ICD 10 CM Codes

Code also
any associated:
open wound of head (S01.-)
skull fracture (S02.-)
Alternate Description
The selection of side should be based on the side of the body being affected
Code first
any associated intracranial injury (S06.-)
S04.0 Injury of optic nerve and pathways
S04.1 Injury of oculomotor nerve
S04.2 Injury of trochlear nerve
S04.3 Injury of trigeminal nerve
S04.4 Injury of abducent nerve
S04.5 Injury of facial nerve
S04.6 Injury of acoustic nerve
S04.7 Injury of accessory nerve
S04.8 Injury of other cranial nerves
S04.9 Injury of unspecified cranial nerve