HCPCS 2018

A4206-A4290 Miscellaneous Supplies
A4300-A4306 Vascular Catheters
A4310-A4355 Incontinence Appliances and Care Supplies
A4356-A4360 External Urinary Supplies
A4361-A4435 Ostomy Supplies
A4450-A4608 Additional Miscellaneous Supplies
A4611-A4629 Supplies for Oxygen and Related Respiratory Equipment
A4630-A4640 Supplies for Other Durable Medical Equipment
A4641-A4642 Supplies for Radiologic Procedures
A4648-A4652 Miscellaneous Supplies
A4653-A4932 Dialysis Supplies
A5051-A5093 Additional Ostomy Supplies
A5102-A5114 Additional Incontinence Appliances/Supplies
A5120-A5200 Supplies for Either Incontinence or Ostomy Appliances
A5500-A5513 Diabetic Shoes, Fitting, and Modifications
A6000-A6550 Dressings
A7000-A7509 Respiratory Durable Medical Equipment, Inexpensive and Routinely Purchased
A7520-A7527 Tracheostomy Supplies
A8000-A8004 Helmets
A9500-A9700 Radiopharmaceuticals