G47.32   High altitude periodic breathing
R04.2   Hemoptysis
R04.81   Acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage in infants
R04.89   Hemorrhage from other sites in respiratory passages
R04.9   Hemorrhage from respiratory passages, unspecified
R06.00   Dyspnea, unspecified
R06.01   Orthopnea
R06.02   Shortness of breath
R06.03   Acute respiratory distress
R06.09   Other forms of dyspnea
R06.1   Stridor
R06.2   Wheezing
R06.3   Periodic breathing
R06.4   Hyperventilation
R06.6   Hiccough
R06.81   Apnea, not elsewhere classified
R06.82   Tachypnea, not elsewhere classified
R06.83   Snoring
R06.89   Other abnormalities of breathing
R06.9   Unspecified abnormalities of breathing
R07.1   Chest pain on breathing
R07.81   Pleurodynia
R09.3   Abnormal sputum
R91.8   Other nonspecific abnormal finding of lung field