H04.011   Acute dacryoadenitis, right lacrimal gland
H04.012   Acute dacryoadenitis, left lacrimal gland
H04.013   Acute dacryoadenitis, bilateral lacrimal glands
H04.019   Acute dacryoadenitis, unspecified lacrimal gland
H04.321   Acute dacryocystitis of right lacrimal passage
H04.322   Acute dacryocystitis of left lacrimal passage
H04.323   Acute dacryocystitis of bilateral lacrimal passages
H04.329   Acute dacryocystitis of unspecified lacrimal passage
H04.331   Acute lacrimal canaliculitis of right lacrimal passage
H04.332   Acute lacrimal canaliculitis of left lacrimal passage
H04.333   Acute lacrimal canaliculitis of bilateral lacrimal passages
H04.339   Acute lacrimal canaliculitis of unspecified lacrimal passage
H05.011   Cellulitis of right orbit
H05.012   Cellulitis of left orbit
H05.013   Cellulitis of bilateral orbits
H05.019   Cellulitis of unspecified orbit
H05.021   Osteomyelitis of right orbit
H05.022   Osteomyelitis of left orbit
H05.023   Osteomyelitis of bilateral orbits
H05.029   Osteomyelitis of unspecified orbit
H05.031   Periostitis of right orbit
H05.032   Periostitis of left orbit
H05.033   Periostitis of bilateral orbits
H05.039   Periostitis of unspecified orbit
H05.041   Tenonitis of right orbit
H05.042   Tenonitis of left orbit
H05.043   Tenonitis of bilateral orbits
H05.049   Tenonitis of unspecified orbit
H16.001   Unspecified corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.002   Unspecified corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.003   Unspecified corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.009   Unspecified corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.011   Central corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.012   Central corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.013   Central corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.019   Central corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.031   Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, right eye
H16.032   Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, left eye
H16.033   Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, bilateral
H16.039   Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, unspecified eye
H16.061   Mycotic corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.062   Mycotic corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.063   Mycotic corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.069   Mycotic corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.071   Perforated corneal ulcer, right eye
H16.072   Perforated corneal ulcer, left eye
H16.073   Perforated corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16.079   Perforated corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16.311   Corneal abscess, right eye
H16.312   Corneal abscess, left eye
H16.313   Corneal abscess, bilateral
H16.319   Corneal abscess, unspecified eye
H21.331   Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, right eye
H21.332   Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, left eye
H21.333   Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, bilateral
H21.339   Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, unspecified eye
H33.121   Parasitic cyst of retina, right eye
H33.122   Parasitic cyst of retina, left eye
H33.123   Parasitic cyst of retina, bilateral
H33.129   Parasitic cyst of retina, unspecified eye
H44.001   Unspecified purulent endophthalmitis, right eye
H44.002   Unspecified purulent endophthalmitis, left eye
H44.003   Unspecified purulent endophthalmitis, bilateral
H44.009   Unspecified purulent endophthalmitis, unspecified eye
H44.011   Panophthalmitis (acute), right eye
H44.012   Panophthalmitis (acute), left eye
H44.013   Panophthalmitis (acute), bilateral
H44.019   Panophthalmitis (acute), unspecified eye
H44.021   Vitreous abscess (chronic), right eye
H44.022   Vitreous abscess (chronic), left eye
H44.023   Vitreous abscess (chronic), bilateral
H44.029   Vitreous abscess (chronic), unspecified eye
H44.121   Parasitic endophthalmitis, unspecified, right eye
H44.122   Parasitic endophthalmitis, unspecified, left eye
H44.123   Parasitic endophthalmitis, unspecified, bilateral
H44.129   Parasitic endophthalmitis, unspecified, unspecified eye
H44.19   Other endophthalmitis