N39.3   Stress incontinence (female) (male)
N39.41   Urge incontinence
N39.42   Incontinence without sensory awareness
N39.43   Post-void dribbling
N39.44   Nocturnal enuresis
N39.45   Continuous leakage
N39.46   Mixed incontinence
N39.490   Overflow incontinence
N39.491   Coital incontinence
N39.492   Postural (urinary) incontinence
N39.498   Other specified urinary incontinence
R30.0   Dysuria
R30.1   Vesical tenesmus
R30.9   Painful micturition, unspecified
R31.0   Gross hematuria
R31.1   Benign essential microscopic hematuria
R31.21   Asymptomatic microscopic hematuria
R31.29   Other microscopic hematuria
R31.9   Hematuria, unspecified
R33.0   Drug induced retention of urine
R33.8   Other retention of urine
R33.9   Retention of urine, unspecified
R35.0   Frequency of micturition
R35.1   Nocturia
R35.8   Other polyuria
R36.0   Urethral discharge without blood
R36.9   Urethral discharge, unspecified
R39.0   Extravasation of urine
R39.11   Hesitancy of micturition
R39.12   Poor urinary stream
R39.13   Splitting of urinary stream
R39.14   Feeling of incomplete bladder emptying
R39.15   Urgency of urination
R39.16   Straining to void
R39.191   Need to immediately re-void
R39.192   Position dependent micturition
R39.198   Other difficulties with micturition
R39.2   Extrarenal uremia
R39.81   Functional urinary incontinence
R39.82   Chronic bladder pain
R39.83   Unilateral non-palpable testicle
R39.84   Bilateral non-palpable testicles
R39.89   Other symptoms and signs involving the genitourinary system
R39.9   Unspecified symptoms and signs involving the genitourinary system
R80.0   Isolated proteinuria
R80.1   Persistent proteinuria, unspecified
R80.3   Bence Jones proteinuria
R80.8   Other proteinuria
R80.9   Proteinuria, unspecified
R82.0   Chyluria
R82.3   Hemoglobinuria
R82.5   Elevated urine levels of drugs, medicaments and biological substances
R82.6   Abnormal urine levels of substances chiefly nonmedicinal as to source
R82.71   Bacteriuria
R82.79   Other abnormal findings on microbiological examination of urine
R82.8   Abnormal findings on cytological and histological examination of urine
R82.90   Unspecified abnormal findings in urine
R82.91   Other chromoabnormalities of urine
R82.99   Other abnormal findings in urine
R93.41   Abnormal radiologic findings on diagnostic imaging of renal pelvis, ureter, or bladder
R93.421   Abnormal radiologic findings on diagnostic imaging of right kidney
R93.422   Abnormal radiologic findings on diagnostic imaging of left kidney
R93.429   Abnormal radiologic findings on diagnostic imaging of unspecified kidney
R93.49   Abnormal radiologic findings on diagnostic imaging of other urinary organs
R94.4   Abnormal results of kidney function studies
R94.8   Abnormal results of function studies of other organs and systems