ICD 10 CM Codes

Type 2 Excludes
alcohol related hypersomnia (F10.182, F10.282, F10.982)
drug related hypersomnia (F11.182, F11.282, F11.982, F13.182, F13.282, F13.982, F14.182, F14.282, F14.982, F15.182, F15.282, F15.982, F19.182, F19.282, F19.982)
hypersomnia NOS (G47.10)
hypersomnia due to known physiological condition (G47.10)
idiopathic hypersomnia (G47.11, G47.12)
narcolepsy (G47.4-)
F51.11 Primary hypersomnia
F51.12 Insufficient sleep syndrome
F51.13 Hypersomnia due to other mental disorder
F51.19 Other hypersomnia not due to a substance or known physiological condition