HCPCS 2018

A4450 Tape, non-waterproof, per 18 square inches
A4452 Tape, waterproof, per 18 square inches
A4455 Adhesive remover or solvent (for tape, cement or other adhesive), per ounce
A4456 Adhesive remover, wipes, any type, each
A4458 Enema bag with tubing, reusable
A4459 Manual pump-operated enema system, includes balloon, catheter and all accessories, reusable, any type
A4461 Surgical dressing holder, non-reusable, each
A4463 Surgical dressing holder, reusable, each
A4465 Non-elastic binder for extremity
A4467 Belt, strap, sleeve, garment, or covering, any type
A4470 Gravlee jet washer
A4480 Vabra aspirator
A4481 Tracheostoma filter, any type, any size, each
A4483 Moisture exchanger, disposable, for use with invasive mechanical ventilation
A4490 Surgical stockings above knee length, each
A4495 Surgical stockings thigh length, each
A4500 Surgical stockings below knee length, each
A4510 Surgical stockings full length, each
A4520 Incontinence garment, any type, (e.g., brief, diaper), each
A4550 Surgical trays
A4553 Non-disposable underpads, all sizes
A4554 Disposable underpads, all sizes
A4555 Electrode/transducer for use with electrical stimulation device used for cancer treatment, replacement only
A4559 Coupling gel or paste, for use with ultrasound device, per oz
A4561 Pessary, rubber, any type
A4562 Pessary, non rubber, any type
A4565 Slings
A4566 Shoulder sling or vest design, abduction restrainer, with or without swathe control, prefabricated, includes fitting and adjustment
A4570 Splint
A4575 Topical hyperbaric oxygen chamber, disposable
A4580 Cast supplies (e.g., plaster)
A4590 Special casting material (e.g., fiberglass)
A4595 Electrical stimulator supplies, 2 lead, per month, (e.g., tens, nmes)
A4600 Sleeve for intermittent limb compression device, replacement only, each
A4601 Lithium ion battery, rechargeable, for non-prosthetic use, replacement
A4602 Replacement battery for external infusion pump owned by patient, lithium, 1.5 volt, each
A4604 Tubing with integrated heating element for use with positive airway pressure device
A4605 Tracheal suction catheter, closed system, each
A4606 Oxygen probe for use with oximeter device, replacement
A4608 Transtracheal oxygen catheter, each