F32.9
mild   F32.0
moderate   F32.1
severe (without psychotic symptoms)    F32.2
with psychotic symptoms   F32.3
recurrent   F33.9
brief   F33.8
specified NEC   F32.8
hypomanic   F30.8
manic    F30.9
psychotic symptoms   F30.2
remission (full)    F30.4
partial   F30.3
other specified   F30.8
recurrent   F31.89
without psychotic symptoms   F30.10
mild   F30.11
moderate   F30.12
severe (without psychotic symptoms)    F30.13
with psychotic symptoms   F30.2
organic   F06.8
Epispadias (female) (male)   Q64.0
Episplenitis   D73.89
Epistaxis (multiple)   R04.0
hereditary   I78.0
vicarious menstruation   N94.89
Epithelioma (malignant) see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Epitheliomatosis pigmented   Q82.1
Epitheliopathy, multifocal placoid pigment   H30.14-
Epithelium, epithelial see condition
Epituberculosis (with atelectasis) (allergic)   A15.7
Eponychia   Q84.6
pearl   K09.8
Epulis (gingiva) (fibrous) (giant cell)   K06.8
Equinovarus (congenital) (talipes)   Q66.0
Erb (-Duchenne) paralysis (birth injury) (newborn)   P14.0
Erb-Goldflam disease or syndrome   G70.00
with exacerbation (acute)   G70.01
in crisis   G70.01
disease   G71.0
palsy, paralysis (brachial) (birth) (newborn)    P14.0
spinal (spastic)syphilitic   A52.17
pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy   G71.0
Erdheim''s syndrome (acromegalic macrospondylitis)   E22.0
Erection, painful (persistent) see Priapism
Ergosterol deficiency (vitamin D)   E55.9
adult osteomalacia   M83.8
Ergotism see also Poisoning, food, noxious, plant
Erosio interdigitalis blastomycetica   B37.2
artery    I77.2
without rupture   I77.89
bronchus   J98.09
recurrent   H18.83-
dental (idiopathic) (occupational) (due to diet, drugs or vomiting)   K03.2
esophagus    K22.10
with bleeding   K22.11
intestine   K63.3
lymphatic vessel   I89.8
spine, aneurysmal   A52.09
teeth (idiopathic) (occupational) (due to diet, drugs or vomiting)   K03.2
urethra   N36.8
uterus   N85.8
Erotomania   F52.8
Eructation   R14.2
nervous or psychogenic   F45.8
creeping   B76.9
drug (generalized) (taken internally)    L27.0
fixed   L27.1
localized   L27.1
Hutchinson, summer   L56.4
Kaposi''s varicelliform   B00.0
polymorphous light (sun)   L56.4
recalcitrant pustular   L13.8
ringed   R23.8
creeping (meaning hookworm)   B76.9
due to inoculationvaccination (generalized) (see also Dermatitis, due to, vaccine)   L27.0
localized   L27.1
erysipeloid   A26.0
feigned   L98.1
Kaposi''s varicelliform   B00.0
lichenoid   L28.0
toxic NEC   L53.0
tooth, teeth, abnormal (incomplete) (late) (premature) (sequence)   K00.6
vesicular   R23.8
Erysipelas (gangrenous) (infantile) (newborn) (phlegmonous) (suppurative) A46
puerperal, postpartum   O86.89
external ear A46   H62.40
Erysipeloid   A26.9
cutaneous (Rosenbach''s)   A26.0
disseminated   A26.8
sepsis   A26.7
specified NEC   A26.8
Erythema, erythematous (infectional) (inflammation)   L53.9
ab igne   L59.0
annulare (centrifugum) (rheumaticum)   L53.1
arthriticum epidemicum   A25.1
chronic figurate NEC   L53.3
chronicum migrans (Borrelia burgdorferi)   A69.20
chemical NEC   L53.0
in contact with skin   L24.5
elevatum diutinum   L95.1
epidemic, arthritic   A25.1
figuratum perstans   L53.3
ichthyosiforme congenitum bullous   Q80.3
tuberculous   A18.4
infectiosum   B08.3
intertrigo   L30.4
iris   L51.9
marginatum    L53.2
migrans    A26.0
chronicum   A69.20
tongue   K14.1
multiforme (major) (minor)    L51.9
bullous, bullosum   L51.1
conjunctiva   L51.1
nonbullous   L51.0
pemphigoides   L12.0
specified NEC   L51.8
neonatorum    P83.8
toxic   P83.1
tuberculous   A18.4
palmar   L53.8
pernio   T69.1
rash, newborn   P83.8
scarlatiniform (recurrent) (exfoliative)   L53.8
solare   L55.0
specified NEC   L53.8
toxic, toxicum NEC    L53.0
newborn   P83.1
tuberculous (primary)   A18.4
Erythematous, erythematosus see condition
Erythermalgia (primary)   I73.81
Erythralgia   I73.81
Erythrasma   L08.1
Erythredema (polyneuropathy) see Poisoning, mercury
Erythremia (acute)   C94.0-
secondary   D75.1
Erythroblastopenia (see also Aplasia, red cell)   D60.9
congenital   D61.01
Erythroblastophthisis   D61.09
Erythroblastosis (fetalis) (newborn)   P55.9
ABO (antibodies) (incompatibility) (isoimmunization)   P55.1
Rh (antibodies) (incompatibility) (isoimmunization)   P55.0
Erythrocyanosis (crurum)   I73.89
Erythrocythemia see Erythremia
Erythrocytosis (megalosplenic) (secondary)   D75.1
familial   D75.0
secondary   D75.1
stress   D75.1
Erythroderma (secondary) (see also Erythema)   L53.9
bullous ichthyosiform, congenital   Q80.3
desquamativum   L21.1
ichthyosiform, congenital (bullous)   Q80.3
neonatorum   P83.8
psoriaticum   L40.8
Erythrodysesthesia, palmar plantar (PPE)   L27.1
Erythrogenesis imperfecta   D61.09
Erythroleukemia   C94.0-
Erythromelalgia   I73.81
Erythrophagocytosis   D75.89
Erythrophobia   F40.298
Erythroplakia, oral epithelium, and tongue   K13.29
Erythroplasia (Queyrat)   D07.4
unspecified site   D07.4
Escherichia coli (E coli), as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.20
O157   B96.21
non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing (with known O group)   B96.22
non-Shiga toxin-producing   B96.29
O157 with confirmation of Shiga toxin when H antigen is unknown, or is not H7   B96.21
O157H- (nonmotile)with confirmation of Shiga toxin   B96.21
O157H7 with or without confirmation of Shiga toxin-production   B96.21
Shiga toxin-producing (with unspecified O group) (STEC)   B96.23
O157H7 with or without confirmation of Shiga toxin-production    B96.21
specified NEC   B96.22
specified NEC   B96.29
Esophagismus   K22.4
Esophagitis (acute) (alkaline) (chemical) (chronic) (infectional) (necrotic) (peptic) (postoperative)   K20.9
candidal   B37.81
due to gastrointestinal reflux disease   K21.0
eosinophilic   K20.0
reflux   K21.0
specified NEC   K20.8
tuberculous   A18.83
ulcerative    K22.10
with bleeding   K22.11
Esophagocele   K22.5
Esophagomalacia   K22.8
Esophagospasm   K22.4
Esophagostenosis   K22.2
Esophagostomiasis   B81.8
Esophagotracheal see condition
Esophagus see condition
Esophoria   H50.51
convergence, excess   H51.12
divergence, insufficiency   H51.8
Esotropia see Strabismus, convergent concomitant
Espundia   B55.2
Essential see condition
Esthesioneuroblastoma   C30.0
Esthesioneurocytoma   C30.0
Esthesioneuroepithelioma   C30.0
Esthiomene A55
Estivo-autumnal malaria (fever)   B50.9
Estrangement (marital)   Z63.5
parent-child NEC   Z62.890
Estriasis see Myiasis
Ethanolism see Alcoholism
Etherism see Dependence, drug, inhalant
Ethmoid, ethmoidal see condition
Ethmoiditis (chronic) (nonpurulent) (purulent) see also Sinusitis, ethmoidal
Woakes''   J33.1
Ethylism see Alcoholism
Eulenburg''s disease (congenital paramyotonia)   G71.19
Eumycetoma   B47.0
Eunuchoidism   E29.1
hypogonadotropic   E23.0
European blastomycosis see Cryptococcosis
Eustachian see condition
Evaluation (for) (of)
adolescent   Z00.3
delayed growth in childhood    Z00.70
with abnormal findings   Z00.71
rapid growth in childhood   Z00.2
puberty   Z00.3
growth and developmental state (period of rapid growth)    Z00.2
delayed growth   Z00.70
with abnormal findings   Z00.71
mental health (status)    Z00.8
requested by authority   Z04.6
delayed growth in childhood   Z00.70
with abnormal findings   Z00.71
rapid growth in childhood   Z00.2
Evans syndrome   D69.41
Event, apparent life threatening in newborn and infant (ALTE)   R68.13
Eventration see also Hernia, ventral
diaphragm (congenital)   Q79.1
bladder   N32.89
congenital   Q66.6
punctum lacrimale (postinfectional) (senile)   H04.52-
ureter (meatus)   N28.89
urethra (meatus)   N36.8
uterus   N81.4
of malignancy on anal smear   R85.614
of malignancy on cervical smear   R87.614
of malignancy on vaginal smear   R87.624
birth injury   P15.8
Evulsion see Avulsion
Examination (for) (following) (general) (of) (routine)   Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
adult   Z04.71
child   Z04.72
adolescent (development state)   Z00.3
adult   Z04.41
child   Z04.42
allergy   Z01.82
annual (adult) (periodic) (physical)    Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
gynecological   Z01.419
with abnormal findings   Z01.411
antibody response   Z01.84
blood pressure    Z01.30
with abnormal findings   Z01.31
cervical Papanicolaou smear    Z12.4
as part of routine gynecological examination   Z01.419
with abnormal findings   Z01.411
child (over 28 days old)    Z00.129
with abnormal findings   Z00.121
clinical research control or normal comparison (control) (participant)   Z00.6
contraceptive (drug) maintenance (routine)    Z30.8
device (intrauterine)   Z30.431
dental    Z01.20
with abnormal findings   Z01.21
donor (potential)   Z00.5
ear    Z01.10
with abnormal findings NEC   Z01.118
eye    Z01.00
with abnormal findings   Z01.01
accident NEC   Z04.3
transport   Z04.1
work   Z04.2
adult   Z04.71
child   Z04.72
motor vehicle accident   Z04.1
postpartum   Z39.2
gynecological    Z01.419
with abnormal findings   Z01.411
for contraceptive maintenance   Z30.8
hearing    Z01.10
with abnormal findings NEC   Z01.118
following failed hearing screening   Z01.110
immunity status testing   Z01.84
laboratory (as part of a general medical examination)    Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
preprocedural   Z01.812
lactating mother   Z39.1
medical (adult) (for) (of)    Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
administrative purpose only   Z02.9
specified NEC   Z02.89
armed forces   Z02.3
old age home   Z02.2
prison   Z02.89
residential institution   Z02.2
school    Z02.0
following illness or medical treatment   Z02.0
summer camp   Z02.89
adoption   Z02.82
blood alcohol or drug level   Z02.83
camp (summer)   Z02.89
clinical research, normal subject (control) (participant)   Z00.6
control subject in clinical research (normal comparison) (participant)   Z00.6
donor (potential)   Z00.5
driving license   Z02.4
general (adult)   Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
immigration   Z02.89
insurance purposes   Z02.6
marriage   Z02.89
medicolegal reasons NEC   Z04.8
naturalization   Z02.89
participation in sport   Z02.5
paternity testing   Z02.81
population survey   Z00.8
pre-employment   Z02.1
cardiovascular   Z01.810
respiratory   Z01.811
specified NEC   Z01.818
for admission to school   Z02.0
for entrance into prison   Z02.89
recruitment for armed forces   Z02.3
specified NEC   Z00.8
sport competition   Z02.5
medicolegal reason NEC   Z04.8
pelvic (annual) (periodic)    Z01.419
with abnormal findings   Z01.411
period of rapid growth in childhood   Z00.2
periodic (adult) (annual) (routine)    Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
physical (adult) see also Examination, medical    Z00.00
sports   Z02.5
immediately after delivery   Z39.0
routine follow-up   Z39.2
prenatal (normal pregnancy) (see also Pregnancy, normal)   Z34.9-
pre-chemotherapy (antineoplastic)   Z01.818
specified NEC   Z01.818
cardiovascular   Z01.810
laboratory   Z01.812
respiratory   Z01.811
prior to chemotherapy (antineoplastic)   Z01.818
psychiatric NEC    Z00.8
requested by authority   Z04.6
radiological (as part of a general medical examination)    Z00.00
with abnormal findings   Z00.01
repeat cervical smear to confirm findings of recent normal smear following initial abnormal smear   Z01.42
skin (hypersensitivity)   Z01.82
special (see also Examination, by type)    Z01.89
specified type NEC   Z01.89
specified type or reason NEC   Z04.8
teeth    Z01.20
with abnormal findings   Z01.21
vision    Z01.00
with abnormal findings   Z01.01
Exanthem, exanthema see also Rash
with enteroviral vesicular stomatitis   B08.4
Boston   A88.0
subitum    B08.20
due to human herpesvirus 6   B08.21
due to human herpesvirus 7   B08.22
specified type NEC   B08.8
Excess, excessive, excessively
alcohol level in blood   R78.0
androgen (ovarian)   E28.1
attrition, tooth, teeth   K03.0
carotene, carotin (dietary)   E67.1
cold, effects of    T69.9
specified effect NEC   T69.8
convergence   H51.12
in child, adolescent, or adult   R45.83
in infant   R68.11
divergence   H51.8
drinking (alcohol) NEC (without dependence)    F10.10
habitual (continual) (without remission)   F10.20
eating   R63.2
estrogen   E28.0
foreskin   N47.8
gas   R14.0
glucagon   E16.3
intermaxillary vertical dimension of fully erupted teeth   M26.37
interocclusal distance of fully erupted teeth   M26.37
kalium   E87.5
colon   K59.3
congenital   Q43.8
infant   P08.0
menstruation (with regular cycle)    N92.0
with irregular cycle   N92.1
napping   Z72.821
natrium   E87.0
number of teeth   K00.1
nutrient (dietary)NEC   R63.2
potassium (K)   E87.5
salivation   K11.7
milk   O92.6
sputum   R09.3
sexual drive   F52.8
umbilical cord in labor or delivery   O69.3
congenital   Q10.3
sodium (Na)   E87.0
spacing of fully erupted teeth   M26.32
sputum   R09.3
thirst    R63.1
due to deprivation of water   T73.1
tuberosity of jaw   M26.07
A (dietary)   E67.0
D (dietary)   E67.3
gain   R63.5
loss   R63.4
Excitability, abnormal, under minor stress (personality disorder)   F60.3
anomalous atrioventricular   I45.6
psychogenic   F30.8
reactive (from emotional stress, psychological trauma)   F30.8
hypomanic   F30.8
manic   F30.9
mental, reactive (from emotional stress, psychological trauma)   F30.8
state, reactive (from emotional stress, psychological trauma)   F30.8
Excoriation (traumatic) see also Abrasion
neurotic   L98.1
due to erythematous conditions according to extent of body surface involved    L49.0
10-19 percent of body surface   L49.1
20-29 percent of body surface   L49.2
30-39 percent of body surface   L49.3
40-49 percent of body surface   L49.4
50-59 percent of body surface   L49.5
60-69 percent of body surface   L49.6
70-79 percent of body surface   L49.7
80-89 percent of body surface   L49.8
90-99 percent of body surface   L49.9
less than 10 percent of body surface   L49.0
teeth, due to systemic causes   K08.0
Exfoliative see condition
Exhaustion, exhaustive (physical NEC)   R53.83
battle   F43.0
delirium   F43.0
cold   T69.8
excessive exertion   T73.3
exposure   T73.2
neurasthenia   F48.8
heat (see also Heat, exhaustion)    T67.5
salt depletion   T67.4
water depletion   T67.3
maternal, complicating delivery   O75.81
mental   F48.8
nervous   F48.8
psychogenic   F48.8
psychosis   F43.0
vital NEC   Z73.0
Exhibitionism   F65.2
Exocervicitis see Cervicitis
Exomphalos   Q79.2
Exophoria   H50.52
convergence, insufficiency   H51.11
divergence, excess   H51.8
Exophthalmos   H05.2-
congenital   Q15.8
constant NEC   H05.24-
intermittent NEC   H05.25-
pulsating NEC   H05.26-
Exostosis see also Disorder, bone
congenital (multiple)   Q78.6
external ear canal   H61.81-
gonococcal   A54.49
jaw (bone)   M27.8
multiple, congenital   Q78.6
orbit   H05.35-
syphilitic   A52.77
Exotropia see Strabismus, divergent concomitant
Explanation of
investigation finding   Z71.2
medication   Z71.89
Exposure (to) (see also Contact, with)   T75.89
acariasis   Z20.7
AIDS virus   Z20.6
air pollution   Z77.110
algae and algae toxins   Z77.121
algae bloom   Z77.121
anthrax   Z20.810
aromatic amines   Z77.020
aromatic (hazardous)compounds NEC   Z77.028
aromatic dyes NOS   Z77.028
arsenic   Z77.010
asbestos   Z77.090
bacterial disease NEC   Z20.818
benzene   Z77.021
blue-green algae bloom   Z77.121
body fluids (potentially hazardous)   Z77.21
brown tide   Z77.121
chemicals (chiefly nonmedicinal) (hazardous)NEC   Z77.098
cholera   Z20.09
chromium compounds   Z77.018
cold, effects of    T69.9
specified effect NEC   T69.8
communicable disease    Z20.9
bacterial NEC   Z20.818
specified NEC   Z20.89
viral NEC   Z20.828
cyanobacteria bloom   Z77.121
disaster   Z65.5
discrimination   Z60.5
dyes   Z77.098
effects of   T73.9
environmental tobacco smoke (acute) (chronic)   Z77.22
Escherichia coli (E coli)   Z20.01
exhaustion due to   T73.2
German measles   Z20.4
gonorrhea   Z20.2
hazardous metals NEC   Z77.018
hazardous substances NEC   Z77.29
hazards in the physical environment NEC   Z77.128
hazards to health NEC   Z77.9
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)   Z20.6
human T-lymphotropic virus type-1 (HTLV-1)   Z20.89
infestation (parasitic)NEC   Z20.7
intestinal infectious disease NEC    Z20.09
Escherichia coli (E coli)   Z20.01
lead   Z77.011
meningococcus   Z20.811
mold (toxic)   Z77.120
nickel dust   Z77.018
noise   Z77.122
air contaminants NEC   Z57.39
dust   Z57.2
environmental tobacco smoke   Z57.31
extreme temperature   Z57.6
noise   Z57.0
radiation   Z57.1
risk factors   Z57.9
specified NEC   Z57.8
toxic agents (gases) (liquids) (solids) (vapors)in agriculture   Z57.4
toxic agents (gases) (liquids) (solids) (vapors)in industry NEC   Z57.5
vibration   Z57.7
parasitic disease NEC   Z20.7
pediculosis   Z20.7
persecution   Z60.5
pfiesteria piscicida   Z77.121
poliomyelitis   Z20.89
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons   Z77.028
air   Z77.110
environmental NEC   Z77.118
soil   Z77.112
water   Z77.111
placenta or breast milk
rabies   Z20.3
radiation, naturally occurring NEC   Z77.123
radon   Z77.123
red tide (Florida)   Z77.121
rubella   Z20.4
second hand tobacco smoke (acute) (chronic)    Z77.22
in the perinatal period   P96.81
sexually-transmitted disease   Z20.2
smallpox (laboratory)   Z20.89
syphilis   Z20.2
terrorism   Z65.4
torture   Z65.4
tuberculosis   Z20.1
uranium   Z77.012
varicella   Z20.820
venereal disease   Z20.2
viral disease NEC   Z20.828
war   Z65.5
water pollution   Z77.111
Exsanguination see Hemorrhage
abdominal contents   Q45.8
bladder    Q64.10
cloacal   Q64.12
specified type NEC   Q64.19
supravesical fissure   Q64.11
Extensive see condition
Extra see also Accessory
marker chromosomes (normal individual)    Q92.61
in abnormal individual   Q92.62
rib    Q76.6
cervical   Q76.5
Extrasystoles (supraventricular)   I49.49
atrial   I49.1
auricular   I49.1
junctional   I49.2
ventricular   I49.3
chyle into mesentery   I89.8
pelvicalyceal   N13.8
pyelosinus   N13.8
urine (from ureter)   R39.0
antineoplastic chemotherapy   T80.810
other agent NEC   T80.818
Extremity see condition, limb
Extrophy see Exstrophy
bladder   Q64.19
uterus    N81.4
complicating delivery   O71.2
postpartal (old)   N81.4
Extruded tooth (teeth)   M26.34
breast implant (prosthetic)   T85.42
eye implant (globe) (ball)   T85.328
retina   H35.89
Exudative see condition
Eye, eyeball, eyelid see condition
Eyestrain see Disturbance, vision, subjective
Eyeworm disease of Africa   B74.3