G32.89   Other specified degenerative disorders of nervous system in diseases classified elsewhere
G45.4   Transient global amnesia
G46.3   Brain stem stroke syndrome
G46.4   Cerebellar stroke syndrome
G46.5   Pure motor lacunar syndrome
G46.6   Pure sensory lacunar syndrome
G46.7   Other lacunar syndromes
G46.8   Other vascular syndromes of brain in cerebrovascular diseases
G93.40   Encephalopathy, unspecified
G93.41   Metabolic encephalopathy
G93.49   Other encephalopathy
G93.81   Temporal sclerosis
G93.89   Other specified disorders of brain
G93.9   Disorder of brain, unspecified
G96.8   Other specified disorders of central nervous system
G96.9   Disorder of central nervous system, unspecified
G98.0   Neurogenic arthritis, not elsewhere classified
G98.8   Other disorders of nervous system
G99.8   Other specified disorders of nervous system in diseases classified elsewhere
I67.2   Cerebral atherosclerosis
I67.83   Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome
I67.9   Cerebrovascular disease, unspecified
I68.0   Cerebral amyloid angiopathy
I68.8   Other cerebrovascular disorders in diseases classified elsewhere