ICD 10 CM Index

Baastrup''s disease see Kissing spine
Babesiosis   B60.0
Babington''s disease (familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia)   I78.0
Babinski''s syndrome   A52.79
crying constantly   R68.11
floppy (syndrome)   P94.2
Bacillary see condition
Bacilluria   N39.0
Bacillus see also Infection, bacillus
abortus infection   A23.1
anthracis infection   A22.9
coli infection (see also Escherichia coli)   B96.20
Flexner''s   A03.1
mallei infection   A24.0
Shiga''s   A03.0
Back see condition
Backache (postural)   M54.9
sacroiliac   M53.3
specified NEC   M54.89
Backflow see Reflux
Backward reading (dyslexia)   F81.0
Bacteremia   R78.81
Bactericholia see Cholecystitis, acute
Bacterid, bacteride (pustular)   L40.3
Bacterium, bacteria, bacterial
agent NEC, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.89
Bacteriuria, bacteruria   N39.0
asymptomatic   N39.0
fragilis, as cause of disease classified elsewhere   B96.6
Baelz''s disease (cheilitis glandularis apostematosa)   K13.0
Baerensprung''s disease (eczema marginatum)   B35.6
Bagasse disease or pneumonitis   J67.1
Bagassosis   J67.1
Baker''s cyst see Cyst, Baker's
Bakwin-Krida syndrome (craniometaphyseal dysplasia)   Q78.5
Balancing side interference   M26.56
Balanitis (circinata) (erosiva) (gangrenosa) (phagedenic) (vulgaris)   N48.1
amebic   A06.82
candidal   B37.42
gonococcal (acute) (chronic)   A54.09
xerotica obliterans   N48.0
Balanoposthitis   N47.6
gonococcal (acute) (chronic)   A54.09
ulcerative (specific)   A63.8
Balanorrhagia see Balanitis
Balantidiasis, balantidiosis   A07.0
Bald tongue   K14.4
Baldness see also Alopecia
Balkan grippe A78
Balloon disease see Effect, adverse, high altitude
Balo''s disease (concentric sclerosis)   G37.5
Bamberger-Marie disease see Osteoarthropathy, hypertrophic, specified type NEC
Bancroft''s filariasis   B74.0
Band (s)
heart (atrial) (ventricular)   Q24.8
intestine   Q43.3
omentum   Q43.3
cervix   N88.1
constricting, congenital   Q79.8
gallbladder (congenital)   Q44.1
intestine   K56.5
peritoneum   K56.5
periappendiceal, congenital   Q43.3
uterus    N73.6
internal   N85.6
vagina   N89.5
Bandemia   D72.825
Bandl''s ring (contraction), complicating delivery   O62.4
Bangkok hemorrhagic fever A91
Bang''s disease (brucella abortus)   A23.1
Bankruptcy, anxiety concerning   Z59.8
Bannister''s disease   T78.3
hereditary   D84.1
Banti''s disease or syndrome (with cirrhosis) (with portal hypertension)   K76.6
Bar, median, prostate see Enlargement, enlarged, prostate
Barcoo disease or rot see Ulcer, skin
Barlow''s disease E54
Barodontalgia   T70.29
Baron Mnchausen syndrome see Disorder, factitious
Barosinusitis   T70.1
Barotitis   T70.0
Barotrauma   T70.29
odontalgia   T70.29
otitic   T70.0
sinus   T70.1
Barraquer (-Simons) disease or syndrome (progressive lipodystrophy)   E88.1
Barr-Guillain disease or syndrome   G61.0
Barr-Liou syndrome (posterior cervical sympathetic)   M53.0
Barrel chest   M95.4
esophagus    K22.70
with dysplasia   K22.719
high grade   K22.711
low grade   K22.710
without dysplasia   K22.70
ulcer    K22.10
with bleeding   K22.11
without bleeding   K22.10
Beach ear see Swimmer''s, ear
Brsony (-Polgr) (-Teschendorf) syndrome (corkscrew esophagus)   K22.4
Bartholinitis (suppurating)   N75.8
gonococcal (acute) (chronic) (with abscess)   A54.1
Barth syndrome   E78.71
Bartonellosis   A44.9
cutaneous   A44.1
mucocutaneous   A44.1
specified NEC   A44.8
systemic   A44.0
Barton''s fracture   S52.56-
Bartter''s syndrome   E26.81
Basal see condition
Basan''s (hidrotic)ectodermal dysplasia   Q82.4
Baseball finger see Dislocation, finger
Basedow''s disease (exophthalmic goiter) see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter
Basic see condition
Basilar see condition
Bason''s (hidrotic)ectodermal dysplasia   Q82.4
Basopenia see Agranulocytosis
Basophilia   D72.824
Basophilism (cortico-adrenal) (Cushing''s) (pituitary)   E24.0
Bassen-Kornzweig disease or syndrome   E78.6
Bat ear   Q17.5
disease   B08.1
purpura (senile)   D69.2
Bathing cramp   T75.1
Bathophobia   F40.248
Batten (-Mayou)disease   E75.4
Batten-Steinert syndrome   G71.11
Battered see Maltreatment
Battey Mycobacterium infection   A31.0
Battle exhaustion   F43.0
Battledore placenta   O43.19-
Baumgarten-Cruveilhier cirrhosis, disease or syndrome   K74.69
Bauxite fibrosis (of lung)   J63.1
Bayle''s disease (general paresis)   A52.17
Bazin''s disease (primary) (tuberculous)   A18.4
Beaded hair (congenital)   Q84.1
Bal conjunctivitis or syndrome   B30.2
Beard''s disease (neurasthenia)   F48.8
Beat (s)
atrial, premature   I49.1
ectopic   I49.49
escaped, heart   I49.49
premature    I49.40
atrial   I49.1
auricular   I49.1
supraventricular   I49.1
lines (transverse furrows on fingernails)   L60.4
Bechterev''s syndrome see Spondylitis, ankylosing
Beck''s syndrome (anterior spinal artery occlusion)   I65.8
cardiomyopathy   I42.8
idiopathic mural endomyocardial disease   I42.3
myotonia congenita, recessive form   G71.12
dystrophy   G71.0
pigmented hairy nevus   D22.5
Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome   Q87.3
Bed confinement status   Z74.01
Bed sore see Ulcer, pressure, by site
Bedbug bite (s) see Bite(s), by site, superficial, insect
Bedclothes, asphyxiation or suffocation by see Asphyxia, traumatic, due to, mechanical, trapped
aphthae   K12.0
Bedridden   Z74.01
Bedsore see Ulcer, pressure, by site
Bedwetting see Enuresis
Bee sting (with allergic or anaphylactic shock) see Toxicity, venom, arthropod, bee
Beer drinker''s heart (disease)   I42.6
Begbie''s disease (exophthalmic goiter) see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter
adult   Z72.811
child or adolescent   Z72.810
drug seeking   Z72.89
inexplicable   R46.2
marked evasiveness   R46.5
obsessive-compulsive   R46.81
overactivity   R46.3
poor responsiveness   R46.4
self-damaging (life-style)   Z72.89
sleep-incompatible   Z72.821
slowness   R46.4
specified NEC   R46.89
strange (and inexplicable)   R46.2
suspiciousness   R46.5
type A pattern   Z73.1
undue concern or preoccupation with stressful events   R46.6
verbosity and circumstantial detail obscuring reason for contact   R46.7
Behet''s disease or syndrome   M35.2
Behr''s disease see Degeneration, macula
Beigel''s disease or morbus (white piedra)   B36.2
Bejel A65
Bekhterev''s syndrome see Spondylitis, ankylosing
Belching see Eructation
mania   F30.8
palsy, paralysis    G51.0
infant or newborn   P11.3
spasm   G51.3
Bence Jones albuminuria or proteinuria NEC   R80.3
Bends   T70.3
Benedikt''s paralysis or syndrome   G46.3
Benign see also condition
Bennett''s fracture (displaced)   S62.21-
Benson''s disease see Deposit, crystalline
back (hysterical)   F44.4
nose    M95.0
congenital   Q67.4
Bereavement (uncomplicated)   Z63.4
Bergeron''s disease (hysterical chorea)   F44.4
Berger''s disease see Nephropathy, IgA
Beriberi (dry)   E51.11
heart (disease)   E51.12
polyneuropathy   E51.11
wet    E51.12
involving circulatory system   E51.11
Berlin''s disease or edema (traumatic)   S05.8X-
Berlock (berloque)dermatitis   L56.2
Bernard-Horner syndrome   G90.2
Bernard-Soulier disease or thrombopathia   D69.1
Bernhardt (-Roth)disease see Mononeuropathy, lower limb, meralgia paresthetica
Bernheim''s syndrome see Failure, heart, congestive
Bertielliasis   B71.8
Berylliosis (lung)   J63.2
Besnier-Boeck (-Schaumann)disease see Sarcoidosis
lupus pernio   D86.3
prurigo   L20.0
Bestiality   F65.89
Best''s disease   H35.50
Beta-mercaptolactate-cysteine disulfiduria   E72.09
Betalipoproteinemia, broad or floating   E78.2
Betting and gambling   Z72.6
pathological (compulsive)   F63.0
Bezoar   T18.9
intestine   T18.3
stomach   T18.2
Bezold''s abscess see Mastoiditis, acute
Bianchi''s syndrome   R48.8
Bicornate or bicornis uterus   Q51.3
in pregnancy or childbirth    O34.59-
causing obstructed labor   O65.5
Bicuspid aortic valve   Q23.1
Biedl-Bardet syndrome   Q87.89
Bielschowsky (-Jansky)disease   E75.4
Biermer''s (pernicious)anemia or disease   D51.0
Biett''s disease   L93.0
Bifid (congenital)
apex, heart   Q24.8
clitoris   Q52.6
kidney   Q63.8
nose   Q30.2
patella   Q74.1
scrotum   Q55.29
toe NEC   Q74.2
tongue   Q38.3
ureter   Q62.8
uterus   Q51.3
uvula   Q35.7
Biforis uterus (suprasimplex)   Q51.3
Bifurcation (congenital)
gallbladder   Q44.1
kidney pelvis   Q63.8
renal pelvis   Q63.8
rib   Q76.6
tongue, congenital   Q38.3
trachea   Q32.1
ureter   Q62.8
urethra   Q64.74
vertebra   Q76.49
Big spleen syndrome   D73.1
Bigeminal pulse   R00.8
Bilateral see condition
pigments in urine   R82.2
Bilharziasis see also Schistosomiasis
chyluria   B65.0
cutaneous   B65.3
galacturia   B65.0
hematochyluria   B65.0
intestinal   B65.1
lipemia   B65.9
lipuria   B65.0
oriental   B65.2
piarhemia   B65.9
tropical hematuria   B65.0
vesical   B65.0
Biliary see condition
Bilirubin metabolism disorder   E80.7
specified NEC   E80.6
Bilirubinemia, familial nonhemolytic   E80.4
Bilirubinuria   R82.2
Biliuria   R82.2
Bilocular stomach   K31.2
Binswanger''s disease   I67.3
Biparta, bipartite
carpal scaphoid   Q74.0
patella   Q74.1
vagina   Q52.10
face   Q75.8
fancier''s disease or lung   J67.2
Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome   Q87.89
compression during NOS   P15.9
injury NOS    P15.9
basal ganglia   P11.1
brachial plexus NEC   P14.3
brain (compression) (pressure)   P11.2
central nervous system NOS   P11.9
cerebellum   P11.1
cerebral hemorrhage   P10.1
external genitalia   P15.5
eye   P15.3
face   P15.4
bone    P13.9
specified NEC   P13.8
clavicle   P13.4
femur   P13.2
humerus   P13.3
long bone, except femur   P13.3
radius and ulna   P13.3
skull   P13.0
spine   P11.5
tibia and fibula   P13.3
intracranial   P11.2
laceration or hemorrhage    P10.9
specified NEC   P10.8
intraventricular hemorrhage   P10.2
brain   P10.1
by scalpel   P15.8
peripheral nerve   P14.9
liver   P15.0
brain   P11.1
spinal cord   P11.5
brachial plexus   P14.3
cranial NEC (except facial)   P11.4
facial   P11.3
peripheral   P14.9
phrenic (paralysis)   P14.2
facial nerve   P11.3
spinal   P11.5
penis   P15.5
spinal cord   P11.5
scalp   P12.9
scalpel wound   P15.8
scrotum   P15.5
skull NEC   P13.1
fracture   P13.0
specified type NEC   P15.8
spinal cord   P11.5
spine   P11.5
spleen   P15.1
sternomastoid (hematoma)   P15.2
subarachnoid hemorrhage   P10.3
subcutaneous fat necrosis   P15.6
subdural hemorrhage   P10.0
tentorial tear   P10.4
testes   P15.5
vulva   P15.5
palsy or paralysis, newborn, NOS (birth injury)   P14.9
shock, newborn   P96.89
4000 grams to 4499 grams   P08.1
4500 grams or more   P08.0
constituents, abnormal   R78.9
disease   D75.9
dyscrasia    D75.9
ectopic pregnancy   O08.1
molar pregnancy   O08.1
following ectopic or molar pregnancy   O08.1
newborn   P61.9
puerperal, postpartum   O72.3
feces   K92.1
occult   R19.5
mole   O02.0
occult in feces   R19.5
decreased, due to shock following injury   T79.4
examination only   Z01.30
fluctuating   I99.8
borderline   R03.0
incidental reading, without diagnosis of hypertension   R03.0
incidental reading, without diagnosis of hypotension   R03.1
A (Rh positive)   Z67.10
Rh negative   Z67.11
AB (Rh positive)   Z67.30
Rh negative   Z67.31
B (Rh positive)   Z67.20
Rh negative   Z67.21
O (Rh positive)   Z67.40
Rh negative   Z67.41
Rh (positive)   Z67.90
negative   Z67.91
Birthmark   Q82.5
Bisalbuminemia   E88.09
Biskra''s button   B55.1
Bite (s) (animal) (human)
wall   S31.159
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.659
epigastric region    S31.152
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.652
lower quadrant    S31.154
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.654
upper quadrant    S31.151
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.651
periumbilic region    S31.155
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.655
lower quadrant    S31.153
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.653
upper quadrant    S31.150
with penetration into peritoneal cavity   S31.650
superficial NEC    S30.871
insect   S30.861
ankle    S91.05-
superficial NEC   S90.57-
insect   S90.56-
anus    S31.835
superficial NEC   S30.877
insect   S30.867
arm (upper)    S41.15-
superficial NEC   S40.87-
insect   S40.86-
lower   S31.050
with penetration into retroperitoneal space   S31.051
superficial NEC    S30.870
insect   S30.860
breast    S21.05-
superficial NEC   S20.17-
insect   S20.16-
buttock    S31.805
left   S31.825
right   S31.815
superficial NEC   S30.870
insect   S30.860
cheek (external)    S01.45-
superficial NEC   S00.87
insect   S00.86
chigger   B88.0
ear (canal) (external)    S01.35-
superficial NEC   S00.47-
insect   S00.46-
elbow    S51.05-
superficial NEC   S50.37-
insect   S50.36-
esophagus, cervical    S11.25
superficial NEC   S10.17
insect   S10.16
eyelid    S01.15-
superficial NEC   S00.27-
insect   S00.26-
finger (s)    S61.259
damage to nail   S61.359
index   S61.258
damage to nail   S61.358
left    S61.251
damage to nail   S61.351
right    S61.250
damage to nail   S61.350
superficial NEC    S60.478
insect   S60.46-
little   S61.25-
damage to nail   S61.35-
superficial NEC    S60.47-
insect   S60.46-
middle   S61.25-
damage to nail   S61.35-
superficial NEC    S60.47-
insect   S60.46-
ring   S61.25-
damage to nail   S61.35-
superficial NEC    S60.47-
insect   S60.46-
superficial NEC   S60.479
insect   S60.469
foot (except toe(s) alone)    S91.35-
superficial NEC   S90.87-
insect   S90.86-
forearm    S51.85-
superficial NEC   S50.87-
insect   S50.86-
female   S31.552
superficial NEC    S30.876
insect   S30.866
male   S31.551
superficial NEC    S30.875
insect   S30.865
hand    S61.45-
superficial NEC   S60.57-
insect   S60.56-
head    S01.95
specified site NEC   S01.85
superficial NEC    S00.87
insect   S00.86
superficial NEC   S00.97
insect   S00.96
hip    S71.05-
superficial NEC   S70.27-
insect   S70.26-
hymen   S31.45
knee    S81.05-
superficial NEC   S80.27-
insect   S80.26-
larynx    S11.015
superficial NEC   S10.17
insect   S10.16
leg (lower)    S81.85-
superficial NEC   S80.87-
insect   S80.86-
lip    S01.551
superficial NEC   S00.571
insect   S00.561
neck    S11.95
thyroid gland   S11.15
specified site NEC   S11.85
superficial NEC    S10.87
insect   S10.86
superficial NEC   S10.97
insect   S10.96
throat   S11.85
superficial NEC    S10.17
insect   S10.16
nose (septum) (sinus)    S01.25
superficial NEC   S00.37
insect   S00.36
oral cavity    S01.552
superficial NEC   S00.572
insect   S00.562
pelvis    S31.050
with penetration into retroperitoneal space   S31.051
superficial NEC   S30.870
insect   S30.860
penis    S31.25
superficial NEC   S30.872
insect   S30.862
pharynx    S11.25
superficial NEC   S10.17
insect   S10.16
red bug   B88.0
scalp    S01.05
superficial NEC   S00.07
insect   S00.06
scrotum    S31.35
superficial NEC   S30.873
insect   S30.863
shoulder    S41.05-
superficial NEC   S40.27-
insect   S40.26-
supraclavicular fossa   S11.85
testis    S31.35
superficial NEC   S30.873
insect   S30.863
thigh    S71.15-
superficial NEC   S70.37-
insect   S70.36-
thorax, thoracic (wall)    S21.95
back   S21.25-
with penetration into thoracic cavity   S21.45-
front   S21.15-
with penetration into thoracic cavity   S21.35-
superficial NEC   S20.97
back   S20.47-
front   S20.37-
insect    S20.96
back   S20.46-
front   S20.36-
thumb    S61.05-
damage to nail   S61.15-
superficial NEC   S60.37-
insect   S60.36-
thyroid    S11.15
superficial NEC   S10.87
insect   S10.86
toe (s)    S91.15-
damage to nail   S91.25-
great   S91.15-
damage to nail   S91.25-
lesser   S91.15-
damage to nail   S91.25-
superficial NEC   S90.47-
great   S90.47-
insect    S90.46-
great   S90.46-
tongue   S01.552
trachea    S11.025
superficial NEC   S10.17
insect   S10.16
umbilical region   S31.155
vocal cords    S11.035
superficial NEC   S10.17
insect   S10.16
vulva    S31.45
superficial NEC   S30.874
insect   S30.864
wrist    S61.55-
superficial NEC   S60.87-
insect   S60.86-
Biting, cheek or lip   K13.1
Biventricular failure (heart)   I50.9
Bjrck (-Thorson) syndrome (malignant carcinoid)   E34.0
death   A20.9
eye   S00.1-
hairy tongue   K14.3
heel (foot)   S90.3-
palm (hand)   S60.22-
Blackfan-Diamond anemia or syndrome (congenital hypoplastic anemia)   D61.01
Blackhead   L70.0
Blackout R55
Bladder see condition
Blast (air) (hydraulic) (immersion) (underwater)
blindness   S05.8X-
syndrome NEC   T70.8
Blastoma see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Blastomycosis, blastomycotic   B40.9
cutaneous   B40.3
disseminated   B40.7
generalized   B40.7
keloidal   B48.0
North American   B40.9
primary pulmonary   B40.0
pulmonary    B40.2
acute   B40.0
chronic   B40.1
skin   B40.3
specified NEC   B40.89
Bleb (s)   R23.8
emphysematous (lung) (solitary)   J43.9
endophthalmitis   H59.43
filtering (vitreous), after glaucoma surgery   Z98.83
inflammed (infected), postprocedural    H59.40
stage 1   H59.41
stage 2   H59.42
stage 3   H59.43
lung (ruptured)    J43.9
newborn   P25.8
subpleural (emphysematous)   J43.9
Blebitis, postprocedural   H59.40
stage 1   H59.41
stage 2   H59.42
stage 3   H59.43
Bleeder (familial) (hereditary) see Hemophilia
Bleeding see also Hemorrhage
anal   K62.5
anovulatory   N97.0
atonic, following delivery   O72.1
capillary    I78.8
puerperal   O72.2
contact (postcoital)   N93.0
due to uterine subinvolution   N85.3
excessive, associated with menopausal onset   N92.4
following intercourse   N93.0
gastrointestinal   K92.2
intermenstrual (regular)    N92.3
irregular   N92.1
irregular   N92.6
menopausal   N92.4
nipple   N64.59
nose   R04.0
ovulation   N92.3
postclimacteric   N95.0
postcoital   N93.0
postmenopausal   N95.0
preclimacteric   N92.4
puberty (excessive, with onset of menstrual periods)   N92.2
rectum, rectal    K62.5
newborn   P54.2
throat   R04.1
tooth socket (post-extraction)   K91.840
umbilical stump   P51.9
uterus, uterine NEC    N93.9
climacteric   N92.4
dysfunctional of functional   N93.8
menopausal   N92.4
preclimacteric or premenopausal   N92.4
unrelated to menstrual cycle   N93.9
vagina, vaginal (abnormal)    N93.9
dysfunctional or functional   N93.8
newborn   P54.6
vicarious   N94.89
Blennorrhagia, blennorrhagic see Gonorrhea
Blennorrhea (acute) (chronic) see also Gonorrhea
inclusion (neonatal) (newborn)   P39.1
lower genitourinary tract (gonococcal)   A54.00
neonatorum (gonococcal ophthalmia)   A54.31
Blepharelosis see Entropion
Blepharitis (angularis) (ciliaris) (eyelid) (marginal) (nonulcerative)   H01.009
herpes zoster   B02.39
left    H01.006
lower   H01.005
upper   H01.004
right    H01.003
lower   H01.002
upper   H01.001
squamous    H01.029
left   H01.026
lower   H01.025
upper   H01.024
right   H01.023
lower   H01.022
upper   H01.021
ulcerative    H01.019
left   H01.016
lower   H01.015
upper   H01.014
right   H01.013
lower   H01.012
upper   H01.011
Blepharochalasis   H02.30
congenital   Q10.0
left    H02.36
lower   H02.35
upper   H02.34
right    H02.33
lower   H02.32
upper   H02.31
Blepharoclonus   H02.59
Blepharoconjunctivitis   H10.50-
angular   H10.52-
contact   H10.53-
ligneous   H10.51-
Blepharophimosis (eyelid)   H02.529
congenital   Q10.3
left    H02.526
lower   H02.525
upper   H02.524
right    H02.523
lower   H02.522
upper   H02.521
Blepharoptosis   H02.40-
congenital   Q10.0
mechanical   H02.41-
myogenic   H02.42-
neurogenic   H02.43-
paralytic   H02.43-
Blepharopyorrhea, gonococcal   A54.39
Blepharospasm   G24.5
drug induced   G24.01
Blighted ovum   O02.0
Blind see also Blindness
bronchus (congenital)   Q32.4
loop syndrome    K90.2
congenital   Q43.8
sac, fallopian tube (congenital)   Q50.6
Blindness (acquired) (congenital) (both eyes)   H54.0
blast   S05.8X-
concussion   S05.8X-
cortical    H47.619
left brain   H47.612
right brain   H47.611
day   H53.11
due to injury (current episode)    S05.9-
emotional (hysterical)   F44.6
face   H53.16
hysterical   F44.6
legal (both eyes) (USA definition)   H54.8
mind   R48.8
night    H53.60
abnormal dark adaptation curve   H53.61
acquired   H53.62
congenital   H53.63
specified type NEC   H53.69
vitamin A deficiency   E50.5
one eye (other eye normal)    H54.40
left (normal vision on right)   H54.42
low vision on right   H54.12
low vision, other eye   H54.10
right (normal vision on left)   H54.41
low vision on left   H54.11
psychic   R48.8
river   B73.01
traumatic (current episode)   S05.9-
word (developmental)    F81.0
acquired   R48.0
secondary to organic lesion   R48.0
Blister (nonthermal)
abdominal wall   S30.821
alveolar process   S00.522
ankle   S90.52-
anus   S30.827
arm (upper)   S40.82-
back, lower   S30.820
beetle dermatitis   L24.89
breast   S20.12-
brow   S00.82
cheek    S00.82
internal   S00.522
chin   S00.82
ear   S00.42-
elbow   S50.32-
epiglottis   S10.12
esophagus, cervical   S10.12
eyelid   S00.22-
face   S00.82
fever   B00.1
finger (s)    S60.429
index   S60.42-
little   S60.42-
middle   S60.42-
ring   S60.42-
foot (except toe(s) alone)    S90.82-
forearm    S50.82-
forehead   S00.82
female   S30.826
male   S30.825
gum   S00.522
hand   S60.52-
head    S00.92
lip   S00.521
nose   S00.32
oral cavity   S00.522
scalp   S00.02
specified site NEC   S00.82
hip   S70.22-
interscapular region   S20.429
jaw   S00.82
knee   S80.22-
larynx   S10.12
leg (lower)    S80.82-
lip   S00.521
malar region   S00.82
mastoid region   S00.82
mouth   S00.522
multiple, skin, nontraumatic   R23.8
nasal   S00.32
neck    S10.92
specified site NEC   S10.82
throat   S10.12
nose   S00.32
occipital region   S00.02
oral cavity   S00.522
palate   S00.522
parietal region   S00.02
pelvis   S30.820
penis   S30.822
pharynx   S10.12
scalp   S00.02
scrotum   S30.823
shoulder   S40.22-
sternal region   S20.329
submaxillary region   S00.82
submental region   S00.82
supraclavicular fossa   S10.82
supraorbital   S00.82
temple   S00.82
temporal region   S00.82
testis   S30.823
thigh   S70.32-
thorax, thoracic (wall)    S20.92
back   S20.42-
front   S20.32-
throat   S10.12
thumb   S60.32-
toe (s)    S90.42-
great   S90.42-
tongue   S00.522
trachea   S10.12
uvula   S00.522
vagina   S30.824
vocal cords   S10.12
vulva   S30.824
wrist   S60.82-
Bloating   R14.0
Bloch-Sulzberger disease or syndrome   Q82.3
Block, blocked
alveolocapillary   J84.10
arborization (heart)   I45.5
arrhythmic   I45.9
atrioventricular (incomplete) (partial)    I44.30
with atrioventricular dissociation   I44.2
complete   I44.2
congenital   Q24.6
congenital   Q24.6
first degree   I44.0
second degree (types I and II)   I44.1
specified NEC   I44.39
third degree   I44.2
types I and II   I44.1
bifascicular (cardiac)   I45.2
bundle-branch (complete) (false) (incomplete)    I45.4
bilateral   I45.2
left   I44.7
with right bundle branch block   I45.2
hemiblock    I44.60
anterior   I44.4
posterior   I44.5
incomplete    I44.7
with right bundle branch block   I45.2
right   I45.10
left bundle branch block   I45.2
left fascicular block   I45.2
specified NEC   I45.19
Wilson''s type   I45.19
cardiac   I45.9
conduction    I45.9
complete   I44.2
fascicular (left)    I44.60
anterior   I44.4
posterior   I44.5
right   I45.0
specified NEC   I44.69
foramen Magendie (acquired)    G91.1
congenital   Q03.1
heart    I45.9
bundle branch   I45.4
bilateral   I45.2
complete (atrioventricular)   I44.2
congenital   Q24.6
first degree (atrioventricular)   I44.0
second degree (atrioventricular)   I44.1
specified type NEC   I45.5
third degree (atrioventricular)   I44.2
hepatic vein   I82.0
intraventricular (nonspecific)    I45.4
bilateral   I45.2
kidney    N28.9
postcystoscopic or postprocedural   N99.0
Mobitz (types I and II)   I44.1
nodal   I45.5
second degree (types I and II)   I44.1
sinoatrial   I45.5
sinoauricular   I45.5
third degree   I44.2
trifascicular   I45.3
tubal   N97.1
vein NOS   I82.90
Wenckebach (types I and II)   I44.1
Blockage see Obstruction
Blocq''s disease   F44.4
Blood-forming organs, disease   D75.9
Bloodgood''s disease see Mastopathy, cystic
Bloom (-Machacek)(-Torre)syndrome   Q82.8
Blount''s disease or osteochondrosis see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
baby   Q24.9
diaper syndrome   E72.09
dot cataract   Q12.0
nevus   D22.9
sclera    Q13.5
with fragility of bone and deafness   Q78.0
toe syndrome   I75.02-
Blueness see Cyanosis
Blues, postpartal   O90.6
baby   O90.6
Blurring, visual   H53.8
Blushing (abnormal) (excessive)   R23.2
BMI see Body, mass index
Boarder, hospital NEC   Z76.4
accompanying sick person   Z76.3
healthy infant or child    Z76.2
foundling   Z76.1
Bockhart''s impetigo   L01.02
Bodechtel-Guttman disease (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis)   A81.1
Boder-Sedgwick syndrome (ataxia-telangiectasia)   G11.3
Body, bodies
knee   M23.4-
19 or less   Z68.1
200-209   Z68.20
210-219   Z68.21
220-229   Z68.22
230-239   Z68.23
240-249   Z68.24
250-259   Z68.25
260-269   Z68.26
270-279   Z68.27
280-289   Z68.28
290-299   Z68.29
300-309   Z68.30
310-319   Z68.31
320-329   Z68.32
330-339   Z68.33
340-349   Z68.34
350-359   Z68.35
360-369   Z68.36
370-379   Z68.37
380-389   Z68.38
390-399   Z68.39
400-449   Z68.41
450-499   Z68.42
500-599   Z68.43
600-699   Z68.44
70 and over   Z68.45
5th percentile to less than 85th percentile for age   Z68.52
85th percentile to less than 95th percentile for age   Z68.53
greater than or equal to ninety-fifth percentile for age   Z68.54
less than fifth percentile for age   Z68.51
Mooser''s   A75.2
knee   M23.4-
rocking   F98.4
lupoid (miliary)   D86.3
Boerhaave''s syndrome (spontaneous esophageal rupture)   K22.3
cervix   N88.8
uterus   N85.8
Boil see also Furuncle, by site
Aleppo   B55.1
Baghdad   B55.1
Delhi   B55.1
Natal   B55.1
tropical   B55.1
Bold hives see Urticaria
Bomb, iris see Membrane, pupillary
Bone see condition
Bonnevie-Ullrich syndrome   Q87.1
Bonnier''s syndrome see subcategory   H81.8
Bonvale dam fever   T73.3
Bony block of joint see Ankylosis
BOOP (bronchiolitis obliterans organized pneumonia)   J84.89
diabetes mellitus   R73.09
hypertension   R03.0
osteopenia   M85.8-
pelvis, with obstruction during labor   O65.1
personality   F60.3
Borna disease   A83.9
Bornholm disease   B33.0
Boston exanthem   A88.0
Botalli, ductus (patent) (persistent)   Q25.0
Bothriocephalus latus infestation   B70.0
Botulism (foodborne intoxication)   A05.1
infant   A48.51
non-foodborne   A48.52
wound   A48.52
Bouba see Yaws
Bouchard''s nodes (with arthropathy)   M15.2
Bouffe dlirante F23
Bouillaud''s disease or syndrome (rheumatic heart disease)   I01.9
Bourneville''s disease   Q85.1
Boutonniere deformity (finger) see Deformity, finger, boutonniere
Bouveret (-Hoffmann) syndrome (paroxysmal tachycardia)   I47.9
Bovine heart see Hypertrophy, cardiac
Bowel see condition
congenital   Q68.3
congenital   Q68.4
leg (s), long bones, congenital   Q68.5
congenital   Q68.4
Bowleg (s) (acquired)   M21.16-
congenital   Q68.5
rachitic   E64.3
Boyd''s dysentery   A03.2
Brachial see condition
Brachycardia   R00.1
Brachycephaly   Q75.0
Bradley''s disease   A08.19
Bradyarrhythmia, cardiac   I49.8
Bradycardia (sinoatrial) (sinus) (vagal)   R00.1
neonatal   P29.12
reflex   G90.09
tachycardia syndrome   I49.5
Bradykinesia   R25.8
Bradypnea   R06.89
Bradytachycardia   I49.5
Brailsford''s disease or osteochondrosis see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, radius
Brain see also condition
death   G93.82
Branched-chain amino-acid disorder   E71.2
Branchial see condition
cartilage, congenital   Q18.2
Branchiogenic remnant (in neck)   Q18.0
Brandt''s syndrome (acrodermatitis enteropathica)   E83.2
Brash (water) R12
Bravais-jacksonian epilepsy see Epilepsy, localization-related, symptomatic, with simple partial seizures
Braxton Hicks contractions see False, labor
Brazilian leishmaniasis   B55.2
BRBPR   K62.5
Break, retina (without detachment)   H33.30-
horseshoe tear   H33.31-
multiple   H33.33-
round hole   H33.32-
device, graft or implant (see also Complications, by site and type, mechanical)    T85.618
breast (implant)   T85.41
catheter NEC   T85.618
cystostomy   T83.010
dialysis (renal)    T82.41
intraperitoneal   T85.611
infusion NEC    T82.514
spinal (epidural) (subdural)   T85.610
urinary (indwelling)   T83.018
bone   T84.310
cardiac    T82.119
electrode   T82.110
pulse generator   T82.111
specified type NEC   T82.118
genital NEC   T83.418
intrauterine contraceptive device   T83.31
penile prosthesis   T83.410
specified NEC   T85.618
sutures, permanent   T85.612
graft   T83.21
ventricular intracranial shunt   T85.01
nervous   F48.8
perineum   O90.1
respirator    J95.850
specified NEC   J95.859
ventilator    J95.850
specified NEC   J95.859
Breast see also condition
buds    E30.1
in newborn   P96.89
dense   R92.2
foul   R19.6
holder, child   R06.89
holding spell   R06.89
shortness   R06.02
mouth    R06.5
causing malocclusion   M26.5
periodic    R06.3
high altitude   G47.32
Breathlessness   R06.81
Breda''s disease see Yaws
Breech presentation (mother)   O32.1
causing obstructed labor   O64.1
footling    O32.8
causing obstructed labor   O64.8
incomplete    O32.8
causing obstructed labor   O64.8
Breisky''s disease   N90.4
Brennemann''s syndrome   I88.0
tumor (benign)    D27.9
borderline malignancy   D39.1-
proliferating   D39.1-
Bretonneau''s disease or angina   A36.0
Breus'' mole   O02.0
Brevicollis   Q76.49
Bridge, myocardial   Q24.5
Bright red blood per rectum (BRBPR)   K62.5
Bright''s disease see also Nephritis
Brill (-Zinsser) disease (recrudescent typhus)   A75.1
flea-borne   A75.2
louse-borne   A75.1
Brill-Symmers'' disease   C82.90
Brion-Kayser disease see Fever, parathyroid
Briquet''s disorder or syndrome   F45.0
infantilism or dwarfism   E23.0
motor-verbal tic   F95.2
bones disease   Q78.0
nails    L60.3
congenital   Q84.6
Broad see also condition
beta disease   E78.2
ligament laceration syndrome   N83.8
Brock''s syndrome (atelectasis due to enlarged lymph nodes)   J98.19
Brocq-Duhring disease (dermatitis herpetiformis)   L13.0
Brodie''s abscess or disease   M86.8X-
nose   S02.2
Bromhidrosis, bromidrosis   L75.0
Bromidism, bromism G92
chronic (dependence)   F13.20
Bromidrosiphobia   F40.298
Bronchi, bronchial see condition
Bronchiectasis (cylindrical) (diffuse) (fusiform) (localized) (saccular)   J47.9
bronchitis   J47.0
lower respiratory infection   J47.0
exacerbation (acute)   J47.1
congenital   Q33.4
Bronchiolectasis see Bronchiectasis
Bronchiolitis (acute) (infective) (subacute)   J21.9
bronchospasm or obstruction   J21.9
chemical (chronic)    J68.4
acute   J68.0
chronic (fibrosing) (obliterative)   J44.9
human metapneumovirus   J21.1
respiratory syncytial virus   J21.0
specified organism NEC   J21.8
fibrosa obliterans   J44.9
with organizing pneumonia (BOOP)   J84.89
obliterative (chronic) (subacute)    J44.9
due to fumes or vapors   J68.4
due to chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors (inhalation)   J68.4
respiratory, interstitial lung disease   J84.115
Bronchitis (diffuse) (fibrinous) (hypostatic) (infective) (membranous) J40
obstruction (airway) (lung)   J44.9
acute or subacute   J20.9
under l5 years of age   J20.9
acute or subacute (with bronchospasm or obstruction)    J20.9
bronchiectasis   J47.0
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease   J44.0
chemical (due to gases, fumes or vapors)   J68.0
fumes or vapors   J68.0
Haemophilus influenzae   J20.1
Mycoplasma pneumoniae   J20.0
radiation   J70.0
specified organism NEC   J20.8
Streptococcus   J20.2
coxsackie   J20.3
echovirus   J20.7
parainfluenzae   J20.4
respiratory syncytial   J20.5
rhinovirus   J20.6
viral NEC   J20.8
allergic (acute)    J45.909
exacerbation (acute)   J45.901
status asthmaticus   J45.902
arachidic   T17.528
aspiration (due to fumes or vapors)   J68.0
asthmatic    J45.9
chronic   J44.9
acute lower respiratory infection   J44.0
exacerbation (acute)   J44.1
caseous (tuberculous)   A15.5
Castellani''s   A69.8
chronic   J41.0
under l5 years of age   J20.9
chemical (acute) (subacute)    J68.0
chronic   J68.4
due to fumes or vapors   J68.0
chronic   J68.4
airways obstruction   J44.9
asthmatic (obstructive)   J44.9
catarrhal   J41.0
chemical (due to fumes or vapors)   J68.4
chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors (inhalation)   J68.4
radiation   J70.1
tobacco smoking   J41.0
emphysematous   J44.9
mucopurulent   J41.1
non-obstructive   J41.0
obliterans   J44.9
obstructive   J44.9
purulent   J41.1
simple   J41.0
due to gases, fumes or vapors (chemical)   J68.0
emphysematous (obstructive)   J44.9
fetid   J41.1
mixed simple and mucopurulent   J41.8
moulder''s   J62.8
mucopurulent (chronic) (recurrent)    J41.1
acute or subacute   J20.9
simple (mixed)   J41.8
obliterans (chronic)   J44.9
obstructive (chronic) (diffuse)   J44.9
pituitous   J41.1
pneumococcal, acute or subacute   J20.2
purulent (chronic) (recurrent)    J41.1
putrid   J41.1
simple and mucopurulent (mixed)   J41.8
smokers''   J41.0
spirochetal NEC   A69.8
suppurative (chronic)    J41.1
tuberculous   A15.5
viral NEC, acute or subacute (see also Bronchitis, acute)   J20.8
Bronchoalveolitis   J18.0
Bronchoaspergillosis   B44.1
Bronchocele meaning goiter   E04.0
Broncholithiasis   J98.09
tuberculous NEC   A15.5
Bronchomalacia   J98.09
congenital   Q32.2
Bronchopleuropneumonia see Pneumonia, broncho
Bronchopneumonia see Pneumonia, broncho
Bronchopneumonitis see Pneumonia, broncho
Bronchopulmonary see condition
Bronchopulmonitis see Pneumonia, broncho
Bronchorrhagia (see Hemoptysis)
Bronchorrhea   J98.09
acute   J20.9
Bronchospasm (acute)   J98.01
bronchiolitis, acute   J21.9
exercise induced   J45.990
Bronchospirochetosis   A69.8
Castellani   A69.8
Bronchostenosis   J98.09
Bronchus see condition
Brontophobia   F40.220
Bronze baby syndrome   P83.8
Brooke''s tumor see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Brown enamel of teeth (hereditary)   K00.5
Brown''s sheath syndrome   H50.61-
Brown-Squard disease, paralysis or syndrome   G83.81
Bruce sepsis   A23.0
Brucellosis (infection)   A23.9
abortus   A23.1
canis   A23.3
dermatitis   A23.9
melitensis   A23.0
mixed   A23.8
sepsis    A23.9
melitensis   A23.0
specified NEC   A23.8
suis   A23.2
Bruck-de Lange disease   Q87.1
Bruck''s disease see Deformity, limb
Brugsch''s syndrome   Q82.8
Bruise (skin surface intact) see also Contusion
newborn   P54.5
scalp, due to birth injury, newborn   P12.3
umbilical cord   O69.5
Bruit (arterial)   R09.89
cardiac   R01.1
Brush burn see Abrasion, by site
Bruton''s X-linked agammaglobulinemia   D80.0
psychogenic   F45.8
sleep related   G47.63
Bubbly lung syndrome   P27.0
Bubo   I88.8
blennorrhagic (gonococcal)   A54.89
gonococcal   A54.89
indolent (nonspecific)   I88.8
inguinal (nonspecific)    I88.8
infective   I88.8
scrofulous (tuberculous)   A18.2
syphilitic (primary)    A51.0
congenital   A50.07
Bubonic plague   A20.0
Bubonocele see Hernia, inguinal
Buccal see condition
Buchanan''s disease or osteochondrosis   M91.0
Buchem''s syndrome (hyperostosis corticalis)   M85.2
Bucket-handle fracture or tear (semilunar cartilage) see Tear, meniscus
Budd-Chiari syndrome (hepatic vein thrombosis)   I82.0
Budgerigar fancier''s disease or lung   J67.2
breast    E30.1
in newborn   P96.89
Buerger''s disease (thromboangiitis obliterans)   I73.1
Bulbar see condition
Bulbus cordis (left ventricle) (persistent)   Q21.8
Bulimia (nervosa)   F50.2
atypical   F50.9
normal weight   F50.9
stools   R19.5
uterus   N85.2
Bulla (e)   R23.8
lung (emphysematous) (solitary)    J43.9
newborn   P25.8
Bullet wound see also Wound, open
Bunion see Deformity, toe, hallux valgus
Buphthalmia, buphthalmos (congenital)   Q15.0
Burdwan fever   B55.0
Brger-Grtz disease or syndrome   E78.3
penis (congenital)    Q55.64
acquired   N48.83
roots   K08.3
Burke''s syndrome   K86.8
cell leukemia   C91.0-
lymphoma (malignant)    C83.7-
small noncleaved, diffuse   C83.7-
spleen   C83.77
undifferentiated   C83.7-
tumor   C83.7-
acute lymphoblastic leukemia   C91.0-
undifferentiated   C83.7-
Burn (electricity) (flame) (hot gas, liquid or hot object) (radiation) (steam) (thermal)   T30.0
abdomen, abdominal (muscle) (wall)    T21.02
first degree   T21.12
second degree   T21.22
third degree   T21.32
above elbow    T22.039
first degree   T22.139
left   T22.032
first degree   T22.132
second degree   T22.232
third degree   T22.332
right   T22.031
first degree   T22.131
second degree   T22.231
third degree   T22.331
second degree   T22.239
third degree   T22.339
alimentary tract NEC    T28.2
esophagus   T28.1
mouth   T28.0
pharynx   T28.0
ankle    T25.019
first degree   T25.119
left   T25.012
first degree   T25.112
second degree   T25.212
third degree   T25.312
right   T25.011
first degree   T25.111
second degree   T25.211
third degree   T25.311
second degree   T25.219
third degree   T25.319
axilla    T22.049
first degree   T22.149
left   T22.042
first degree   T22.142
second degree   T22.242
third degree   T22.342
right   T22.041
first degree   T22.141
second degree   T22.241
third degree   T22.341
second degree   T22.249
third degree   T22.349
back (lower)    T21.04
first degree   T21.14
second degree   T21.24
third degree   T21.34
upper   T21.03
first degree   T21.13
second degree   T21.23
third degree   T21.33
buttock (s)    T21.05
first degree   T21.15
second degree   T21.25
third degree   T21.35
calf    T24.039
first degree   T24.139
left   T24.032
first degree   T24.132
second degree   T24.232
third degree   T24.332
right   T24.031
first degree   T24.131
second degree   T24.231
third degree   T24.331
second degree   T24.239
third degree   T24.339
cervix   T28.3
cheek    T20.06
first degree   T20.16
second degree   T20.26
third degree   T20.36
chest wall    T21.01
first degree   T21.11
second degree   T21.21
third degree   T21.31
chin    T20.03
first degree   T20.13
second degree   T20.23
third degree   T20.33
colon   T28.2
cornea (and conjunctiva)    T26.1-
dorsum of hand    T23.069
first degree   T23.169
left   T23.062
first degree   T23.162
second degree   T23.262
third degree   T23.362
right   T23.061
first degree   T23.161
second degree   T23.261
third degree   T23.361
second degree   T23.269
third degree   T23.369
ear (auricle) (external) (canal)    T20.01
first degree   T20.11
second degree   T20.21
third degree   T20.31
elbow    T22.029
first degree   T22.129
left   T22.022
first degree   T22.122
second degree   T22.222
third degree   T22.322
right   T22.021
first degree   T22.121
second degree   T22.221
third degree   T22.321
second degree   T22.229
third degree   T22.329
esophagus   T28.1
less than 10 percent   T31.0
10-19 percent   T31.10
with 0-9 percent third degree burns   T31.10
with 10-19 percent third degree burns   T31.11
20-29 percent   T31.20
with 0-9 percent third degree burns   T31.20
with 10-19 percent third degree burns   T31.21
with 20-29 percent third degree burns   T31.22
30-39 percent   T31.30
with 0-9 percent third degree burns   T31.30
with 10-19 percent third degree burns   T31.31
with 20-29 percent third degree burns   T31.32
with 30-39 percent third degree burns   T31.33
40-49 percent   T31.40
with 0-9 percent third degree burns   T31.40
with 10-19 percent third degree burns   T31.41
with 20-29 percent third degree burns   T31.42
with 30-39 percent third degree burns   T31.43
with 40-49 percent third degree burns   T31.44
50-59 percent   T31.50
with 0-9 percent third degree burns   T31.50
with 10-19 percent third degree burns   T31.51
with 20-29 percent third degree burns   T31.52
with 30-39 percent third degree burns   T31.53
with 40-49 percent third degree burns   T31.54
with 50-59 percent third degree burns   T31.55
60-69 percent   T31.60
with 0-9 percent third degree burns   T31.60
with 10-19 percent third degree burns   T31.61
with 20-29 percent third degree burns   T31.62
with 30-39 percent third degree burns   T31.63
with 40-49 percent third degree burns   T31.64
with 50-59 percent third degree burns   T31.65
with 60-69 percent third degree burns   T31.66
70-79 percent   T31.70
with 0-9 percent third degree burns   T31.70
with 10-19 percent third degree burns   T31.71
with 20-29 percent third degree burns   T31.72
with 30-39 percent third degree burns   T31.73
with 40-49 percent third degree burns   T31.74
with 50-59 percent third degree burns   T31.75
with 60-69 percent third degree burns   T31.76
with 70-79 percent third degree burns   T31.77
80-89 percent   T31.80
with 0-9 percent third degree burns   T31.80
with 10-19 percent third degree burns   T31.81
with 20-29 percent third degree burns   T31.82
with 30-39 percent third degree burns   T31.83
with 40-49 percent third degree burns   T31.84
with 50-59 percent third degree burns   T31.85
with 60-69 percent third degree burns   T31.86
with 70-79 percent third degree burns   T31.87
with 80-89 percent third degree burns   T31.88
90 percent or more   T31.90
with 0-9 percent third degree burns   T31.90
with 10-19 percent third degree burns   T31.91
with 20-29 percent third degree burns   T31.92
with 30-39 percent third degree burns   T31.93
with 40-49 percent third degree burns   T31.94
with 50-59 percent third degree burns   T31.95
with 60-69 percent third degree burns   T31.96
with 70-79 percent third degree burns   T31.97
with 80-89 percent third degree burns   T31.98
with 90 percent or more third degree burns   T31.99
eye (s)and adnexa    T26.4-
with resulting rupture and destruction of eyeball   T26.2-
specified site NEC   T26.3-
eyelid (s)    T26.0-
finger    T23.029
first degree   T23.129
left   T23.022
first degree   T23.122
second degree   T23.222
third degree   T23.322
multiple sites (without thumb)   T23.039
with thumb    T23.049
first degree   T23.149
left    T23.042
first degree   T23.142
second degree   T23.242
third degree   T23.342
right    T23.041
first degree   T23.141
second degree   T23.241
third degree   T23.341
second degree   T23.249
third degree   T23.349
first degree   T23.139
left    T23.032
first degree   T23.132
second degree   T23.232
third degree   T23.332
right    T23.031
first degree   T23.131
second degree   T23.231
third degree   T23.331
second degree   T23.239
third degree   T23.339
right   T23.021
first degree   T23.121
second degree   T23.221
third degree   T23.321
second degree   T23.229
third degree   T23.329
foot    T25.029
first degree   T25.129
left   T25.022
first degree   T25.122
second degree   T25.222
third degree   T25.322
right   T25.021
first degree   T25.121
second degree   T25.221
third degree   T25.321
second degree   T25.229
third degree   T25.329
forearm    T22.019
first degree   T22.119
left   T22.012
first degree   T22.112
second degree   T22.212
third degree   T22.312
right   T22.011
first degree   T22.111
second degree   T22.211
third degree   T22.311
second degree   T22.219
third degree   T22.319
forehead    T20.06
first degree   T20.16
second degree   T20.26
third degree   T20.36
gastrointestinal tract NEC    T28.2
from swallowing caustic or corrosive substance   T28.7
female    T21.07
first degree   T21.17
second degree   T21.27
third degree   T21.37
male    T21.06
first degree   T21.16
second degree   T21.26
third degree   T21.36
internal   T28.3
from caustic or corrosive substance   T28.8
hand (s)    T23.009
first degree   T23.109
left   T23.002
first degree   T23.102
second degree   T23.202
third degree   T23.302
multiple sites with wrist   T23.099
first degree   T23.199
left    T23.092
first degree   T23.192
second degree   T23.292
third degree   T23.392
right    T23.091
first degree   T23.191
second degree   T23.291
third degree   T23.391
second degree   T23.299
third degree   T23.399
right   T23.001
first degree   T23.101
second degree   T23.201
third degree   T23.301
second degree   T23.209
third degree   T23.309
head (and face) (and neck)    T20.00
first degree   T20.10
multiple sites   T20.09
first degree   T20.19
second degree   T20.29
third degree   T20.39
second degree   T20.20
third degree   T20.30
internal organ (s)    T28.40
alimentary tract   T28.2
esophagus   T28.1
eardrum   T28.41
esophagus   T28.1
genitourinary   T28.3
mouth   T28.0
pharynx   T28.0
specified organ NEC   T28.49
intestine (large) (small)   T28.2
knee    T24.029
first degree   T24.129
left   T24.022
first degree   T24.122
second degree   T24.222
third degree   T24.322
right   T24.021
first degree   T24.121
second degree   T24.221
third degree   T24.321
second degree   T24.229
third degree   T24.329
larynx    T27.0
with lung   T27.1
lip (s)    T20.02
first degree   T20.12
second degree   T20.22
third degree   T20.32
limb   T24.009
first degree   T24.109
left    T24.002
first degree   T24.102
second degree   T24.202
third degree   T24.302
multiple sites, except ankle and foot    T24.099
ankle and foot    T25.099
first degree   T25.199
left    T25.092
first degree    T25.192
second degree    T25.292
third degree    T25.392
right    T25.091
first degree    T25.191
second degree    T25.291
third degree    T25.391
second degree   T25.299
third degree   T25.399
first degree   T24.199
left    T24.092
first degree   T24.192
second degree   T24.292
third degree   T24.392
right    T24.091
first degree   T24.191
second degree   T24.291
third degree   T24.391
second degree   T24.299
third degree   T24.399
right    T24.001
first degree   T24.101
second degree   T24.201
third degree   T24.301
second degree   T24.209
third degree   T24.309
lung (with larynx and trachea)   T27.1
mouth   T28.0
neck    T20.07
first degree   T20.17
second degree   T20.27
third degree   T20.37
nose (septum)    T20.04
first degree   T20.14
second degree   T20.24
third degree   T20.34
palm    T23.059
first degree   T23.159
left   T23.052
first degree   T23.152
second degree   T23.252
third degree   T23.352
right   T23.051
first degree   T23.151
second degree   T23.251
third degree   T23.351
second degree   T23.259
third degree   T23.359
pharynx   T28.0
rectum   T28.2
respiratory tract    T27.3
specified part NEC   T27.2
scalp    T20.05
first degree   T20.15
second degree   T20.25
third degree   T20.35
scapular region    T22.069
first degree   T22.169
left   T22.062
first degree   T22.162
second degree   T22.262
third degree   T22.362
right   T22.061
first degree   T22.161
second degree   T22.261
third degree   T22.361
second degree   T22.269
third degree   T22.369
shoulder    T22.059
first degree   T22.159
left   T22.052
first degree   T22.152
second degree   T22.252
third degree   T22.352
right   T22.051
first degree   T22.151
second degree   T22.251
third degree   T22.351
second degree   T22.259
third degree   T22.359
stomach   T28.2
thigh    T24.019
first degree   T24.119
left   T24.012
first degree   T24.112
second degree   T24.212
third degree   T24.312
right   T24.011
first degree   T24.111
second degree   T24.211
third degree   T24.311
second degree   T24.219
third degree   T24.319
throat (meaning pharynx)   T28.0
thumb (s)    T23.019
first degree   T23.119
left   T23.012
first degree   T23.112
second degree   T23.212
third degree   T23.312
multiple sites with fingers   T23.049
first degree   T23.149
left    T23.042
first degree   T23.142
second degree   T23.242
third degree   T23.342
right    T23.041
first degree   T23.141
second degree   T23.241
third degree   T23.341
second degree   T23.249
third degree   T23.349
right   T23.011
first degree   T23.111
second degree   T23.211
third degree   T23.311
second degree   T23.219
third degree   T23.319
toe    T25.039
first degree   T25.139
left   T25.032
first degree   T25.132
second degree   T25.232
third degree   T25.332
right   T25.031
first degree   T25.131
second degree   T25.231
third degree   T25.331
second degree   T25.239
third degree   T25.339
tongue   T28.0
tonsil (s)   T28.0
trachea    T27.0
with lung   T27.1
trunk    T21.00
first degree   T21.10
second degree   T21.20
specified site NEC   T21.09
first degree   T21.19
second degree   T21.29
third degree   T21.39
third degree   T21.30
less than 10 per cent   T31.0
10-19 per cent (0-9 percent third degree)   T31.10
with 10-19 percent third degree   T31.11
20-29 per cent (0-9 percent third degree)   T31.20
10-19 percent third degree   T31.21
20-29 percent third degree   T31.22
30-39 per cent (0-9 percent third degree)   T31.30
10-19 percent third degree   T31.31
20-29 percent third degree   T31.32
30-39 percent third degree   T31.33
40-49 per cent (0-9 percent third degree)   T31.40
10-19 percent third degree   T31.41
20-29 percent third degree   T31.42
30-39 percent third degree   T31.43
40-49 percent third degree   T31.44
50-59 per cent (0-9 percent third degree)   T31.50
10-19 percent third degree   T31.51
20-29 percent third degree   T31.52
30-39 percent third degree   T31.53
40-49 percent third degree   T31.54
50-59 percent third degree   T31.55
60-69 per cent (0-9 percent third degree)   T31.60
10-19 percent third degree   T31.61
20-29 percent third degree   T31.62
30-39 percent third degree   T31.63
40-49 percent third degree   T31.64
50-59 percent third degree   T31.65
60-69 percent third degree   T31.66
70-79 per cent (0-9 percent third degree)   T31.70
10-19 percent third degree   T31.71
20-29 percent third degree   T31.72
30-39 percent third degree   T31.73
40-49 percent third degree   T31.74
50-59 percent third degree   T31.75
60-69 percent third degree   T31.76
70-79 percent third degree   T31.77
80-89 per cent (0-9 percent third degree)   T31.80
10-19 percent third degree   T31.81
20-29 percent third degree   T31.82
30-39 percent third degree   T31.83
40-49 percent third degree   T31.84
50-59 percent third degree   T31.85
60-69 percent third degree   T31.86
70-79 percent third degree   T31.87
80-89 percent third degree   T31.88
90 per cent or more (0-9 percent third degree)   T31.90
10-19 percent third degree   T31.91
20-29 percent third degree   T31.92
30-39 percent third degree   T31.93
40-49 percent third degree   T31.94
50-59 percent third degree   T31.95
60-69 percent third degree   T31.96
70-79 percent third degree   T31.97
80-89 percent third degree   T31.98
90-99 percent third degree   T31.99
upper limb    T22.00
first degree   T22.10
multiple sites   T22.099
first degree   T22.199
left    T22.092
first degree   T22.192
second degree   T22.292
third degree   T22.392
right    T22.091
first degree   T22.191
second degree   T22.291
third degree   T22.391
second degree   T22.299
third degree   T22.399
second degree   T22.20
third degree   T22.30
uterus   T28.3
vagina   T28.3
wrist    T23.079
first degree   T23.179
left   T23.072
first degree   T23.172
second degree   T23.272
third degree   T23.372
multiple sites with hand   T23.099
first degree   T23.199
left    T23.092
first degree   T23.192
second degree   T23.292
third degree   T23.392
right    T23.091
first degree   T23.191
second degree   T23.291
third degree   T23.391
second degree   T23.299
third degree   T23.399
right   T23.071
first degree   T23.171
second degree   T23.271
third degree   T23.371
second degree   T23.279
third degree   T23.379
Burnett''s syndrome   E83.52
feet syndrome   E53.9
sensation   R20.8
tongue   K14.6
Burn-out (state)   Z73.0
Burns'' disease or osteochondrosis see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, ulna
Bursa see condition
Bursitis   M71.9
Duplay''s   M75.0
elbow NEC    M70.3-
olecranon   M70.2-
gonococcal   A54.49
hand   M70.1-
hip NEC    M70.7-
trochanteric   M70.6-
infective NEC    M71.10
ankle   M71.17-
elbow   M71.12-
foot   M71.17-
hand   M71.14-
hip   M71.15-
knee   M71.16-
multiple sites   M71.19
shoulder   M71.11-
specified site NEC   M71.18
wrist   M71.13-
knee NEC    M70.5-
prepatellar   M70.4-
pharyngeal   J39.1
prepatellar   M70.4-
radiohumeral   M77.8
rheumatoid    M06.20
ankle   M06.27-
elbow   M06.22-
foot joint   M06.27-
hand joint   M06.24-
hip   M06.25-
knee   M06.26-
multiple site   M06.29
shoulder   M06.21-
vertebra   M06.28
wrist   M06.23-
shoulder    M75.5-
specified NEC    M71.50
ankle   M71.57-
elbow   M71.52-
foot   M71.57-
hand   M71.54-
hip   M71.55-
knee   M71.56-
specified site NEC   M71.58
tibial collateral   M76.4-
wrist   M71.53-
syphilitic   A52.78
Thornwaldt, Tornwaldt   J39.2
Bursopathy   M71.9
specified type NEC    M71.80
ankle   M71.87-
elbow   M71.82-
foot   M71.87-
hand   M71.84-
hip   M71.85-
knee   M71.86-
multiple sites   M71.89
shoulder   M71.81-
specified site NEC   M71.88
wrist   M71.83-
Burst stitches or sutures (complication of surgery)   T81.31
external operation wound   T81.31
internal operation wound   T81.32
Buruli ulcer   A31.1
Bury''s disease   L95.1
disease   B45.3
Busse-Buschke disease   B45.3
Buttock see condition
Biskra   B55.1
Delhi   B55.1
oriental   B55.1
Buttonhole deformity (finger) see Deformity, finger, boutonniere
Bwamba fever   A92.8
Byssinosis   J66.0
Bywaters'' syndrome   T79.5
Brickmakers'' anemia B769   D63.8
Bronchomycosis NOS B49 J99
candidal   B37.1