ICD 10 External Cause Index

Abandonment NEC (causing exposure to weather conditions) (with intent to injure or kill) X58
Abuse (adult) (child) (mental) (physical) (sexual) X58
Accident (to) X58
Acid throwing (assault) Y08.89
Activity (involving) (of victim at time of event) Y93.9
Adverse effect of drugs
Aerosinusitis -
After-effect, late
Alpine sickness W94.11
Altitude sickness W94.11
Anaphylactic shock, anaphylaxis
Andes disease W94.11
Arachnidism, arachnoidism X58
Arson (with intent to injure or kill) X97
Asphyxia, asphyxiation
Assassination (attempt)
Assault (homicidal) (by) (in) Y09
Attack by mammals NEC W55.89
Aviator's disease -