ICD 10 CM Codes

Type 2 Excludes
acute respiratory distress syndrome (J80)
complications occurring during or following medical procedures (T80-T88)
complications of surgical and medical care NEC (T80-T88)
newborn respiratory distress syndrome (P22.0)
T79.0 Air embolism (traumatic)
T79.1 Fat embolism (traumatic)
T79.2 Traumatic secondary and recurrent hemorrhage and seroma
T79.4 Traumatic shock
T79.5 Traumatic anuria
T79.6 Traumatic ischemia of muscle
T79.7 Traumatic subcutaneous emphysema
T79.A Traumatic compartment syndrome
T79.8 Other early complications of trauma
T79.9 Unspecified early complication of trauma