HCPCS Index 2021

Rackstand,oxygen   E1355
Radiesse,   Q2026
Radioelements,for,brachytherapy   Q3001
Radiology,service   R0070 - R0076
Transportation of portable x-ray equipment and personnel to home or nursing home, per trip to facility or location, one patient seen   R0070
Transportation of portable x-ray equipment and personnel to home or nursing home, per trip to facility or location, more than one patient seen   R0075
Transportation of portable ekg to facility or location, per patient   R0076
Radiopharmaceutical,diagnostic,and,therapeutic,imaging,agent   A4641, A4642
bathtub   E0241, E0242, E0246
bed   E0305, E0310
toilet,   E0243
Ranibizumab,   J2778
Rasburicase,   J2783
Reachinggrabbing,device   A9281
Reagent,strip   A4252
Reciprocating,peritoneal,dialysis,system   E1630
Reclast,   J348
Rectal,control,system,for,vaginal,insertion   A4563
Red,blood,cells   P9021, P9022
Regadenoson,   J2785
Regular,insulin   J182
Regulator,oxygen   E1353
contract,ESRD   A4890
durable,medical,equipment   E134
maxillofacial,prosthesis   L8049
orthosis,   L4000 - L4130
Replace girdle for spinal orthosis (ctlso or so)   L4000
Replacement strap, any orthosis, includes all components, any length, any type   L4002
Replace trilateral socket brim   L4010
Replace quadrilateral socket brim, molded to patient model   L4020
Replace quadrilateral socket brim, custom fitted   L4030
Replace molded thigh lacer, for custom fabricated orthosis only   L4040
Replace non-molded thigh lacer, for custom fabricated orthosis only   L4045
Replace molded calf lacer, for custom fabricated orthosis only   L4050
Replace non-molded calf lacer, for custom fabricated orthosis only   L4055
Replace high roll cuff   L4060
Replace proximal and distal upright for kafo   L4070
Replace metal bands kafo, proximal thigh   L4080
Replace metal bands kafo-afo, calf or distal thigh   L4090
Replace leather cuff kafo, proximal thigh   L4100
Replace leather cuff kafo-afo, calf or distal thigh   L4110
Replace pretibial shell   L4130
prosthetic   L7500, L7510
battery,   A4630
pad,(alternating,pressure)   A4640
tanks,dialysis   A488
tip,for,cane,crutches,walker   A4637
underarm,pad,for,crutches   A4635
Reslizumab,   J2786
Restraint,any,type   E0710
Reteplase,   J2993
Rho(D),immune,globulin,human   J2788, J2790, J2791, J2792
Rib,belt,thoracic   A4572, L0220
Rilanocept,   J2793
RimabotulinumtoxinB,   J0587
Ringers,lactate,infusion   J7120
Ring,ostomy   A4404
Risperidone,   J2794
Rituximab,   J931
Robin-Aids   L6000, L6010, L6020, L6855, L6860
Rocking,bed   E0462
Rolapitant,   J8670
Rollabout,chair   E1031
Romidepsin,   J9315
Romiplostim,   J2796
Ropivacaine,HCl   J2795
Rubidium,Rb-82   A9555