A01.00   Typhoid fever, unspecified
A01.01   Typhoid meningitis
A01.02   Typhoid fever with heart involvement
A01.03   Typhoid pneumonia
A01.04   Typhoid arthritis
A01.05   Typhoid osteomyelitis
A01.09   Typhoid fever with other complications
A01.1   Paratyphoid fever A
A01.2   Paratyphoid fever B
A01.3   Paratyphoid fever C
A01.4   Paratyphoid fever, unspecified
A02.20   Localized salmonella infection, unspecified
A02.25   Salmonella pyelonephritis
A02.29   Salmonella with other localized infection
A02.8   Other specified salmonella infections
A02.9   Salmonella infection, unspecified
A05.1   Botulism food poisoning
A06.3   Ameboma of intestine
A06.81   Amebic cystitis
A06.82   Other amebic genitourinary infections
A06.89   Other amebic infections
A06.9   Amebiasis, unspecified
A17.9   Tuberculosis of nervous system, unspecified
A18.82   Tuberculosis of other endocrine glands
A18.84   Tuberculosis of heart
A18.89   Tuberculosis of other sites
A19.0   Acute miliary tuberculosis of a single specified site
A19.1   Acute miliary tuberculosis of multiple sites
A19.2   Acute miliary tuberculosis, unspecified
A19.8   Other miliary tuberculosis
A19.9   Miliary tuberculosis, unspecified
A20.0   Bubonic plague
A20.1   Cellulocutaneous plague
A20.3   Plague meningitis
A20.8   Other forms of plague
A20.9   Plague, unspecified
A21.0   Ulceroglandular tularemia
A21.1   Oculoglandular tularemia
A21.7   Generalized tularemia
A21.8   Other forms of tularemia
A21.9   Tularemia, unspecified
A22.8   Other forms of anthrax
A22.9   Anthrax, unspecified
A23.0   Brucellosis due to Brucella melitensis
A23.1   Brucellosis due to Brucella abortus
A23.2   Brucellosis due to Brucella suis
A23.3   Brucellosis due to Brucella canis
A23.8   Other brucellosis
A23.9   Brucellosis, unspecified
A24.0   Glanders
A24.1   Acute and fulminating melioidosis
A24.2   Subacute and chronic melioidosis
A24.3   Other melioidosis
A24.9   Melioidosis, unspecified
A25.0   Spirillosis
A25.1   Streptobacillosis
A25.9   Rat-bite fever, unspecified
A26.0   Cutaneous erysipeloid
A26.8   Other forms of erysipeloid
A26.9   Erysipeloid, unspecified
A27.0   Leptospirosis icterohemorrhagica
A27.9   Leptospirosis, unspecified
A28.0   Pasteurellosis
A28.2   Extraintestinal yersiniosis
A28.8   Other specified zoonotic bacterial diseases, not elsewhere classified
A28.9   Zoonotic bacterial disease, unspecified
A30.0   Indeterminate leprosy
A30.1   Tuberculoid leprosy
A30.2   Borderline tuberculoid leprosy
A30.3   Borderline leprosy
A30.4   Borderline lepromatous leprosy
A30.5   Lepromatous leprosy
A30.8   Other forms of leprosy
A30.9   Leprosy, unspecified
A31.2   Disseminated mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex (DMAC)
A31.8   Other mycobacterial infections
A31.9   Mycobacterial infection, unspecified
A32.0   Cutaneous listeriosis
A32.11   Listerial meningitis
A32.12   Listerial meningoencephalitis
A32.81   Oculoglandular listeriosis
A32.82   Listerial endocarditis
A32.89   Other forms of listeriosis
A32.9   Listeriosis, unspecified
A36.82   Diphtheritic radiculomyelitis
A36.83   Diphtheritic polyneuritis
A36.84   Diphtheritic tubulo-interstitial nephropathy
A36.89   Other diphtheritic complications
A36.9   Diphtheria, unspecified
A38.0   Scarlet fever with otitis media
A38.1   Scarlet fever with myocarditis
A38.8   Scarlet fever with other complications
A38.9   Scarlet fever, uncomplicated
A42.81   Actinomycotic meningitis
A42.82   Actinomycotic encephalitis
A42.89   Other forms of actinomycosis
A42.9   Actinomycosis, unspecified
A43.8   Other forms of nocardiosis
A43.9   Nocardiosis, unspecified
A44.0   Systemic bartonellosis
A44.1   Cutaneous and mucocutaneous bartonellosis
A44.8   Other forms of bartonellosis
A44.9   Bartonellosis, unspecified
A48.0   Gas gangrene
A48.2   Nonpneumonic Legionnaires' disease Pontiac fever
A48.3   Toxic shock syndrome
A48.4   Brazilian purpuric fever
A48.51   Infant botulism
A48.52   Wound botulism
A48.8   Other specified bacterial diseases
A49.01   Methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus infection, unspecified site
A49.02   Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection, unspecified site
A49.1   Streptococcal infection, unspecified site
A49.2   Hemophilus influenzae infection, unspecified site
A49.3   Mycoplasma infection, unspecified site
A49.8   Other bacterial infections of unspecified site
A49.9   Bacterial infection, unspecified
A50.01   Early congenital syphilitic oculopathy
A50.02   Early congenital syphilitic osteochondropathy
A50.03   Early congenital syphilitic pharyngitis
A50.04   Early congenital syphilitic pneumonia
A50.05   Early congenital syphilitic rhinitis
A50.06   Early cutaneous congenital syphilis
A50.07   Early mucocutaneous congenital syphilis
A50.08   Early visceral congenital syphilis
A50.09   Other early congenital syphilis, symptomatic
A50.1   Early congenital syphilis, latent
A50.2   Early congenital syphilis, unspecified
A50.30   Late congenital syphilitic oculopathy, unspecified
A50.32   Late congenital syphilitic chorioretinitis
A50.39   Other late congenital syphilitic oculopathy
A50.44   Late congenital syphilitic optic nerve atrophy
A50.51   Clutton's joints
A50.52   Hutchinson's teeth
A50.53   Hutchinson's triad
A50.54   Late congenital cardiovascular syphilis
A50.55   Late congenital syphilitic arthropathy
A50.56   Late congenital syphilitic osteochondropathy
A50.57   Syphilitic saddle nose
A50.59   Other late congenital syphilis, symptomatic
A50.6   Late congenital syphilis, latent
A50.7   Late congenital syphilis, unspecified
A50.9   Congenital syphilis, unspecified
A51.2   Primary syphilis of other sites
A51.42   Secondary syphilitic female pelvic disease
A51.44   Secondary syphilitic nephritis
A51.49   Other secondary syphilitic conditions
A51.5   Early syphilis, latent
A51.9   Early syphilis, unspecified
A52.73   Symptomatic late syphilis of other respiratory organs
A52.76   Other genitourinary symptomatic late syphilis
A52.79   Other symptomatic late syphilis
A52.8   Late syphilis, latent
A52.9   Late syphilis, unspecified
A53.0   Latent syphilis, unspecified as early or late
A53.9   Syphilis, unspecified
A54.82   Gonococcal brain abscess
A54.84   Gonococcal pneumonia
A54.89   Other gonococcal infections
A54.9   Gonococcal infection, unspecified
A59.8   Trichomoniasis of other sites
A59.9   Trichomoniasis, unspecified
A66.7   Other manifestations of yaws
A66.8   Latent yaws
A66.9   Yaws, unspecified
A67.2   Late lesions of pinta
A67.9   Pinta, unspecified
A68.0   Louse-borne relapsing fever
A68.1   Tick-borne relapsing fever
A68.9   Relapsing fever, unspecified
A69.20   Lyme disease, unspecified
A69.21   Meningitis due to Lyme disease
A69.22   Other neurologic disorders in Lyme disease
A69.23   Arthritis due to Lyme disease
A69.29   Other conditions associated with Lyme disease
A69.8   Other specified spirochetal infections
A69.9   Spirochetal infection, unspecified
A75.0   Epidemic louse-borne typhus fever due to Rickettsia prowazekii
A75.1   Recrudescent typhus Brill's disease
A75.2   Typhus fever due to Rickettsia typhi
A75.3   Typhus fever due to Rickettsia tsutsugamushi
A75.9   Typhus fever, unspecified
A77.0   Spotted fever due to Rickettsia rickettsii
A77.1   Spotted fever due to Rickettsia conorii
A77.2   Spotted fever due to Rickettsia siberica
A77.3   Spotted fever due to Rickettsia australis
A77.40   Ehrlichiosis, unspecified
A77.41   Ehrlichiosis chafeensis E chafeensis
A77.49   Other ehrlichiosis
A77.8   Other spotted fevers
A77.9   Spotted fever, unspecified
A79.0   Trench fever
A79.1   Rickettsialpox due to Rickettsia akari
A79.81   Rickettsiosis due to Ehrlichia sennetsu
A79.89   Other specified rickettsioses
A79.9   Rickettsiosis, unspecified
B37.89   Other sites of candidiasis
B37.9   Candidiasis, unspecified
B38.7   Disseminated coccidioidomycosis
B38.89   Other forms of coccidioidomycosis
B38.9   Coccidioidomycosis, unspecified
B39.3   Disseminated histoplasmosis capsulati
B39.4   Histoplasmosis capsulati, unspecified
B39.5   Histoplasmosis duboisii
B39.9   Histoplasmosis, unspecified
B40.0   Acute pulmonary blastomycosis
B40.1   Chronic pulmonary blastomycosis
B40.2   Pulmonary blastomycosis, unspecified
B40.3   Cutaneous blastomycosis
B40.7   Disseminated blastomycosis
B40.81   Blastomycotic meningoencephalitis
B40.89   Other forms of blastomycosis
B40.9   Blastomycosis, unspecified
B41.0   Pulmonary paracoccidioidomycosis
B41.7   Disseminated paracoccidioidomycosis
B41.8   Other forms of paracoccidioidomycosis
B41.9   Paracoccidioidomycosis, unspecified
B42.0   Pulmonary sporotrichosis
B42.1   Lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis
B42.7   Disseminated sporotrichosis
B42.81   Cerebral sporotrichosis
B42.82   Sporotrichosis arthritis
B42.89   Other forms of sporotrichosis
B42.9   Sporotrichosis, unspecified
B43.0   Cutaneous chromomycosis
B43.1   Pheomycotic brain abscess
B43.2   Subcutaneous pheomycotic abscess and cyst
B43.8   Other forms of chromomycosis
B43.9   Chromomycosis, unspecified
B44.1   Other pulmonary aspergillosis
B44.2   Tonsillar aspergillosis
B44.7   Disseminated aspergillosis
B44.89   Other forms of aspergillosis
B44.9   Aspergillosis, unspecified
B45.0   Pulmonary cryptococcosis
B45.2   Cutaneous cryptococcosis
B45.3   Osseous cryptococcosis
B45.7   Disseminated cryptococcosis
B45.8   Other forms of cryptococcosis
B45.9   Cryptococcosis, unspecified
B46.0   Pulmonary mucormycosis
B46.1   Rhinocerebral mucormycosis
B46.2   Gastrointestinal mucormycosis
B46.3   Cutaneous mucormycosis
B46.4   Disseminated mucormycosis
B46.5   Mucormycosis, unspecified
B46.8   Other zygomycoses
B46.9   Zygomycosis, unspecified
B47.0   Eumycetoma
B47.1   Actinomycetoma
B48.0   Lobomycosis
B48.1   Rhinosporidiosis
B48.2   Allescheriasis
B48.3   Geotrichosis
B48.4   Penicillosis
B48.8   Other specified mycoses
B50.0   Plasmodium falciparum malaria with cerebral complications
B50.8   Other severe and complicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria
B50.9   Plasmodium falciparum malaria, unspecified
B51.0   Plasmodium vivax malaria with rupture of spleen
B51.8   Plasmodium vivax malaria with other complications
B51.9   Plasmodium vivax malaria without complication
B52.0   Plasmodium malariae malaria with nephropathy
B52.8   Plasmodium malariae malaria with other complications
B52.9   Plasmodium malariae malaria without complication
B53.0   Plasmodium ovale malaria
B53.1   Malaria due to simian plasmodia
B53.8   Other malaria, not elsewhere classified
B55.0   Visceral leishmaniasis
B55.9   Leishmaniasis, unspecified
B56.0   Gambiense trypanosomiasis
B56.1   Rhodesiense trypanosomiasis
B56.9   African trypanosomiasis, unspecified
B57.1   Acute Chagas' disease without heart involvement
B57.30   Chagas' disease with digestive system involvement, unspecified
B57.31   Megaesophagus in Chagas' disease
B57.32   Megacolon in Chagas' disease
B57.39   Other digestive system involvement in Chagas' disease
B57.40   Chagas' disease with nervous system involvement, unspecified
B57.41   Meningitis in Chagas' disease
B57.42   Meningoencephalitis in Chagas' disease
B57.49   Other nervous system involvement in Chagas' disease
B57.5   Chagas' disease (chronic) with other organ involvement
B58.00   Toxoplasma oculopathy, unspecified
B58.82   Toxoplasma myositis
B58.83   Toxoplasma tubulo-interstitial nephropathy
B58.89   Toxoplasmosis with other organ involvement
B58.9   Toxoplasmosis, unspecified
B60.0   Babesiosis
B60.10   Acanthamebiasis, unspecified
B60.11   Meningoencephalitis due to Acanthamoeba (culbertsoni)
B60.19   Other acanthamebic disease
B60.2   Naegleriasis
B60.8   Other specified protozoal diseases
B65.2   Schistosomiasis due to Schistosoma japonicum
B65.8   Other schistosomiasis
B65.9   Schistosomiasis, unspecified
B66.2   Dicroceliasis
B66.8   Other specified fluke infections
B66.9   Fluke infection, unspecified
B67.2   Echinococcus granulosus infection of bone
B67.32   Echinococcus granulosus infection, multiple sites
B67.39   Echinococcus granulosus infection, other sites
B67.4   Echinococcus granulosus infection, unspecified
B67.61   Echinococcus multilocularis infection, multiple sites
B67.69   Echinococcus multilocularis infection, other sites
B67.7   Echinococcus multilocularis infection, unspecified
B67.90   Echinococcosis, unspecified
B67.99   Other echinococcosis
B73.00   Onchocerciasis with eye involvement, unspecified
B73.01   Onchocerciasis with endophthalmitis
B73.02   Onchocerciasis with glaucoma
B73.09   Onchocerciasis with other eye involvement
B73.1   Onchocerciasis without eye disease
B74.0   Filariasis due to Wuchereria bancrofti
B74.1   Filariasis due to Brugia malayi
B74.2   Filariasis due to Brugia timori
B74.3   Loiasis
B74.4   Mansonelliasis
B74.8   Other filariases
B74.9   Filariasis, unspecified
B81.4   Mixed intestinal helminthiases
B83.0   Visceral larva migrans
B83.1   Gnathostomiasis
B83.2   Angiostrongyliasis due to Parastrongylus cantonensis
B83.3   Syngamiasis
B83.8   Other specified helminthiases
B83.9   Helminthiasis, unspecified
B90.8   Sequelae of tuberculosis of other organs
B94.2   Sequelae of viral hepatitis
B94.8   Sequelae of other specified infectious and parasitic diseases
B94.9   Sequelae of unspecified infectious and parasitic disease
B95.0   Streptococcus, group A, as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B95.1   Streptococcus, group B, as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B95.2   Enterococcus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B95.3   Streptococcus pneumoniae as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B95.4   Other streptococcus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B95.5   Unspecified streptococcus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B95.61   Methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus infection as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B95.62   Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B95.7   Other staphylococcus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B95.8   Unspecified staphylococcus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.0   Mycoplasma pneumoniae M pneumoniae as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.1   Klebsiella pneumoniae K pneumoniae as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.20   Unspecified Escherichia coli E coli as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.21   Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli E coli (STEC) O157 as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.22   Other specified Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli E coli (STEC) as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.23   Unspecified Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli E coli (STEC) as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.29   Other Escherichia coli E coli as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.3   Hemophilus influenzae H influenzae as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.4   Proteus (mirabilis) (morganii) as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.5   Pseudomonas (aeruginosa) (mallei) (pseudomallei) as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.6   Bacteroides fragilis B fragilis as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.7   Clostridium perfringens C perfringens as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.81   Helicobacter pylori H pylori as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.82   Vibrio vulnificus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B96.89   Other specified bacterial agents as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
B99.8   Other infectious disease
B99.9   Unspecified infectious disease
L94.6   Ainhum
N98.0   Infection associated with artificial insemination
R89.9   Unspecified abnormal finding in specimens from other organs, systems and tissues
T80.22XA   Acute infection following transfusion, infusion, or injection of blood and blood products, initial encounter
T80.29XA   Infection following other infusion, transfusion and therapeutic injection, initial encounter
T88.0XXA   Infection following immunization, initial encounter
Z16.10   Resistance to unspecified beta lactam antibiotics
Z16.11   Resistance to penicillins
Z16.12   Extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL) resistance
Z16.19   Resistance to other specified beta lactam antibiotics
Z16.20   Resistance to unspecified antibiotic
Z16.21   Resistance to vancomycin
Z16.22   Resistance to vancomycin related antibiotics
Z16.23   Resistance to quinolones and fluoroquinolones
Z16.24   Resistance to multiple antibiotics
Z16.29   Resistance to other single specified antibiotic
Z16.30   Resistance to unspecified antimicrobial drugs
Z16.31   Resistance to antiparasitic drug(s)
Z16.32   Resistance to antifungal drug(s)
Z16.33   Resistance to antiviral drug(s)
Z16.341   Resistance to single antimycobacterial drug
Z16.342   Resistance to multiple antimycobacterial drugs
Z16.35   Resistance to multiple antimicrobial drugs
Z16.39   Resistance to other specified antimicrobial drug