K70.10   Alcoholic hepatitis without ascites
K70.11   Alcoholic hepatitis with ascites
K70.2   Alcoholic fibrosis and sclerosis of liver
K70.30   Alcoholic cirrhosis of liver without ascites
K70.31   Alcoholic cirrhosis of liver with ascites
K70.40   Alcoholic hepatic failure without coma
K70.41   Alcoholic hepatic failure with coma
K70.9   Alcoholic liver disease, unspecified
K74.0   Hepatic fibrosis
K74.3   Primary biliary cirrhosis
K74.4   Secondary biliary cirrhosis
K74.5   Biliary cirrhosis, unspecified
K74.60   Unspecified cirrhosis of liver
K74.69   Other cirrhosis of liver